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The Party Tour has come to an end, each show to seem to have its own special quality. I’m so proud to be a fan of someone who puts his all in his work and pleases his fans. As I stated earlier, here are my fave looks from the tour. What are yours? 

1. Juun J Hooded Oversized Coat with Bape Combat Boots 

2. Vintage Jeff Hamilton Mickey Mouse Jacket (do your research, Jeff is the GOAT)

 3. Custom Black Pyramid Flight Suit/Jumpsuit/Romper 

4. Heart Patch Varsity Jacket by Heart Clothing.

I think it’d be neat for the treasure market place to have grab bags in the bundles section at different prices, that provide a certain amount of random treasure clothing?
I understand it’s not too likely to happen, but I think it’d be a nice way to get more clothing from something other then treasure chest or just flat buying it, like maybe getting something you hadn’t really considered buying but trying it out and finding you kinda like how it actually looks?

27| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 10,208

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A/N Because of upcoming exams I’m gonna post the last couple of chapters. (So I have time to focus)

The second floor corridors were dark and ethereal as Jimin and you walked through them. The night had closed in, and though you knew that in the theatre it would be bright and loud, here it was so peacefully hushed.

You leant heavily on Jimin’s strong body, keeping your bad leg from any pressure. “I’m sorry.” You said softly. “You must be sick of having to half carry me everywhere.”

He smiled. “It’s what we ballerino’s are trained to do.”

“Usually the ballerino’s does a little more to help, though.” You pointed out. “I can walk.”

He rolled his eyes. “I think you’ve already done way more than you should on it. Really, I should be handing you off to Doctor Hill, not making you move even more.”

“As soon as Doctor Hill gets at me, I’ll be locked in a dance-proof cell for the rest of my life.”

Jimin grinned, as he helped you down the senior corridor. “You’ll find a way out, just like you did this time.”

“I didn’t want to break the rules.” You said.

He raised an eyebrow. “But you had a decent reason.”

You paused as you reached the door to the Senior Common Room. “What do you mean?”

The two of you went in. None of the lights were on, but the heater in front of the deceased fireplace glowed a warm orange. Jimin helped you over to one of the couches and sat you down, pulling up a coffee table and a cushion to rest your ankle on. You felt so helpless, but warmth spread through your chest. You had always fended for yourself, this was strange, but so nice.

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 Boeing has decided to fashion brand new spacesuits for its upcoming crew spaceflight missions. Their goal was to design a new kind of spacesuit for a new kind of astronaut - an astronaut leading the new business of commercial crewed orbital missions.
 Visually, it is immediate that the suits are designed for mobility thanks to the lightness of the materials used. Looking at the suit, it is evident that the suit is much-reduced in terms of its sheer mass compared to prior suits. This was made possible not only by using lighter materials, but by taking out stuff deemed non-essential for EVA activities (spacewalks).
 Some of the broader new features of the spacesuit include touchscreen gloves and lightweight shoes. Looking closer at the design, some of the more subtle changes emphasize the spacesuit’s need for minimalism and functionality: the slack in the rear and at the knees allow astronauts more convenience in their seated position during launch to the zip across the stomach to prevent bunching when bent at the mid-section.

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Imagine dating Gendry (Waters)

Note: In honour of Game of Thrones being back, and seeing a photo of Joe Dempsie for the premiere, I had to ! ;). Hope you’ll enjoy ! 

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* First, he did not strike you as appealing. He had gorgeous blue eyes and the atmosphere shifted around him. But not because of his looks. 
* Meeting him had been a chance for you. He had saved your life more times than you could count and you owed him for that. 
* He helped you settle in in the small village you found yourself in after a few days of walking around the country with no goal but food. 
* Seeing you had trouble with finding a roof, he kept you with him. In exchange you cleaned around the place and helped with his activities. 
* You never left. 
* His demeanor was always soft, even though he was tall and had broad shoulders.
*  You were a lost puppy to him. At first. Then, after a few months after it was more of a wild creature. Which both attracted him and scared him.
* When you first saw him shirtless it was an accident. You were hanging out the washing. In the workshop it was hot, so you would hang it out nearby for the clothes to dry faster. As you did you would notice his bare chest and stare. Not for long ! But for too long already because he threw an old rag at you. It finished its flight into the washed clothes. That week he found himself hanging out the washing. On his own.
* You would take care of him when he was sick. He was pain in the arse when he was sick. 
* Too many bull related puns from his friends. 
* When he first saw you shirtless was an accident too. He walked in on you changing. You were late and he had barged in without warning. 
He left without a warning either. 
* Gendry fell for you because of your brutal honesty and the kindness you can feel on your skin.
* You fell for him because he was stubborn and warm to the touch. 
* Your relationship is not a public one. You keep to yourselves about it. 
* Even after a few years, people would just assume you were very good friends when really, it was something else in private. 
* Amazing bedroom activities. 
* Yeah. That good. 

* In the end, having a protective man and a very good lover for a boyfriend. And you’ll have him just as long as he’ll have you.