in fact jump off a cliff on the way

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What's the story behind swan lake?

swan lake starts out with the prince seigfried with his hilariously stupid name.

his mother is the queen of some unnamed kingdom, and on his birthday she not only gives him a crossbow, which is apparently common in quasi victorian times, but she also reminds him that since he is 21 and like an adult now that he needs to have some responsibilities. these include governing the kingdom and taking a wife, because you know, WHO RUN THE WORLD? GIRLS.

so he’s all like “gosh mom okay whatever i get it” and goes out with some of his broskies to go hunting with his new crossbow. he goes running after some swan and gets separated from his buds. the swan actually morphs into a woman and she’s all like “damn son please don’t shoot me”

he’s all like “man girlfriend you so fine but you’re like half swan and that’s kind of weird what’s your story?”

she tells him that her name is odette and shes a princess turned into a swan by a vengeful sorcerer rothbart who apparently has nothing better to do than torture young ladies, and trapped her and her swan maidens on a lake made out of her mother’s tears and they’re all pretty upset about it

at this point there is a lot of dancing of the swans which is probably the most memorable and gorgeous part of the ballet, but has absolutely nothing to do with the story other than being like “damn these girls are swans”

she’s all like “hey the only way i can get to be a real human again and save all my swan lady sisters is for a man to fall in love with me and swear it to the world”

and despite having known her and danced with her for only like 20 minutes by now he’s all like “oh course ill do that for you bae, in fact my mom is having a ball tonight you should come we’ll do it then”

von rothbart, who is listening in, is all like “hell no am i letting my swan bbs go” and he starts to concoct a plan to fuck up their love swearing shindig

act three flashes forward to the next night, with the ball. seigfried’s queen mom has brought all these eligible princesses from neighboring kingdoms to try to egg him on like “please get married already.” all the princesses are of course into it because hey, cute prince, and they all try to do their best dancing for him to remind him that they are the most marry-able

they dance with their entourages in a lot of traditional dances, like the hungarian czardas, until BOOM INTERRUPTION

in busts odette, or who we think is odette, and some dude. turns out rothbart has used his magic to tranform his daughter odile to look like odette, but she is a black swan, instead of a white swan.

this sassy bitch dances with seigfried and he’s completely enraptured- he totally thinks this is the same swan lady from the other night. she’s such a boss ass bitch with her rad thirty two fouettes and her like mad gorgeousness that he is completely convinced that she is odette, and of course he goes in front of everyone to swear his motherfucking love TO THE WRONG GIRL

this is the terrible moment where we see odette frantically flying at the window, and he realizes THAT HE HAS MADE A GRAVE MISTAKE

odile and rothbart laugh it up and leave in a flash of smoke because they think that odette is now going to be a swan forever with her swan girlfriends and seigfried busts out to there to go look for her

he gets to the lake and odette is in tears, surrounded and protected by her flock, who don’t want to let this dude in. she listens to his plea and forgives him

then she decides that the only way to free her flock of swans is to kill herself, and she leaps off the cliff into the lake, drowning herself, despite the fact that SHE IS A BIRD AND SWAN CAN SWIM, and seigfried, unable to live without her and wracked with guilt, follows her and jumps to his death.

with the two’s selfless death and eternal love, the swans are freed from their bondage and rothbart dies, as we see their eternal souls floating over in the horizon.

(in some versions, the two promise o jump off the cliff and the romise in and off itself frees the swans so nobody has to die, and in some versions, they fight rothbart and kill him, and in other versions, only odette dies, so i can see how this might get confusing)

*shuts story book* and that’s the ballet of swan lake

And you can eat as many Eggos as you want
—  The sweet and amazing Mike Wheeler that just wants his new friend El to be happy and get to live the life she deserves but nooo because in the next minute the diabolical Suffer brothers kill her off just before she was about to get a chance at a life where she’s loved for who she is and not what she can do and also the Suffer brothers made Mike watch his friend die which is completely wrong because Mike is the type of person that would jump off a cliff for his friends and was just trying to comfort and encourage El with promises and also how is this going to affect Mike in season two like literally no one is emotionally prepared to watch Mike grieving over Eleven, who will definitely be returning but we don’t know how and in what way and she’ll probably have to go through more pain and trauma than she’s already dealt with in her short life and even worse is the fact that no one has a clue how she’ll get back or even where she is because there has not been new content to overanalyze and create fan theories over in approximately 87 years and 199 days is such a long time to wait with so many questions and also Mike and Eleven were supposed to go to the freaking Snowball together
A Third Party (Masamune X MC X Yukimura)

They insist so vehemently that they hate each other, but when your Lord Masamune and his famed Sanada rival collide, a fiery spar turns a different kind of heated, with you caught in the crossfire…

WARNING: Kind of NSFW-ish(not fully smut but maybe I’ll write it someday) and OOC a little bit I guess

Also, tagging @thedaydreamingotaku, sorry if my writing’s disappointing lol but I hope you like it^^

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Well, I guess I have to do it then. -shrug-

This is happening! lol

Part 1 (x) In case you missed it ;)

Part 3 (x) Because some people- can’t even. (Pun, entirely, intended)


As they spiraled around and up the lava filled volcano, Classic dodged some on-coming flaming rocks that came out of it’s top, as Modern Sonic circled the stage upward.

Classic took the more direct but dangerous route, it was faster, but it also meant certain doom if he didn’t watch himself and act fast on reflex.

Jumping from rock to rock, he found that some were dummies or, in otherwords, would cause him to slide down and take longer.

At long last, Classic made it up before Modern, and as he looked behind him to double check his surroundings, he looked inside the volcano and gasped.

A metallic dragon was battling Amy, but she looked on her last few breathes, as she wearily swung her hammer before taking courage and jumping on it’s head, only to have it drop into the lava.

She screamed a moment, flailing her arms before something spin dashed into her, knocking her away from a devastating fall.

She hit the back of the volcano and passed out, as he slid down the rocky wall with one hand gripping the sliding rocks around him and the other trying to hold on to her.

Once down, he worried he may have hurt her, seeing scratches and other such injuries before he angrily turned to the dragon, as it sprayed up lava from it’s head coming up, the magma also formed the tight, flying flame rocks that would form due to their mass spiraling into a ball form.

So.. it was the dragon that made him loose so many rings and lives on that climb up here!

He clutched his fists, and began to fight it, kicking and spinning the rocks back at the head, before jumping on a spring conveniently located at the foot of the lava crevice-like dome before homing attacking the robotic eye when a spring would click out like a door, and the head would fall flat down.

After the boss battle, the dragon roared it’s head and slowly departed into the lava, shutting down and blasting an explosion that triggered the full revival of the volcano.

When Modern made it, he was shocked by the explosions, “Woah! Guess I missed all the fun.” he didn’t seem cheery about that, because he frowned with his teeth showing, looking for Amy above.

But it ended up that Amy was on the floor level with him, and he turned to finally see her, still limp on the ground.

He raced to her at once, as Classic Worriedly dodged sparks of fire burst from the mouth of the volcano, before turning around to look at the two.

Sonic, almost as if in disbelief of her condition, lightly rose a hand over to her face, lifting her head to tilt it toward him.

He then let it down gently and shook his fists so mightily, that even his head lowered with the tremor of the earth, but he barely noticed upon his own dread at not being there for her.

“What happened!?” Sonic spun to Classic, “You got here first. Spill!”

His frustrations came off aggressively, and Classic wasn’t gonna take any of that.

Surprised at first, he widened his eyes slightly and stepped back, almost like, ‘dude, chill.’ before his true attitude came through and he folded his arms, turning his head before seeming to explain himself with gestures, but clearly acting like it wasn’t a big deal.

In greater rage, Sonic reached forward and grabbed his younger self, who started kicking back as the two struggled on the ground.

“Don’t act you’re better than me!!! You hurt her!!!!”

Video game noises spat out from Classic, clearly not putting up with his modern’s deal and starting to fight him back, a stupid brotherly wrestle of punches and kicks unfolded, before the volcano really did start spitting up more and more lava, rising from it’s mouth, getting close to overflowing… near Amy!

Modern Sonic shoved his younger self’s head down, “For once, think more than yourself! You knocked her out, do you not get that?!” He lowered his head down to get the point across, but the two were letting off steam from the stress of everything they’ve had to go through so far.

Classic fought back, having his face smushed but cried out a growl of annoyance before arching and leaning his back so far that he tucked his hands over his head and under his shoulders.

He kicked up like a break dance move, and shoved Modern Sonic’s face all the way back down, having him completely unable to guard against that.

Classic, seeing Modern now face down on his back, leaned down with his hands on his hips, before performing his signature ‘win’ animation and then give the camera a wink and a thumbs up.

Sonic groaned, rolling his eyes as most of his anger was gone and lost by now…

Then worry struck.


Shoving Classic off of himself, he rose up and started darting towards her.

Classic fell backwards but sprung up again, looking upset by that treatment as he sat down, before his tail was smeared with lava flow, and he leaped up in a firework of rings.

He rubbed his tail before turning to look at the lava so close to his head a moment ago, and gripped it, gulping.

They were distracted!

“Amy!” Sonic out stretched his hand but the earth beneath him had already melted away from where she lay…

“Darn!” he bite down before looking around, seeing the wall beside him was cleared from some rocks.

“Hmm..” He glared down, getting ready to jump as he seriously began to plan this daring rescue.

Jumping after gaining some speed on the now almost completely gone, rectangular earth piece, he jumped to the wall and scaled it, running along in a parkour style before spinning and flipping around, landing on Amy’s floating island.

The earth rocked and he almost fell in, but jumped forward to grab Amy, looking back to see her drap over his shoulder and the earth still a moment after flipping and rocking back and forth to balance itself.

Sonic looked up, half supporting himself with just one arm and the other up on his shoulder where Amy was.

He got up on his knees, looking back to Classic, who was now on a little island too.

“You got any bright ideas?” He looked calm, but his face showed he was a little worried, holding Amy now with both hands over one shoulder.

Classic looked down, his eyes shifting, before scrolling up to look around, and scanning possibilities.

He suddenly heard a roar beneath his feet, and lifted one comically, before smiling a huge open grin to Sonic.

He jumped up, spreading his legs as he put his fingers to his mouth, whistling.

This triggered the last remaining bits of energy left in the broken Dragon, as it started to roll it’s head up from beneath, it’s long neck pushing the lava up, and with it, the gang as well.

“Whaaaa!!” Modern Sonic cried out as they were lifted in a strange way up and out of the volcano, the Dragon breaking the surface with it’s blinking eye, about to flicker out, and half of itself destoryed in the explosion, causing it to twitch and have half it’s armor off, looking like a robotic skeleton.

Finally, the neck snapped and the flickering light of the dragon finally faded to nothingness as the dragon’s head fell to the depths of the remaining eruption.

Sonic jumped with Amy and then reached for his other, who gripped his hand and hung on from behind.

Modern Sonic got everyone down, but tripped over a sliding rock, something he had forgot was a thing in this stage, and the three tumbled the rest of the way down.

Falling flat on their faces except for Amy, the two shook their heads before looking up, seeing Amy roll off a cliff.

“AHHH!!” the two freaked out and charged, jumping off and racing down the cliff to grab her again.

“Why does this always happen!?” Modern Sonic, with eyes moving small and big in his panic, was referencing the fact that Amy couldn’t be safe for more than 5 minutes.

He grasped her arm and pulled her close before falling through the trees, Classic slicing his way through branches to make the fall not so painful, before letting them get caught by a his own hand.

Before then, Sonic had fully brought Amy over him, pushing her close, gripping her head to himself, and lowering his head. With eyes shut, he almost thought that could be the end, and a thought of prayer that Amy might at least make it skimmed his racing, adrenaline pumped, thoughts.

He reached up, looking for Classic and grabbed the hang, hearing him call out to do so.

The two swung and Sonic lifted a leg to push off a tree and land fairly decently.

He then immediately shot his head up, shaking Amy.

“Come on, come on! If that didn’t wake you up, then what will!?”

She lay motionless, as Classic hopped down, and slowly walked over to her.

“…This… this doesn’t make any sense.” Sonic started to look around on the ground, leaning back as if defeated. “She can’t… she couldn’t be that far out of it. Why is she not… What… mmm.” he swallowed hard, fear crippling his words, as he suddenly felt a deep feeling of loss and anguish wash over him.

So immediate was this tangible emotion that it gripped his chest and made it hard for him to breathe.

“..Amy…” he barely got the words out, it was so faint, as he slowly lowered her to the ground. “What have I done..?” he put his hand over his face, hiding any reading the audience could give as to his emotions.

He lowered his head as he hovered over her, before Classic looked to him, seeing something he never thought he woudl see in himself.


But this was more pure, more holy almost, the way he dealt with deep sorrow and pain.

Classic looked down to Amy then.

A angelic look of non-existence…

He bent down and put his head up to her mouth and nose, closing his eyes to listen.

She was breathing.

He looked back up to himself, as if not understanding.

Why was he so wrought with pain when she was still okay?

Classic pulled her a little from under him, as Modern turned to peek through his fingers, just trying to breathe right.

He lowered his hand when he saw Classic lightly stroking the middle ridge between her eyes.

He waited, not sure what he was thinking…

Classic then lightly stroked her ears, and looked for a response.

“…L…Little me..” Sonic was about to scold a bit, thinking it weird before the gentle touch actually stirred her.

Classic tilted his head, before smiling.

Modern looked amazed.

“Not even… that ruckus… woke her up but… that… that did?” He was still finding it hard to catch his breath, but couldn’t help and chuckle and shake his head down at that truth.

He reached and pushed off his raised knee, getting up as he walked over, getting his communicator, clicking it on.

“Tails, I need readings on Amy’s condition. Think you can get that off her tracker?”

Classic, almost having fun with this game, lightly ‘boop’d her nose.

“Emmm..mmm..” she slowly twitched, gently as if in a deep sleep, but her body was truly sore and her dress tattered.

She really did get a slam force on that spin dash, but in Classic’s defense, he was only trying to save her life.

Classic’s smile turned a smirk, as he raised his eyebrows to look back at Modern, wondering…

If he’d get mad…

“Right. Heart rate? That’s good, I guess.Critical for anything? Wow… she can take a hit. I-I mean I always knew THAT b-b-but still-!…” he was facing his back to the two, but grew nervous for some reason.

“Thanks, Tails. I’ll bring her back as soon as I can for further recovery.” he clicked the communicator off, turning around.

His quills bristled at the sight.

Classic Sonic was laying, completely chillaxed, right beside her; gently he flicked his fingers over her bangs and got her to turn her head more towards him, and opened his arms for the embrace as he held her head, turning his face to the side and closing his eyes, lowering his head before blinking up at Sonic.

Ohh… he was asking for it…

“Ehem.” Modern Sonic folded his arms, and looked ticked. “And what, do you suppose, does that look like?” he raised an eyebrow, tilting his head.

Classic cozied on up more to her, scooting himself, before smirking more mischievously as he flicked his finger under her chin, then gave Modern Sonic a look.

“Quit it!” Modern shot his arms down, and reached to remove him.

Classic dodged the swipe for him and raced off, before turning around mocking him with his hand on his nose like, ‘You can’t catch me! Sucka!’. He then reverted to acting like he was holding and loving on Amy, before sticking a finger in his mouth and hacking, showing he hated the idea of it all before fanning his older self as if saying, ‘Nasty, nasty! Gross, gross, gross! I’d never!’. He turned his head and squinted an eye in disgust, accusing his older self of liking her a little too much than just regular old fondness.

Sonic bent down by Amy, before glaring at Classic’s tauntings, lowering his head with a deep, serious look of annoyance.

He then picked Amy up, carefully, and looked her over to make sure she was okay.

He nodded when he figured it could all be something that could heal, given the right amount of time.

“Phew~ No broken bones.”

Classic mimicked a broken heart.

Sonic twitched, before looking away, then down back at her, as if ashamed again.

“…” he moaned a sigh, looking away and walking off before taking off in a sprint.

Classic, confused on him not responded, was baffled a moment before something terrifying skimmed his thoughts.

He gripped his head and started hitting his feet on the ground, making annoyed sounds of disapproval.

What if he was in love!?

The thought made him grip his throat, shaking his head, as if he’d rather be DEAD than love Amy Rose!

-Later in game~-

Sonic returned to the HQ only to hear that Amy had left without anyone knowing, and in great anger he tried to storm off and search for her, thinking her foolish for doing another stupid mission on her own again, but was stopped by the team.

Having a long debate, it was convincing to see that the team were going to hold him home, and wait the night out for her to come back.

Upset, and under the impression she was truly avoiding him, Sonic tossed and turned in his bed, thinking of ways to get passed his ‘guard dogs’ outside, before suddenly becoming very sleepy.

Unknown to Sonic, his drink was given a sleeping remedy, and he flickered his eyes out, his last thoughts on running to find Amy again.

Later that night, as Classic slept on the floor with an arm over his head, he heard Sonic’s Miles-Electric in his room turn on, flickering and making some phone ringing sound.

He yawned, before getting up and wiping his eyes, seeing his other had slept in, but not knowing he wasn’t stirred because of the powerful dosage given him.

He yawned and got up, clicking the answer button he had learned how to do and watched as the screen was black, and looked puzzled at it.

He tilted his head.


It was so gentle. So faint.

He recognized it at once, but turned to see she had turned off her video chat, and it was only her voice he could hear.

He looked around, confused as to why, but tapped the screen to try and indicate he was still there.


He raised his hands in frustration, clearly unable to communicate if she couldn’t SEE him.

He looked around the screen, before clicking his video on, and seeing a small square where it showed his face.

He smiled widely, glad he could figure out this strange, futuristic device, and proudly moved his shoulders side to side in a little happy movement.

“..Oh? Classic?” She giggled, “I wasn’t expecting you..”

Her voice was like a sigh, and Classic was surprised it was so soft. Usually, it had quite a force behind it.

He tilted his head, trying to hear what was around her, and hopefully get an idea of where she could be.

Forest? There was a lot of bugs… maybe if an owl hoot’d he’d be more precise on WHERE or WHICH forest…

But nope. There was only a breath released that sounded like weary exhaustion, and he picked the device up to sit down where he was laying, letting her speak, he guessed.

I… I was kind of hoping to go to voicemail.” she admitted.

What was voicemail?

Classic made a face, turning his mouth to the side.

She giggled, apparently seeing it in the dark lit room, since the light of the screen was bright enough a green to see.

He stared into the darkness, wondering why he couldn’t see her, and looked around to try and indicate he wanted too.

He tapped the screen again.

Sorry.. I… I’d rather not…” she admitted, but then continued with another soft inhale.

I need.. some time.”

Well, we all do.

Sonic made another, more insensitive face, not putting up with Amy’s crappy excuses.

He mimed how his older self really didn’t like her avoiding him, and how he really wanted to talk with her about why she was acting this way.

He then mimed Metal Sonic, using his fingers to push his eyes wider and stare into the camera, trying to reflect Metal’s red eyes as a prominent indicator that that’s what he was talking about.

“...So you heard..

He shook his head, looking back at the screen, a little more innocently.

Not all of it… but you heard, still. Which means…”

He heard too.”

Classic Sonic was growing upset and easily frustrated with all these stalling, secretive codes that he couldn’t catch on to.

Spill it, lady!

Classic Sonic tapped the screen harder, pouting to reflect a more physical look of impatience.

She giggled again, “Not now… but soon. I need to… I just need to be alone right now.

Classic Sonic thought about Modern, and slowly rose his head to the bed, remembering…

He looked tenderly back to the screen, and gathering strength, he closed his eyes and licked his lips.

“…You hate being alone…”

She was surprised, guessing by the mini-gasp he heard from her, that he could talk.

Cool guys only speak when dramatic effect is maximized.

And you have too. He winked to the audience.

Heh.” she turned on the video.

Looking down, he noticed she was laying down, her face on her side and half hidden, but noticed the tree roots on the ground she was around.

He quickly scanned the area, before looking over her to make sure she was okay.

She seemed fine.

I don’t know how to say this but...” she smiled lightly, before deep despair showed on her face, and she looked away.

Just tell Sonic… Tell him… I never meant to… to…” she sighed, “I’m sorry.” she closed down the Miles-Electric as she seemed about to cry.

Classic Sonic freaked, clicking the buttons and trying to turn his ‘show’ back on before looking upset.

Why are girls so fond of leaving everything in a conversation open for interpretation that will never be gotten?

He smashed his head on the device, groaning…

The next morning, he was much more willing to search for Amy then last time, and gestured two thumbs to himself, stating through the gesture to trust him. He knows a good forest where tree roots grow large and above ground…

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I hope I'm not bothering you, but im sorta new to monsta x and I was wondering if you could show me something that would help me put names to faces? I love your blog btw 👌

first, thank you for stumbling upon my mediocre blog and for loving and supporting it! second, welcome to the fandom. once you’re in, you can’t back out. there’s no exit, get it? anyways, i would be happy to help!

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this is shownu, our shy little leader. his real name is son hyunwoo and he’s a 92 liner. he kinda has small eyes framed by some pretty “on-fleek” eyebrows, that’s his charm. he also has some really nice arms, like damn. look at those guns. if you’re watching a live stage, then he’s the one nailing all of the dance moves because he’s considered monsta x’s best dancer.

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this is wonho. he’s usually the shirtless one because the stylists are obsessed with his abs, or the one biting his lips, or the one smirking, or the one driving you crazy with his ridiculously good looks. seriously, look at him. he has declared himself the sexiest member of monsta x. his real name is shin hoseok and he’s a 93 liner.

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and here we have lee minhyuk, our happy moodmaking energy vitamin. he looks great in blonde, by the way. and that one time he had like cotton candy streaks in his blonde hair i practically died. it’s my icon too i believe, i don’t even know. he’s got the cutest smile i’ve ever seen and i think he’s got monolids but sometimes i can’t tell. either way, his eyes are precious. and yeah, everything about him is precious. he’s a 93 liner as well.

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next up is our lovely main vocal, yoo kihyun. he’s a 93 liner as well, i believe. he’s got a voice that will melt your heart and so much aegyo that you will want to jump off a cliff to put yourself out of your bias list ruined misery. he’s got these adorable eye dimples, the ones right on the apples of his cheeks. fun fact: i also have these eye dimples and it’s the first time i’ve ever seen another person other than myself have them. but this isn’t about me, is it.

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this here is our charisma-filled, main rapper, 94 line, lee jooheon. he’s got a face that reminds me of a five year old boy at times but it’s cute as heck. he has dimples so deep you can practically swim in them. he has eyes probably smaller than shownu’s, but they are his charm. oh and if you thought kihyun’s aegyo is bad, jooheon has even more… . . casually shoots myself in the face.

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this right here is chae hyungwon, a 94 liner by the way. he’s monsta x’s very own sleeping beauty. like seriously, this kid is always sleeping. if he wasn’t in monsta x he’d probably be a model somewhere because he’s gorgeous. look at them eyes. look at those legs. he’s probably skinnier than me, what the heck. his lips was what i recognized immediately when i first got into monsta x. look at those lips, o h my g od.

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and last but not least, we have our 4d maknae lim changkyun. he goes by the stage name, i.m. he has a very deep voice and is a great rapper. although he is the youngest, being born in 1996, he often time is said not to act like a maknae. he’s very weird, in a good way, and has this almost sarcastic sense of humor (my fav). he’s either fooling around with his hyungs or very serious and deep in thought, i feel like there is no in between. maybe that’s just me.

okay so that’s basically it. i hope this helped! don’t call me if you need help finding a bias because i still can’t and i’ve been a fan since last year, during no mercy days, before they even debuted. oh god, i am such monsta x trash. 

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@imncone @newxhope

It was raining heavily as the battle commenced. The two things he was after happened to be on that island. Luke Skywalker. And the girl. Apparently Skywalker had been training the girl during her time on that island. Ren couldn’t say he was surprised about that. The girl had potential. Strong potential. The Force guided her, even if she didn’t realize it. Unfortunately, Skywalker had been the one to teach her instead of him, even though Ren felt his teaching would be much more satisfying to Rey. 

Whatever the case, he now fought her. Skywalker was fighting against his knights, as he was the main goal. Ren had his own personal vendetta against the girl, however, for scarring his face and besting him with one battle. He had to show her that the only reason she won was because he was already wounded and weak when they began to fight. So, he treaded up the hill on uneven rocky terrain until he reached her. 

The two became locked in a duel. She had gotten better, he would give her that. Eventually, he had backed her up to the edge of the island, his saber crashing against hers and his teeth gritted as he stared at her. “You are far too noble, Scavenger!” he shouted over the sound of the pouring rain and crackling sabers. “You are foolish! You could learn so much more from me! You could learn how to use your abilities to your full potential! You could–” Before he could finish his statement, he had accidentally pushed too hard, causing her to fall backwards, down the cliff. 

Giving a curse, he ran to the edge and looked down. There were so many rocks she could hit. Taking in a breath, he dropped his saber and began to remove all clothing on his upper body except for his armguards. Moments, later, he ran and jumped in after her. He hadn’t meant to knock her off the cliff. In fact, he had other intentions. But it seemed he had gotten too involved with his emotions that they caused him to aggressively push against her, sending her falling to the crashing waves beneath them. 

Once he hit the water, he swam and retrieved her body. She was unconscious. It made sense from the way she had hit the water. Ren cursed again and made his way back to the island. Looking up, he noticed Skywalker and his knights were nowhere in sight. Until he heard the sound of a saber igniting. A familiar green glow was cast, lighting the cloak of Luke Skywalker himself. Where his knights were now, he didn’t know. But in that moment, he didn’t much care. He simply stared at the old man who used to be his master, holding an unconscious Rey in his arms. 


I think I have to slow down now. The trickle was starting to flow a little faster, if I didn’t stop it now it’d become a creek, then a stream, a river, a full blown waterfall into an ocean that I’m not ready for. As much as it’s my favorite place, I am afraid of the ocean; I can’t see the bottom, if I drown there is nobody out there to save me, I don’t know what is out there or what it contains and like this with you I am scared. So I’d rather ignore the fact that I don’t drink, and drown myself in the bottle of tequila that’s been in the back of my car since I left home and get lost in a stranger than lose myself in the ocean that you are and never find my way out. I can’t help but realize that the way that I communicate can be misleading. It makes it seem like I’ve fallen further than the few feet off of the swing set I was on last night and more like the cliffs I jumped off of last weekend so I’m sorry.

It’s just that the sunsets I am in love with are calculable, a simple question into Google and there is my answer. 7:47 pm it will set and at 6:09 am we will once again be reunited. You are not that simple, knowing you is like trying to know my wormhole theory, incalculable until tested. Not able to be tested until the timing is right and everything is lined up. I’ve always been in love with a challenge and a chance for growth, but timing has never been on my side, I still can’t figure out if the time given for a sunrise is the time the sun will have fully risen, or just begun. So I have begun to induratize once again. That’s your word of the day, it is the manifestation of hardening one’s heart. It doesn’t mean I’ve chosen to numb myself to how I feel for you, it means I’m not sure how I feel. I am simply being protective and preventing a waterfall until you’re ready to take away the boulder I placed down to stop the trickle, and to finally let it flow.

—  Will you let it flow?

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Anonymous: Can you write an Anakin Skywalker imagine where he tricks you into thinking he got hurt (like he did with Padme that one time) and you get really upset for the rest of the day and he has to make it up to you? thank you

–For Anonymous

“Anakin! Get down from there, you’re going to hurt yourself.” you call out to him, trying to put some firm sternness in your words. Still, Ani just answered you with a laugh as he once again dipped his food over the edge in some childish effort to prove he had good balance.

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when i think about the things that have happened in the moffat era the things i remember are

  • we’ve had our youngest and oldest ever doctors
  • david tennant, paul mcgann and tom baker have come back
  • and we’ve now seen 8 and 9’s regenerations
  • a time war movie got released in cinemas
  • john hurt was cast as a missing doctor
  • we found out why Elizabeth I hated the Doctor
  • kate stewart, all the big finish companions, abslom daak and have all been made canon
  • regenerating into another gender is canon
  • the fact that gallifreyans and time lords not the same thing is also canon
  • the great intelligence, ice warriors and zygons all came back in the same series
  • a recurring queer silurian
  • and a reformed sontaran proving the doctor right whenever he says “there’s always another way”
  • finally visiting skaro again
  • we’ve seen how the doctor left gallifrey
  • we’ve seen the doctor as a child
  • we have some more clues as to why the doctor chose his name and promise
  • we’ve discovered why seven jumped off that cliff in Dragonfire
  • the 13 regenerations limit got tied up
  • Night of the Doctor gives a handy explanation for why there are multiple 9th Doctors
  • the doctor has canonically had a boyfriend and is therefore confirmed not straight
  • the doctor is now a grey haired man with two coal hill school teachers as companions

I don’t blindly stan Moffat and I call him out where he deserves it but series history wise, this era has been so important. 

Newt Imagine 2

Summary: You come up in the box and you can hardly see. The creators need to send up glasses.

Ever since you’d been pulled out of the box, the whole world was a fuzzy blur. You had absolutely zero idea of what you looked like and a fuzzy idea of what the Gladers and the Glade looked like. You were closest to Newt, so Alby assigned him as your ‘aid’. Basically, he would make sure you didn’t eat anything poisonous, walk into the maze, run into a tree, etc. You had lots of friends. Mainly Newt but also Minho and Winston and Clint and Jeff. Even Gally liked you. Sometimes; however, they would get annoyed with your constant squinting and questions as to what things looked like or where things were. You worked with Newt in the fields, fumbling your way around plants to pick the red blobs you assumed were tomatoes. Even though you couldn’t tell what he looked like, you just knew Newt had to be the most beautiful person in the Glade, if his looks matched his personality. You couldn’t deny you’d absolutely fallen in love with his caring personality and British accent. You were standing infant of Newt one day, about a month after you’d arrived, squinting at him. You knew there was no way you’d see him clearly, but telling him you wanted to try was a very good excuse in order to get close to him. You moved your face nearer to his, squinting harder and scrunching up your nose. Newt laughed, “y/n, you look bloody adorable like that.” You blushed and leaned back, “If only I knew what I - or anything else for that matter looked like- maybe I’d tell you the same.” “Hey, don’t worry about it.” “It just kills me! It’s so frustrating!! I can almost see, but everything is so blurry! I mean, do you know how annoying it is to not know what you look like!.” You sighed and sat back with your arms crossed. Newt - you assumed- smiled (you could hear it in his voice). “Well, I can tell you what you look like. You’re tall/short with blond/brown/red/black/dyed, long/short hair. You have the most amazing y/e/c eyes I’ve ever seen and you’re skin is always… glowing. You have a thin/thick figure and I think you’re beautiful. I know the rest of the Glade would agree. I’m honestly happy you can’t see the bloody looks those slintheads give you.” You laughed and leaned on Newt’s shoulder, “thanks, Newt.” “No problem.” 

The next day you where awoken by the alarm going off, marking one month since you’d been here. You smiled and started jogging to the box, only to trip on something -lord knows what. You heard a laugh and felt someone help you up. Thank goodness it was Newt. “Why didn’t you wait for me? I’m supposed to make sure you don’t die on the way to breakfast,” he said while still chuckling. You rolled your eyes and laughed, “Well, not doing a very good job, are we?” Newt laughed and led you to the box by your hand, making you blush. You were unable to see, but Newt was blushing just as much. You were both the only two people unaware of the fact that you each loved each other. You put a hand on the person next to you when you arrived at the box and by the way his arms felt, decided it was Minho. “Hey Minho.” He turned to you, “Hey y/n, what’s up. Having fun on your 24/7 dates with Newtie.” You blushed and attempted to much him in the arm, narrowly missing due to your eyesight, “We’re not dating, he’s just making sure I don’t fall off a cliff walking to work everyday.” “Yeah, yeah same thing.” The bow suddenly came up and Newt jumped down. He helped out an overly inquisitive boy with dark hair and blue eyes before jumping back down and helping to unload supplies. “Hey,” you heard the Brit call from in the box, “This says ‘for y/n.” You were taken back for a moment and then grabbed the little white box from Newt, who had hopped out of the box. You fumbled with it until you found the opening, everyone was crowded around you. You pulled up the lid to reveal… something. You couldn’t tell what, but Newt took the box from you and pulled out two objects. “Hmm,” he said, “glasses and a mirror.” You looked up hopefully, “Glasses? So I can see?” Minho laughed, “Yeah, shuckface, that’s what they’re normally for.” You rolled you eyes and turned to Newt. “Can I try them?” He laughed and fixed the frames on your face. It was amazing. The glade was actually bright and beautiful. You looked at Newt, and before you could stop yourself blurted out, “Holy shit, you’re hot.” You both blushed and he laughed before taking your hand and saying, “You know, your not so bad yourself.” He handed you the mirror and you got a good look. The glass were black with large frames and unbelievably thick lenses, but they looked great on you. You had a pretty face with y/h/c hair and y/e/c eyes. You had light/dark/tan skin and (maybe or maybe not) freckles. You smiled, showing pearly white teeth. You then blushed and looked down, you had forgotten everyone was watching. Newt smiled and grabbed your shoulder, “Hey, love whats wrong? You look great.” You laughed, “Yeah, sure, at least now I can see you though.” Newt smiled and looked down at your face. “Y/n… I… uhhh… Well, you-you see, I um. Really really like you. Do you want to, um, go out with me?” You smiled and closed the small gap in-between your faces, forgetting about the others watching. After a while you pulled back and smirked, “Does that answer your question.” And for the first time, you really saw Newt smile. 

This clip of Taylor smiling whilst she’s drowning is so significant. It happens right after she jumps off of the cliff to escape the wolves, which in this case was the media and their constant criticism, and it just goes to show that no matter how bad they can get, Taylor always managed to find a way to escape their negativity. The fact that she’s smiling in the water just goes to show the extremes Taylor had to go to in order to escape the hatred. But, no matter how deadly it got, she ALWAYS found her way out to finally give herself some peace and privacy.

The way she incorporated Clean into this just warms my heart - “When i was drowning, that’s when i could finally breathe”

There’s nothing I love more than coming home to find that my neighbors have decided that a fuckfest is the way they’re gonna spend their night. The sarcasm is so strong in that statement that if you didn’t catch it, you should probably go see someone. And if I were in a better mood, I’d be jealous of the fact that this chick next door gets to be rammed up against the wall but since I’ve had the day from hell, all I really want them to do is go jump off a cliff and die. This is what being an adult has done to me. It’s turned me into a prude and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. 

Fun Facts About Buffalo Jumps

A buffalo jump is a cliff that Native Americans used to kill plains bison. Rather than painstakingly hunting each bison that was needed to feed the tribe, the Native Americans would drive herds of bison off the cliff for mass killings. Once the bison had run off the cliff, tribe members would wait below to begin collecting the animals for their meat, skin and fur. To modern people this may seem wasteful or cruel, but it was the most efficient way to feed the tribe, and if bison were hunted individually, they would learn to avoid humans, making hunting all the more harder.

The thought of Robert being so frustrated at the fact proposing to Aaron just isnt going his way when he hid this obvious strong love for so long, makes me want to cry.

The thought of Robert talking to Vic about the proposal and gaining her support, her being the voice of reason, his best friend, the person he can turn to and confide in, makes me want to cry.

The thought of Robert hanging on to Aaron for dear life as he dangles off that cliff only to have no choice but to let go, his face dropping and then him instantly reacting by jumping in the lake to save him because it’s what soulmates do and no way is he watching the love of his life lay lifeless and desperate, makes me want to cry.

The thought of a declaration of love, a proper breakthrough in their relationship, it taking danger and near death for them to realise just how much they need each other, through the good and the bad, for the rest of their damaged and difficult lives, makes me want to cry.

The thought of Robert broken at Aaron’s hospital bedside as his whole world falls apart, kicking himself because he should’ve known he wouldn’t ever be able to be this lucky and content with his disconnected life, makes me want to cry.

The thought of there being huge potential scenes for Robert with Aaron’s closest family, for Robert to have a special moment with Chas, him kicking and screaming out with them calming him down, him hating himself for everything he’s put Aaron through, blaming himself whilst he’s reassured all that’s in the past and Aaron really does love him, makes me want to cry.

The thought of a hospital bedside proposal actually happening because it’s the most soapiest conclusion ever; Robert feeling this is his only chance because he never got to do it the way he wanted and all he wants right in that moment is for aaron to be his, to be alive, and well, and happy, makes me want to cry.


The first time I saw you,
I lost my breath.
The first time I lost you,
I thought I was dying.
I couldn’t go on with a void, and I became dependent on words rather than people.
At the time,
I didn’t know I was writing about the people I needed,
Or a person,
Or you.

Now look at the world I’ve built.
I can’t think but I can write,
I can’t say your name because it burns but I can drink whiskey,

I can’t want you but I do.

When I write I have three thoughts;
Write about what hurts
Write about what you need
Write about everything you know
And most of the time I’m scribbling down your name until my hands are bleeding.

I knew this was going to get bad,
And the thought of living doesn’t entice me anymore
The clock of my life is ticking by and all I hear is short shallow breaths, and they sound like yours.

Now all I have are these facts;
you used to make me feel like a gift to the world, and now you make me feel dirty in a way that burning how showers, scrubbing my skin raw, and an infinite amount of poems cant
And I hate my own skin

I’m so stuck on you, it’s not fair.
I know because if you told me to jump off a cliff, I’d ask if you wanted me dead or alive when I hit the bottom.

I read your favorite book like its my bible, and you never gave mine a second glance.

But I had it all wrong.
You were never mine,
And I can’t grieve you as if I’ve lost you
If you were never in my possession.

You came and went as a lesson,
Its typical to compare someone you love to rain, but you make me feel like a house made of twigs in the eye of a hurricane.

Now I understand why they name storms after people.

I can’t change you, but I can change me.
I’m not taking about the change I go through while I’m stumbling through a crowd of people with the scent of vodka and squares on my breath,
I’m talking about making my life mean something without you.

Eventually I’ll come to terms with the knowledge that
Flowers still bloom without you,
Hot things will burn you,
And you are not my source of oxygen anymore, and the world will breathe life into me,
Not you.

But I do have one last admission,
I don’t think much of god. Because he’s left me alone in many bad situations.
Still, each night, I waste my only prayer on you

“May he transform,
And be the one left standing in the smoke and rubble.”

And this is all I have left.

—  dynamic–du0

eipis  asked:

18, captain swan :3

A/N: Hi hi! So sorry this took forever! (aka 3 days) And its nearly 1am, so I hope you forgive me for spelling/grammar errors! 

She groaned, dropping her head into her hands as she did so.

“Swan-“” She shook her head, cutting him off with a look.

“This is, without a doubt, the stupidest plan you have ever had.” He gave her his best pleading look, stretching out his hand for her and she glanced at her friends, who were shaking their heads slightly as she turned back to him and shot him a smile. “Of course I’m in.” A collective sigh ran through their friends and she grinned wider as she stood up, avoiding taking his hand.

She hadn’t know Killian Jones for too long, their first meeting was at the beginning of the summer actually, but she knew him well enough by now.

Knew these feelings she had were real.

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blanketbloggers-blog  asked:

cherik and #19

19. things you said when we were the happiest we ever were

It was March, and in New York, the jury was often still out as to whether or not the weather will adhere to winter or spring, often changing its mind from one day to the next, and even one hour to the next. That day, mother nature was feeling generous, and the Xavier Manor was complacent, a soft breeze bringing the scents and promises of fresh grass and pollen and spring against the large estate’s strong walls and sweeping across its expansive grounds. 

Such a calm day was rare, so Charles and Erik took advantage of it while they had time. The tension between America and Russia was still brewing, but hadn’t yet boiled over. Shaw hadn’t made a move, quietly waiting to strike. Raven and Hank and the others were using the sunny day to train outside more, and Charles and Erik could see their far-away figures in the grounds from the hill on which they sat. 

A chess board was between them, but its game was long forgotten as Erik inhaled slowly, letting the hopeful spring air fill and coat his lungs. He was not used to being relaxed, to allow himself to take a break and breathe. His fingers ghosted over the numbers branded on his forearm as he looked over at his companion, of whom he was certain, was the only reason that he was able to relax. 

Charles’ eyes flicked over to Erik, the sunlight illuminating those clear, blue pools even more than usual. He smiled faintly when he saw Erik watching him. 


Erik stopped himself from responding with a childish: Can’t you tell? 

“Just thinking,” he said, only realizing afterward that it sounded just as childish. “I’m not used to this. Relaxing, and taking a break.”

“Perhaps you should try it more,” Charles said lightly, looking forward again. 

“I’m not certain I know how,” Erik said. 

“A good way to start is to loosen up. Stop being so bloody tense all the time,” he smiled, looking back at him. “You move around as if you’ve got metal rods down your spine.” 

Erik tried to visibly relax some of the tension in his muscles, but Charles laughed and moved behind him, getting up on his knees. 

“Here,” he offered. Erik allowed Charles to guide his shoulders down and somewhat relax them, but, while his touch felt nice, he didn’t feel any more relaxed. In fact, his heart was just racing and felt like it was going to jump into his throat. Charles must have noticed, because he said, “I could try the other way.”

Erik looked over his shoulder at him, meeting his gaze, which was hesitant and timid and apologetic, as if he had suggested to throw Erik off a cliff to help him relax. 

“Raven has never let you in, has she?” Erik asked. 

“She didn’t talk to me for over two weeks when I did once,” Charles said. 

It was strange to him, and sad, that Charles should have to hide his gift to be accepted by the very people that are like him. Yes, Shaw exploited and manipulated and tortured him for his own, but he grew up both loving his power and hating it. He hated that Charles only knows to be afraid of his power. 

“Go ahead,” Erik said. “I trust you, Charles.” 

His eyes lost their apologetic look, and he guided Erik back gently, resting his head in his lap. Erik didn’t take his eyes off of Charles as he pressed his fingers to his temple. Charles’ blue eyes didn’t stray from Erik’s as he slowly and gently urged forward a cool and blissful calm that washed over Erik, relaxing his muscles, slowing his heart, and soothing his mind. 

Charles moved his hands back slightly after a few moments, but kept them on Erik’s shoulders, gentle, but firm. Erik’s hand sought out Charles and squeezed it. Words lingered on his lips, but he could not bring himself to say them. So he thought them, loudly and clearly, instead. And Charles heard, for he smiled and brushed Erik’s hair back gently.

They remained like that, for a long while, unspoken words drifting between two minds, a soft breeze of exchanges, promising trust and devotion and hanging sweet before the spring air drifted them away.

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