in fairyland


Mint by Helene
Via Flickr:
My minifee Woosoo Mint. I don’t think I have ever shared her here on Flickr but she is my little witch girl :D

A new love was born…
Yes, guys as you can see it was love at first sight.
Immie and Natsume(belongs to @soenatte) met at out 2017 bjd meet.
After that everything was magical…
Immie says she cant stop thinking of him…
But what about Natsume?
I guess you will found out soon.

Photo is taken; by Katerina Tourlou
Editing; by me
Posing; by me
Camera belongs to; @soenatte


An angel’s postcard par Akara


Love my girl! She poses so good! Must admit the shoes make it a bit harder because they’re not completely flat on the bottom, so I had to hold her hand in the last picture. But without the shoes she can stand like that on her own (see my previous post).
In my opinion, the Minifee Siean head fits better on the @dollits D.K.D body rather than on a Fairyland body. Siean is a more mature looking head, so I think she fits better on a more mature looking body. Gorgeous faceup by @studiodarjeeling ♥️ Wig by @frappzilla! 😍