in fact it was the source of his pain

Dragon Age fans/players: Awww elves! So cool and awesome uwu

Me, who has only ever played TES:

-flashbacks to Umaril and the Knights of the Nine DLC-

- Umbacano and his bullshit treasure hunt-

-The wonderful endless source of bullshit and pain that is the Falmer-


-Literally the entire plot of Morrowind-

- The Thalmor/Aldmeri Dominion-

-The fact that Psijic Robes are not available as a clothing item in Skyrim-

- Dwemer Ruins-

Nah i think i’ll pass on the elves, thanks.

Now Is the Time

‘We’re always in some kind of mood. It might be sadness, it might be anger, it might be not much of anything, just a kind of blur. It might be humor or contentment. In any case, whatever it is, that’s the path.

When something hurts in life, we don’t usually think of it as our path or as the source of wisdom. In fact, we think that the reason we’re on the path is to get rid of this painful feeling. In this way, we naively cultivate a subtle aggression against ourselves. However, the fact is that anyone who has used the moments, days, and years of his or her life to become wiser, kinder, and more at home in the world has learned from what’s happening right now. We can aspire to be kind right in the moment, to relax and open our heart and mind to what is in front of us right in the moment. Now is the time. If there’s any possibility for enlightenment, it’s right now, not at some future time.’

- Pema Chodron, The Pocket Pema Chodron.

cumbermelikecrazy replied to your post: I don’t understand how people can be s…

The problem is that he’s always wanted a child, but always said it has to be with the right person. His obvious and pained unhappiness tells us he DOESN’T think this is the right person, but has been jacked into this. Condoms, Benedict!

Pained unhappiness? Show me, please, how unhappy he is. I don’t want pictures of a red carpet that are taken in less than 2 minutes of his life. Neither I want a slow motion gif of a 10 second moment.. I want you to show, with actual facts, from people who actually know him (and are not anonymous), how unhappy he is.

I want you to show me, from his personal life, with actual sources - not anonymous insiders - how unhappy he is. I want you to show me, not with pictures and gifs and videos, how you know what he thinks about this pregnancy.  But you can’t, can you?

I’ve been here before. I’ve seen Jackson Rathbone (yes from Twilight) telling the world that his girlfriend was pregnant. I’ve seen his fans tearing the girl apart for months. I’ve seen they inventing lies and lies and lies about her. They said she was a hooker, they said the baby wasn’t his, when she was 7 months pregnant they invented that the baby was already born, that he found out the baby wasn’t his and dumped her and that she went back to her hometown. To just one week later see a picture of them together and she with huge and beautiful baby bump. Now their baby is almost 3 years-old, they are happily married and those fans don’t say anything anymore.

I’m sorry, but I don’t believe in any of this bullshit. First because it’s none of my business. I only care about what he shares with us. They’re getting married, they’re having a baby and he loves her. I never felt a reason to doubt him before, I don’t know why I should start doubting him now. Second because I know what fans are capable of just to tear down the woman their idol loves, I’ve seen with my own eyes what they can do. And third we don’t know what’s happening in ther lives. We don’t know anything, anything at all. We are not their friends, we are not their families, we are all a bunch of strangers and you’re all strangers spending way too much time trying to know everything about the lives of people you don’t know, you’ll never meet and that are also strangers to you.

I’m sorry if my repliy is making my followers unconfortable. This is the last  thing I’ll talk about it. This is all I have to say. I’m honestly tired of all this shit going on. You don’t have to like Sophie, you do’t have to like this relationship, you don’t even have to like Benedict anymore, if you stop liking him now. Everyone is entitled with their own opinion. But if that’s the case, just move on. Stop analizing everything they “do”. Stop stalking them, calling her names, saying the baby isn’t his etc. Stop thinking you know them and you know what’s going on with them. Go and live your own life because nobody else will live it for you. 

This is one of the many photos of Auslly that makes my heart swell. He grasps her so tight, as she grasps him tightly too, and they just hold each other. Things weren’t going as planned and instead of words, they hold each other. Kinda just like “hey I wanted things to turn out different too but I’m here now”. Also the fact that Austin holds her like he’s trying to protect her from the world, like he knows that he’s her source of comfort, he even looks like he wants to be her shield from any sort of pain that could come prancing along towards her. His eyes show how much he wants her to stay, how much he needs her, but he knows there’s nothing that they can actually do at the moment, so he’ll just hold her as long as he can. You can tell he really cares for Ally within this frame, it just shows how much he wants her and needs her. And Ally is practically squeezing him and holding on for dear life. She looks very upset about what’s going on and so she just grasps Austin because she knows that if they have one moment together she wants to spend it holding him. That’s why I think so many people love Austin and Ally, they show what love looks like. That’s how I see it anyways; they give that vibe like “I want a boy to love me and hold me like that”. So basically this one moment is another one of the many moments I love between these two.

it’s mothers day and cas can’t figure out why dean has this persistent crease between his brow, even as he’s feeding their daughter apple sauce and smiling at the funny faces she’s making at him.

he finds sam because dean’s in one of those moods that he can tell means asking him will only cause him to send up more defensive walls.

sam looks sad when he voices his question, but it’s a distanced kind of sadness. like he understands the source of dean’s sadness, but is only minimally affected by it and is more concerned with the fact that dean is sad. he explains the concept of mother’s day to the angel and castiel aches with the thought of what pain dean must be in.

but sam smiles in a sheepish way and tells him how he used to make dean mother’s day cards in school while the other kids made them for their moms. he says it’s become a tradition, sort of, and now that dean and cas have a kid of their own, well, it’s kind of fitting.

inspired, castiel immediately sets about procuring a bouquet of fresh spring wildflowers. he spends almost twenty minutes browsing the cards at a convenience store near the bunker and ends up buying at least twenty of his favorites. as an after thought, he picks up a pie from a diner in oregon that he knew dean was fond of.

when he returns with his offering, dean’s just put little anna jo down for a nap. he’s sitting in the rocking chair by her crib, staring off into space with his arms folded over his chest, humming a tune that sounds strikingly familiar to cas under his breath.

it’s the same melody mary had sung to dean to put him to sleep.

dean looks bewildered when he sees castiel’s gifts. his eyes widen for a moment before the lines of his face harden. cas would say he looked angry if he didn’t know the particular expression meant dean was swallowing down bitter feelings.

he frowns as he informs dean that he shouldn’t be sad. that he’s honoring his mother by being a loving, devoted parent himself, now. anna jo will grow up without a mom herself, but it’s alright because she has dean, and that’s just as good.

the bewildered look is back for a moment before dean laughs, his eyes slightly wet as he reaches out to wrench the flowers from cas’s hands. he teases him about the cards and then laughs harder and castiel shushes him because anna is stirring and so they both end up fighting back laughter as they watch their daughter settle back into a restful sleep.

later, while anna jo delightedly makes a mess of her first slice of pie, cas points out just why he selected each card that he’d bought and exactly how they suited dean, sam watching on and exchanging a private smile when dean looks up at him, both brows raised in both accusation and gratitude.

anonymous asked:

What does the text say in the background of the most recent update?

It started off serious and then slowly degraded.

“Said to have been born from pain and misery, the Unicorn King might not have even been a Unicorn. Indeed, it was fabled that he was actually of dragon blood- the unholy union of pony and beast. Records indicate that he was always clad in battle dress. Armor, a cape, a crown. But what was that hiding? Sources say that underneath that cape hid a dark and terrible secret… namely that he was actually a dragon, and hid his terrible bat wings underneath his cloak. Sounds feasible, right? It probably is. We’re pretty sure that part is fact. Stories were passed down from generation to generation on the size of his schnoz. It was hella big. Like, really unnaturally large. Because he was a DRAGON?? yes.”

Let’s resume some facts.

Castiel did everything that he did for one human. In fact, it was always about Dean Winchester because saving him is his goal. It’s not to be surprised that he gave up an entire army for one guy, his true weakness being: being in love.. with humanity.

Dean dies, Castiel’s on the verge of crying and says that he only wants to be an Angel. He then confirms in s10 that being an Angel, a Demon, is easier, for only human can feel real joy and such profound pain. When a great source of joy is taken away from you, leaving only pain, how could you wish to be human when you could be something else?

Colette is Cain’s love. She’s the one that knew who he was and forgave him still. She watched over him, always. She’s the reason he was able to stop killing for a while.

Jared confirms that the Colette/Castiel parallel is intentional.

Castiel is Dean’s love. He’s the one that knows who he is and forgives him still. He watches over him, always. He’s (part of) the reason he was able to stop killing for a while. Or will he?

Dean says that the people who love him, meaning Sam and Castiel, brought him back (from demonhood).

Dean confesses that there’s people (feelings.. people that he has feelings for?) he wants to experience differently… or even for the first time. The Priest suggests he goes a little deeper, meaning he should perhaps fall in love, romantic love, even though he isn’t (or wasn’t?) really with the whole love and… love.

Metro: Autumn preview

The heat is on for Chrissie

Chrissie is torn between doing the right thing and facing pressure from Lawrence and Robert to cover up her role in the explosion which caused the crash. As an investigation is launched, someone could be set to make a confession and the village will turn on one of their own. But the question is, is it Chrissie who has made a shocking admission or will she go along with Robert and Lawrence’s idea to keep quiet about her involvement?

We saw the state she was in – as her guilt mounts, she could end up heading for a breakdown over the pain she has caused…

Robron reunite?

The feelings Aaron harboured for Robert remain in place and it has been suggested that these could return to the surface at any time. As Robert buckles under the pressure of trying to protect Chrissie, despite the fact she has no intention of ever allowing him back, might he seek support from his former lover?

Source :


Rob & Twigs are engaged

Yesterday Vulture, a cultural division of NY Magazine interviewed the musician T-Pain, who is an old friend of Twigs (she calls him “Uncle T-Pain). He let it slip that Rob and Twigs are engaged. A couple of hours after the news spread like wildfire, he posted a note on his Instagram saying he was just joking for April Fools. The editor at Vulture says he had no idea the interview was going to run on April 1st, so she doesn’t believe it was a joke.

Subsequently, People magazine said they have two sources and that Rob and Twigs are in fact engaged. Gossip Cop ran with that, giving it an 8 out of 10 for credibility, and today both E! and US Weekly says they have also confirmed that the engagement is real. So far there has been no denial from anyone.

So I’m going with it. If it’s not true, that will probably come out when Twigs performs at Coachella on April 12th. She always does interviews at festivals, so I’m sure someone will ask her. Whether she answers or not is her prerogative. (Everyone picked up the story, from Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar to Marie Claire and Buzzfeed.)

Aryan’s Wings

  During his teen years, Aryan developed his wings (the source of a fair amount of pain and suffering during their growth spurt). Aryan rarely shows his wings to anyone, finding them a source of vulnerability he’d very much rather keep to himself.

  Proportionately, Aryan looks like he’s never quite grown into his wings. They’re much larger than expected for a creature his size, which is often another reason he doesn’t show them - he finds them hard to fit into places.

  His wings look leathery, but in fact have a tactile feeling closer to silk. They’re the colour of gold that’s been covered in soot, and they have a gleam in certain light, but for the most part look a dull, dirty gold. The ridges and bones of his wings shine a little brighter, and are more bronze in colour.

  Aryan’s wings are incredibly strong, but also make Aryan incredibly vulnerable. He wouldn’t describe the feeling of someone touching his wings as ‘good’ (it feels the same to him as having someone run their fingers over his arm), but it does put him into a state of relaxation unless they are experiencing pain.

  His wings are just as vulnerable to certain things as the rest of him is, and due to their size, and the way he can be caught off guard with them, it is extremely rare for Aryan to show them to anyone for fear of someone exploiting his weakness.

  The spines along his wings are capable of causing severe damage to anyone who is unfortunate enough to meet them, and attacking someone if one of the rare times Aryan will expose them, though only for a very brief moment. They can give demons permanent wounds, and angels wounds that are difficult to heal (though there’s not a chance in Hell Aryan would ever show his wings to an angel). A wound from Aryan’s wing leaves a nasty burn from his hellfire, that can spread through the rest of the body.

  Overall, Aryan finds his wings are more bothersome than they are useful, and tends to keep fairly quiet about whether he even has them or not, let alone whether he shows them to someone.

Several dipshits

Something quite upsetting happened to me in the last days: several fake faggots contacted me to offer service. While the idea of envious people wasting their own time pretending to be faggots may sound amusingly pathetic, it definitely isn’t considering those fuckers are wasting the time of an alpha. In fact, each of those fake fags tried to engage in long conversations before finally refusing to serve or simply stop answering. Very upset, this afternoon I tackled the last one of these fakes (who wasted two entire hours of my precious time only today). He said he was trying to be a pain in the ass to most alphas he could because he found “despicable” that alphas took money from faggots, and wondered “how a man could only rely on faggots instead of having a job”. One must indeed be incredibly dumb to think that an alpha relies on faggots as his only source of income. If I did, I would become dependent on faggots, and I certainly wouldn’t tolerate such a situation. Faggots provide money that makes my life better and I’m certainly not ashamed of taking it and of owning faggots for my personal benefit. However, the envious dipshit continued its “argument” saying that he “knows masters who only roleplay. But no sex or money involved. Those are the true masters”. It shouldn’t be difficult to understand that roleplaying has nothing to do with service and power, but his limited IQ didn’t allow him to understand this.

As I cannot allow other envious dipshits to waste my time, which certainly don’t deserve to even get my attention, I’ll soon take on a secretary faggot that will be in charge of verifying the “faggots” that will contact me to serve if I have doubts about their true intentions. I’ll soon post instructions here for willing faggots to apply for the position.