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Yuuri's Evil Laugh
Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Yuuri's Evil Laugh

It looks like someone managed to record a bit of the squid possession fiasco, and I haven’t seen it posted, so I felt I’d share it with all of you! (I also have Viktor bringing Yuuri out of his possession with love, which I might upload at some other point)

Translation (accuracy unchecked) 

Yuuri: You’re all definitely going to hell!!!


I love that, just in the very least, we showed that, you know, we portrayed this, you know, this connection between the two characters [Oswald and Edward], whether you’d call it love or whatever, but my favourite thing about doing that, and this is a testament to the writers, is that none of the characters used it as a derogatory thing against Oswald. [x]


170725 ellieperla, arraey_ and shop_alchemist instagram update of gd: 

1-5: @ xxxibgdrgn #GD #G-DRAGON is the most relevant entertainer of the k-pop music scene. He is a mega star. An exceptionally talented composer, dancer, singer, fashion icon/designer and leader of #BIGBANG. Aside from being a musical genius, he is humble and works harder than one can imagine to become each day better. He once said “Work till your idols become your rivals”. I think he no longer has rivals. He is the one everyone is now looking up to.

2: It’s inspiring to see G-Dragon pinning his clothes for his pop up last night. I love when artists are hands on with the creative process, even the unglamorous tasks.

3: PMO DAY1  #Mi🅰️Mi


IN CELEBRATION OF FIVE HUNDRED FOLLOWERS //<3// ZORO IS NOW HOLDING A PARTY/AN EVENT (In a rented villa with a pool so don’t break anything please oh god please thank you.)

The event is called Suits & Dresses and it will run for a whole month on discord. STARTING DATE IS SATURDAY 29 JULY// ENDS ON 26 AUGUST.

You can draw your muse in a suit or dress//little reminder that women can wear suits and men can wear dresses too!! CLOTHES HAVE NO GENDER.//

I’ll try to reblog all your drawings to my blog,, please notify me if I missed your drawing, thank you for your participation in advance! 

The mods are @ask-captain-kid, @pheonyxie, @askhildon and myself. We’ll be there to keep everything under control so everyone can enjoy the event. The chat will have rules, please read those when you join, thank you.