in fact they should just get their own show


If anyone ever questions Got7 friendship just show them this!❤❤😍😍 The bond between these men is so strong, matter fact they’re more like family. I think when JYP put them together he didn’t just choose random guys to form a group but best friends who were already comfortable with one another. That’s why they go so strong because their real and they show us their good and bad sides, they share their stories of not getting along sometimes. I love that they can be open with their fans or should I say friends because tbh we are all one big happy family(fandom)❤❤❤

*Gifs are from Real Got7 S3* I don’t own gifs.

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Yugioh Dark Side of Dimensions


- I wore my Yugioh Abridged t-shirt (that says “I challenge you to a children’s card game”) and I have 0 regrets

- Seto Kaiba has a freaking space tower

- Kaiba painstakingly made a digital version of Atem this is canon

- Kaiba sassing that the hair was the hardest part to render.

- Saying that girls are attracted to Bakura because of the accent

- Joey’s dream where he confusedly says the blimp is not his pillow, and then Kaiba shows up and “You’re not my pillow either!”

- Kaiba and Yugi don’t even bat an eye at weird mystical shit happening to them anymore they just roll with it

- Kaiba’s deadpan ”Wow. You must really hate dragons.” In fact Kaiba’s sass in general.

- Also Kaiba proving once again that he is anime Tony Stark because Tony would also stage a fake plane crash just to show off some tech.

- Yugi is a precious empathetic baby and I love him.

- Mokuba being super casual about the fact that his brother is dramatically holding up traffic just to talk to his not-friend.

- Yugi getting to be a badass on his own

- The emotion in Kaiba’s voice when Yugi willingly finishes the puzzle for him.

- Yugi understanding that overdramatic tournaments and duels are just Kaiba’s way of coping with his emotions.

- And in the end, Kaiba is the one to hint that he and Yugi should team up to take down the final boss and Kaiba is the one to sacrifice himself because he had faith in Yugi and the Pharaoh. 

- Did I mention that cynical jerkass allergic-to-friendship Kaiba was the one who had faith in Atem when the others didn’t?

- “You have your bond with him, and I have mine.”

- We thought this was a movie about Kaiba being a crazy obsessive jerkass but it turned out to be the movie where Seto Kaiba finally learned how to friendship.

- Atem not even being phased when Kaiba walks into his palace in another dimension like he freakin knew Kaiba would find a way to get to him

- In conclusion: Seto Kaiba still top anime bae. Prideshipping everywhere. I cannot wait to get this on dvd and watch it 50 more times. A++ would fangirl again.

Manchester Arena Explosion

What happened in Manchester was simply disgusting. Concerts are supposed to be safe for everyone because that’s where they feel free, happy, loved, and accepted for who they are.

No one deserves to have their happiness taken away
No one deserves to see their best friend lying on the floor injured/dead
No one deserves to feel scared/wary at a concert
No one deserves to leave a show that way and

And if some will blame Ariana for that.. Well let me say that NO ONE should blame her. It’s not her fucking fault. Do you really think that she wanted that to happen? Do you think that it’s okay for her to know that some of her fans were killed after HER OWN show? She had ZERO control of what those people did. Just a reminder, she will live knowing that 22 of her fans were killed, so many were injured and some are missing. She will never be okay with that I mean who in the world would think it’s easy to get over that fact?!?! I feel so sorry for her and I can’t imagine what she’s going through right now, she doesn’t deserve to feel that everything was her fault when it clearly wasn’t and it may affect her mental state you know? And I hope she will cancel some of her shows to recover and I hope some fans won’t be bitching and whining (because they paid good money) if she cancels a show but guess what? Money can be replaced but someone’s life can’t. I’ll repeat this again, NO ONE DESERVES TO EXPERIENCE WHAT HAPPENED THERE. People died in the place where they should feel the happiest and the safest. It’s sad that the world isn’t safe anymore and what happened was devastating to know and please pray for everyone in Manchester… or pray for the world instead. There are so many shitty stuff that’s happening right now and I hope and pray that everyone will be okay.

To the youth who lost their lives, please rest easy and I’m so so sorry that you had your life taken in that way and I’m so sorry that the world is cruel. No one deserves that. Rest In Peace, Angels…

I lowkey wish Dizzee had his own spinoff

Not to be shady but I’d push Zeke ass to the background real quick for some front running Dizzee.

After part 2 it just left me wanting more Dizzee. More from his perspective. Since his story is so metaphorical I wonder at how that would be. I mean of course his story would be told through art as Zeke’s is told through music, which I noticed was a heavy element in TGD. The story is told by Zeke but Dizzee also tells the story through his messages on the train and in this part in a bigger way through the comics. I want them to go back to the beginning solely from Diz’s POV with his own story because he stays away from the group enough to have his own side thing going on. This part highlighted a lot of things I wanna see extended…

His relationship with his parents

His shut down when Thor was locked up

Thor and dizz before the lock up

The relationship when diz decided to face himself and went to stay with Thor

Thor own life story/interest//history/family cause he don’t seem to have a family…

Dizz coming out or not coming out cause this was not the era

More of the revolution

More lgbqt clubs

Even though they one had a few scenes to work with they were able to show a different side of Dizzee in part 2. His temperament with his brothers (knowable about what’s going on even if they’re hiding it yet nonjudgmental - caring - as open as he’s comfortable) his flash of temper, traits highlighting his focus and his determination. Even though in part he was lost, dizz exhibited a lot of confidence in part 2 that he lacked in part 1. I want the story to continue past him find himself to his ambitions as an artist. Of Jaden is at home with a mic in his hand and we see that confidence shine in Diz but Jaden does an amazing job of showing the exuberance and emotionalism Diz has when he’s painting/when he becomes Rumi. And I love that, I love to see him in art wars and how he transitions when it comes to his craft - def since street art was not considered art back then. Hell I wanna see more of Thor’s work. Since I’m a shipper at heart I want them to have an epic love story that last and has a happy fucking ending - none of that ‘most young love don’t last’ BS. I hate that excuse! I want them to have photos of themselves hugged up in the Paint Palace - not just drawings of their alternate egos. I wanna see Diz support Thor in art shows. I wanna see the adult version of them. I wanna see the Paint Palace graduate to their own art gallery. I wanna see one of them propose to the other in a cheesy manner that uses art.

I just want nice things - I deserve nice things.

TGD is def one of those shows that should have a high number of episodes so the characters can be highlighted corrected, but we can’t get that cause there’s not enough fans. In fact I doubt we’re gonna get a season two considering their episodes got pushed down. I really think those 5 episodes were tester episodes in which the fate of the show depended viewership. The production team seemed to think they wouldn’t get another season which is why they went ahead and created those endings - even tho it seems like they had to recycle Jaden’s scene because of his schedule. Which is upsetting because the team doesn’t wanna give up their own fucking show and they had visions for what they wanted to do, they try to be as honest as possible and I’m thankful for that shit.

I want more Dizzee Kipling!

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Magi 337 Spoilers

Warning: As usual, please note that my level of Japanese is basic at most, and this is just a translation of text summaries available online, so I cannot guarantee that the following snippets are accurate. In other words, these can be just rumors or misinterpretations, and I might have left some parts out because I didn’t understand them. Feel free to share the link, but please DO NOT REPOST, and don’t forget to support the official releases!!

In which Judar gives his answer.

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How Prometheus became my favorite Arrow villain

Originally posted by arrowsource

It’s no secret that for 2/3 of this season, I’ve wanted either Billy or Tommy to be Prometheus. I admit, I fell for the whole “Adrian Chase is Vigilante” thing that the show’s writers wanted me to fall for. But even more than that, I felt that Adrian was a bit obvious in a way. The way Chase came across those first 14 episodes was pretty heavy on the smarmy quips. It was a situation of “I know Adrian is Vigilante but it really seems like they want me to think he’s Prometheus.” It was obvious in a way that made me discount it entirely. 

Then I felt the reveal in 5x15 was a bit… anti-climactic. They kept Prometheus’ identity a secret from everyone for 15 episodes to reveal it like that? It was frustrating to me. Like @jbuffyangel, I thought the only way they could “pull off” Adrian as Prometheus was if they made the how bigger than the who. I will admit I was a little unsure if Arrow could pull that off, because at least for me, it was a tall order. 

For what it’s worth, I didn’t hold the fact that he wasn’t Tommy or Billy against Adrian that much. I’ve learned, in my time as a fan of this show, not to get too caught in my own speculation. This show rarely ever does what I think it should, when I think it should, how I think it should. Rather than suffer disappointment after disappointment after disappointment (seriously… so much disappointment), I learned to let go of what I want and just… be open to the story the writers are telling. It doesn’t mean I don’t still love my ideas (and often love them better), but it means that I can compartmentalize my wishes and look for the value in the story the writers are choosing to tell. I guess, in a way, it’s all fanfic in my head. The show’s creators vision for the story is an AU on the vision I have in my head, and vice versa. It’s all just story and once I let go of my vision being the best/only/etc avenue, I find I can enjoy those other avenues for what they are. 

Long story short? I love my speculation but I’m not married to it. I like to give canon the benefit of the doubt, since canon is why I’m here at all in the first place. 

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S brothers reaction to their daughter moving away from home? (Uni or an adult or something) thank you have a nice day

♥Shu: University? How bothersome… Is it too far away? Hn… But you’ll come back eventually, right? -he didn’t show it, but he actually was worried about the fact that you were going to live on your own.-

♥Reiji: I don’t want you to get close to any boy in there, miss! I want you to focus in your studies. Promise? Hah… You would be the first on this family who starts university. You should be proud.

♥Ayato: But why do you need to go?! I mean, you just could stay here! You don’t need to go to university, heh.

♥Kanato: No. No. You’re staying here. What makes you think I’m letting you go? Silly.-actually, making Kanato angry was way more dangerous than living alone in an apartment on the city.-

♥Laito: Oh~ Well, do take care of yourself at university! And don’t go fooling around with boys. Is that clear?~

♥Subaru:… No! You’re not leaving! I-I don’t know why you suddenly feel the urge to leave, but if you even dare to do so, I’m coming for you to bring you back!

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$Qers should just shut up. They have like three Regina posters for the show. This is the first Captain Swan poster, we got, and it's for ONE episode.


Wow, this must be a real wake up call for them.  CS gets their own official promotional poster for a single episode where they’re going to be getting married and suddenly the world is ending.  They just had almost an entire season of TWO FUCKING REGINAS.  God forbid we get a single CS poster for a significant episode.  They can shut the fuck up, it’s our time now.

Yuri!!! On Ice Fanfiction Recommendations

I’ve been reading way too much Yuri!!! On Ice fan fiction lately, and since I might actually want to reread some of them or some of you might be on the lookout for good ones, I thought I might as well just make a list of the ones I can recommend. Let’s see how it’ll go. I will update it whenever I come across new ones that deserve a spot.

Since this will get pretty damn long, I’ll see you under the cut!

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I know we hate each other but it's Christmas eve and your flight was cancelled pls come inside

Bitty stares at the tweet on his phone. Kent is here. In Montréal…alone on Christmas Eve. Under any other circumstance, Bitty could’ve turned a blind eye because what Kent Parson does is none of his business. He’s a grown man and he can take care of himself.

But no one should be alone on Christmas Eve.


He knows Bob and Alicia will be fine with this, and they do have more food than it’s possible to eat. They’re comfortable with Kent. That leaves his dear and lovely boyfriend to be convinced.

“Are you watching a cat die?”

Bitty jolts. “Good lord!” Speaking of the dev—wait, “What?”

Jack chuckles, running a towel through his wet hair. Unfortunately for Bitty, he’s already all dressed in dark jeans and a sweater. How dare Jack be so decent on Christmas Eve in his parents’ house!

“You look sad, babe,” Jack leans in for a kiss and smiles when Bitty winds his arms around his neck. One sweeping move and Jack is holding Bitty up against him, swallowing Bitty’s squeal with his wicked, wicked tongue.

“You’re in a good mood,” Bitty manages out, breathless.

“I’m spending another Christmas with you, what’s not to love?”

Sap,” Bitty chirps while internally groaning. It isn’t that Jack and Kent hate each other. No, not at all these past few years. Their relationship has been on the mend. It’s just not— “Kent’s in Montréal,” Bitty blurts out.

Jack stills. Fuck. “Now?”


Jack moves to sit on the bed, Bitty in his lap, studiously following the dips of the curtains by the window.

Jack sighs. “You want to invite him here.” A statement, not a question. As if it’s obvious. Bitty never thought he’d find someone who knows him like this.

Bitty smiles, looking at Jack and falling in love again because he knows Jack too. He knows Jack’s gonna say yes. Because Jack is kind, strong, brave and loving. Yet, Bitty says, “No one should spend Christmas alone.”

“No.” Jack steals another kiss. “Have you talked to Maman and Papa yet?”

Bitty leans into the crook in Jack’s neck. “No. I don’t think they’d mind though.”

Jack snorts. “Probably not.”

Alicia is nervous. The realization hits swiftly and Bitty finds himself more nervous than before.

“Eric, may I talk to you for a moment?” She still manages a bright smile on her immaculate face.

“C'est quoi ça?” Jack looks up from his phone.

“Camme toé. Just a moment,” she replies.

“Oh. Before that, um…” Jack brows furrow together lightly and Bitty’s fingers itch to smoothen it out like he’s done a thousand times before. “Kent’s in town. The airport is shut down because of the storm and Bitty and I were thinking we should invite him over. Is that, uh, okay?”

Alicia and Bob exchange looks before Alicia sags and Bob grins.

“That’s wonderful, honey.” Alicia moves to rest her head on Jack’s shoulder. “That’s actually what I was gonna talk to Bitty about.”

Bitty exhales slowly.

Jack grins at Bitty. “You know how Bitty is with twitter.”

“Oh, yes, we do,” Bob chimes in, throwing an arm around Bitty and handing him a glass of eggnog.

“We could have Suzanne and Richard pick him up. Didn’t they say they’d be done by now?”

Alicia straightens with a hop. “I’ll call Suzanne right now.”

“And I’ll call Kent,” Jack volunteers.

“You’re being weird.” Bitty hands Kent a cup of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and whipped cream and sits beside him on the bench. It’s freezing. What the fuck, Kent.

Kent sneers, then sighs. “I know, Bits.”

“You’re gonna tell me why?”

Kent licks at the whipped cream in his cup, bidding time. “I…” He exhales and grits his teeth. A familiar yet recently rare scowl appears on Kent’s face and Bitty sits up, turning slightly to look at Kent fully.

“Kent, are you okay? What is it?”

Kent blows out a huge breath and it billows around him like smoke. “How do you do it?”

“Do what?”

Kent doesn’t reply.

Bitty shifts closer. “Do what, Kent?”

“Let yourself love someone.”

Bitty freezes. Puzzle pieces slide into place and Bitty leans back. When he can’t think of a good answer, “why would you not?”

“Because they always leave. And I’m not—” Kent clears his throat. “I’m not accusing Jack or blaming him. I know he had his reasons and I respect those. It’s just…” Kent gives a helpless little shrug.

“He still left,” Bitty finishes.

Kent droops, his head hanging between his knees. Bitty moves to rest his head on his shoulder and asks, “Was it worth it? Loving Jack? Do you regret it?”


“Then that’s it. Yes, they might leave you or you might leave them, but that’s true for everyone. So the best you can do it find someone who’s worth it.”

The whipped cream in Kent’s cup melts to mush and finally, Kent smiles. “You should have your own show, Bits.”

“Nah, I’m perfectly happy caring for my friends. In fact, I’m even happier when my friends tell me who we’re talking about loving.”

Kent’s smile widens into a grin and he winks at Bitty. “It was a hypothetical question, Bits.”

Bitty sticks his tongue out like a mature adult. “You’re stuck here for a days, Mr. Parson. I’ll get it out of you. Just watch.” Bitty grabs his own hot chocolate and heads to the patio door.

“Wait…I—” Bitty swivels at Kent’s words. “If I tell you, do you promise not to tell Jack?”

“Why not?”

Kent rolls his eyes. “He’ll make it weird.”

Bitty raises his eyebrows. “It’s someone he knows?”

“He actually introduced us.” Kent’s finger trails the rim of his cup and holy shit, is he blushing?? Warmth threatens to choke Bitty as he hurries back to his seat.

“I won’t tell him. I promise.”

Kent pulls his cup closer to him. “It’s, uh…Alexei. Mashkov,” he adds as if Bitty didn’t know who Alexei is.

“Jack’s Captain Alexei Mashkov?” Bitty repeats.


“Holy shit.” Bitty laughs. “Yeah, okay, Jack would be so weird.”

Kent lifts his eyebrow in agreement.

It takes a bit for Bitty to take it all in and he does it with a smile because Tater is possibly the sweetest, huggiest, happiest person Bitty knows and Kent totally deserves someone like that.

“Okay, so, like, has he told you?” Bitty blurts out, officially settling into gossip mode.

“He told me what?”

“That he loves you!”

“Oh, um…no.”

“But you love him.”


Bitty stares Kent down unimpressed. “So you just made me sit here in the freezing cold and watch you waste that perfection of a hot chocolate for nothing?”



Note: Bitty is not above whining when it comes to his friends’ happiness.

“Look, I haven’t…I haven’t…processed it yet, okay? I mean, I just.” Kent growls out of a sigh. “I was gonna go spend Christmas with him and relax because it’s chill and that’s what we are, we’re chill and then, the flights got cancelled and…I don’t know. I just felt upset! And I haven’t left that upset since…a long time and I—I just thought it meant…you know.” Kent gestures randomly as if his confession of love is an object on the table before them.

“So are yo—wait, are you two even dating?”

Kent shrugs.

Good lord.

“But you wanna be.”

“Kinda. Yeah.”

“Then ask him out.” Even though you love him already.

“I don’t know. We have a good thing going right now.”

“Of not talking? Because that’s not a proper relationship and we both know it.”

Kent sighs. “I know. It’s just…scary.”

“Good,” Bitty presses. “That means you care.”

Kent smiles and he gets that tender look in his eyes again. “I do.”

“So do it!”

Kent stares at him in shock. “Right now?”

No, but… “Yes! Do it right now. Call him.”

“What if—”

“Nope. You two were gonna spend Christmas together. That doesn’t happen unless he really likes you. So call him. Right now.”

“Um…” Kent flushes. “O-okay.” He sits back to get his phone from his pocket and looks at Bitty with a helpless look.

Bitty does not smile. Nope. “I’m gonna go inside and wait by the kitchen counter and you are going to call Alexei and talk to him. Cool?”

“Hmhhhm.” Kent takes a deep breath.

Bitty may or may not swoon a little bit. Oh, young love…

To Alyosha:

can i call u

Kent’s phone vibrates and he almost drops it in the process of picking it up.

“Is something wrong?” Alexei’s warm, deep voice is a little higher than usual and Kent melts at his worry.

“Nothing’s wrong. I just…I wanted to talk to you.”

“Oh. Are Zimmbonis boring, huh?”

Kent smiles at Alexei’s teasing and the fact that he calls Zimms ‘Zimmboni.’ Hilarious. “Nah, they’re good.” I just wanted to hear your voice and tell you I love you. “What are you up to?”

“Snowy’s here. He hear about the storm and came to keep company. We’re watching that stupid…ahhh, what you call, ah, opera?”

“Opera?” Kent raises his eyebrows. “Like singing opera or the talk show Oprah?”

“No. No. The very, very long TV show opera.”

Oh my god. “Soap opera? You’re watching soap operas with Snowy?” Kent bites his lip as he snickers.

“Yes, that. Don’t laugh. Is pretty good.”

“You’re ridiculous.”

“We also have Chinese. With the little cookie. Oh, let me tell you something, yeah.” Alexei’s voice lowers and Kent finds himself leaning forward as if Alexei is in front of him. If only… “My cookie said there is great happiness in my future.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes. Is why I’m glad you called.”


“Because now I’m greatly happy.”

Alexei says it so simply, casually like Kent’s heart doesn’t feel like it’s about to burst. “I—um, I’m glad to hear that.” Ask him. Say it. Ask him. “Hey, Alexei?”

“Yes, Kenny?”

“This storm…it’ll pass over soon and we still have a few days before…um, any games and the airline promised to reschedule our, uh, tickets and, um, I—I was wondering if you know, if you’d possibly, you know, like,”

“Kenny,” Alexei interrupts gently. “Breathe.”



“What was that?”

Fuck you, man. “Do you…want to go…on a date? With me.”

Please say yes. Please say yes. Please say yes. Please say yes.

“Kenny.” Alexei sighs.


“What you think we have done all time? I take you to little restaurant by ocean. You come over for pizza. We go to the carnival. Disney! Together.”

What. “But I—we, I thought we were hanging out!”

Alexei sighs exasperatedly. “Kenny, we kiss.”

Yeah, we had sex too. But…” Oh my god, they’ve dating, haven’t they? For months…

“But what, Kenny?” Alexei’s voice has that lilt again. The one he gets when he’s teasing.

Kent huffs. “But nothing. I can’t believe you sneak-dated me.”

Alexei laughs and Kent pushes down the butterflies fluttering in his ribcage for slight annoyance. “From what I remember, you were there too. For everything.” Kent can almost see him waggling his eyebrows like an idiot. But he’s not the idiot, is he? Kent is. “You even enjoyed it a lot.”

“You’re unbelievable,” Kent says because he doesn’t have anything to say. Well, no… “Fine, okay. We’ve been dating the whole thing, but we’re still going out when I get to Providence.”

“Okay. No problem.”

“Okay. I…I should go before someone comes looking.”


“Bye.” I love you.

“Bye bye, Kenny.”

Kent ends the call and stares at himself on the glass before him.

He’s been dating someone. Alexei. For months. He basically has a boyfriend. Him.

Kent Parson.

Holy fuck.

ITH Holiday Special 2016 posts

anonymous asked:

When they leave Jak in the desert at the beginning of jak3, I always wondered how they managed to catch him in the first place. This leads me to believe that Jak let himself be apprehended because Ashelin would have assured him things would be fine and this was just procedure. Or maybe they were at some council hearing and it was an unexpected decision and Jak just went with it? You headcanon-ed that Jak was touch averse and being arrested (again) must not have been easy for him.

Jak definitely allowed himself to be apprehended; there’s just no way they could have taken him captive and kept him locked up if he wasn’t willing. There were probably a few reasons for this; after everything they went though he came to think of Ashelin and Torn as allies (people he was able to trust) and if he DID fight back he would cause trouble for them or potentially lead to them getting hurt, and that’s not a risk he’d want to take (and I definitely wouldn’t put it past Veger to take hostages or threaten to hurt Jak’s friends if he caused trouble).

But more than that, I think Jak surrendered because deep down he believed that people like Veger were right about him.

Given everything that happened to him in prison, Jak would definitely suffer pretty severe PTSD after the events of Renegade. He was able to cope pretty well during the Revolution by keeping himself occupied, but he definitely wasn’t thinking ahead; he had no plan for himself after he accomplished his goals, and he probably didn’t even expect to survive that long. Once the dust settles and the post-victory euphoria wears off, as soon as he can’t just keep charging headlong into the next super-dangerous mission, that’s when the PTSD and depression hit him hard. Everyone else moves on to the next thing, and he doesn’t know how.

Jak excels at fighting and acrobatic stuff, but there’s no longer much need for the sort of crazy stunts that won the war; most of the stuff he did as a renegade is no longer acceptable now that the people in charge are his allies. What they really need is to restructure and rebuild, and Jak has no skill or interest in organisational or bureaucratic things. His existing skills could potentially give him a successful career in the new Guard, but he has too much of a problem with authority to do well as a soldier, and his past experiences with the KG have left him with a deep distrust of people in that line of work (and many of the new Guard were former KGs, people whose friends and comrades Jak might have killed, so the dislike would be mutual). Even racing probably has negative connotations for him at this point; the stadium reminds him of Erol and Praxis, and the races themselves aren’t fulfilling now that there’s no end goal.

So when he’s at his most vulnerable, when he’s already feeling lost and struggling with his self-worth, Veger comes along and starts slinging around allegations that Jak was colluding with Krew and the metalheads– that far from saving Haven, Jak was responsible for nearly destroying it. And the Council jump all over it and vote to have him banished because they’re all terrified of Jak and see him as a loose cannon and a bomb waiting to go off (he went after Praxis and what if one of them is next?) and none of them care to remember that they’d probably be dead if Jak hadn’t killed Kor. He has outlasted his usefulness, he’s too big of a risk to keep around, so he has to go.

On some level Jak feels a sense of betrayal that the city he saved could do this to him, but he’s Tired and can’t even be bothered to get properly angry about it. Everything that happened in the months after their victory against the metalheads has been proof that he has no place in Haven; he doesn’t belong and he never will. So he just accepts it and lets them take him into custody.

It should also be noted that at this point Jak shows a lot more concern for Daxter than he does for his own well-being; he’s resigned to his banishment and the fact that he could very well die, but making sure Daxter stays safe and happy is his top priority. Jak believes he’s not worth saving anymore and he doesn’t want to see Daxter take the fall with him, so he tells Dax to go back to his life in Haven.

And Daxter soundly rejects that. By going with Jak he’s saying that Jak means more to him than everything he’s built for himself, more than his own safety. He’s saying he wants none of that without Jak to share it. Jak ‘wouldn’t last a second without [him]’ but the truth is that Daxter knows he’d never forgive himself if he gave up on Jak again, if he ran away when Jak needed him most. Daxter needs Jak to know that he’s worth fighting for, and even after everyone else gives up on him Daxter will be there for him. They both make light of it and brush it off, but the significance of that moment is not lost on either of them.

This is also why Spargus (and Damas) become so important to Jak. They take him in and give him a chance, despite knowing almost nothing about him, despite seeing that he’s a dark eco user, something everyone else thought of as freakish and monstrous. Damas looked him right in the eyes after he went dark in that first arena fight and called those same powers useful. In Haven, being 'dangerous’ meant he deserved to die, but in Spargus it means he’s got what it takes to survive, that he’s earned the right to stay. That moment is where Jak really starts to believe in what Spargus stands for– not just 'if they want a fight that’s what I’ll give them’, but genuine respect for that way of life and for Damas as a leader.

This post is already long enough so I’m not going to go into it too deeply, but I also want to briefly touch on the importance of the term 'survivor’ and how it’s used in relation to the people of Spargus. Jak definitely isn’t the only person to come to Spargus as a survivor of abuse, and Spargus is a place that values fresh starts, giving people who were 'thrown away’ the chance to make a new life. It’s a rough place, but within that is the opportunity to heal, and that’s really what Jak needed after everything he suffered in Haven.

It’s funny how on my post about The Get Down and Stanger Things, people are acting like the two shows have to be of the exact same genre, to be compared.

Y'all know damn well that if The Get Down was lead by a white boy who was learning what hip-hop was, and coming into his sexuality, it would be all over the place. Y'all binge every white show there is, no matter the genre, but all of a sudden now you need an 10k word essay on why The Get Down should be watched. On why I put it in the same hype category as a show about white kids finding aliens, when let’s be honest, that happens about twice a year in every summer blockbuster.

Stop deflecting, and just own up to the fact that people aren’t checking for The Get Down, simply because it’s lead by Black and Latinx kids. Because it’s not the music that’s the issue. Y'all listen to that. It’s not the location, because y'all live there. And it’s not the Afros, because y'all love those on Halloween. The issue is the fear of enjoying something that is extremely Black/Brown, and doesn’t cater to white people. The kids aren’t ghetto, criminals, or teen mothers. They have goals, feelings, and confidence, and apparently that’s more complicated to imagine and consume, than a white girl with super powers.

Yeah, I’ll just….pay four bucks to watch Camp Camp.

Because there’s nowhere I can watch it for free.


Coldwave AU, where Len finds out the Flash’s real name and then refuses to share it with his fucking husband,

“I made a deal with him, Mick.”

“I’m pretty sure we made a deal, once. What’s mine is yours and all that. Including the identity of superheroes. Spousal privilege.”

“That’s - not how spousal privilege works. And I’m still not telling you. You’d let it slip that you knew and the deal would be off and it’s too good a deal to risk it.”

This ends in Mick getting pissed off and going to work out his issues elsewhere for a few months. Meaning he’s not in Central when Len gets kidnapped by Lewis and later ends up in jail - not that jail lasts long, and he hurries back as soon as he hears the news, because “damnit, Lenny, I thought you had a deal with the brat?!”

“I did, and I broke it. Shot somebody dead right in front of him.”

But Len still won’t tell Mick who the Flash really is. And he gets this fond look whenever he talks about him. And Mick is getting really frustrated right now.

So, he starts his own investigation into who the hell the Flash is. No breaking Len’s precious deal, just - investigating. Looking into interesting facts, staking out STAR Labs to see who comes and goes, that sort of thing. Without telling Len.

Because the thing is, Mick and Len don’t have an open marriage. Not really. Except they do believe that spouses should share things (except apparently the secret identities of local superheroes) - and the thing is, how the hell is Mick going to arrange his I-am-sorry-I-wasn’t-around-to-help-when-your-scumbag-dad-showed-back-up-look-I-got-you-the-superhero-kid-you-like-so-much threesome if he doesn’t even know the kid’s name?!

The more I think about it the more I want to see Matteusz and Miss Quill become friends. For two reasons.

1. We need more Matteusz. He is the character we know the least about.

2. There needs to be someone in the show that acknowledges Miss Quill is lonely and suffering, and since Charlie doesn’t seem to give two shits, Matteusz is in the best position to be that person.

Like imagine all the possibilities.

Things like…

The first time Charlie leaves them alone together and Quill doesn’t even seem to notice he’s there until he turns on the TV or gets something out of the microwave.

“You mean you still live here when his royal pain in my ass isn’t here?”

“Yes, I still live here when Charlie goes to the shop to buy milk.”



Caffiene deprived Quill coming into the kitchen in the morning and just stopping because what is this human doing in her house again? And before she can even try and activate her brain enough to snark, he hands her a cup of coffee. He’s already nursing his own. There’s a look in his eye like he needs the coffee and the quiet as bad as she does so she accepts it as a kind of temporary truce.

Both of them glare (Matteusz more a tired squint) when Charlie trots down the stairs already fuctioning and talking about plans for the day.

Just the two of them falling into this domestic pattern of Quill being snarky and Matteusz being a smart ass who just kind of brushes off her comments and continues with whatever is happening.

“I used to command armies, do you know how much financial management goes into that? Making sure there is enough to buy weapons and food?! This is beneath me.”

“Just hand over Park Avenue and eat some more chocolate.”

“Fine, fine, we’ll keep playing your little capitalism simulator. The fact that I can’t bomb any of your hotels and claim the property as my own just shows how unrealistic it truely is though.”

“Uh huh, Charlie, your roll.”

Charlie just looks between Matteusz and Quill, wondering how this is his life.

“Is he going to roll soon or can I go get a bottle of vodka?”

Matteusz rolls his eyes at Quill and then hands Charlie the dice. Charlie rolls on autopilot, mentally trying to figure out if he should call the others, because his boyfriend and his slave bodyguard being in some weird form of friendship is one of the most insane things to have happened since he landed on this planet.

Leonardo x Reader: Past Your Bedtime

The one episode with the dream beavers kind of inspired this, especially how in the end of the episode Leo talks about how he ends up feeling better after resting.

I’m sorry for not updating in a while, I’ve been hooked onto Pokemon for quite some time. I haven’t seen the newer TMNT episodes either, so I’ve been trying to steer clear of any TMNT related places because I don’t want spoilers, hehe… Also, apologies for any mistakes, as usual.

Rating: PG
Genre: Fluffies, fluffies everywhere. Some emotional moments here and there.
Paring: Leonardo x Reader

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I found these on twitter can you respond to this? 


I’m hesitant to post this because the user’s name isn’t blurred out. Next time send me it with the person blurred out, I’m not about that life. I’ve screenshotted and blurred out the person’s name on my own just cause I think that’s the right thing to do.

But on to the response since you asked, it’s long but really I think it gets the point down. 

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anonymous asked:

You haveone of my favorite blogs. I really like that you are so open about your life and willing to talk about things that will most likely get backlash. Not that theres anything wrong with not doing so, I just wanted you to know I appreciate you speaking out against things like abuse and ablism. Im sorry about the backlash you do get from speaking up. Youre kind and compassionate and deserve to have good things happen to you, not hate. Hope i wasnt too foreward and that your day goes well.

Thanks, anon. 

The fact that I get backlash from people like that just shows me again and again that this IS something that needs to be talked about. 

But the good thing is, in all those reblogs, there are so many people who agree that this is something that should be addressed and corrected instead of “eh kids don’t have social power so they can’t abuse.” They agree that the solution is to start early with kids, to make sure they are aware of their own abusive behavior. 

But, honestly. I’m frustrated because…

Raise your hand if you learned in kindergarten that being mean is not okay.

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Aw thanks headcanons were cute😇same thing but kiyoshi and Akashi ?


  • Although I don’t see him as being one for spontaneous PDA, he is not the least bit afraid to broadcast how much he cherishes them. In fact, he’s pretty possessive, so he’d have a hand wrapped around his partner’s waist or intertwined with his partner’s own most of the time. He just wants their more intimate moments to be between the both of them, so he doesn’t want to show the world everything.
  • He absolutely adores getting his partner things. He has the money, so why wouldn’t he get them the things they craved? His partner should expect that if they ever mention something in passing to Akashi, that they will more often than not see that particular something mysteriously appear at their desk at school or at their house.
  • This boy is very dependent on logic, so he’d prefer talking things out with his s/o than fight. When they have a disagreement, his ‘absolute’ side might want to slip out and tell his partner that they were dead wrong, but he’d tussle with it. He enjoys serious conversations and intense debates with his partner.

I already did some for Kiyoshi (here) but I’ll do some more~


  • His favorite thing to do when he and his s/o have a night-in is to spoon them and bury his face into the crook of their neck. It makes him feel like he was protecting them from the world. Plus, the close proximity of their body and easy access to their neck for kisses weren’t too bad, either.
  • Kiyoshi loves pillow talk. He could whisper sweet nothings to his partner for hours, simply just commenting on everything he noticed daily and how much he appreciated them. He likes being able to say these things to his partner in an atmosphere that is romantic but not too serious. 
  • He’s the kind of boyfriend who leaves good morning texts and good night texts when he’s not there to do it in person. He always wishes them good luck for the day and tells them that he loves them, even if he will be seeing them later on in the day. He absolutely melts if/when his partner wakes up earlier than him and does it to him first.