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I’m getting vibes that FrUk is the most popular ship of the fandom nowadays considering the hate towards UsUk (btw chill guys)

I wanna know for real:

Like = FrUk
Reblog = UsUk
Like and Reblog = Both

Just a friendly poll, no need to get defensive. I personally would pick both but that’s just my opinion.

(Note: it’s been almost a day now, FrUk is winning by a landslide at the moment)

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  • England and America: *kiss*
  • Spain and Romano: *kiss*
  • Italy and Germany: *kiss*
  • Finland and Sweden: *kiss*
  • China and Russia: *kiss*
  • Japan: not the type of history we usually do, but no one's complaining. *proceeds to take pictures while ice-skating*

Arthur can’t seem to get over Alfred after their months-long breakup, so he agrees to go to extremities to move on. Pick the right bachelor, though, and he won’t have to move on at all. Usuk, Omegaverse. Parody of The Dating Game.  //

“Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to One-O-Three-A!”

Arthur fidgeted in the shadows as peppy music overwhelmed the room. He was standing on a stage, his scent spiked with apprehension as he pulled on his sweater. He wrung his hands together as bright lights flicked on, causing him to squint as the music swelled. He was the newest person to appear onto the dating show One-O-Three-A, where he would ask questions to three anonymous Alphas and choose to date the one he liked best.

This hadn’t been his idea, but, his beta friend Francis was tired of him always moping about after a bad date, so he’d taken things to extremities. Nothing seemed to work out after his big breakup with Alfred, and Francis was sick of his self-pity. Arthur shook his head, bringing himself back to reality so he could focus. The host of the show approached him then, a beta with an artificial calming scent. He held out a hand, Arthur taking it after a moment of hesitation.

The beta host took a breath, and then waved enthusiastically at the studio audience.

“Welcome back, welcome,” The host repeated as the audience’s applause gradually faded out. “Now, we’ve already introduced our bachelors, but, our cute little omega here hasn’t got a clue who they are. Now, to introduce him to our alphas-” The music track changed, and the host held up his microphone. A pink spotlight shone over Arthur.

“This is Arthur Kirkland, a twenty-two year old omega who’s an upcoming author in the romance genre. He enjoys making handmade sweaters in his free time and selling them on his online store. And, he can’t stand fast food. A round of applause for Arthur!” The studio audience clapped again, and the host led Arthur to an armchair.

“Now, there are three eligible alphas on the other side of that white wall. There’s a pile of cards to your left, they have questions on them. Just read them to an alpha of your choice, and at the end of the show, pick the best of the bunch.” The host laughed. “None of the questions will pertain to the alpha’s appearance, name, or occupation.”

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The FACE’s kids are to be feared

England uses that in his advantage tho