in flight essentials

Travel Essentials

I’ve had more than my fair share of flights in my life and, after comparing my in-flight essentials to the unrealistic items many YouTubers suggest, I’ve decided to put together a list! Since it’s Summer in the Northern parts of the world, many people are travelling so hopefully this will be useful.

1) Backpack. This is non-negotiable for me. If I want a handbag with me, it usually goes into my backpack because life is so much easier when your hands are free. 

2) Entertainment. This includes an adult colouring book (with pencils and a sharpener of course), a novel to read and maybe a light magazine for long flights. If you have a tablet then that’s great as well. I don’t usually travel with my laptop (even though my laptop is a physical extension of my self tbh), but if you need it for some reason that’s also cool. Keep some non-electronic entertainment with you anyway because batteries die and there are times when you can’t use electronics on a flight (not even in flight mode).

3) Headphones and a killer playlist. I try to download new music and make a playlist before going on a trip, simply because I get sick of the music I listen to very quickly and it’s not always easy to download new music while travelling. Headphones are more comfortable than earbuds when travelling so I recommend using them if you have a pair.

4) Snacks. I sometimes get motion-sick on aeroplanes and I am physically unable to force myself to consume aeroplane food (even when the food actually tastes good). I always carry some dry snacks, like cereal bars and nuts, to keep me filled without making me nauseated. 

5) Journal + pen. I always have a notebook and a pen with me anyway, but it’s nice to have one as a travel journal. 

6) Hoodie and socks. Fun fact about aeroplanes: they’re human freezers. Hoodies can also double as a makeshift pillow if you want to catch some ZZs. Pro-tip: if you want to sleep on the plane, get the window seat so you can rest your head against the wall. If not, take the aisle so you can regularly get up and stretch your legs. Middle seats are from Hell they literally have no advantages avoid at all costs.

7) Toiletries. Travel toothbrush + toothpaste. Mini baby-powder to freshen up. Pads and extra hair-ties and scarf-pins just in case. Contact lenses for when I get off the plane and eyedrops . *maybe* some lipstick, eyeliner pencil and concealer/BB cream if I have to be somewhere after the flight and feel like a total zombie. Some hand/face lotion. Please don’t take your entire make-up kit on the flight. You won’t need it, it will make your backpack unnecessarily heave, you’ll feel super uncomfortable and it will get smudged onto your clothing/the seat at some point. 

8) Cellphone and powerbank/charger. I don’t even need to explain this. 

9) Wallet + travel documents. Check that you have these things *before* leaving your home to go to the airport.

That’s about it! I hope that this post is helpful. I usually make lots of study-related posts so this was something different. Let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this. As always, my ask is always open if you have any questions.

Happy travels!

xx Munira

GOT7 are Kings of Variety Shows

So yeah, I’m biased.

But seriously, I can watch GOT7 on Weekly Idol all day long - because how can you NOT love Dork7?

And btw … I know I’m pretty much markbum trash - but I’m essentially mark x everyone trash. So that markson moment where Jackson immediately recognised Mark by his nape - btw beating his previous record, because this time it took him less than a second! - just about slayed me.

Oh right, yes, I’m going to follow Abbie’s lead and remind people that MARK SAVED JINYOUNG and the entire Flight Log trilogy was essentially a markjin love story.

There I said it. Not taking it back. :D :D :D

Look familiar? 

Yeah, feels like the 60′s!

I am absolutely disgusted with Governor Mike Pence of Indiana and his “religious freedom” bill. Wake up America, this is just a way for people to justify their homophobia, bigotry, and discrimination. Luckily there are governors, no, people, like Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York. He has decided to ban all non-essential flights to Indiana out of protest. I will never understand how men holding guns is less offensive than men holding hands. 

Indiana, how do you expect to tell who is in fact gay? Will we walk into your bakeries, restaurants, and tell you what we like in bed before we order? Will we walk, talk, or act a certain way? (Be careful not to kick out the feminine straight man, and let the gay jock sit at the bar). Will we bleed rainbows instead of blood? 

When one of us comes out, we are aware that the experience is about more than just ourselves. Coming out is a big deal because it shows others that they could, and should, be proud and never apologize for who they are. We call our parades ‘Pride’ for a reason. The opposite of pride is what too many of us grew up feeling for far too many years - shame. This new law makes the people of the LGBTQ+ community feel less than, or inferior to others simply because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. 

Keep using your religion as an excuse, I’m sure G-d will love to witness your lack of compassion and tolerance for your fellow man. If you are someone who is serious about your religion, that’s all well and good. However, sometimes you do not need a book or another human being telling you what is fundamentally righteous. Love is supreme, I cannot make it any simpler than that. We are all equal.