in fact it's torture

johanna mason from the hunger games is a lesbian and it’s important yall know this fact

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why don't you like b*tty

G O D okay she makes everything about herself??? like her friends are going through a ton of their own shit too but she’s got to weasel herself into every goddamn situation in riverdale and make it all about her and her problems and im like….. sis………… stop for a hot second please and thank you. also the fact that she still thinks she’s in the right for that stunt she pulled with chuck?? where she literally tortured him and attempted to drown him in a scalding hot tub and yet he’s STILL the bad guy,, even when he tried to expose her for literally trying to murder him??? we all acknowledge that he did some fucked shit but its not…. worth…. getting tortured over??? also the fact that she’s a shit girlfriend and just wants that relationship for what SHE can get out of it, and not what’s best for jug, even though he’s literally homeless, has heaps of family drama, and yet it’s still about her lmao. EVERYONE in their squad kept telling betty that jughead hates birthday celebrations and yet she still threw him a party bc that’s what she thought good gfs are supposed to do… and then jug was the Bad Guy in the relationship for being uncomfortable at that party and expressing that discomfort?? and he was guilted into NOT breaking up with her, because of course b*tty cooper can never do anything wrong, and she’s the purest ray of sunshine in the entire town, and everything always has to revolve around her, because she’s the Poster Child of what everyone else’s kids should be striving to be 🙄

god this rant was so Extra and i realize this, but all of this happened just TONIGHT. there’s so much more shit i could have gotten into but the fact that she managed to pull all this shit in one episode is kind of incredible

also here’s a good post explaining it all