in fact telling him to his face that he's way strong and can defeat sasuke

//So back when I was re-watching Naruto, I noticed something during the Sound and Sand Invasion Arc.
Bear with my long post as I delve and ramble into detail ;)

Sasuke ran off to stop Gaara the moment the attack started, urged by Genma who declared he was already at Chunin level and to consider this the continuation of their fight. Genma holds off Baki who was supposed to capture Sasuke on Orochimaru’s behest. Without question Sasuke runs off ahead to do his part. Once Kakashi notices this, well aware of the danger that threatens his student, he has Sakura wake Naruto and Shikamaru from the genjutsu to pursue their comrade. He wants them to catch up and get Sasuke (and themselves) to a safe location before any harm can come their way. He also knew Gaara was no regular Genin (unaware that he was a Jinchuuriki at the time) and is worried for their safety. Sending Pakkun to help in tracking and avoiding the enemy, he declares it an A rank mission.

As we know, they catch up, Shikamaru separates to fend off a group of Sound ninja that ultimately was no match for him. Asuma’s timely arrival saved him.

Sasuke used too much chakra in pursuit, during his small/brief fight against Temari, and mostly in his battle against Gaara. He fought to the point of exhaustion, pushed himself near death by forcing a third chidori (which Kakashi warned him plain and simple that it could kill him) and ultimately succumbed to the overwhelming pain the curse mark manifested, causing him to become immobile. Gaara was going to kill him, but Naruto comes in time to strike him aside. While Sakura is immediately at Sasuke’s side, worry forming as she fears the worst.

Sakura defends him when Gaara bypassed Naruto, getting caught and rendered unconscious in the process. While she is stuck and Sasuke is incapable of moving, Naruto advances. However, he gets struck and sent flying back. Sasuke, despite the pain he’s enduring, lunges himself forward to soften the blow, something that wouldn’t have harmed Naruto all that badly had he hit the tree instead.

Afterwards, the two debate on the fight, wondering the best course of action to take. Sasuke overcomes the throbbing pain, managing to stand again. This is a very important character development scene for him. Although his whole life, revenge has been his fuel, his reason for existing, Sasuke willingly put the life of his comrades ahead of his own. Claiming that he’d sacrifice himself in order for Naruto and Sakura to get away, even if he only bought them a few minutes, he’d give that. He’s even out of breath as he explains, showcasing his growing fatigue.

It’s just as Orochimaru mentioned back during the preliminaries of the Chunin Exams. Being around his friends, mostly Naruto, changed Sasuke’s heart. For someone who should be preserving his own life, selfish in design in order to kill his brother, shouldn’t be so ready to die. But he takes no reproach upon himself for being weak here. He doesn’t even hesitate or pause to think of another solution. Deciding that if he died here, he was never meant to go further, tossing any chance of avenging his clan aside.

He lost his family, everything that was precious to him when he was merely seven years old. His heart and mind never fully healed, but being around Team Seven, living instead of simply surviving, caused them to become family. Just like in the Land of Waves, Sasuke stopped Haku from killing Naruto by getting in the way of a fatal attack. And later when he hears Itachi is back in the village, his instinct isn’t vengeance, it’s saving his friend.

Sasuke has taken loss after loss, structured his world on loneliness and sorrow, growing up in a devastation he learned to hon and tolerate. Yet, he’s grown. He managed to comprehend what truly mattered throughout his time with them. Although his protective instincts are usually buried in fear of losing more, he’s learned from those around him. Orochimaru’s offer of power is certainly desirable, but there was never a moment where Masashi depicted him contemplating the idea (despite the fact that he probably had at some point prior to the Sasuke Retrieval Arc).

His words stir Naruto into action, making him realize what it means to be strong. Sasuke sparked the notion of strength via protecting others into Naruto’s head, making him remember the power that lies in having people you care about. Due to Gaara’s ferocity, he nearly forgot, questioning it. He and Gaara were alike, so much that he began to fear the idea of what he could’ve become if he didn’t have Iruka and the others, that it somehow made Gaara stronger than him, unbeatable. Until this very instant, recalling all former mentions and selfless actions that were proved by Sasuke’s words, he knew he had nothing to be afraid of.

Naruto tells Sasuke that’s he’s done enough, that he should rest, while he decided to take over the fight. In obvious consequence to Naruto’s raging power and capabilities to take down Gaara, Sasuke is surprised to see just how much stronger his friend became. And as Naruto did the same during the exams, while Sasuke and Gaara fought, he belittled his own strength by comparing. It’s only natural that this occurs due to their rivalry and competitive nature. 

However, in Sasuke’s perception, it’s different. He considers himself only strong when he’s stronger than those around him, stifling his inferiority by his nurtured superiority complex. He gets criticized over this, but it’s what he’s done in order to make it this far. He has to claw his way out of the past, out of the vulnerability that was exposed when Itachi took his entire world away from him. Rebuilding a future around the destruction caged inside was all he considered himself capable of until those ideals were squandered by his upcoming defeat at Itachi’s hand.

Once the fight draws to a close, the sand binding Sakura to the tree disappears. Her interference in order to protect him caused her to get hurt. The guilt is betrayed on his face. He catches her, placed her down gently, telling Pakkun to keep an eye on her as he goes to check on Naruto’s condition.

After reaching Naruto, hearing that Gaara wishes to stop fighting and go home, the other passes out with a smile on his face. Initially, Naruto is still trying to move, but Sasuke warns him that it’s enough, and tells him Sakura is safe, allowing Naruto to feel relieved. Their teamwork might not have been on display during this fight, but their devotion to protecting one another outweighed any question to how deeply they care for each other. This is a prime example to how much Team Seven has developed since they first formed as a team. They’re imperfect, maybe even mismatched at times, but their imbalance stabilizes them, forming bonds.

Now I can get to the actual point of my post. This is where Masashi decided to close on their progress and we only see these three later on, well after the invasion forces are being drawn back, this arc coming to a close.

But at this time, after the Sand Siblings leave, they still need to get somewhere safe. While his teammates are both unconscious, Sasuke is the only one able to move despite his physical exhaustion taking a toll. He has to take the both of them to a place they can hide from enemies. Now as Pakkun and Shikamaru stated enemy shinobi are lurking around, travelling in strategic groups to ambush any ninja they come by in the forest, all Chunin level or higher.

Sasuke had to manage all on his own, carrying his friends, probably running into numerous fights along the way in order to protect them. The strain he must feel on his body is enormous since the curse mark siphons chakra and he depleted himself the moment he decided to use a third chidori. Forcing himself to stand is one thing, but being on the verge of collapse, pushing past his lack of strength, he gathers himself, his friends, and fights.

They were sent out to stop him, and in the end, Sasuke is the one that has to safeguard them on his own against all odds. If that doesn’t display Sasuke’s development and where his priority truly lies before he was enticed by the lure of power, then I don’t know what does. But even then, Sasuke proves himself many times over before leaving the village that he cares and is no longer the child he used to be, clinging only to self-preservation. His devotion goes beyond revenge. It’s only the mix of fear and confusion that shatters that resolve later.

Title: What a Ride
Summary: Sakura’s hurt her back and Sasuke is the only one that can take care of that stubborn medic.
A/N: Okay, this has nothing to do with the SS month themes, but I couldn’t let this opportunity pass! I’ve already started the other one, so don’t worry XD I’m assuming the piggyback ride happened after the fight against Momoshiki, and even if it didn’t, this is the way I’m making it haha I hope you enjoy this one, and please, tell me your opinion!
“ Slow down, Sasuke-kun! It hurts too much.”

“ Just stop moving, Sakura!”

“Be careful! Be careful!”

“ I’m trying!”

Pain was spread all over her face as her right hand rested on her lower back. Her fingers massaged the sore area, as her husband carefully tried to place her on their bed. Slowly, Sasuke was doing his best to support her body with his only hand, trying not to let her down too fast in order to avoid the impact. His grip around her was strong, but her frightened, left fingers just refused to release his cape, making things even harder for him.

He was trying not to worsen his wife’s painful situation, but her childish-self wasn’t helping him at all. All her wincing and screaming was annoying the hell out of him, and for a second, the male Uchiha thought about dropping her on the mattress.

What a mature medical ninja, he thought. Seeing her whining like a baby certainly made him doubt all the things she has already gone through in her life.

“ Ouch! Ouch! Careful, Sasuke-kun!” Her body finally came in contact with the soft cotton of the sheets, and her pink head went to rest on the pillow. For she was on the right side of the bed- his side of the bed, the manly scent of his shampoo filled her nostrils, and carefully, the pinkette adjusted her position so her pain wouldn’t get any worse. Sasuke, then, removed her shoes, as she closed her emerald eyes and allowed her ears to capture the steps of her husband against the wooden floor. The sound was getting lower, as he directed himself to another room to grab her an anti-inflammatory.

Damn that stupid training, she thought.

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“Let’s make it official”. He smirked.

“uhmm… uh Sasuke-kun? But how and when? I-it’s embarrassing.“ she said red faced, feeling her cheeks with her hands. She swayed back and forth animatedly.  they were in the protecting shades of the trees where not much people were around.

“Follow me.“ 

He drags her hand across the fields of grass where almost all of rookie nine resided. She almost stumbled to keep up with him. Curious glances were given their way looking at their intertwined hands. Their eyes never leaving the couple, It was an intense moment for them. If it’s Sasuke and Sakura then surely something grave and serious might be happening. Those two do share a weird but deep connection.

Sasuke was acting all abrupt and too forward. He was usually a quiet person and never expressed emotions openly. He was a mysterious man after all. 

But why would he suddenly do this? He always hated days like these. Adding to the fact that he hated cameras and loads of people that asked very pressing matters. It annoys him to hell!

 What a normal thing he would do is to sit from the shades of a tree and probably avoid all of those annoying reporters. 

But now his actions somehow creates a scene something that people couldn’t even believe they were seeing. 

And Sasuke was fucking aware of it. He knew it and he still did it anyway.

 At this rate Sakura was already sweating.

 ‘What is he planning?’

“Sasuke-kun please stop. I don’t really feel good about this.“ She whispered as she met curious glances on their way. They were in sensitive grounds for fuck’s sake. There were fucking reporters and Annoying paparazzi’s. Every move and action you make  creates a diversion for them to make gossips, news,stories and other rumors that people could indulge themselves into. Although they were ninjas they were treated like celebrities to every nations. They were Heroes after all.

 Finally they stopped at a low stage like rock and he met all of their gazes. he stopped for a moment and finally he met her eyes and smirked.

Sakura was getting anxious. She didn’t know what was happening until she felt him grab her waist, pulled the back of her head and kissed her deeply in front of everyone. 

She was shocked at the sudden display and tried to push him away but his grip was strong. Sakura couldn’t believe in her entire life that this was happening ‘Sasuke-kun’s kissing me!!!’ and it sank in again ‘In front of everyone..!!’ she fought back again but he only dived in further and this caused to her gasp, he slipped his tongue…! ‘Kami…!! Sasuke-kun!!” her eyes widened.

’ Until soon she gave in and replied back shyly with almost as much force as he did. Then she thought ‘well it’s already happening.’ she smiled at the kiss She had to go along now would she? After all she did enjoy every intimate moment they had.

She never thought he could be this bold tho.

before Sasuke and Sakura even knew it. Ino was already taking pictures and people shuffled to take pictures and reports including journalists and official reporters from other villages. The hiding paparazzi’s without badges for ID’s however got out of their hiding spots to experience the scene themselves.

and all of rookie nine could do was stare in awe and shock. Hebi was there through coincidence since the village called them in from another phase of questioning. 

Lee was exceptionally disappointed and spilt manly tears as he had called it.

“My spring has left me with the thunderous storm like a passing breeze! And because I didn’t fight for my undying love for her I shall do 200 laps on the whole village, lift 3000kg of barbels, and push my body to its limits!! “ He shouted passionately. 

“That is how a real man should be! He suffers gradually with grace like you Lee! the will of fire never ceases to exist from you!” His Limped for a sensei urged in, as they share another one of those disgusting dramatic hugs with animated tears.

Sasuke smirked in the kiss as he felt shocked expressions from the people staring at them, plus the fact that Sakura was already enjoying it to the fullest just as much as him. He didn’t know why, but whenever he was near her he was always comfortable. He had always felt at home when he was with her. 

He would let his guard down just for her. And he thought that’s how this kiss turned out to be amazing. It just felt perfect. And he didn’t give a damn about the people watching them.

Others still glanced to drop their jaws at the scene. 

Karin could only flinch and point a cringing finger in front of them.

“W-w-what is HAPPENING!?“ She said in horror. As the kissing couple were continiously catcalled. 

“Yeah!!“ “That’s what I call a kiss!“ there seems to be whistles of support in the background as well.

“Welp I’ll tell you this…” Suigetsu began. “ I never really thought he had it in him”. Suigetsu he snagged an arm around the shocked rosette beside him. And surprisingly she didn’t hit him since she was too distracted from the open display the couple is making.

Jugo could only chuckle at the comment. “Ahh finally Sasuke finally opens himself to love.” He said smiling. “I’ve never seen him this peaceful and happy before. Even the birds noticed”

They could be put in the latest articles and magazines for Kami’s sake, and worst maybe even the news.

and all Shikamaru can say is “What a drag.” as he dragged a musing Temari out of the scene.

Only now did she realize that they really were official. The kind of official that even the whole world knew. And even though it may put her life to risk. He trusted her because she was strong enough to defeat all of the evil surrounding her. And if she couldn’t he already knew how to protect her.

yes there are already paparazzi’s that time. The setting is set during a rookie nine gathering including exclusive interviewers asking a few questions about their skills and their experiences during the war. And rookie 9 was a famous group among them. so here’s how it goes. In this time Naruto and Hinata have already wedded.

SasuSaku Month - Day 8: Heartbreak Hotel || [Fanfic] Matters of Trust

Title: Matters of Trust

Rating: K/G

Notes: Real Life got in the way of my writing the last two days and that’s why this chapter comes so late. Sorry for the delay, and I hope you enjoy it :)

<…> telephone

‘…’ normal thoughts

‘…‘ Inner Sakura

Words: 4700



Yawning and stretching her arms over her head, Sakura spared a glance at the clock on top of her desk, surprised to see that it was well past one o'clock in the morning. She had been studying much harder than before, because her graduation exams were approaching quickly and also, to prevent her mind from wandering to matters that only managed to distract her without any result. Even her practising professor, Tsunade, had noticed that her achievement had been poorer the week before and had given her a stern lecture. And in no way was she going to throw away her efforts in the last six years for something she could not do anything about.

Her pride as a student and a Haruno was on the line.

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I think a bunch of people really need to look at Sakura’s character better.

I also think people really miss the similarities between Minato and Sakura. Like, I find people hating Sakura so much but loving Minato a lot which makes no sense because both are like the gender-bent version of each other. 

 I mean, let’s look at the facts.

Minato comes from a civilian family with no publicized name. From there, he becomes a genin under a famed shinobi and then is tutored under one of the sannin (also his Sensei but, ya’ know) and becomes stronger. 

Minato soon becomes one of the strongest shinobi out there at that time, going from genin to above kage level. 

Not enough proof? May I also add that both Minato and Sakura are dorks for their lovers. Minato is an absolute dork for Kushina I mean-

-look at his face. LOOK AT HIM. That dork.

Just look. He’s telling her how much she’s changed him, and for the good (Just to point out the obvious) Not enough proof?

This one’s kind of small, but, he’d noticed her because he thought her hair was pretty. Tell me, how many people find their soulmates because they ‘Think their hair is pretty’? (I’m pretty sure that’s sorta what happened to Sasuke and Sakura, which is another connection but, not the point.) That’s just so cute and dorky and asdfghjkl.


-And look, in this dark, chaos-consumed world of the fourth shinobi war, he still thinks of her. Ugh, these two are just..

Anyways, continuing on if it was not obvious enough Sakura is like, the biggest dork for Sasuke like c’mon. How can you not see it.

Continuing on, Sakura is also from a civilian family who are citizen traders, nothing usual. So, Sakura isn’t really that much in the starting.. She’s kind of just.. There. 

Just like Minato - A no named, underrated Shinobi. Hell, Kushina even says it herself!-

But, Sakura (Like Minato) becomes much more. After the chunin exams, Sakura starts training with Tsunade.

Now, some people think Sakura got stronger because of Sasuke, I guess you can say that was motivation because Sakura started  training before he left, meaning she’d still be super awesome with or without Sasuke, but I think Sasuke pushed her to train harder. Probably.

Sakura happens to be the second smartest girl in Academy (It is said that Ino exceeds just a little more than her)-This does not last long however because Sakura is now tied in second place with Shino, Shikamaru obviously being the first. Now, to add on, if you think Sakura focused on Sasuke through-out academy the whole time, you’re wrong.

It has been said Sakura looked up to Tenten and often stayed after to school trying to figure out how to throw a kunai perfectly. She sadly didn’t quite learn then, but now ranges above the average shinobi.

Okay, enough random facts, Continuing on-  Sakura is actually a pretty good for a genin in the beginning. So, after the chunin exams, Sakura becomes an apprentice for Tsunade, being taken under the wing of Tsunade.

Then, Sakura goes on to do many great things (Like Minato). She defeats Sasori (With the help of lady Chiyo), defeats a DISGUISED white Zetsu. 

(It pisses me off how much people are like “A bunch of Shinobi killed a white zetsu, Sakura’s kill doesn’t make a difference!” Wake up, shit-face. This zetsu was disguised as Neji-How many shinobi would realize their teammate wasn’t actually their teammate in such a mind-shaking thing as war? Sakura goes on to defeat Zetsu. Sakura then interrogates the Zetsu about how he was able to get onto the compound undetected. Together with this information and a report Yamato had compiled on Zetsu, she pieces together the Zetsu’s abilities and then leaves the clone in the hands of two shinobi to inform headquarters of this latest discovery. Call that useless, asshole)

Then, Sakura goes on to surpass Tsunade which means she is now above a kage-level shinobi. 

Sakura sure as hell ain’t the Hokage, but guess what? Kishimoto has stated (Or, at least through data books shown us) that Sakura’s power (or, stats) is equivalent to that of Naruto’s. She is now Naruto’s equal. Calling Sakura weak? You’re calling Naruto weak, too.

And not just Naruto. Stats below Sakura include- Shikamaru, Choji, ALL THE GIRLS, Lee, Haku and so MANY MORE. Look at all those characters people blatantly say Sakura is weaker than, but she isn’t and some people need to fucking realize that.  

Minato then becomes a sensei for Kakashi, Obito and Rin- It’s said the most compatible to become a sensei for a genin team out of team 7 would be Sakura. 

Minato and Sakura are so alike it hurts my soul. From the way they grew up, to their lovers, to being able to mentor kids. Look at this. Look at all of this and weep if you don’t like it. But face the facts

To add on (Just some ranting for Sakubae), people think Hinata should’ve taken her place? Who would Sasuke find dependence on? If Sakura wasn’t always there for him, to him, she’d still be an annoying fangirl. Sakura is one of the reasons Sasuke stayed and continues to stay in Konoha, if Sakura wasn’t there Sasuke would probably continue to be a rouge nin. Also Hinata could barely stand being next to Naruto without blushing, freezing or fainting as a genin (Even in shippuden, too!). Getting paired with him would’ve only worsened the teams state.

I dare you to say Hinata should have been on team 7- Give some fucking evidence too not just- “Hinata’s super strong!” Yeah, Hinata is strong. She is a strong, passionate ninja babe but the stats even point out Sakura is stronger, the evidence points to Sasuke return. Sakura accelerates in knowledge too, more than Hinata (I am not calling my babe Hinata dumb, idiot. Sakura’s just smarter)

Sakura is a perfect match. Naruto may have had a crush on Sakura but the need to protect her during missions helped him grow, helped him strengthen. And you can include Sasuke in that, too. 

But sakura was always crying!1!!!1!!!!1! 

Everybody was crying you, idiot. Itachi cried, Naruto cried, Sasuke cried, Shikamaru cried, Neji cried, Hinata cried, Kakashi cried, Obito cried I could go on. They all had a fucking reason to cry, too. Sakura cried when she thought Sasuke died, cried when he was leaving, cried when Naruto nearly died. Sakura was emotional for good reason-Just like everybody else. 

Before you truly hate someone look deeper into their character. 

Saku-babe is a queen that could kick your ass, she is not a weak, useless, worthless, begging, crying-all-the-time-for-no-good-reason slut. She is important, she is beautiful, she is amazing. 

She is Sakura Haruno- One of the best ninja’s around.

And I think it’s time a bunch of you idiots realized it.

anonymous asked:

SasuSaku ‘You’re really short and cute and you buy a cup of black coffee every morning but you make weird faces as you sip it and you never finish your drink are you trying to look mature or something’ AU please? I absolutely love your writing, btw!

Black Coffee

The morning sun beats upon the pinkette’s back as she concentrates on her readings. Sasuke watches from behind the counter as she thoroughly reads each page, highlighting when she felt it was necessary, decorating her textbook with neon colours of pink and blue. She would then exchange her highlighter for a pen and scribble into her notebook. The unwavering heat from the sun does not disturb her as she taps the end of her pen against her lip as her eyes are locked on the small font of her textbook.

The pinkette is Sasuke’s usual customer whose usual order of black coffee leaves him bewildered. It’s not from the fact that she drink her coffee black without sugar or cream since that’s the way he also enjoys his coffee, but it’s from the way her nose would scrunch up and she would tightly shut her eyes with disgust when she takes a sip of her coffee.

Sasuke rolls his eyes when she forcibly swallows it and watches as her eyes open to carefully glide over her textbook again. A few minutes later, she would reach for her coffee, her eyes never leaving her textbook, as she takes a sip of her coffee. She reacts the same way with her nose scrunching up and eyes falling shut as she swallows the warm liquid. He doesn’t understand that if she hates black coffee, why she would constantly order it in medium and not small since she never finishes or even comes close to finishing. She should just order it with sugar and cream if she can’t handle it.

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NaruHina Month - Day Eight

Title: Rendezvous
Prompt: Secret Lovers
Rating: M for sexual content

A/N: I literally never thought I’d write a smutty prompts for NH month, but apparently I’m a dirty goddamn liar. It’s not as graphic as my last one, but I mean… it’s still smut. Enjoy I guess.

To say it was unexpected would be a grievous understatement.

But when he kissed her, his rough hands running up and down her body as his feet rushed forward, pushing her up against the wall, that was the only thought that the coherent part of her mind could conjure up: unexpected.

But it was so much more than that.

They’d just been talking. Of course, the topic had been a bit morbid and Hinata had soon found herself upset and on the verge of tears, but again, she always had to remind herself that that was all part of the job as a shinobi.

“Just promise me,” he’d pleaded with her, surprising her when he’d dropped her hands and moved to hold her face tightly within his own, “promise me you’ll never do something like that again. I’m not worth getting yourself killed over.”

“I’m a shinobi who goes by the same rules we all do, Naruto-kun,” she reminded him, lifting her hands to lay them gently overtop of his own, shaking ones. “People die all the time. And if I can die and your life gets spared in the process, I’m going to do it.”

He was shaking his head; she could see the start of frustrated tears begin to well up in his bright blue eyes. “No. Hinata, no. Please don’t do anything like that for me. I know that you—that you love me,” he had to force the words out, the power behind them still making his knees quake, “but you can’t just—“

“If you understand that I love you, then you also understand that I’m going to do what I can to protect you.”

She spoke her words slowly, yet gently and clearly, holding eye contact with him and making sure that he didn’t miss a single word. He may not yet fully understand the extent of her love for him—after all, it had only been a few weeks since her brush with death at the hands of Pein—but she needed for him to understand that nothing he could say to her would ever change her mind.

On the contrary, his apparent concern for her only seemed to fuel her need to stand by him and protect him with everything she could.

“Do you really love me?” He’d asked a week after the attack.

“Yes,” she’d breathed, unable to look away from his face which held some strange look of severity on it. “I meant what I said. I do love you, Naruto-kun.”

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