in fact i claim the opposite

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do you still think trans are not real peopele? i did read your transphobic blog postings and i just hope more vulnerable members do not stumble across your hatred. may think about deleteing them no?

When did I ever say they aren’t real people? You claim to have read my posts so please, point to me where I ever said they aren’t real people? Now does that mean that I think a woman is a man and a man is a woman? No, that goes against all scientific rationale and logic and the fact is, most trans people I have talked to fully acknowledge that they aren’t the opposite sex but instead want to be the opposite sex. That I can sympathize with and I pass no judgement. What I won’t accept though is being ordered by some blue haired teenagers to pretend a person is something they’re not and then be blamed for suicide if you don’t. 

Ben Sharipo sums up this bullshit manipulation perfectly: gender is not disconnected from sex. Thinking you’re a man doesn’t make you a man. It is not a denial of your humanity if you are a transgender person, you’re a human being but you have a mental issue that I truly sympathize with and if you’re old enough you are entitled to deal with it in whatever way you see fit. But if you’re going to dictate to me that I’m supposed to pretend men are women and women are men, I’m not going modify the most basic biology because it threatens your subjective sense of what you are. 

If I call myself non-human who doesn’t conform or relate to human being roles, does that mean I stop being human? If I’m 22, does that mean I can change myself to be 60 years old? If I’m a white American, does that mean I can change my race to Asian simply because I identify with Chinese culture? At what point do we stop redefining the terms? You cannot magically change your age or race and you cannot magically change your gender. I’m all for being open minded and tolerant but the line is drawn when I’m demanded to pretend something exists and if I don’t then I’m held accountable for death. 

The idea with the transgender movement as a civil rights group is all of their problems will go away if I would pretend that they are the sex to which they claim. The idea that transgender people are committing suicide more than others because they aren’t being called by their preferred pronoun is ridiculous, it’s not true and it’s not backed by any science that anyone can cite. If “discrimination” leads directly to suicide, then explain to me why black people who are living in “a racist evil white supremacy society” have significantly lower suicide rates than whites? Explain to me why women who are living in “a sexist, misogynist, woman-hating oppressive male patriarchy” have significantly lower suicide rates than men? The idea that suicidality is the direct result of people stating women aren’t men and men aren’t women - it’s yet another manipulative plot from the left, one we have to stop being fooled by. 

The idea that we have to sacrifice our entire society’s proper definition of sex because you think there is someone with a preexisting condition that makes them more susceptible to criticism, this is not the way to run a society. You cannot sacrifice truth just because some people can’t handle the truth (ayy!) There is no evidence whatsoever that the transgender suicide rate would drop if people started to pretend that women are men and men are women. All evidence of transgender suicide rates points to their own mental health and one thing nobody wants to talk about and that’s the suicidal regret post surgery and post hormone treatment. 

We can encourage people to be open minded with trans people but you will not ever get to abolish science and demand for people to accept it otherwise they are responsible for suicide. Fuck off and go try to manipulate a gender studies student, you’ll find greater success there than with me. 

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What's your theory on Taeil? Care to share with the rest of the class ^.^

*cracks knuckles* Let’s go…

SO! It’s no secret that Trey Songz is pretty much known for singing about some nasty shit (if ya know what I mean) and Taeil claims Trey Songz is his favorite artist. hmm…

Also - time and time again the other members of 127 have all agreed that Taeil is the member who’s the most polar opposite to the side that we (the fans) see. Meaning he’s not the shy, quiet, reserved, nervous guy he portrays himself to be…

AND the members even went as far as to admit that Taeil is the member who walks around the dorms “”naked”” the most (what I’d do to catch a glimpse of that….)

And I mean it’s kinda like a known fact that the quieter the person, the dirtier they really are.

And that’s my theory on why Taeil is actually a hoe! Thanks for reading bYE !!!!

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Hi, in another ask about why you dislike NS you said: "Naruto was shown to have been steadily moving on from Sakura and that Sakura was shown to have developed her feelings for Sasuke to a “whole other level”. Iv'e seen this claimed a lot by both SS and NH shippers but never have I seen canon evidence that proves either of those statements to be true in the manga, in fact there were some panels that show the opposite is true. so can you show me proof from the manga to those 2 statements?

To be honest, I find it really, really surprising that not only do not think that neither of those statements are true, but you also think that the manga has actually shown the opposite. That’s honestly left me at a loss for words.

Anon, no manga panels illustrate Naruto romantic feelings for Sakura as being stronger towards the end of Part 2 than they were towards the beginning. Similarly, no manga panels depict Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke as being weaker towards the end than they were towards the beginning.

During the Land of Iron arc, Naruto was taken aback by Sakura’s sudden confession for all of one second, and quickly realised that something wasn’t right, and during the whole ordeal, he gave absolutely no indication that he still harboured feelings for her at all:

Previously, when Sakura made it crystal clear how her heart belonged to Sasuke and Sasuke alone, such as just prior to making the Promise of a Lifetime, Naruto would have at least displayed some form of sad smile or expression, because he had feelings for her, so that information was difficult for him to accept:

Now, he didn’t do any of that, and was instead actually angry that Sakura was lying to herself about her feelings. He’d retain some of his crush habits (such as the girlfriend comment during the war), but nothing serious; nothing that was anywhere near as profound as what he displayed during his conversation with Sai towards the beginning of Part 2.

As for the evolution of Sakura’s feelings, I don’t even need to go into Part 2 to illustrate this, because Part 1′s development is all that’s necessary.

She was a clear fangirl towards the beginning , there’s no debating that. She thought Sasuke was cool, and was infatuated with his external persona:

But as she got to know Sasuke on a deeper and a more personal level, she realised that there was a very broken person beneath the the stoic facade that he always put up. She saw his imperfections, his issues, his pain, and rather than cause her to distance herself, all of these things drew Sakura closer to Sasuke instead, and caused her to fall in love with him.

She didn’t love Sasuke for his looks or cool demeanour; that’s not who she fell in love with. Sakura fell in love with the boy who was in desperate need of help. And the change in her affections was clear for all to see. Before in the Forest of Death, Sakura was paralysed in fear when facing overwhelming adversity. Now, she was staring death straight in the face, yet she moved to protect Sasuke with her life without a 2nd thought:

Why? Because her feelings for him were now “on a totally different level”. I could pick out plenty of other instances which explicitly highlight this, but I feel that one example is sufficient.

But just as a last bit of reinforcement, the person I was quoting was Kakashi, because while looking at Sakura during chapter 675, and thinking about how far she’s come, both physically and emotionally since they all introduced themselves back in chapter 3, he himself acknowledged that her feelings for Sasuke had developed. She still loved him, “but on a totally different level”:

If you want me to show more evidence from the manga, then I can Anon, but as I said earlier, I feel that the examples that I listed should be more than enough to demonstrate how Naruto was shown to have been steadily moving on from Sakura, and how Sakura illustrated to have developed her feelings for Sasuke to a “whole other level”.

On Doxxing and Neo-Nazis

I get that someone would logically be uncomfortable with the idea of “doxxing”; I get that. It feels dangerous. What if some internet person goes and stabs somebody? What if the person doing the doxxing is lying? What if you have the wrong person? Those are legitimate concerns for the most part!

But the goal of doxxing is not to result in death or physical violence; in point of fact, it’s usually intended to avoid the future risk of that by inhibiting violent behavior now, before a neo/nazi interprets lack of opposition as social permission. (Which is an entirely separate can of worms I won’t talk about now.)

While I absolutely wouldn’t claim it’s a faultless practice, consider these points:

  • A lot of these people use their own full, real names on this stuff– obviously, they don’t mind having this stuff attached to their image. It would be one thing if they were “hacked”, but almost always, these people have their information right out there in the open on their own social media accounts. At most, the average “doxxer” references the free portion of public whitepages.
  • Stooping to their level” would necessarily involve using slurs or claiming with seriousness that all whites or all Christians should die horrible torture-deaths regardless of age or background. (Complaining in a general way about not wanting to be around white supremacist beliefs or about the way most of white-dominated society turn their backs on violence against minorities is not the same.) It would involve organizing around that belief, petitioning the government to make it happen, and going out as a group to physically intimidate and threaten people purely on the basis of religion and race. If you notify someone’s employer that they’ve been running around on public media saying they think all <whoever> should die or that they hope the government is looking for extermination volunteers, and they lose their job, it’s not your fault they got fired. It’s their fault. You didn’t give them this person’s secret diary. You didn’t lie about anything they said. When you go on social media using your own name, you are effectively standing in a public space. I can’t go to the park and scream that I think someone should burn down the church on 8th street and expect to keep my job; I don’t see why it should be any different for these guys.
  • You really, truly, genuinely cannot change a neo/nazi’s mind. It’s not like people don’t try! People have been trying since the dawn of time. We don’t want these people to feel this way. We don’t want them to hate us. We would love to believe that these people are just a little misguided. But we don’t live in a society that forces them to behave this way for their own safety, or that forces people to choose between themselves and others. They are voluntarily going out of their way to not only have these beliefs, but to scream them from the rooftops, hound the government to pass laws in line with them, and seek out people to harass with them. Debate requires that both sides approach the subject in good faith, with intention to do what is correct, not with the intention to “win.” Nazis don’t want to be correct. Nazis want to win. I guarantee that even if I engaged someone like this in polite conversation, I would immediately be met with violent language, death threats and slurs, especially because I have a visibly Jewish name. I have tried to do it before, many times, in fact. It ends the same way every time, no matter how nice I am, and I do mean nice. Trying to offer a neo/nazi sympathy, to commiserate with their feelings, to offer alternatives, to share stories about why their ‘viewpoint’ is harmful– it does nothing but tell them they’re right and that their position is sympathetic and acceptable. At best, someone might indicate that I should die so violence like that doesn’t happen anymore (lol), or that it’s my own fault for not converting. At worst, well… you can imagine.
  • Their beliefs are frequently circular, based on highly selective and subjective interpretation of translated Hebrew, or both. Example: White supremacists won’t hire black people because blacks are lazy and worthless. How do they “know” that? Well, look how many black people are unemployed! (Do you see what’s wrong with that picture?)

In their eyes, POC and Jews are not “really” human, and all of them, from babies to elders, should be completely erased from existence as soon as possible, no matter who they are personally. A selection of religiously-based beliefs neo-nazi groups use to justify this include, but are not limited to:

  1. Jews are actually the half-demon offspring of Eve and a demon. This is also used to explain why women are stupid and untrustworthy.
  2. POC are actually included among the “beasts of the field” and are therefore soulless and were created to serve (white) man.
  3. POC are the descendants of Ham, who was “marked” and had his bloodline cursed to eternal servitude as punishment for not looking away from his naked, drunken dad, therefore shaming him in the eyes of God. This belief is touted as an ancient and therefore factual one, but the first recorded mention of it doesn’t show up until shortly before the Civil War era. It was hastily invented and used by American Southerners to morally justify slavery, based on a poor translation of the Hewbrew name Ham as being related to the word for “black.” (The scripture itself existed, of course, but not the interpretation that it referred to black people.)

Of course it’d be preferable if we didn’t feel we had to do this; of course it would be preferable not to. But at the same time, voluntary neo-nazis etc. have never said and will never say “Oh, so there’s no consequence for me advocating for genocide at all? Well, thanks for being nice to me. I guess I don’t want all blacks and Jews to die now. Your personal kindness and anecdotes about the trauma you/your loved one faced have made me change my mind.”

I don’t think they should go to jail for saying these things unless they call for direct action against people, which is a crime (and which they are often smart enough to avoid.) But I do think they should absolutely be shamed and admonished, and the only way to do that so that they don’t feel invincible and victorious is to make it personal.

Yelling at killthefuckingjews1844 on twitter or whatever isn’t going to mean jack shit to him; if anything, he’ll probably sit back in his chair, feeling smug and powerful, safe from real confrontation and feeling he’s gotten the better of his “enemies.”

But I bet he won’t feel that way if you call his mom.

I bet he won’t feel that way if you let his employer know that he told you he wanted your family to die.

I bet he won’t feel that way if you even just tell him you know his personal info.

You know why? Because it bitchslaps them straight out of their power fantasy. It makes them afraid.

And you know what? Empathy is based on shared experience. And maybe next time they want to terrorize somebody, they’ll remember how it felt to be a target and reconsider, even if they do it for the wrong reasons.

Sesame Street can't fully please anyone

There are autistics pissed off because:

•Undefined relationship with A$ despite also existing a relationship between Sesame Street and ASAN.

Some allistics are pissed off because (excluded the anti-vax/epidemic reasons given in article comment sections):

•The muppet is female
•They don’t think little kids will understand her
•It’s pandering to politically correct people
•"Not appropriate for a kids show"
•Parents should be teaching acceptance, not the TV.
•They claim autistic activists will never be happy with the representation so why bother

Let’s notice the fact that all the major opposition points allistics seem to have ignore the fact that decent autistic representation is badly needed.
Also, if parents were doing such a great job teaching acceptance, Julia likely wouldn’t be a character.

I want this character to be relatable to autistics first and foremost. I’m not going to go hate on it until after I see what Sesame Street does with Julia.

What we also badly need is good autistic teen and adult representation.


Seriously, people like sexyagendergirl and matriarchalmuffin are the reasons why fandoms in general are considered toxic and I am glad I have no part in any. You know the world has gone to pot when an artist gets harassed and called racist for exercising her right to use artistic license in her work. What is racist is using the color of Zamii’s skin of to dismiss the fact that she is a fellow Latino. She’s done nothing wrong, and if she has she apologized for it! You claim to be “social justice warriors” but you don’t even know what that term means. Your appalling actions and words are the complete opposite of how a true SJW would act. There is no room in the real world for people who conduct themselves as heinously as you all do, you hypocrites! Besides, your arguments against her have no rational basis. Which is the reason why you can only back your drivel up with expletives. You all should be ashamed of yourselves! This woman almost killed herself, what more do you overzealous sociopaths want from her!?

The way I run away from everything makes people think that there isn’t an enough amount of courage in my heart, when in fact the reason why my feet could go miles without me wanting to ever look back is because I have lots of it inside me; it overwhelms me and it makes it impossible for me to ignore its voice. I have learned that, in this race called life, sometimes running towards the direction opposite to what others have set for you as your “finish line” is an act of bravery and a reflection of real courage. I have learned that this is MY race and if I have the audacity to claim this as mine, then I should also have the courage to set my own finish line–it may not make sense to others, but it is mine and there’s no way I’m gonna run away from it just because no one could understand.
—  Irally Cariaso

A conversation elsewhere made me wonder if the Olicity fandom is aware of Berlanti’s role in the Pacey/Joey relationship.

So here is is excerpted from this book:

Posting to the tag because I’ve seen Loliver shippers claim Berlanti is the kind of guy who would be AGAINST switching to Olicity, when the OPPOSITE is true, and we have AK quotes that confirm Berlanti’s position. In fact, as the passage shows, being the guy who said “Let’s not stick to the plan, let’s go with what works” MADE BERLANTI’S CAREER.

I’m still disappointed that the entire season 11 operated on the false claim that Dean helped Amara, that he’s the one who set her free, and that’s why they are bonded. But in fact, Dean is the only one out of all the main/recurring SPN characters who had absolutely nothing to do with setting Amara free; quite the opposite. But admitting that would mean admitting that Dean’s hands are clean in this whole Darkness mess, and that’s of course unacceptable.

On the other hand, the mess that Dean actually did cause – killing Death, the entity as old as God, the entity who was supposed to reap God one day – remains practically unaddressed. There is no mess. There seem to be no consequences whatsoever. No collapse of reality, no disturbed balance of life and death, not even a power void left by one of the most powerful beings in the world. And, of course, no consequences for Dean personally. Nobody even poses the question how a mere mortal could actually succeed in killing Death, or if Dean being able to do it means he is special in some kind of way. (Gee, wonder why that might be?)

“8 reasons why transgenderism is wrong, according to social media`”

1. “Your chromosomes are still the same, no amount of surgery will change that.”

Congratulations, doctor. You caught us. But we’re already aware of our genetic makeup. Doesn’t make anything feel more comfortable.

2. “Transgender people just have a mental disorder and need to see a doctor.”

Well the funny thing about that is, I did see a doctor, two doctors. An internist and a psychologist. They both agreed I should start hormone replacement therapy and have surgery.

3. “God makes no mistakes.”

I never claimed for God to have made a mistake. In fact, I believe quite the opposite. God is standing right by me through this journey as He stands by you through yours. He leaves no one, including me. You can’t change that, as much as I know you’d love to.

4. “We were put on this Earth for reproduction, they can’t reproduce.”

Well neither can Mr. Sterile-At-Birth over there, but he’s not an abomination. He’s got an unfortunate medical condition. See #2.

5. “Transgender people just trick other people into thinking they’re male or female.”

This isn’t a magic show. This isn’t a trick. If I plan to engage in a relationship and/or sexual activity with you, I would be an asshole not to tell you. Checking out your groceries however does not require me to divulge what genitalia I possess.

6. “I don’t want my children exposed to ‘those people’“

I don’t plan to take my pants off around your child for many more reasons than exposing transgenderism. If you’re telling your six year old that I should be defined by my cisgender, you’re the one confusing them. Not me.

7. “Surgery doesn’t make you a man or woman”

No, but it surely made me feel great. I’ve only got X amount of years to be alive, I’m going to enjoy the way I look and the way I feel while I’ve got the time to do it. And peeing standing up is so much more convenient.

8. “She’ll never know what it’s like to be a real woman. Carrying a child, having menstrual cycles, or facing the oppression of men.”

You’re right, she’ll never do any of those things to the degree that you’ve had to, but she sure is happier. Why do you want to take that away?

We know how we were born. We know the biological factors that make us not exactly the same. We however, are uncomfortable. We have seen doctors for this, multiple doctors, and they SUGGESTED these changes. I’m not on disability for this, I work for my health insurance that pays for my doctor visits, I pay for my prescriptions with my hard earned money, I go to college to better my career choices, and I treat all those I meet with respect. I was raised that way. I wasn’t raised in boy’s clothing or to believe that gender was optional. I was raised in a very normal household. I don’t know why I’m transgender, but I do know that I’m much more comfortable now, and there is no reason that should hurt you. If in fact I’m committing sins, I hope you’ll overlook them as much as I overlook yours.

I wish you all well.

Protecting girls is more important than liking a celebrity

So you may or may not know about this post that went around a few months ago, where someone alleges that Osric Chau has a practice of, in essence, seducing girls at conventions by treating them like they are special while he is in fact seeing multiple women behind each other’s backs and pressuring them for physical intimacy. Obviously this is not the kind of thing that anyone wants to believe is true, me included, but there seemed to be enough substance to the claims that I have had bad feelings ever since I read the post.

It was because of this post that a mutual of mine recently messaged me to tell me about her experience with Osric, which was not of a seductive or romantic nature - rather the opposite. She’s wary of the hate that she would get for posting the story, so I decided (with her consent) to share it here, because I want to know if there are others out there who have been through the same thing and are too embarrassed or scared to say anything. Please message me (anonymous is fine) if you have had a negative experience with Osric and you need to vent about it to someone who will believe you and support you.

When I met Osric I was so excited to meet him. I was with my very conventionally attractive friend (extremely skinny, very pretty features). She mentioned that she knew Osric personally and had his email. At the time I thought she was lying but when we met him, she asked me to let her talk to him privately for a while because she didn’t want me to “overwhelm him”. They spoke and he hugged her and showered her with attention that is extremely unusual for a man his age to give a sixteen year old fan but I thought he was being really friendly.

I went up to him eventually to say hello and he just brushed me off, going silent until I got the feeling I shouldn’t be there and I left again and watched him return to giggling and laughing with this friend.

Later, I was on my own and he was in the exhibition hall looking at some fandom merchandise. These two (again very skinny and conventionally attractive girls) walked up to him all giggly, acting like fans and asking for hugs. He gave them warm hugs and as they were walking away I tried to strike up a conversation with him. I’m overweight, and I’m not ashamed to admit that. I’m not what you would call conventionally pretty either but I’ve never felt dismissed because of it until Osric.

When I went up to talk to him, he went totally stiff and sort of nodded. I asked him for a hug and he patted my shoulder sort of as he tried to keep as much distance between me and him as possible during the hug and I didn’t want to think that but it’s the only way to describe how it happened.

I quickly darted away to a different merchandise table because I felt gross and creepy and annoying and just generally like shit. I looked later and saw him do the same thing to another girl around my size and it hurt because right afterwards he started laughing and giggling with more of the “conventionally attractive” women who were there. I tried so hard to come up with excuses for him.

I paid in advance for a photo op so I wanted to like him and I hadn’t been nervous about it before but at that point I didn’t even want to go.

When I got to the photo op much later, I started to talk, saying I was nervous and he grimaced at me and then pulled me into a weird pose and handed me a balloon without even a smile.

I turned around as I was walking out the door and the people behind me he was leaning down speaking kindly to and you can guess what they looked like. It had become so much of a pattern it was impossible not to feel like shit and then I saw the posts and now I feel sick because I’m pretty sure they solidified everything I felt that day but I can’t say anything or warn anyone because he’s a “fan favorite”.

Of course this is not the sort of thing that any of us want to believe about someone we like and admire, but the person telling me this story is, in my opinion, credible, sincere, and experienced a lot of hurt because of this incident. My bottom line is that protecting girls is the most important thing, more important than liking a celebrity or protecting his reputation, so if there is any truth behind all of these stories then I want every girl who might go to a convention to read this and be forewarned. I don’t want anyone, ever, to end up taken advantage of or made to feel ashamed of their existence. 

I’m posting this because I don’t care if I get hate, I only care about protecting people.

The purple flame burns brighter than ever

Artist’s comments under read more, because this is a very important picture to me. For that reason, you may not (more so than any other picture I made) upload this picture on other websites, alter, edit or claim it as your own in any way. 

Now on Pixiv too with the individual pictures. Please consider bookmarking/rating my work if you like it! Thank you!

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You know what? Screw it. While I’m at it: I’m actually going to address another blatantly wrong claim from the loony sock puppet manifesto.

Sock Puppet heavily implied that Jacobs/BMW/GMW tries to/wants to teach kids that “not everything is gray,” when in fact it’s the exact opposite. Childish notions of right and wrong often tend to be binary—black & white. But as you get older, you learn that’s not really always the case, as Amy explained to Cory in BMW 1x12. This idea is further explored on GMW in GM the New Teacher, which was written by Jacobs himself.

Loony Sock Puppet clearly doesn’t even understand the show (or the showrunner) they’re trying to defend from my “devilish” analysis, tbh. I’m not the one originating the claim that kids need to grow up a bit in order to understand that not everything is black & white. That’s not something I’m projecting onto the BMW/GMW universe, it’s an idea that has been made QUITE CLEAR on both shows. So…Sock Puppet & Co. can honestly just miss me with the steaming pile of ignorant bull manure. They’re the ones misunderstanding and distorting the lessons here, not me. 👍 ☺️

LOL - I think the trash-talking about Tony Stark right now on Tumblr is from certain fans of certain ships who are upset about:

1. RDJ stealing the movie and getting exceptional reviews.

2.  The fact that this movie is essentially “Iron Man 4″ - let’s be real. 

3.  Being proved wrong about their ridiculous claim that RDJ bullied and shoehorned his way into Cap3 (when the exact opposite was true - Marvel pursued RDJ and he had to be talked/negotiated into it…as is the usual way in H’wood…and what about “Civil War” made you think Tony Stark wasn’t essential to it?)

Ah well - keep on being mature, kids. Why not just stay in your lane and enjoy the movie?  There’s so much hate in the world - do we really need to hate fictional characters?  Your guys did well too - the movie is so good overall that everyone’s looking pretty great right now.

let’s get some things straight:

  • Gavin and Hayden are straight
  • Gavin and Hayden have girlfriends, but even if they didnt, and they literally only hung out with each other, that STILL wouldn’t mean that you could CONSTANTLY ship them and BOMBARD THEM
  • Gavin and Hayden are more than likely not ashamed to be associated with being gay, it is just the pure fact they are being claimed as something that they are NOT (aka an item, a pair) 
  • Even if these were two opposite sex children it would STILL be an issue
  • It’s crazy to be a part of a fandom that advocates/lives/breathes for “its okay to be who you are” but then literally go and shoot down people and degrade their love lives because of the personal bias/fantasy they have because they don’t fit your image. Or just completely mold their lives to how you view it. that is the strongest piece of irony i have ever faced. And it so foul and unfair to Gavin and Hayden.
  • I’m personally so sorry thegavinmacintosh & Hayden Byerly/ your girlfriends.