in fact they should just get their own show

It’s funny how on my post about The Get Down and Stanger Things, people are acting like the two shows have to be of the exact same genre, to be compared.

Y'all know damn well that if The Get Down was lead by a white boy who was learning what hip-hop was, and coming into his sexuality, it would be all over the place. Y'all binge every white show there is, no matter the genre, but all of a sudden now you need an 10k word essay on why The Get Down should be watched. On why I put it in the same hype category as a show about white kids finding aliens, when let’s be honest, that happens about twice a year in every summer blockbuster.

Stop deflecting, and just own up to the fact that people aren’t checking for The Get Down, simply because it’s lead by Black and Latinx kids. Because it’s not the music that’s the issue. Y'all listen to that. It’s not the location, because y'all live there. And it’s not the Afros, because y'all love those on Halloween. The issue is the fear of enjoying something that is extremely Black/Brown, and doesn’t cater to white people. The kids aren’t ghetto, criminals, or teen mothers. They have goals, feelings, and confidence, and apparently that’s more complicated to imagine and consume, than a white girl with super powers.


Danneel does not deserve the bad rap she’s getting from this fan base and it’s really bothering me how many people are making such big deals out of all of this.

Mrs. Ackles just brought two babies into the world and yes, hundreds of women do this, and yes, hundreds of women have to raise 3+ kids on their own. She is a woman, and she did what women are evolved to do, produce young. But that doesn’t mean Danneel deserves any special treatment, and neither does it mean that she should be treated like dirt (for “creating an inconvenience for Jensen and the fandom” as someone said).

We claim to be a fandom where family comes first, and then some of you get unnecessarily mad about the fact that Jensen maybe did not want to spend his whole weekend at the con to spend time with his family.

HIS CHILDREN WERE BORN ON FRIDAY and yet he still showed up to SFcon with encouragement from Danneel because she probably knew about the backlash that would come from the fandom if he didn’t go.

To be honest, there would have been backlash from the fans either way.

If he stayed at home with his family, the fans would have felt cheated out of their money and sent hate his way for not being there for them.

He is not a therapist. He is a human being who deserves some time to himself. Be grateful for the time that he sacrificed for you guys.

If he did go for the whole weekend, even if Danneel had said it was okay, the fans would have wondered why he came to the con and not stayed home.

Please stop accusing Danneel of being an attention seeker.

On the note of the baby’s names:

I think they are awesome and unique and I love them.

Zeppelin Bram Ackles: I love this name and many people are accusing Jensen of naming the baby something that Dean would. This is not true. The umbilical cord was wrapped around him like a bend known as “Zeppelin bend”. Jensen confirmed this at SFcon.

Arrow Rhodes: This is an awesome name also. Both Jensen and Danneel wanted and A.A. name and both liked the name Arrow, also confirmed by Jensen at SFcon.

Chill out people. Those are their names. Just accept it and move on.

Many fans are being amazing with all of this and just focusing on being happy for the Ackles family. Which is what we all should be doing.

Just please shut up for a while and be happy for them.

EXO Reaction to Seeing Chen’s Girlfriend Showing Off Sexy Moves

I could see Chen dating a super sexy girl who would not be ashamed to show off her moves. Anyways, I hope you guys like this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Baekhyun: He couldn’t help but watch as Chen’s girlfriend dancing against him. He didn’t hide the fact that he was watching her as she danced. When she saw that he was looking, he just wiggled his finger at her. “Maybe you two should get a room.” He teased.

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Chanyeol: He glanced around the room so that it appeared as though he was not looking, but he couldn’t help it. She was dancing around and shaking her hips. How could he possibly not stare at her dancing?

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Chen: “That’s right everyone! That’s my girlfriend! Look at how sexy she is!” He would scream and announce to all the other guys. He would love to show her off and bring all the boys around to watch her practice her dance moves.

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D.O.: He looked away quickly as she started dancing. He was practically tomato red with how badly he was blushing as she danced on his fellow member.

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Kai: He stared at her in shock and quickly tried to look away. He knew his hyung would be a bit angry to see him staring at his girlfriend, but he couldn’t help but steal a few quick glances before looking away once again.

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Lay: “No, you have to move your hips more with the dance. You have to feel the music.” He said as he tried to show her the proper way to move. He didn’t really understand the situation and just focused on the fact that she was trying to dance.

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Sehun: “So why are you with Chen hyung when you could be with me? I could show you the right ways to move your hips.” He said in a flirty voice. He was not ashamed to watch her and make it clear that he found her moves sexy. But he would also make it clear that he was just teasing when he flirted with her.

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Suho: *gif*

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Xiumin: the moment he started staring at her, Chen came in quickly to take him away. “No, you are not watching my jagiya dancing.” Chen scolded him as he threatened to bite him.

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I always see a lot of iKonics and InCircles fight and say: who is more deserving and whatnot, and the you’re just jealous of our fandom cause we are better and you guys are just big babies. I am sick and tired of hearing this fight. I am a fan of both groups but let me be honest, yes, ikon had to go through 2 survival shows but we have to understand that was apart of media play to get them more popularity with people and you should know that shows like that are scripted like Show Me The Money, down right plain scripted to keep viewers guessing. But there is a difference between iKon and Winner and that is the fact that YG favors iKon since the start of Win. Winner is successful on their own and has set many records as a rookie, but its different when the company CEO loves and adores the group and its too bad its not both groups equally its just iKon who recieves this treatment.

Lets look at the break down: (Comparing their respective Rookie year)

1. Every song iKon made for their first album got a music video and promotions, Winner did not get that for theirs during S/S album.

2. iKon immediately got their own concert in their first year as rookies, Winner only got their own concert after 1 year and 4 months after debut.

3. iKon already has the double B subunit in their first year of debut, Winner has the “subunit” of NamSong for EXIT again after 1 year and 4 months.

4. iKon was promoted like crazy by YG for their album welcome back and the comeback for the second part of the album, YG doesn’t even bother to promote anything Winner does, aside from the V app and a few post of instagram nothing. Even Amber from f(x) did a better job at promoting them.

5. iKon at the 2015 MAMA got performance time of 10+ minutes, Winner 2014 MAMA 6+ minutes, don’t tell me its the MAMA’s fault for time is the company who negotiates the time with Mnet.

Future prediction: I will bet you YG will let iKon have a comeback on the latter part of the year, while after Winners EXIT YG will make them go back into hiatus.

The point is who is not who is more deserving of the two groups because they both deserve the recognition and care. But I’m just pointing out that YG’s favoritism is all too obvious and painful. He willingly shoved iKon down everyones throat and that’s why people know ikon , I personally would not mind if YG would also shove Winner down our throats because even though people would get sick of them at least I see YG cares about them too.

All of them are good, kind, and talented boys no doubt about that but its just unfair for the boys of Winner to be made the underdog by YG all the time, (and its not iKon who is at fault, thats very true) when he should care about them equally because bottom line he can make a lot of money from both of them. Because its hard to say this early who is the real cash cow between them so early in their careers since they haven’t reached the cursed 5 year mark, so it would honestly be a better strategy if YG cared for them both the same way, it would build up so well if he did that.

I love both groups, so let’s please stop fighting on who is better or who is a big whiny baby. Let’s just respect each other and if we don’t have anything nice to say about another fandom let’s just keep quiet cause its useless if we keep fighting watch other. The boys are all friends with each other so should we.

This is just my unpopular opinion.

I gotta admit

is anyone else getting tired of the “Chat Noir gets possessed protecting Ladybug” thing they keep doing or is it just me? like don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that ladybug is able to handle missions on her own and doesn’t need Chat to save her, but what about Chat? I mean poor kid is always doubting himself and it showed in “The Gamer” like we need some episodes where Ladybug gets possessed/ in trouble and Chat needs to figure things out on his own. they both need each other but they both should be able to handle a few things on their own. I just feel bad that Chat is ALWAYS the one being pitted against or thrown around. again, I’m glad they have a strong female superhero but it almost seems like the team at miraculous is trying a bit TOO hard to make sure we all see it.