in forever 21 sweaters


got a lot of requests for this ootd so here we go;
sweater: h&m (but from depop)
skirt &shoes: forever 21
tights: kohls
necklace: andie’s initials
bag: eBay
camera: canon rebel t3

foxy-alien  asked:

Do you have any good Barry Bluejeans shirts? I have like zero ideas and my boy deserves the best, I figured tumblrs residential Barry expert would know

Hoo boy i hope what you meant is “please construct a barry bluejeans look book” otherwise you are not ready for my answer to this question

Are these clothes that Barry would wear? Maybe. Are they clothes I WANT him to wear? Most definitely. Please enjoy. More under a cut for the safety of everyone’s dashboards.  

Calvin Klein Men’s Chill Indigo Denim Shirt from Macy’s

Ring of Fire Light Men’s Patch Denim Jacket from Macy’s 

Paa Men’s Pocket Tee in White from Garmentory

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It looks like a true vintage gingham pattern dress, but it’s a new one from Forever 21.  Sweater is genuine vintage though – one of those totally adorable ones with sequins.  


Not totally studyblr related but here are my outfits on the first week of school. Thought you guys could grab some outfit ideas if you don’t know what to wear or if you feel like dressing up a bit. I always pick my clothes the night before so I won’t spend five hours looking for what to wear in the morning. Most, if not all, pieces are under $20. And yes, I wore heels because my friend and I wanted to match lol. Outfit details under the cut.

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