in fact i might be dead already

Non-UK followers might not be aware of this but there has been a ‘supposed’ (because they haven’t confirmed it definitely is yet) terrorist attack in London with at least 2 people dead. 

What I want to remind everyone is that this should not be an excuse for hateful people to spread their views. A lot of people are already using this to hate on muslims despite the fact it hasn’t been confirmed that the attacker/s were muslim and even if it was a whole religion is not responsible for the actions of an extremist who does not share their views. 

To people in London be safe, but overall do not let this spread more hate. People commit terror attacks to cause hysteria and hate. Do not let that happen. 

You can get information from the facebook page of the Metropolitan Police Service.

Fairy Tail 526 Thoughts

Okay, so as soon as I made my last post the full chapter came out, the only reason I’m doing another post is due to how crazy this chapter is. 

Nothing much is different from what we already knew aside from the fact that Larcade is actually one of the failed Natsu clones, the closest one, thus Zeref for some reason gave him the last name Dragneel, (He’s Mewtwo!), that might explain why he hates him and the crazy hair. not the colour though. Also, is August dead now? 

All I wish now is that they hopefully keep Larcade alive and somewhat explore that angle, I mean, it’s a great psychological dilemma, being nothing but a clone and hated by your creator, like a abusive parent. (Like Mewtwo! minus the whole killing everyone and blowing up the lab bit.), it’s actually a cool way to draw attention and use allusions to something still so rampant in today’s society. Heck, if August does die maybe Zeref, if his little bro can bring him back to sanity, will try and take in Larcade as a sort of second chance, just think of the possibilities that can come from thi-

oh no wait this is Fairy Tail, and I don’t know about you, but I doubt Zeref is gonna live through this, as for Natsu that whole ‘dragon or demon’ crap is probably going to give him some kind of loophole from the whole you die if I die crap.

My Reactions to Songs From Heathers


Candy Store- This is some sexy ass choreography I love it

Fight for Me- I have no clue who this kid is but I already love him

Freeze Your Brain- Calm down it’s just a 7-Eleven- WAIT WTF

Big Fun- This looks like fun, one might even call it… big fun *looks at the camera like in The Office*

Dead Girl Walking- Nice song but are we just gonna ignore the fact she broke into this guy’s house and demanded he have sex with her because that is not okay

The Me Inside of Me- Did they just
straight up murder this bitch and make her MORE popular?

Blue- Pardon me but what the fuck?

Our Love is God- Scratch that, what the FRICKETY FUCK? (Also is JD the best or worst boyfriend I can’t tell)

My Dead Gay Son- *screaming*

Seventeen- Okay. No more murder. Sure. Suuurrrrrreeee.

Shine a Light- Honey are you okay.

Lifeboat- Oh. My. GODDDDD.


Kindergarten Boyfriend- Oh.

Yo Girl- fuckfuckfuckfUCKFUCK

Meant To Be Yours- *More screaming*

Dead Girl Walking (Reprise)- This is #3intense5me

I Am Damaged- Why must you hurt me in this way.

Seventeen (Reprise)- Wow. No joke, just awe in how great this musical was. Also how the flying FUCK is Veronica mentally stable after all of that.

anonymous asked:

If you feel like it, please respond with five things that make you happy when you get this. Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity! <3

i already did this here but since i got two more i’ll add some more things that make me happy <3 

  1. my two adorable dogs ( even though one likes to bite me sometimes )
  2. @udonsims
  3. the fact that spring is finally coming soon (even though we’re supposed to have a blizzard here tonight into tomorrow )
  4. baking stuff
  5. naps that don’t make me feel dead when i wake up

Unpopular opinion re: latest Bleach Chapter: Kubo has really gotta stop killing off the lady characters to make male characters shine

Like, there’s been three in this arc alone, enough already. And alright, Yachiru isn’t technically dead– she’s just returning to her original form as Zaraki’s bankai– but the fact remains that she’s probably through with as a character in her own right, and I’m just. I’m mad 

(Look I may be extra salty about this bc Kubo’s killed off three female characters that I personally find highly, highly interesting and would love to see more of to ensure Character Development for two male characters I couldn’t give a shit about if I tried. I might be able to overlook Yachiru becoming Kenpachi’s bankai, bc it’s actually been foreshadowed for a long time, but I’m especially salty about the Nemu-Mayuri tradeoff. It would have been a lot more poignant, not to mention more in keeping with the narrative thematically (the passing of the torch from the old generation to the new) if Nemu was the one that survived the battle, to become the next head of the R&D department and kept learning and changing and growing as final, living testament to Mayuri’s genius. But no, instead we got spoon-fed a sob story about how Mayuri was so proud of her and named her after sleep and then we were supposed to have fuzzy dad feelings about him. Weak.

…  Man this got long. never underestimate my ability to be salty about shitty shounen series tbh) 

a message to vegans

some of you are nice. some of you are awful. Why? because some vegans insist on being down my throat and calling me a bad person for eating meat. Sorry, I don’t want to be vegan. It’s not that I can’t, in fact being vegan is so easy. But! I love cheese, real cheese. I also love eggs, not egg substitutes. I love animals just as much as everybody else, I just don’t see as much harm in eating them as you do. The animals ,when I buy and eat them, were already dead so I'm just taking the body. As bad as that sounds, I don’t know how else to explain it. I just don't want to be vegan. Maybe when I’m older, I might try it. But as of right now, you calling me a murderer and insulting me is not making you look good, and it’s not making me a vegan any faster.

So, it is Openly Secular Day, and I wanted to participate! I am an atheist. I’m also a vegetarian and a brunette who likes dolls, poetry, silly stuffed animals, and cats. The point of Openly Secular Day is to share the fact that you have a secular identity, because often people don’t realize that they already know or are friends with an atheist (or humanist, agnostic, etc). So now you know one: me! You might know two if you know my husband Anblar. He is agnostic.

My basic reasons for being an atheist are pretty well summarized by Stephen Fry here. I do think atheists have a great responsibility for social justice in the world. I believe that when you die, that’s it, you’re dead. As such, it’s really important to try to work to improve our world as much as possible for the people in it!

Anyway, that’s it.  :)  If you have any questions about atheism in general or my beliefs in particular, please feel free to ask.  I also activated the anonymous option on my Tumblr ask box if you’d prefer that.