in echoes

anonymous asked:

Love, love, love your fan art! In addition to the beautiful work you've already done, I'd love to see a portrayal of William Ransom! Maybe the scene from an Echo in the Bone where he realizes Jamie is his father and that he's been lied to..?

Thank you so much for this prompt, dear Anon! I am a huge fan of William in the books, who I find to be so very much like Jamie as a young man - impetuous, reckless and stubborn are the qualities which come to mind! But he is also a product of his upbringing, and the scene in Echo which you describe is HUGE in terms of William’s character development. He is very literally confronted with the truth of his history, and there is no escape or denial possible. 

I can only hope I’ve done it justice - mod Fiona

And here are some close ups :