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I’m so proud of Louis. He has such a stage presence. He used that big ass stage and filled it 100% of his performance. He made sure to acknowledge every single side of that stage and make sure every one of those thousands of people got a little bit of him. And HE DID THAT WHILE HITTING EVERY SINGLE NOTE HE SANG. WITH A SONG THAT HAD A TEMPO CHANGE! That song was faster, and he still jumped around, slid around, and sang his heart out all over that stage.

I honestly couldn’t be more proud of him if I tried. He is the most talented and best boy, and he deserves the absolute WORLD!


In a surprising plot twist Syaoran has located Kingdom Hearts. 

It was in a library all along. 

At the store this evening, I learned something new:

I totally don’t get all these new super-specific greeting card themes.

They all seem like such rare circumstances to me.

Friendship Romantic Cheer Get Well cards: 

For when you’ve got a sick friend you kinda want to ask out, but think they’ll need further cheering up if you try.

Milestone Sweetheart Teen cards: 

For when your teenager just took up distance running with their boyfriend/girlfriend, which obviously warrants a greeting card.

Cheer Get Well Miss You Romantic cards: 

For when things didn’t go so well in the relationship, and you need to imply you miss them while under the pretense of just cheering them up.

Wife Grandmother Niece Cousin Aunt and Wife/Husband Grandparents Niece/Nephew Aunt/Uncle Cousin cards: 

For when you have an event and need to send cards to every single family member possible, and want to ensure no one feels left out.

And, most-importantly, 

Wedding Baby Anniversary Thank You Sympathy cards:

For when someone is celebrating the anniversary of them marrying a hyperintelligent baby, and you need to appreciatively congratulate them while simultaneously expressing your condolences that said marriage happened in the first place.

I mean, I’m all for being specific, but it feels like that situation wouldn’t come up that often. 

Quite aside from his boyish good looks, Eddie is by far one of the best actors I have ever seen. Why? Because every role he has played has been so different from the others & yet he is absolutely, 100% believable in every single one of them. You don’t watch him act & see Eddie - you see Newt, Marius, Stephen, Qwerty, & so on. His talent & skill are formidable!This is why he has won so many awards.. & no doubt there will be more in his future!

(Disclaimer: This is the first time I ever attempted a collage in photoshop, so please excuse the imperfections. Photoshop hates me! Also, I know not all of his many roles are represented, but I tried to choose my favourite from each year. And I couldn’t choose between Birdsong & Les Mis! I also just realised that I left out My Week With Marilyn… gah!!!)

pokemontrainerlars  asked:

I just wanted to say that you are doing an excellent job and I'm really enjoying this blog!, also how would yoosung, seven and zen handle a shy and quiet MC?

that’s really sweet of you to say, thanks a lot! ♥ boy do I know the struggles of being shy lol and I really enjoyed writing this so I hope you like it! ^^

- Admin Cat Mom.


  • everything’s so awkward. 
  • so damn awkward.
  • rambles a lot in the beginning to fill awkward silences and gets flustered every two seconds. 
  • and the truth is, while he’s not quiet at all, he is a bit shy himself.
  • that makes every. single. one. of your interactions an odd mix of cute and uncomfortable.
  • but that’s not okay!! is it?
  • gets frustrated and discouraged because you’re not exactly an open book and he can’t figure out what’s going on in your head.
  • this is an internal struggle, though.
  • as he’s nothing but kind and affectionate to you.
  • then eventually realizes that you both share a more subtle connection
  • and that getting to know you takes time and patience.
  • and that you do have things in common.
  • he was just overthinking oh okay nice.
  • overall absolute sweetheart, adores discovering new ways to connect with you.
  • and feels as if your quiet demeanor had a calming effect on him.
  • if he’s too tired or sad and doesn’t feel like talking, he can just lay next to you in silence, maybe hold your hand if that’s okay with you, and feel all better again.


  • mistakes your shyness for indifference.
  • aw but you seemed a tad more relaxed in the chatroom…
  • and he liked you a lot! talking to you was always a pleasure!
  • but now that you’re face to face, you’re barely speaking?
  • wonders if he’s done something wrong or if you’re just not interested in him anymore.
  • internal screeching.
  • literally has to bite his tongue because he wants to ask a million questions, but he thinks he’ll end up pestering you if he does.
  • internal screeching part 2.
  • bUT he’s still a gentleman
  • and he still finds you the most precious thing alive.
  • maybe he needs to be a little more patient?
  • as you slowly start opening up, he confirms his theory.
  • and regrets being so thirsty and aggressive when you joined RFA oh god.
  • so you were just shy! that explains so much.
  • LOVES it when you get all cute and flustered.
  • but never forces you to talk or do anything that could upset you.
  • control the Beast, zen.
  • protective boy will also punch anyone who dares make fun of you. 


  • his first attempts to approach you consist of jokes.
  • awful jokes.
  • but trying to get to know you can be hARD and disheartening.
  • on the other hand, though, he’s curious.
  • because??? behind his outgoing and bizarre facade there’s someone much more broken and serious???
  • are you hiding in your shell as well, MC?
  • as time goes by, he starts picking up on your little quirks and habits.
  • turns out you’re even cuter than he thought.
  • can you please stop? you’re killing the man.
  • considers making you laugh a complete success, and your sweet giggles cleanse his ears and his soul.
  • starts teasing you once you seem to be more comfortable around him
  • and enjoys it a lot.
  • believes you can balance each other out and be real with one another
  • like there’s no need to be happy-go-lucky god seven 24/7? you help him tone down his act and he’s thankful for that.
  • treasures all of the moments you share together, especially those where you open up a little more to him.
  • during his route: being cruel to you and pushing you away, although easier, is fucking torture.

I just want to say thank you to all of you from the bottom of my heart for being so supportive of this blog. Everyone has been so kind and passionate about Connor and myself, it’s really been keeping me going this past couple weeks. I was really worried that no one would like Connor (or me) when I came over here but you all have been incredible!! I still have a lot of doubts about Connor but I’m so happy you’re all here and I love you all so much.

so conspiracy theory time….. there’s 12 days until april 7 so he could be posting a grid of 12 photos where he posts one every day until the single is released 👀

Ink Commissions

Alright people, I haven’t done something like this before so please excuse the awkwardness.
I need to upgrade my pc. It never was a ‘good’ one (hardware wise) in the first place, but it’s getting more and more obvious that it’s just too old, crappy and unable to handle my requirements (like running photoshop without crashing every 10 minutes)
So I thought about doing a few ink commissions to raise some money, similar to the following:

- A single character, drawn in ink on a A5 sheet of paper.

- 3 open slots for now (just to see if someone is actually interested. If more are asking, I might do some more afterwards)

- 60€/65$ each

- payment only via paypal

- if you want one, message me via

- the mail needs to contain what you want as a commission. Not in detail, just the basic idea.
If you are one of the first 3, I’ll message you back with your spot on the list. Starting with number one, we’re going to work together on the commission, meaning you’re telling me all the details I need to know and I’m replying with one, or multiple, sketches to be sure I’ve got what you had in mind before doing the actual drawing in ink.
first come, first serve.  I’ll take this post down as soon as 3 people have messaged me

- I do fanart, original characters, animals, anthropomorphic stuff, robots and robotic things

- I don’t do anything considered nsfw

- You won’t get the original artwork send to you. I’m sorry, but I’m very possessive of my artwork and are unable to give it away right now.

That should be it, thanks for you attention.



The Matsus travel to America! They experience American cuisine such as Corn Dogs and individual cups of Jell-O. Jyushimatsu plays a lot of baseball, Karamatsu dresses as a very sexy man and gets a lot of ladies, Choromatsu gets a crush on lady liberty because he’s fuckin stupit. The Matsus are loved very much here and we get more merch released in Hot Topic and FYE stores.


The Matsu writing staff is so inconsistent with their story, I believe every staff member needs to sit down and watch/read every single Osomatsu-kun anime and manga in order to fully understand the characters! However, some of us viewers do not have time for this, so staff will compile all the important parts into a recap episode :)

#3) The Terrifying Lodger

A shoutout to a classic character that appeared in Osomatsu-kun! One of Fujio Akatsuka’s most interesting characters, who has his very own fandom sub-following! His fans have created countless fanart and fanfics, staff must have noticed by now!! Thats right, its….

Rerere ojisan!!!!

In this episode, he gets let out of prison for being a good noodle and stabs Osomatsu immediately for revenge. 

He then gets thrown back into prison.


Karamatsu won a cool battery-powered scooter because he sold a lot of stuff in a fundraiser! He took it our for a spin but Ichimatsu was very jealous!! Ichimatsu only sold 1000 candles in the fundraiser and got a rubber band. He was so mad he shot the rubber band at Karamatsu while he was scootering! It hit him right in the eye, which blinded that eye. He fell off his scooter and fell down a HUGE CLIFF!!!! he landed with his other eye open on a sharp blade of grass, which blinded his other eye. Oh yeah and the fall caused him to permanently break both of his legs.

His brother laughed at him, the monsters!!!! Karamatsu wished the fall would have killed him. He hated his bros so much! They keep picking on him and he was just a perfect boi who did nothing wrong ever????

He dragged himself to Chibita’s house (he is blind but he loved chibita so much his heart led him there) and now they live together!! Chibita is very sad this happened to kara and cries a lot (but karamatsu cant know)

Chibita has to act as Kara’s seeing eye person and also wears a leash because he is kinky


Ichi, Jyushi, and Totty find Choromatsu’s collection of body pillows and nendoroids. They make fun of him and Choromatsu cries for 1 hour and 42 minutes. He then causes a body pillow avalanche, getting buried alive and never seen again, getting rid of the eldest brothers once and for all.

a) why are you sending this to my main blog and not this one

b) the only theories about my songs i don’t want are ones that stigmatize mental illness????? like the ones that go “idk i think this is about someone going insane and killing someone :/” like. it may sound like a stretch but i’m serious, every single one of my songs has at gotten at least one comment like that. i’m not joking. it actually starts to hurt after a while lmao THOSE are the only theories i absolutely do not want people making. 

otherwise i love hearing ppl’s theories? sometimes they’re really interesting ahah idk why the rumor is going around that i don’t. want ppl making theories abt my songs, i keep seeing ppl say that in comments of my videos and other videos

anonymous asked:

I understand that people connecting everything you do to your brother can be annoying but like...he's the famous one? people only know you because of him? what did you expected honestly

she’s gotten a serious leg up because of her last name and who her brother is and i get that that’s just how things work (that’s true of every single 1d sibling who wants to pursue a career in the public eye/in media) but that doesn’t give her a free pass to just shit all over the fans whenever she wants.



Happy 86th Birthday  Leonard Simon Nimoy  March 26, 1931 - February 27, 2015 — forever…

Happy birthday Leonard!  My hero, my inspiration, my role model. I miss you and love you every single day. You’re still here for me and for every one around the world. You’ll live forever in our hearts and minds. Thank you for everything! LLAP!  

she was the love of my life, despite our failed friendship in the past. 4 years later we got back as friends and fell in love.

but we didn’t last a year, and she broke things off with me december 2016 due to our differences.

she tried to change me into a better person, but I kept disappointing her. I tried so hard to make her as happy as I could, but she gave up on us in the end. I live in regret and misery every single day now.

I tried to get her back one last time yesterday on the 25th March 2017, after I slipped into depression post break up but she has completely given up on trying as lovers or friends..

this was her last message to me, I guess this is the end. sorry yl, I really love you.