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Leading Suspects

Summary: When an old friend in need reaches out to Katniss, she returns to the small town she swore she’d never set foot in again. Help Madge and then leave, she decides. But a murder investigation and one sheriff with stupid blue eyes and dimples all conspire to keep her where she thought she’d never want to be.

WARNINGS: RATED E for mentions of domestic abuse, character death, mild language to include racial slurs, an obscene love affair with coffee, and explicit sexual content.

This piece was lovingly crafted for my dear friend and beta, @peetabreadgirl, to celebrate her birthday. It’s based on a book I recently read and immediately had to Everlark because…well you’ll see. The book is Jed Had to Die by Tara Sevic. I am neither Tara Sevic nor Suzanne Collins and thus technically do not own the basic storyline or the characters. This is pure fun. Also, it’s multi-chapter, but they will be significantly shorter than my chapters usually are. Enjoy! Love you, PBJ! <3



There are few things a woman wouldn’t do for her one true love in this life. Maim, murder, wreck, and ruin. Because we all know that your one true love is reserved for that singular soul who inspires your heart and then protects it. Strong, dependable, forgiving, amazing. These are the qualities that garner affection. Especially at times when your love reliably comes through to rescue you from a horrible day. Enter Theo.

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I know it’s been said before but I really wish people would stop saying that Harry should have done bigger venues or added more dates because he “doesn’t make small venue music’ (wtf?) or because demand is so high like idk if you guys have maybe considered the fact that he might want to do smaller venues?? Maybe he feels like they’ll be less intimidating on his first solo tour or maybe that he misses that intimacy with the fans that he never really got with 1d. Maybe he’s even just trying to ease his way back into touring after almost 5 straight years of year-long tours with little breaks. He deserves to do this tour the way he wants to without us selfishly asking him to do something he’s not yet comfortable with. I get that it sucks to not be able to go right now but he’s not going anywhere and I think people need to remember that. 

“God please let it be him!” was my prayer from the day that I met him. Then it changed to, “God if I’m not supposed to love him; don’t let me put more of my heart into this…but please let it be him!”  It’s literally the first time in my life that I met someone that had all these amazing qualities…beyond my expectations really.  I was around him a lot and I’d just think ‘my gosh he’s so easy to love.’ I’m weird in that literally the first thing I notice about a person is their eyes and…he had these amazing blue eyes and then my gosh his smile and…his laugh!  He loves kids…like they just gravitate towards him!  He sings and sometimes I try to remember exactly how he sings a certain song and just that memory puts a smile on my face. Most importantly…he loves God and that was so beautiful to see in a guy that I was falling for! I think as I prayed about it more, God kind of eased my heart and I realized, ‘it’s OK to care about him…it’s OK to love him…even if he isn’t the one’…and so my prayer has changed again when it comes to him and at our planned reunion in 5 years (who knows we might even meet up before then)…maybe he’ll still be this amazing man of God…and maybe he’ll be an amazing husband and father…that’s my prayer for him…that he’ll continue to grow in his faith and that he’ll continue to trust God’s direction is his life, because I know to my heart that God has some beautiful plans in store for him…and I’ll pray that he’ll continue to be courageous…because he is.

I think about it now all the time because I need an exact reason to why I liked him so much…I mean more than his eyes, laugh, how easy going he is…I’m like “God there has to be a reason why I met him?”  I realize now that maybe God did use him and is using him to show me that there are good men out there; and He’s teaching me patience and asking me to trust Him with this part of my life and I’m like… “OK God, my heart is yours.”

One of you asked about my love story, so here it is, in the form of a few small nonfiction essays I’ve written about my life thus far: 

Junior year of college. Late morning. Late September.
“He just texted. He’s heading this way now.”
My roommate Kate invited her friend from class to go with us to Mountain Heritage Day. We walked through campus, heading for the clock tower, red faced and already sweating. A boy in a camo t-shirt and matching hat strode towards us, phone in one hand pressed against his ear and a blue drink in the other.
“Tell me that’s not him,” I said.
“That’s him.”
“I am not walking around with someone wearing a camo shirt and hat all day.”
“Shhh, he’s really nice! Trust me.”
And so I did, even though I wasn’t proud of my southern roots at that point in my life, and even though this boy was wearing the one type of clothing I despised most. We waited for Matt to get off the phone, Kate introduced us, and we made our way towards the fair with the rest of the crowds to look at things we couldn’t afford to buy and then spend the only money we had on the fair food, which was the main reason any of us went in the first place. Kate and I got ice cream and Matt got a funnel cake. 
“Do you want some?” he said, holding his plate out to me. I had only had funnel cake once before, years prior. It wasn’t something I would ever get for myself, but it looked and smelled fantastic, like a perfect warm summer day filled with uninterrupted sunshine and laughter.
I nodded. “Can you pull a piece off for me?” I didn’t explain that I had a weird quirk about getting my hands dirty, and, luckily, I didn’t have to, because he immediately ripped a giant chunk off, dunked it into the powdered sugar to make sure it was completely covered, and handed it to me.
“Can you pass me a piece too?” Kate said.
“You can get one yourself!” he said. He was joking, but held out his plate to her for her to get her own bit just the same. 
Looking back, this was my first inkling that he was interested in me. 
“Dude, I want McDonald’s so bad,” I said. We were still eating the funnel cake. Leave it to me to not even be finished with what I’m currently eating before thinking and planning my next snack/meal. 
“Mmm, that sounds so good,” Matt said. 
“Let’s do it!” Kate said, swiping another piece of funnel cake off of Matt’s plate.

After I learned what a McGangBang was (a concoction involving two McDoubles and a McChicken and then squishing them all together into one giant sandwich), we picked up my pup Jake and headed to the park, where we walked for over an hour and talked about things that I think I have purposely pushed out of my mind because they were things I never would have talked about with Matt had I known I would start dating him soon after the fact. Going into the day I told myself that this boy would be just a friend, because I had never really had a guy friend before, but while walking in the park I think I knew: I felt more comfortable about this boy than any other in my life. It was different. Still, I didn’t push it. He went home after the walk in the park and Kate and I went back to our apartment, where we, after some gabbing, eventually went to our own rooms to study and work on homework.
Later that evening I heard Kate squealing in her room.
“Are you okay?” I shouted.
“Come here right now!”
I groaned. I was exhausted. Padding my way into her room, I knew something was up the second I saw her face. You know the one: the one your best friend gives you when they know something you don’t, when they’re so overly excited about something involving you that their eyes seem twice as large as usual and they won’t stop staring at you, and you think their smile might be permanent because it’s never changing for such a long portion of time.
“What?” I said, my voice flat, crossing my arms.
She patted her bed.
I shuffled over, sprawled out, and stared at where she sat in her desk chair opposite the bed. While my room was plain and calm, hers was loud. She had pink wall stickers everywhere, writing on her mirror, stuffed animals lining the top of her bookshelf and wrapped up in the blankets on her bed. She had a giant flat screen tv and the newest video game system. I had played video games growing up with dad, Andrew, and Ames, but hadn’t played in well over 10 years. I spent a lot of time in Kate’s room making my character spin around in circles while getting shot at. Needless to say, I didn’t have the best techniques.
“Guess who just texted me?” Kate flicked her eyes back and forth from her phone to me.
“Lindsay?” One of our mutual friends at the time. A bad guess on purpose. I knew it was a boy from the way she was looking at me, eyebrows raised and head tilted to the side.
She didn’t ask me to guess again. “Matt!” she said, her voice a normal pitch again.
“Okay… What did he say?” It wasn’t a big deal that he was texting her. They had class together and had become friends. They texted back and forth most days, most of the time talking about the current girl Matt was trying to woo. Kate was his feminine perspective.
“Quote: ‘Hey, I had a really good time today and was wondering… Do you know if Stephanie is talking to anyone?’”
My entire body warmed, the heat traveling from my cheeks to my feet. I was ecstatic, though I tried to hide it. I’m sure I didn’t do a very good job.
“Did you respond yet?”
“Not yet. I wanted to see what you thought first.”
“I mean… what do you think? And are you sure you’re over him?”
Yeah, that tiny detail: Kate had originally had a crush on Matt, though she claimed a week or so prior to Mountain Heritage Day that she had decided she didn’t like him anymore, or rather, that she had never liked him, just the idea of him.
“Yes, totally.”
“Okay… because you say the word, and I won’t talk to him.”
“Steph, I promise I don’t like him.” She held out her phone to me so I could see the screen and the text he sent. “Go for it.”
“Okay,” I said, grinning. 
She turned her phone back and started typing.
“What are you saying?” I jumped off the bed and skipped over next to her so I could see what she was doing.
“I’m telling him that you’re not talking to anyone,” she said, not looking up. “Because you aren’t.”
“This is so weird.”
The whooshing sound of Kate’s text sounded. “Well, what are you thinking? I mean, did you have fun today? What do you think of him?” 
“I had a really good time. It’s weird because… I felt really comfortable with him.” I met Kate’s stare. “Like, really comfortable. That’s never happened before.” I thought back to the random conversations we had while walking through the park earlier that day and slapped my hand to my face. “Kate, I talked to him about masturbation. Oh, my God.”  
She paused, jaw dropping, and began laughing hysterically. “Oh my God, you did! You seriously talked to him about masturbation.”
“I’m humiliated. I’m… mortified. I can’t speak to him again!”
“Yes you can. Now calm down,” she said, unable to stop or hide her laughter. “He obviously likes you if he’s asking me whether you’re seeing anyone or not.” 
I nodded. “True, true. But still,” I sighed. “God, this would happen. I meet a nice boy and act totally vulgar around him the first time we hang.” 
Kate’s phone dinged in her hand. She glanced at the screen, then jumped up in her chair. “It’s him!”
“Well… what’d he say?” 
“He wants your number.” She flicked her eyes up at me. “Can I give it to him?”
“Yeah,” I breathed. “Sure.” 
She typed the message out and set her phone down on her desk. I laid down on her bed, stared up at the ceiling, and thought about how just weeks prior I had declared that I was swearing off boys. That lasted a good 20 minutes, I thought, fiddling with Kate’s sheets. I had met a boy my freshman year of college, and I use the term “met” loosely because he lived in Florida and the daughter of the minister at the church we were attending at that point introduced me to him. We only actually hung out in person two or three times. Other than that, it was a total text relationship. Which is fine. It’s what I needed at the time. I wasn’t ready for anything real, but I liked having someone “there” for me, if only through text, who I could talk to. After talking to him for almost two years and having nothing much come of it (mostly my fault because, like I said, I definitely wasn’t ready), and then having an incredibly ugly falling out (also via text like 99% of our relationship), I had told myself that I was going to stop trying to find a guy and was going to “let go and let God” as they say and was going to trust His timing. After all, if it was meant to be it would be. 
And boy was it meant to be. 
I got lucky, I will admit. Many people have told me this, my sister most recently and most often. Matthew was the first boy I ever really dated. He was my first real kiss. My first romantic love. My first… well, everything. And I his. We both got lucky. We both are blessed. 
My phone went off in the other room. Kate and I looked at each and grinned. 
“Yeah, you might want to go get that,” she said.
My feet couldn’t carry me fast enough. I snagged the phone off my desk and jumped onto my bed, landing face first and stomach down. Graceful as ever. I read the text, responded, and saved his number into my phone. 
“How’s it going in there?” Kate called across the apartment. 
“Spectacular,” I said, loud enough for only me to hear. 

He had spent the day over at my place, walking the pup in the park, laughing together while watching silly TV shows, and asking each other questions. We spent most of our time together in the beginning doing these kinds of things. There was so much to talk about, so much to learn about each other. And we’re still learning, because even now, years later, we are changing each day, molding, becoming different people, and so we continue to ask questions and learn about one another, about the one we will be spending the rest of our lives with.
We walked out of the apartment together, the three of us: Matt, Kate, and myself. (Kate because I was still so nervous to be alone with Matt, even though I was getting good vibes from him and trusted him more than I had trusted any other guy before that point. Sometimes having a friend nearby can calm the nerves better than anything else.) Kate walked several feet behind us, and then several yards.
“I’ll text you later,” Matt said. “And maybe see you tomorrow?”
“That sounds good,” I said.
“This was fun. I love spending time with you. I really like you.”
“I really like you too.”
We hugged and I turned to walk back up to my place with Kate. I made it halfway back to my friend before turning around. I had kissed boys before, but only a few, and only ever pecks. Also, I didn’t consider any of them to be of any importance as they were either dares or I didn’t actually care about the person I was kissing. Still, I was nervous because I knew what I was going to do the second I decided to turn back around.
“Matt,” I called. He turned, holding his hand above his eyes to shade them from the sun shining ferociously behind me. “Wait.”
I jogged back to him and kissed him, fast. His lips were soft and he smelled like the mountains, like home.
“Bye,” I said, my voice high pitched and nervous, waving like a maniac. I ran off without seeing his immediate reaction, but halfway to Kate I turned around. He was still walking but was turned around looking at me too. I smiled, waved again, and kept jogging until I reached Kate.
Our first kiss, and it had been perfect.

The night Matt asked me to be his girlfriend, we went to a Greek restaurant in Dillsboro, two towns over from the University. Before we left the apartment I shared with Kate, she took a picture of us standing by the door and we joked about how she was my stand-in mom and Matt was the guy taking her daughter out. I still have the picture: me in a black shirt with a gold, detailed tree on the front, and a red jacket thrown over top, Matt sporting a blue shirt under a blue and white plaid flannel, both of us wearing matching cheesy grins, and his arm around my shoulder.
There’s another picture from that night, of me with a wine holder that stood in the corner of the restaurant where we waited to be seated. It’s a moose lying on its back, downing the wine, and I’m standing in front of it giving a thumbs up, smiling with my mouth open. The photo is blurry, probably because Matt was chuckling while he took it and couldn’t hold his phone still enough for it to focus. We thought it was such an odd decoration and were entertained by it most of the night. We’re still entertained by it now, actually. It’s still there. We point it out each time we go and remember our first time there.
I ordered a tuna melt and Matt a gyro. I had gone into the night incredibly nervous, but it didn’t take long for my nerves (and stomach) to settle. Matt was wonderful. Like always, he carried the conversation, asking me questions about myself, my family, my friends, my interests, the books I was reading, the classes I was taking, and he made no comment and wasn’t at all phased that he seemed to be the only one asking questions. I prayed he knew my lack of questioning was due to my anxiety and wasn’t a lack of interest. I’m sure some people think me an egoist, but I tend to ask less questions of people in return of their questions directed at me, opting instead to observe them and learn from what they weren’t saying. For instance, someone may seem confident by the way they’re talking or by what they’re saying, but maybe they’re rubbing their hands together or shuffling their feet. We all have different quirks and tells, too.
“Ready for part two?” Matt asked me after paying the bill.
“There’s a part two?” I grabbed his hand and we walked out the door, past our moose statue, and towards his ‘96 Ford Explorer.
It was my first time heading towards the Jackson County Airport and “The Lookout” (as locals had dubbed the area further down from the airport where you could pull off the road onto a small patch of grass on the side of the mountain). The roads, like most of the ones here in Western North Carolina, were skinny, windy, and a straight shot up with the edge of the road doubling as the edge of the mountainside. We drove up to the airport, a small airfield about three miles from town that sits on a ridge, and used the entryway as a turn around to get back to The Lookout, where Matt pulled off the road and onto the side of a mountain and I tried not to have a panic attack.
I zoned back in from staring out my window as Matt opened my door for me and held out his hand. We could see for miles. We could see everything: the forest, the University, my apartment, the Fraternity house Matt was living in. It was all lit up, trying to keep up with the moon and stars above us.
“So this is part two,” I said, turning in circles looking up at the sky and the world around me, feeling very, very small.
“Almost,” Matt said as he opened his trunk and pulled out a blanket and some candies.
“I brought this,” he said, holding up the blanket–blue and white, I saw now, with sheep on it– “in case we get cold, and these,” he held out the candies, “because I know they’re your favorites. Junior Mints, Sour Patch Kids, and Swedish Fish, right?”
“Yeah,” I said, smiling like an idiot.
He put the blanket and candies down and we walked to the edge together, where I was reminded of the first time I had a panic attack (also on top of a mountain) years prior, and thought about far I’d come. Look at me, standing feet away from the edge of a mountainside, not completely freaking out. (I would have started to though if I could see future me sitting on the edge of a rock face that juts out from the mountain thousands of feet up, smiling and swinging my feet.)
“You know, there’s this study,” Matt began after we stood in silence together for a minute or so.”
“Uh huh?”
He turned me around so I wasn’t facing him and trailed his fingers in circles all over my back.
“That only a small percentage of people can actually figure out what someone is saying to them when it’s traced onto their back.”
“Mm, I used to love doing that with my friends when we were kids.”
His fingers began tracing. I tried to focus more on what they were saying rather than how good the tingles felt and how they traveled up and down my entire body.
“W,” I said, when he was finished with the first letter.
One straight line down followed by two horizontal lines, one at the top of the original line and one on bottom. He was writing in all caps. I shivered in pleasure.
One vertical line and a horizontal one stemming from the bottom of the first, the whole thing repeated right away.
“L. Twice. Will?”
He traced just a horizontal line and said, “That’s a space.”
Y - O - U - space - B - E - space - M - Y -
I knew the last word before he began tracing it. I had known the second he finished the second word in the question. His hands became more and more unsteady as he was further into the sentence. He even “erased” a letter or two that he had messed up by rubbing his hand, open faced, all across my back.
G - I - R - L - F - R - I - E - N - D - ?
He paused, waited.
“Girlfriend,” I said. “Will you be my girlfriend?”
I turned around to face him.
“Stephanie Cheryl Wooten,” he said. “Will you be my girlfriend?”
I let myself have a mini freak out session in my head before saying, “Yes.”

We were making macaroni and cheese and dancing in the living room while the water boiled. Matthew and I had been dating a few weeks, and he had already told me, “I love you.” It was the middle of the night. We had stayed up kissing and talking and keeping each other warm in between the sheets. After he said it, I told him that I really liked him, and that I thought I was on the way to love, but that I wasn’t ready to say it yet, to which he understood and held me until I fell asleep in his arms.
While we were dancing together though, with the water boiling in the next room and our feet sliding across the carpet, I looked at him and I knew: I love him, I thought to myself. And I think I had loved him for some time. I just wasn’t ready to admit it to myself yet, or maybe it was that I had never been in love before–not this kind of love, anyway–and I didn’t know that was what I was feeling.
“Come on,” I said, pulling him into my room by his hand. I closed the door so Kate wouldn’t hear what I was about to say. It was a private moment, just between Matt and me.
“What is it?” he said, laughing, breathing hard from all the dancing.
“I love you,” I told him, taking both of his hands in mine, lacing my fingers through his, and squeezing.
The outer corners of his eyes pinched together as he smiled down at me. “I love you, too.”

Two years and nine months after Matthew asked me to be his girlfriend, we went out on one of our typical “date nights.” Our friends and family made fun of us, dubbing us the “old married couple.” Which we were, kind of. We spent most nights together, and most days. We ate together, walked together, made love together, fought together, laughed together, played board games together, watched TV together, went to the movies together, jogged together, cried together. We were going through life together, and even if it was only for a short time, I was ineffably happy.
“Where are we going?” I asked Matt as we walked to his Ford, dressed up in our summer clothes.
“You’ll see,” he said, opening the door for me.
When we passed the town of Sylva, I began to have an inkling as to where he was taking us. I waited until we got closer, until we passed the place where you could paint pottery, to make sure my inkling was more than that.
“I knew it!” I shouted as we turned left when we were across from the Jarrett House and pulled into the almost full parking lot.
“No, you didn’t!”
“Mhm. I did. You’re so predictable.”
“It’s our place, though.” He cut the engine and jogged over to get my door for me.
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome. I love you,” he said as he laced his fingers through mine and we started up the ramp to the front door.
We talked about the moose statue, per usual, while we waited to be seated, and eventually wound up choosing to sit outside on the patio rather than to wait much longer. It was warm out and the patio was screened in. I ordered the same thing I did on our first date there and, just as the first time around, it didn’t live up to my expectations for it.
“Why do I keep ordering this every time? It’s never as good as I want it to be.”
“I’m putting a note in my phone,” Matt said, whipping his phone out of his pocket, “reminding you to never order this again.” He chuckled at me, put his phone away when he was done, and then looked at me like he always did, like he still does, like no one ever has before. It’s a look reserved especially for me, I know, and it makes me feel like we’re the only two people left in the world.
I had a feeling this was the night: the night Matt would propose to me. We’d talked of it often together, talked about what our life with one another might look like. Plus, Matt had dressed much nicer than he usually did, and he was much more fidgety. I could tell he was nervous about something.
We ate on the patio, surrounded by others whom we gave stories too.
“Couple behind you and to your left. Guy is in the green shirt and girl in white dress.”
I snuck a peak behind me. The couple in question didn’t look much like that. They were young, around our age. The girl was on her phone, presumably texting someone else while she sat across from the boy, who looked around the restaurant like a pendulum, back and forth and back and forth, anywhere but the girl sitting across from him.
“First date,” I said, turning back around. “Or… Maybe hundredth date, and now they’re bored. Or in a fight. Something’s going on there. She won’t look him in the eye.”
Matt nodded in agreement as I scanned the patio.
“All right,” Matt said, putting his napkin on top of the food he couldn’t finish. “Are you ready for part two?”
I lifted my sweaty glass to my lips and took one last sip. “Ah, yes. Always.”
Once we passed the new Health and Science building and turned onto the familiar windy road, I knew: he was recreating our first date.
“The lookout?” I said.
He squeezed my hand, his warming mine, and grinned, his smile warm like the rest of him. We were quiet most of the ride up there, the silence a comforting one, like the feeling you get when you sit down in your favorite chair early in the morning with coffee and a well loved book. The view was the same, but different, mostly because we were different. I was different, and so while the view hadn’t changed over the past two and half years, my view had. We look at things differently at different stages in life, I think. It’s like I can read a book and have a very specific experience, and then read it a year or maybe even five or ten years later, and because of all the different things I’ve gone through and felt, because I’m a different person than I was one or five or ten years prior when I first read the book, the second time will be completely different. And I’ll get something different out of it.
We parked and stood together at the edge of the mountainside, and I looked up at the stars and crescent moon. We listened to the crickets and frogs and stood still, enveloped around one another.
“Do you remember that study I told you about the first time we came here?” he said, turning me away from him.
“The one you made up? Yeah. Why?”
“I’ve got another one for you.”
He began tracing the letters. The first few words were the same: Will you be my…
W - I - F - E ?
I turned around to Matthew down on one knee, holding out a black velvet box with a ring I had pointed out casually once in our local jewelry story in it.
“Stephanie Cheryl Wooten,” he began. “I know I’m not perfect, and I know we have our disagreements, but I love you to the moon and back, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”
I was tempted to be cruel and say No but then really quickly after say yes, just to mess with him, but I didn’t want to give the poor man a heart attack.
“Yes,” I said. “Yes.”
He reached for my hand and slid the ring onto my finger, then rotated it side to side, admiring it on me. The diamonds shined almost as much as his eyes when he stood up and looked at me. Those summer sky blue eyes that had me the first time I saw them that October in 2011 at Mountain Heritage Day. I never would have thought that I would be engaged. I never thought I would ever get married, or even fall in love. I had been hurt so much by someone who was supposed to love me, who did love me, in a weird way. But then, I knew how blessed I was. I thought about the day God created us both. Did He know we would find each other? Was this His doing? One thing was certain: whether it was all God or our free will that led us here, I was grateful. Matt has the best heart. He takes such good care of me. We take care of each other. And he’s a Godly man, which I love most of all, because we lead each other closer to God each and every day.
I mean, I get to hike and snuggle and read and build blanket forts and watch movies and eat good food and read and talk about the Bible and God with my best friend for the rest of my life. I am so incredibly lucky. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jesus.
I love you to the moon and back too, Matthew.

REQUESTED - Familiarity (2/2)

Request: So, i don’t know if u take requests, but, i would like to make one. I saw u liked some Peter Parker X Reader stuff ( I’m not a stalker, I SWEAR) and i was wondering if u would do a one-shot or something like that about the reader being Peter’s classrommate but for some reason being called to the avengers, and he is there in his suit and he keep seeing her in the school wondering why she was there? pls? - Anon

Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader

Word Count: 2,306

Warning: Fluff, cursing, violence(?)

(A/N): HELLO! So, Familiarity was supposed to be a one-shot, but  well, some people asked me to do a second part and HERE AM I! Well, It took me long because school is back and it’s killing me like thIS FUCKING TEACHER, IN HER FIRST DAY OF TEACHING, SHE ALREADY MADE US DO A FUCKING MANUSCRIPT WORK ABOUT THE FUCKING POLITICS OF ENGLAND BEFORE THE REVOLUTIONS AND A FUCKING BOARD ABOUT THE HOUSE OF THE LORDS AND THE HOUSE OF THE COMMONS BIIIITCH R U KIDDING ME???????? K, I’m better. 

Part1 | Masterlist

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I headed out of my chemistry class, yawning and giggling at something my friend said about the fact that Peter had canceled our date.

“I had so much hope for him!” I laughed at her overreact and fake crying, greeting a couple of people on my way down to my locker.

I felt someone staring at me and looked to Peter; he was with his friend, Ned. His friend also looked at me and turned quickly to talk something with Peter, that shrugged his shoulders.

“I did it for a reason! And you know who was there on the Avenger’s tower?” I read his lips, narrowing my eyes and before he could say anything more I said to my friend, knowing that he would probably hear

“You know, doesn’t Spiderman look a little bit too young? Maybe he is someone of this school?” She frowned her brows and looked up, like she was thinking about what I said while I gave him a challenging glance. He pressed his lips and I winked at him when we passed next to him, he tensed his shoulders, taking the threat.

“I never thought of that.” I smiled and nodded, looking over my shoulder and smirking at Peter

“But he seems hot, though.” My crush blushed and coughed, receiving pats from Ned.

“Dude, you need to call her out again!” I read Ned’s lips and smirked, looking to my locker while my friend waited for me, humming a song she heard somewhere.

“He knows that I called you, right, Tarantula-boy?” I whispered and he itched his red neck, making me smile a little bit

“Let’s go?” I nodded and when we passed next to my crush again, I stopped and touched his arm. Damn he has muscles!

“Hey, Peter!” He widened his eyes while Ned choked and my friend laughed “So, I was thinking… Would you like to go on a date with me?”

“W-What?!” It looked like he couldn’t believe that I asked him again and in the middle of the corridor, where some people were already whispering

“YES, HE WOULD!” Ned said and I chuckled

“Thanks, Ned.” He looked surprised at me, making me arch a brow

“You know my name?”

“Huh, Yeah? We’ve been taking classes together for years now.” His cheeks turned red and I smiled gently “Besides, you’re cool.”

“Y/N, we will be late to the devil.” My friend said and I laughed, nodding with my head

“Mrs. Owllyn is indeed the devil. Well, nice talking to you, Ned.” I looked at Peter again and smiled shyly, well, my ‘evil, threatening, bold bitch’ was already gone. “I’ll text you the place, ok?” He nodded, still looking surprised and I turned on my heels, running to catch up with my friend.

“Awn, if you weren’t the evilest bitch I know, I would think you were cute and innocent.” I laughed and smacked her shoulder, making her moan in pain, but she gave me a playful nasty gaze “Harder, daddy”

“Jesus fuck, woman!” I choked, laughing so hard that I almost started crying

“Hm, I didn’t know you two liked this kind of stuff.” Flash said maliciously, making my laugh die right when he finished his sentence “I guess you two would like a threesome, than, huh?”

“Fuck, we would!” I laughed, making his smirk grow bigger “But not with you. You piece of shit.” He grabbed my arm, making me moan in pain while my friend almost screamed at him:

“Let go out her right fucking now, you stupid scumbag!”

Shut the fuck up.” He hissed, at that point everyone were looking at us

“I will give you one second, if you don’t let go of me, I’ll break your fucking nose.” I growled, not feeling the tip of my fingers because of the anger

“Look, bitch, I’ve been good enough with you. You’re going to-” I didn’t let him finish, just pulled my free hand and used it to hit his nose, pulling the strength from my hips and shoulder. He screamed, taking a few steps back and using his hands to cover his nose, since it was bleeding “Y-You BITCH! Y-You broke my nose!” He cried and I looked to Peter, he was behind him, as if he was coming to help me before I freed myself

“I warned you.” I got close, grabbing – painfully – his chin to hiss at his face “If you get closer to me or my friend again, your nose will be your less worry.” He squeaked and I smiled devilish at him “Got that, shithead?” He nodded looking scared, before running away to the boy’s bathroom.

What. The. Fuck. Was. That?” She said before jumping and cheering “YOU WERE FUCKING AMAZING!” I just chuckled, denying with my head and sighing, stroking my own arm, the one with new bruises

“Are you alright?” Peter asked, coming closer with his brows frowned in anger, even though his voice was incredibly calm and soft.

“Oh, yes. I’ve been through worst.” He frowned his eyebrows even more and slid his fingertips on the red marks; I followed his hand, noticing that it was the first time we touched skin to skin.

“That was a pretty punch.” I giggled and shrugged my shoulders as he slide his hand to mine, looking at the knuckled before getting my other hand – the one I used to hit Flash – and gently brushing his thumb on them, they were a little bit red.

“Well, at least he let go of me.” Peter nodded slightly and then raised his eyes at mine

“Sorry I wasn’t fast enough to take him out myself” I couldn’t help but smile at his words, FUCK THAT WAS CUTE

“FUCKING ADORABLE, Y/N, IF YOU DON’T KISS HIM I WILL” Of course my friend had to break the moment, He blushed while I rolled my eyes, staring coldly at her, seeing her apologize silently

“Thanks, Peter. But as you said, I got a pretty punch.” He chuckled and let go of my hands, giving one step away from me.

“Mrs. Y/L/N, if you’re done with making a show, please, enter the class.” Mrs. Owllyn hissed, making me roll my eyes again while Peter smiled

“My place at seven. Don’t be late.” I smiled and waved before turning on my heels and entering the class, giving Mrs. Demon a fake grin

Calm down, Y/N. It’s not like you haven’t been on dates before!” My friend tried to calm me from her house, we were face-timing and I giggled nervously

“Yeah, but I have never liked someone like this and you know it.” She shrugged her shoulders and smiled at me

You’re looking amazing, you ordered pizza, you both are probably going to talk about those nerdy and geeky stuff you both enjoy and in a couple years, you will be wearing a white dress and entering the church to the sound of Princess Leia’s Theme.” I gasped

“You remember!”

How could I fucking forget? When the actress died you couldn’t stop listening to that fucking music!

“Are you trying to make me cry? Because I’m almost sobbing here, why did you have to remember me that?” She laughed loudly and I heard someone knocking on my door, my friend smiled at me and wished me luck while I tried to calm myself down. I put a smile on my face and opened the door, feeling it die when Tony Stark stood in front of me “No.”

“I didn’t even say anything!” He giggled and I denied with my head

“It doesn’t matter! I won’t go anywhere! I was able to call Peter out on a date again, and your old ass won’t ruin it!”

My hands went to my hips as I narrowed my eyes at his shit-eating grin

“First of all, my ass is not old. Second, I’m just here to pay for your work and to give you some new intel we will need you to work on, but don’t worry. It’s not priority.” I let out a sigh of relief and opened more my door, giving him the chance to enter and see that everything was right-placed to a cinema night. Some cushion and pillows on the couch, pizza, sodas, popcorn, some candies and most important: Netflix.

“Three minutes.” He just giggled and handed me two envelopes, one of them bigger and fatter than the other. I presumed that the bigger one had the files and the smallest was the payment. “What will I exactly do with the Intel?”

“You’re going to search those files for something that could help and give us any clue to end the mission or go forward with it.” I nodded and looked inside of it, I saw a pen-drive on the middle of the papers “This is one of the most simple we had, since it would be your first one and you didn’t receive any training, we thought it would be better to you. Besides, you also have the school.” Stark said seeming sincere, he wasn’t mocking me. Just worried and wanted me to get used to it.

“Okay, I’ll take a look as soon as I can. Who do I contact when I finish it?”

“Me, Captain, Natasha, you choose. Inside those files you’ll find everyone’s form of contact.” I nodded with my head and smiled at him

“Thank you, Mr. Stark”

“Oh, please, call me Tony. Mr. Stark was my father.” I nodded and he got up from the chair of the kitchen, heading to the door and I followed him “Oh, before I forget: You must know that you will work on the intelligence. You won’t go out on missions, fighting and this kind of stuff.”

“Thank god! Even though I know how to defend myself, I’m not so sure if my body would be as good as my brain.” I chuckled and he smiled while I opened the door, Peter had his hand raised as if he was going to knock the door, but quickly lowered it down, trying to look surprised with Tony Stark being in there

“Mr. Stark! I didn’t know you were in there!” That made me bite a grin back and deny with my head, Tony smirked at him and stepped out of my apartment

“Y/N, don’t eat him alive. We’ll need him.” I laughed and nodded with my head

“I’ll try.” He giggled one last time before heading to the stairs “You’re late.” Peter shrugged his shoulders and I opened more the door to him

“You know, some bad guys crossed my way.” I smiled and closed my door, heading to my bathroom so I could get my first aid kit. When I got back to the living room, he was standing in the middle of it, looking curiously at the files of the Intel Tony had just handed me.

“That is classified.” I joked, slightly pulling him to the couch, so I could take care of the bruises on his face. He blushed and I soaked a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. Peter had his eyes on me while I started to clean his cheek; it wasn’t that bad, actually. Just a little bit scratched.

“You’re… Going to make part of the team, definitely?” I nodded with my head, carefully rubbing his chin now, trying to pay attention to his wounds, and not to his rose lips.

“But I’ll only make part of the intelligence. I’m not as brave as you guys.” He blushed again and I smiled, finally looking into his eyes, just to find myself closer to his face than I thought I was. “Sorry.” I mumbled, getting up and clearing my throat. “So, Harry Potter or Star Wars?”

“Hey! That is mine!” Peter chuckled, trying to get the candy back

“I was the one to buy it!” I laughed and tried to move away from him, already putting the candy in my mouth. He followed me and started to tickle me; I was laughing loudly and almost choking with the red strand of licorice candy, I started to smack his shoulder and just when he started to laugh with me, stopping the tickle, I noticed that he was almost laying on top of me and that he was close. Really close.

We smiled at each other and he took the candy of me, eating it and when he noticed the position we were on, he blushed; if I moved a little bit, my lips would brush against his jaw and I wanted to do that so bad. But I didn’t want to break the eyes connection we were having.

“So you could have just kissed him, and you didn’t? huh… You’re stupid.” My friend’s voice echoed inside my head, thinking that she would say exactly that. And she would be right, I would be stupid.

But I didn’t had to do anything, since Peter lowered his face, gently pressing his lips against mine and I closed my eyes, feeling like my heart was bagging too fast to be secure.

My hands slid to his neck and I pulled him closer to me, gently liking his bottom lip, biting it next.

Strawberry.” I whispered and he sighed, gripping hard to the cushion under us and resting his forehead on mine

“Would it be too cliché if I said I like you since the first time I saw you?” He asked softly at my ear and I smiled, hugging his chest as he laid by my side, releasing me from his weight.

“Would it be too cliché if I said the same?”

And that was our first kiss.

With popcorn on my hair, with some soda cans around us, with Darth Vader saying his iconic line and with strawberry licorice flavored candy, we kissed.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.


first date

(A/N - this one was actually really fun to write!! hope you like it!!)


jinho wouldnt do anything too extravagant as a first date but he’d still want to do something you’d both enjoy so he’d take you to a coffee shop (and pay for whatever you wanted, of course). you’d spend a while there then when you’d both finished your drinks he would take you around the area and show you all his favourite spots. you’d end up in an empty park and sit on a bench together, huddled close because of the cold weather, and just talk about yourselves or anything that came to mind


hui would just want to spend some time with you to get to know you better so he’d want to do something quite easygoing with you, like watching the sunset. he’d probably take you for a meal first, then go somewhere outdoors where there wasn’t too many people (but not completely deserted because he wouldn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable) and the two of you would chat while watching the sun set over the horizon. you’d both lose track of the time and would still be sitting there hours after it’d gotten dark but neither of you would mind; you’d be too absorbed with each other


hongseok would take you to an aquarium for your first date because then if the two of you didnt have much in common then at least you would be able to talk about the fish!! but the date would go amazingly well and you guys would be constantly chattering away to one another, pausing every so often to point at one of the sea creatures or coo over the fish. he’d probably end up spending more time watching you stare at the animals in awe rather than the actual fish though!!

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  • eva: lmao vilde heard that rumor about how you don't love magnus as much as he loves you?
  • vilde: whaaaaat!? that's bullshit
  • vilde: i love him so much. in fact i was just on a date with him
  • eva: aw that's cute. anyway-
  • vilde: yeah like a date-date. because i love him. a lot
  • vilde: we totally made out too. all the time. like i was practically sitting in his lap at the cafe
  • vilde: we almost did it right then and there. so many feelings you know. turned on feelings. because i love him
  • vilde: we have so much sex. we're like bunnies we just have sex all the time. it's crazy i can't get enough of him
  • vilde: can you even imagine being so in love with a boy? i just get so turned on by this boy
  • vilde: we're like just a boy and a girl getting it on in a sexual way like straight people do
  • vilde: so straight amirite
  • eva: ...

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Sirius, that's a very creepy thing to say about your brother. (But I wouldn't want to miss it either ;) ). Also, did Remus ever give you that handy? Or did it go further??? ;) ;)

Sirius: Not my fault that I got a hot brother! I mean I wouldn’t date him but you can’t deny the fact that the Black’s genes have worked well! … and for last night.. let’s say I got lucky.. *winks and smirks*

Red // 1

Red — ft. Oh Sehun

// Contemporary Romance
// Adult Fiction
// Sexual & Explicit Language — it’s mildly smutty later on

A/N: This is my take on a requested CEO!au. I made this a mix of other concepts from the drabble list: “I don’t think I can do this anymore.” “I don’t want to hide this anymore. I’m not some dirty little secret.” 

// 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 //

‘You’ll be here soon?’

My hand grips onto my phone while sitting in the back seat of the car service. It weaves in and out through traffic as the driver makes it way to Arcola National Public Library. A part of me dreads the end of this drive and a part of me just wants the night to stop here and now right on the chaotic road without having to attend this philanthropy gala. But instead, I focus all of my professional attention onto the call with my stern and clear voice accentuating every word. "Yes, sir. I’ll be there in seven minutes.”

‘Seven. You’re always so exact,’ he chuckles and I can already imagine his laughter; how his head tilts and shakes mildly from side to side. ‘And also—sir? You know I prefer it when you use my name.’

I ingrain his pitch into my head and soul, knowing far well this will be my very last phone conversation with him. “Yes, but you are my boss and I’m your executive assistant, Sehun. Sir is the appropriate form of address.”

‘That may be true but you didn’t say that yesterday night.’

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Really? (Sunrise Part 2) (Daveed X Reader)

WC: 1378

Warnings: Jealous/angry Daveed, alcohol mentioned once

“Lin. I’ve had a mind blank. Where’s Daveed’s dressing room?” I asked Lin, frantic and out of breath. “Two doors down from yours. What’s up?” Lin asked, his eyebrows furrowed at my attitude. “Chris told me how Daveed feels about me, and about how insanely jealous he got during the Ham4Ham. Jealous enough to bolt.” I rambled, hoping Lin understood some of the words I vomited out. Lin’s eyes widened and he nodded, kissing my temple briefly. “Go get him. I know Daveed, and he won’t take this very well.” Lin said and I nodded, rushing off to the hallway that housed the dressing rooms. I scanned my eyes along the doors and found the one that read Daveed Diggs. I took in a deep breath, incredibly nervous about how this would turn out. I knocked tentatively on the door, letting out a shaky breath. “Who is it?” Daveed called, and I winced at the harsh tone of his voice. “I-it’s Y/N. Can I come in?” I said, hoping my voice was loud enough for him to hear. I heard a grunt and a series of footsteps, then suddenly the door flew open, revealing a less than please Daveed. “Come in.” He said, his voice low. I smiled half heartedly at him and made my way in, standing awkwardly in the centre of the room. “You can sit down, you know?” Daveed said, mild amusement in his voice. I let out a nervous laugh and took a seat on his couch, flicking my eyes to his fan-made Jefferson cushion. “So what the hell was that?” Daveed asked harshly, his tone shocking me. “What was what?” I asked despite knowing full well what he was referring to. Daveed chuckled darkly and ran a hand through his hair. “You know very well what I’m talking about Y/L/N.” He said, his dark eyes stormy with rage. “Oh, you mean me performing a song with a married friend, in character?” I said, starting to get annoyed. “Marriage isn’t a binding contract. You only have to listen to the second act of this show to realise that.” Daveed said and I took in a deep breath, standing up from the couch. “Daveed Diggs, stop acting like such a goddamn child. Chris is a dedicated and loyal husband with two children he loves, so just shut up and stop accusing me of having an affair. God.” I shouted, moving my hands about animatedly. Daveed stared at me with an expression of shock and surprise, and his mouth hung open slightly. The look on his face wasn’t enough to stop my rant, so I continued speaking, bubbling with anger. “Yes, I may have kissed Chris, but it was in character in a play. He was married at the time, so there was, and still is, nothing between us. I think you were just so incredibly jealous that you decided to take it out on me.” I spat, feeling the anger recede. I took in a staggered breath, looking at the ground to avoid Daveed’s gaze. “Y/N.” Daveed breathed out softly, and I lifted my eyes to look at him. “What?” I said, not angry but there was still a fraction of hostility in my voice. “You’re right.” Daveed said quietly and my eyes widened slightly at his statement. “About what?” I said cockily and Daveed shot me a look of annoyance. “All of it. I really like you Y/N, a lot. God I sound like a middle schooler, but it’s true. I’ve had feelings for you since you signed on as Jazzy’s understudy, and dear God I had to restrain myself during Say No To This last night.” Daveed said and I chuckled, a half smiled appearing on my face. “But for some reason this just felt, different, I don’t know. Call it chemistry or whatever, but there was something different in the Ham4Ham, and I snapped. I’m sorry Y/N.” He said, his eyes full of a sincerity I hadn’t seen before. I walked up to him and smiled at him gently, placing a hand on his cheek. His breath hitched slightly and he let out a shaky laugh. “Although you may have been a royal douche back there.” As I said this Daveed cringed. “But that doesn’t change how I feel about you. Daveed, don’t think your feelings are one sided because they most certainly are not.” I said softly, gazing into his eyes. His smile widened and his eyes lit up with excitement. “Really?” He breathed out and I nodded, laughing as I did. “Really.” I replied and he let out a shaky breath. “Y/N, can I kiss you?” Daveed asked tentatively, and I nodded excitedly. “You dork, of course you can.” I replied and I moved my free hand to cup his other cheek. I tugged his face gently in my direction and he pressed his lips to mine. The contact sent sparks running through my body, and Daveed wrapped his arms around my waist. I moved my hands from his cheeks and ran them through his hair, tugging gently on his curls. Daveed pulled me closer to him and I revelled in the feeling of being close to him. I pulled away reluctantly and let out a short laugh at the look of bliss on Daveed’s face. “Damn.” He muttered and I laughed loudly, shaking my head slightly. “You weren’t too shabby yourself, Diggs.” I said and Daveed chuckled, pulling me into a hug. “Y/N, can I take you out to dinner sometime?” Daveed asked, playing with my hair. I laughed lightly and pressed a kiss to his temple. “You could offer to take me drinking in a 7/11 parking lot and I’d say yes.” I said and Daveed laughed heartily. “So I take it that’s a yes?” Daveed said and I nodded. “Yes you dummy.” I replied and Daveed let go of me, kissing my forehead. “Ok. After tonight’s show let’s go out for dinner. You can choose the place.” Daveed said and I nodded, a bright smile on my face. “Ive gotta get changed Y/N.” Daveed said and I shot him a smirk. “Well, I could always stay to see that.” I said and Daveed playfully punched my shoulder, his cheeks a dusty pink. “You have to get changed too, so get out.” He said teasingly and I let out an exaggerated sigh. “Ok. See you round.” I said and I gave him a mock salute before leaving. I let out a sigh of relief and as I turned to walk to my dressing room I almost ran into Chris. “How’d it go with Daveed?” Chris asked and my face lit up. “Does the fact that I have a date with him tonight answer your question?” I said and Chris laughed giddily, bringing me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around him and he pressed a kiss to my forehead. “Congratulations. You two will be absolutely adorable, I have no doubts about it.” He said and I blushed, rocking on my heels. “Thanks Chris. I’ve gotta go, but I’ll see you onstage.” I said and Chris nodded, waving as I walked away. I entered my dressing room and I saw Pippa and Renée already in costume. “Where have you been Y/N?” Renée asked, as if she was a concerned mother. “I was with Daveed. We may or may not have a date tonight.” I said and the girls cheered, bringing me into a group hug. “Congrats Y/N. Please refrain from constant PDA though.” Pippa said and I playfully smacked her shoulder. “Easy Soo.” I said, and we all laughed as I made my way over to the rack that held my costume. “Once you become Peggy then we can discuss your dating life, so hurry up.” Renée said and I stuck my tongue out at her, taking my corset off its hanger. I hastily put on the different parts of my costume (with occasional help from the girls) and then sat down on the couch. The girls fired questions at me and I answered them with enthusiasm, still full of energy and excitement. “"You look absolutely in love. Daveed is a lucky guy.” Pippa said, bringing me into a brief hug. “I know Pip, I know.”


Hey everyone, I have some facts to spew, as you can see above, there are pictures of Nia and her male friends, and Calum and his female friends. Now I can guarantee most people who read this are going to say “that’s different, Nia is just friends with all of them when cal dated all of them!” But really, Cal only dated Maddie out of the 3 girls pictured with him and the photo Above was taken way AFTER they broke up. Cal never dated Stella and he never dated Jenn and the only reason why we think he did is because HE’S FAMOUS SO EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT IT AND MEDIA HYPES IT ALL FOR POPULARITY PURPOSES. There was even a time where I myself believed he had dated Jenn and Stella until I looked into it and there is NO proof of anything other than a friendship between the two.
Now, the pics Cal has are super similar to the pics of Nia with her male friends… yet there aren’t any rumors that she is dating them?
Cal and Nia are both very close with their friends of the opposite sex, a majority of Nia’s friends are male (yes she has said that before).
So before you go assuming they are dating because they hang out and hug, realize that they both do that same exact thing with several other people. So their relationship isn’t special in anyway, it’s just another friendship.
I personally don’t like Nia nor do I support her band but it is total bs that people tell her she’s dating one of her friends 24/7 and same for cal. Like she posts a pic, and he likes it.
So everyone comments “hey calum 😏” or “nalum forever” and it’s like what? Where the fuck did you get that from this?
Or he posts a pic and she likes it and the same thing happens. She is constantly interacting with @boyerweather on Instagram (just one example) and no one looks twice, but if cal makes a post supporting the band signed to HIS OWN RECORD LABEL, it’s obviously because he’s fucking the drummer, right?
It’s just really stupid.
So if you are a fan that this confuses, or if this helps you and gives you any insight, let me know. I love talking to the rest of the 5sos fam and all of that. So any questions at all feel free to ask!!!
Kisses 😘😘😘

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I wish you would write a fic where either Red or Liz is reeaaally out of it for some reason (drank too much, drugged, etc) and, while they're in that state, acting super cuddly/clingy/sweet with the other one

Let me know what fic you’d like me to write?

Okay, but dazed and confused!Red is my absolute favorite, and trust me anon, as soon as I figure out a way how to properly write this there’ll be a fic of this? Like, a 50k beast of Red mumbling nonsensical things, and Liz wondering what the hell he means when he’s saying that she ‘would make a great paperweight’. 

One New Message- Alexander Hamilton X Reader

A/N: alright so just to clear things up,, no this isn’t a sequel to No New Messages,, reader is sending the message to eliza and if you do not understand the formatting,, No New Messages explains that so yep. hope you guys enjoy!!

[We were together]

I laughed and Alex leaned over and grabbed the remote which was laying by my side. He flipped the channel and he looked at me, smiling slightly.

“What are you looking at?”

“The most beautiful person in the world.”

“Mm that’s wrong.”

“No, what are you talking about? I was looking in the mirror.” He said cheekily and I rolled my eyes.

“If you were then and only then would you be correct.”

“I’m just kidding. You’re beautiful, do you know that?”

“You don’t have to remind me.”

“Yes I do.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too and I’ll be here for you, always. Okay? I always be right by your side.”

“What about your career? I mean it’s just starting to take off.”

“It’s not more important than you.”

“Dangerous words for an ambitious man.”

“They’re true words.”

“Alex, you know I’m not gonna chase you around America just for your career. I mean I have my dreams as well and what if they get in the way of each other?”

“It won’t come to that. I’m always going to be by your side no matter what. You’re stuck with me.”

“You mean that?”

“Of course.”

[And then we weren’t.]

“I can’t throw away this opportunity, Y/N! Washington needs me!”

“I need you!” I yelled and he looked at me with a disbelieving look on his face. “You promised me you would always be by my side and I know that this is an amazing oppurtunity but you can’t excpect me to just base my entire life surrounding yours.”

“I’ve based mine around yours since I moved in and I haven’t complained once. Because I love you!”

“I love you too but you promised me that your career isn’t more important to me!”

“I never promised anything.” He said quietly and I looked at him, shocked.

“But you said-”

“Exactly. But I never promised. I was lying to you that entire time because I can’t throw away my shot! I mean look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now!”

“Isn’t this enough? Can’t you ever be satisfied?”

“Not wth you.”

“The entire time, huh? So the relationship we have is just built on lies? You just expect me to move my entire life because you have this great job opportunity.”

“I could just go by myself and come back eventually…”

“Even if you come back, you’ll leave again.”

“Break up with me then. Better now than later.”

“So this is it, then? Just like this we’re over?”

“I guess so. Goodbye.”

[It’s that simple. You don’t have to worry.]

“Alex?” I whispered. I almost didn’t recognize him since it had been a few years since our godbye but he turned around and he looked at me, confused, before he recognized me and he smiled at first until he remembered.

“Y/N. It’s nice to see you again. How has your life been?”

So this was our legacy.

Talking to each other about nothing and not being able to look each other in the eyes. He hadn’t changed at all and neither had I.

But we were different.

“Good. How has yours been?”

“Great, actually. My wife Eliza and I, we moved here a couple weeks ago. I’m surprised you still live here.”

“My entire life is here.” I mumbled, processing the fact that he had a wife and I hadn’t dated anybody since him.

“Right. I forgot.” He laughed and scratched the back of his head awkwardly. “It was good seeing you again. Maybe we can… never mind.”

“See you later, then.” I turned and I continued walking away. I heard him call my name but I didn’t turn around.

I knew that if I had called his name that day that he wouldn’t have either.




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help! i think my crush likes me back and i really want to date him but that conflicts with the fact that i am /living/ for this suspense 😭

shansndkaknfdkg you wanna enjoy the suspense im screaming anyhow ! maybe just draw it on a lil longer if you want?? and then get together if u want ??? man idk


“nefelibata” ~ daydreamer; someone who lives in their own imagination or dreams 

Request: Hi raquel!! Can you write a Jimin angst based on GD’s song That XX?

Originally posted by spongecakechimchim

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 1.413

A/N: to intensify the pain in your heart you can check out the lyrics to GD’s That XX, the MV broke my heart. also I’m sorry for any spelling mistakes whatsoever it’s way too late but my heart was begging me to answer this request asap so here it iiiiissss!

(Y/B/N) stands for “your boyfriend’s name”

His jaw clenched and hands balled into fists as he saw your boyfriend gently grab that girl’s face in between his hands, softly leaving a kiss on her plump lips, making her giggle and hide in his chest. Jimin’s thoughts ran wild, poisoned blood pumping through his veins at the thought of that guy’s lips back on yours without you knowing about his unfaithfulness.

His eyes never left the giggling couple as he grabbed into his back pocket, pulling his phone out and blind dialing your number. After the second ringing you picked up.

“Jiminie”, you greeted happily. “What’s up?”

Your boyfriend grabbed the girl by her hips, whispering something into her ear, as a faint blush spread across her face.

“Where’s (Y/B/N)?”, Jimin bluntly asked, already knowing the answer to his own question.

“He’s at a family dinner”, you answered irritated. “Why?”

He had lied to you. As far as Jimin could tell that girl was no way near being family. His pulse started increasing, rage taking over his body.

“Are you sure?”, he breathed out.

An exaggerated sigh left your lips. “Yes, Jimin I’m sure. Why are you suddenly so interested in him? Whenever I mention him towards you, all you do is talk bad about him or ignore it completely. Why the sudden interest?”

Jimin’s heart stopped at your question. How should he explain to you what he had just witnessed? You would be heart broken. He knew how much you loved that idiot and no matter how much Jimin hated him, he knew that you would never believe him if he told you the truth.

But you deserved better. You deserved to know. It was worth a try.

“(Y/N)”, he started, calming himself down before mentioning the risky subject. “Your boyfriend is standing on the opposite street side, being extremely touchy and flirty with a girl that is not you.”

He was met with silence. 

“(Y/N)?”, Jimin asked carefully. “Please don’t cry, you deserve so much better than him.”

A shaky breath was audible through the line. “Jimin, why can’t you just accept the fact that I’m dating him? I know you dislike him but we’re happy. I really don’t know who that guy in front of you is but it’s definitely not (Y/B/N). I trust him. He would never lie to me. Even less cheat on me.”

You took a short break and continued before Jimin could protest. “Why can’t none of you accept that he treats me good? Do you not want me to be happy? Are you jealous? Why are you imagining things?”

Jimin’s heart clenched and he had to close his eyes to stop the pain that shot through his heart at your words. Yes, he was jealous, very much to be exact. He loved you with every cell of his body, he was ready to give his all to you while your boyfriend played you like there was no tomorrow. Taking advantage of your kindness, playing with your heart without you even noticing and it hurt him. It hurt him that you believed that guy more than him. That he was more important to you than him. That (Y/B/N) had you but Jimin didn’t. That (Y/B/N) could call you his, while all Jimin was, was a friend.

“You’re right, sorry”, he mumbled. “I guess I’m really imagining things. He’s probably not as bad as I keep thinking he is.”

It physically hurt Jimin to say those words while directly staring at your boyfriend cheating on you. Yet, he wanted nothing more than your happiness even though it meant to lie to you to keep your bubble of love alive.

“Thank you”, you whispered. “Do you want to come over and watch a movie? That way we both get distracted for a while and spent some quality time together.”

You giggled, making his heart jump and a small smile automatically spread across his face. Gosh, he loved you so much. 

“Be there in 10″, he chuckled before turning his phone off, glancing towards your boyfriend one last time who was now practically swallowing the other girl before turning his back to him, walking to your apartment.

A soft ringing echoed through his bedroom, making Jimin flinch in his sleep and turning around in his bed before a hard pillow was thrown onto his head.

“Hyung, get the freaking phone, I want to sleep”, a grumpy Jungkook growled, while Jimin lazily grabbed over the night table.

“Hello?”, his sleepy voice answered the call.

“Jimin? Are you awake?”, your muffled sobs were heard through the phone. Jimin’s body immediately tensed and shot up, ready to run over to your apartment and save you from any bad that was currently happening to you.

“Yes, yes what’s wrong?”, he asked worriedly before glancing down onto his clock.


“He- he just came back home, hickeys all over his neck”, new sobs shook your body, making it hard for you to speak. “I- I don’t know what to do Jimin, he keeps pleading me to forgive him and insists that nothing happened b- but he cheated on me! I- I can’t forgive him like that”

He knew it. He knew that that idiot would break your heart sooner or later. He knew that he would be the one to pick up the pieces, yet only to be seen as the lovable, cute, little friend of yours. The one that would always be there for you, no matter what. 

“Listen (Y/N), don’t move and most importantly - don’t listen to what he says okay? I’ll be there as soon as I can”, Jimin pleaded, already getting dressed and putting on his shoes.

“Okay. Thank you Jiminie”, you sniffled before hanging up, leaving Jimin with his love confession on his lips.

“Of course. I love you (Y/N). I’d do anything for you”, he whispered to himself before heading out the door.

Sweat dropping down his forehead and panting hard, he knocked on your door, trying to catch his breath before you opened the door so you wouldn’t notice that he basically sprinted his best time to get to you.

Jimin expected you to be in an awful state, red eyes and puffy face, sobbing like crazy and barely being able to hold yourself up, just as you sounded on the phone. But when the door swung open, a huge smile was on your beautiful face, as your boyfriend hugged you from behind, smiling down at you.

“Oh hey Jimin”, you greeted him. “Come in!”

Jimin’s eyes went wide as he saw the comical scene in front of him, looking from one face to the other, trying to understand what was going on.

“What’s this?”, he finally asked confused, denying the offer to step inside, staying still and searching in your eyes for an understandable answer.

You shrugged and grabbed your boyfriend’s hand. “I forgive him. Everyone makes mistakes but you need to learn to forgive and give second chances. His apologies were sincere and I felt his earnest regret so I decided to let this one go if he swears to never betray me like that again.”

Your voice was shaky and a fake smile appeared on your lips as you spoke those words, as if you were trying to convince yourself - not Jimin. 

But as Jimin heard those words leave your lips, he felt as if his world was breaking into a million pieces. It would have hurt him less to be rejected by you than to see you like this. He saw the pain behind those words of yours, he saw the struggle and the toxic love you felt for your boyfriend that just wouldn’t let you let him go. He saw the insecurity that was taking over you and the fear that was burned into your heart. 

He saw it all, yet he knew that you wouldn’t let him help you. You didn’t want to know the truth. And he couldn’t keep on seeing you getting hurt over and over again.

“I see”, was all Jimin said before giving you one last pleading look. Your eyes traveled downwards, avoiding his gaze and the love that was visible in it.

“I have to go”, he said as his word almost choked the air out of his lungs, turning his back to you, heading out of your building back to the dorm, ready to cry himself to sleep and try to get over the unbearable love he felt towards you.