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Baby Driver

this movie is flawless and here are some reasons why:

  • the whole soundtrack
  • the entire beginning sequence
  • when Griff (Jon Bernthal) gets in the car during the first heist and points forward and Baby slams it backwards
  • sign language
  • Joe made me so happy?
  • also when he signed “who’s the girl?”
  • Ansel Elgort’s lips? blocked
  • you can hear his tinnitus (ringing sound) when he’s not listening to music
  • you can’t hear his tinnitus when he’s with Deborah
  • when he takes one ear bud out the music shifts to one side
  • Kevin Spacey. just overall. i love him
  • “what the fuck?”
  • when he goes to get coffee and he’s listening to Harlem Shuffle by Bob & Earl you can see the lyrics graffiti-ed on the walls and poles and stuff behind him as he’s walking
  • when Baby is ordering coffee and he goes “yeah yeah yeah” in time with the song
  • Baby reciting back the entire plan and then looking at Bats and going “questions?”
  • “That’s my Baby.” “Fuck yo’ Baby.”
  • the gunshots are perfectly in time with the music during every fight sequence
  • when Buddy cocks Darling’s gun for her
  • Darling’s outfits
  • she’s also rly pretty the fuck
  • Brighton Rock??? What the fuck???? so good I love Queen
  • “And you’re in a pink and sparkly mood?” “I am now.”
  • Every time Baby smirks I wanna punch him
  • the sunglasses scene
  • the scene where he’s running away from the cops is just as intense as the car chase scenes and the gun fights
  • Simon and Garfunkel’s Baby Driver is so catchy fuck
  • “Wait, I have to start the song over.”
  • When he goes into the diner and it starts playing When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
  • Baby singing along to Neat Neat Neat
  • “Now you know I hate taking candy from Baby…”
  • Jamie Foxx’s character was unpredictable, and a little unnerving. He wasn’t like terrifying but there definitely were moments where I wasn’t sure what he was gonna do and it made me nervous
  • side note my dad was peeing when Bats died and when he came back and I told him Baby killed Bats he went “ah, good.”
  • “You took something from me that I love, now you know I gotta do the same to you.” Oh yea for sure he’s gonna shoot Deb- FUCK
  • that part was honestly so good I spent like 5 minutes with my mouth hanging open like fuck you Buddy you can’t take that away from him :’( 
  • but it also shows that Buddy really understood Baby and remember that he kinda stood up for Baby and they were bonding a lil with music and stuff it just shows how unpredictable he was
  • I have legitimately been listening to the soundtrack for this movie since I saw it a week ago today
  • his name is Miles
  • if Edgar Wright and James Gunn made a movie together I would die immediately upon entering the theater

don’t worry I’ll see this movie 8937459 more times so expect more of this

You are allowed to say “No”, okay?

You are allowed and encouraged to say “This feels bad to me for [x] and [y] reason. I would like to do [z thing] instead if you are comfortable with it!”

I will never, ever, ever, punish you for saying “No” to me. I will never be angry at you for expressing your discomfort.

You never have to feel guilty for denying a request of mine. Whether it is “No, I would not like to share my headphone ear bud with you.” or “No, I do not want a hug from you right now.” or “I do not feel comfortable committing to this life decision.”

You do not owe me, or anyone, emotional or physical services. You do not have any obligation to do anything in return for anyone.

Everyone who matters will still love you even if you aren’t “convenient” for their use.

Character Quirks

 Peter Maximoff

-Can’t sit still

-Constantly has ear buds in, even when there isn’t music playing

-Cracks his knuckles all the time

-Laughs at his own jokes

-Humming, all the time

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Kurt Wagner

-Doesn’t understand personal space

-Over salts/seasons his food

-Loves holding hands

-Is jumpy and anxious 

-Talks through movies

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Hank Mccoy

-Yawns loudly 

-Squints a lot

-Looses important things, like his glasses

-Gets excited about everything

-Calls rather than texts

-Always matches his socks

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Peter Parker (Tom Holland)

-Talks in his sleep

-Over shares everything that happens to him

-Needs reassurance

-Is horrible at naming movies, places, people, ect. refers to them generally and expects you to know what he’s talking about

-Is a horrible liar 

-Refuses to hurt any animal, even insects

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Bucky Barnes

-Is somehow never cold, AKA you always get his jacket

-Hands often clenched in fists without him realizing it

-Walks with long strides

-Reads every night

-Doesn’t understand Slang

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Barry Allen

-Always smiling

-Never takes anything too seriously 

-Talks too quickly

-Licks his lips a lot

-Buys you flowers to make up for every mistake

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Steve Rogers

-Stands with his hands behind his back

-Rarely curses

-Doodles a lot

-Gets excited about references to old things

-Always knows how to get places

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Erik Lehnsherr

-Sometimes speaks in broken german 

-Uses his eyebrows when speaking (raising them, furrowing them, ect.)

-Never sleeps in, meaning breakfast in bed for you

-Prefers listening 

-Is great at card games

Charles Xavier 

-Has an impressive vocabulary 

-Answers his own questions 

-Knows a lot of useless facts

-Constantly quotes things 

-Loves bad jokes and always laughs at them

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“Be At Peace” Spell

For some the world around them has gone to shit it seems and they deserve peace. This spell will help those be at peace but do also try to talk to someone. A therapist or a friend you can trust.

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What You’ll Need

  • A song that makes you feel at peace
  • Headphones/ear buds
  • A small bowl
  • Rose Quartz
  • Dried Rose petals
  • Pencil/Pen
  • Paper
  • Salt Water
  • Your tears (if you can cry)
  • Pink candle

What To Do

  • Put your headphones/ear buds on/in and start your song.
  • Write your happiest memories on pieces of paper and place them into the bowl.
  • Crumble your rose petals into the bowl and place the rose quartz in.
  • Pour your salt water in to cleanse.
  • Then drip the pink wax into the bowl and, if you can, cry into the bowl. 
  • Put your finger in the bowl and circle clockwise, say/think “While the world around me may seem cold, I may grow into a rose. My beauty and love for others and others’ love for me will get me through.”
  • Blow out your candle and set pour the bowl of water outside your front door to let only positive energies come in.

EXO as High School Seniors

김민석 // Minseok Kim ° Xiumin
¤ its been four years but people still call him minSOK
¤ he was born a year before all the seniors so he’s older than all of them
¤ “I have two part time jobs so shut the fuck up”
¤ doesn’t have any really close friends but still has some
¤ wears ear buds EVERYDAY, can’t live w/o them

김준면 // Junmyeon Kim ° Suho
¤ is the class president even though nobody knows who he is
¤ took every AP and Honors class possible from freshman year till now
¤ was on the national honors society every year and got the Summa Cum Laude award (4.0+ gpa ofc)

¤ very nice!!
¤ father friend but not a pushover

张艺兴 // Yixing Zhang ° Lay
¤ he always looks high but has never smoked in his life
¤ nobody knows he can dance hella good but he’s always doing dance moves in the air
¤ “bro , I don’t smoke weed stop asking”
¤ he laughs at people crying
¤ asks dumb questions in class “so is math related to science?” (everyone sighs)

변백현 // Baekhyun Byun ° Baekhyun
¤ a THOT
¤ wears tight pants so he can “enhance his curves”
¤ loud everyday for no reason!

¤ friends with all the janitors
¤ if you see him around chanyeol you know shit is going down (not in a good way)
¤ throws parties but gets drunk ; hooked up with Chanyeol (who follows him like a dog)

김종대 // Jongdae Kim ° Chen
¤ the sensible friend
¤ whines for e v e r y t h i n g, but its cute so cant get mad
¤ can’t never do nothing by himself (people always ruin it for him)
¤ short but strong
¤ has a car and people only want rides
(“youre all SNAKES” he whines)

박찬열 // Chanyeol Park ° Chanyeol
¤ and tall for no reason!!
¤ hangs off of his shorter friends because he “gets tired of walking”
¤ doesn’t know when to stop playing!!
¤ tries to turn in assignments at the last minute
¤ a part of the drumline in marching band
¤ in LOVE with baekhyun, doesn’t care what Baek does to him (“hes my cinnamon apple” he screams)

도경수 // Kyungsoo Do ° D.O
(literally me!!!)
¤ very very average student
¤ grades are good, test scores are qualifying
¤ everybody thinks he’s smart asf when he literally does nothing
¤ pretty asexual (but literally wants to hold jongin)
¤ only in the psychology club
¤ took cooking twice in a row (when he got to put in his schedule)
¤ “why are you looking at me, stop”

김종인 // Jongin Kim ° Kai
¤ “wheres this class again?”
¤ laughs at anything and everything because “its just funny” (with tears in his eyes)
¤ sleeps in class and super grumpy for the rest of the day
¤ acts condescending sometimes
¤ takes 47809678 snaps before sending them to kyungsoo (“omg I look so ugly 😥”)

오세훈 // Sehun Oh ° Sehun
¤ immune to people saying “Oh, its Sehun”
¤ has a sugar daddy, he calls him Lulu (“we wont even meet, he lives in China”)
¤ always absent for some reason too
¤ copies people’s homework and acts surprised when he gets caught

¤ VERY sassy , rolls his eyes 24/7

¤ “oh my GOSH , JUST SEND THE SNAP” (he yells at jongin)

Jewel In The Crown (M)

florist!kihyun, 15.1k, he knows what beautiful is but he’s also a bit jealous and has shitty friends

warning: smut (kihyun is a virgin, his first time, oral for both, slightly dom!kihyun i guess??)

“You look really nice by the way…Ignore that. You look beautiful. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known.”

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I’m yelling my ear buds broke so I can only hear the instrumental of songs and so I was listening to agust d and its just silence for while and then you hear him yelling random words at you like “CONCERT” and “FIRST CLASS” lmao and after he yelled “MY ASS” he kept saying “ass ass ass ass” in the background omg can you imagine him recording this bye

Touch | NSFW

Summary: You needed a study break, and let’s just say things got touchy.

Characters: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: smut, cursing, d*ddy kink

Word Count: 989

A/N: 18+ only please!! Since y’all were being nasty the other day, here’s a quick one that y’all inspired me to write.

“Babe,” Tom had said, but you didn’t hear him, “(Y/N)!” he screamed making you jolt away from your school work.

“Sorry. I was blasting the music. What is it, Tom?” you said.

“Come lay down for a while. You’ve been studying all day. You need to relax.”

You thought about it and didn’t fight against it. You took the ear buds out and placed everything on the desk, and crawled into bed with Tom.

“You seem tense, love. Take your shirt off and lay on your stomach. I bet you have knots from that horrid desk chair,” he said, kissing your head.

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Thinking of Her

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warning: Smut, fluff

Word Count: 800

Submitted by: @chaos-and-the-calm67 - She says: *hums innocently as I drop this into your inbox* I dunno if you need this…so imma just set it down anyway. Just in case…

A/N: I thought of this immediately when I saw the gif. It just had to be written. 

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707 not liking MC's music taste but not wanting to tell her
  • MC: This is so weird...
  • 707: Huh? What is it?
  • MC: Whenever I plug the aux cord into my phone it doesn't work but it works fine on literally anyone else's phone
  • 707: *sweating* uHh maybe your phone's just broken
  • MC: Hmm... my ear buds work though
  • 707: uM wEIRD
  • MC: wait, you didn't-
  • 707: I LOVE YOU
  • MC: DID Y-
  • 707: MARRYME
  • MC: I'll just play the music from my phone *winks*
College Boy

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 1311

Prompt: Harry wants a shot at a normal life so he attends Northeastern University, but it’s harder than he thinks. The friends he made just want fame, and the other hardly look at him. But then he meets her, Y/N, and she wants nothing to do with the a-list celebrity.

Cole and Dylan Sprouse did it, Emma Watson, Amy Pohler, they all went to college, and Harry wanted to as well. He wanted the experience of something normal for once, he wanted to be able to say he graduated, he wanted his family to come to a graduation. When the news broke out everyone went crazy trying to figure out where he was going, and Harry got accepted everywhere. But he wanted to succeed he wanted to go to a school he knew was right from him, which was far from Harvard, but it also wasn’t community college. He wanted a roommate, he wanted to live in a dorm, attend the dreadful eight ams, and have RA’s. So he picked Northeastern University, still the top best, but no Harvard.

Harry was thankful for his roommate, Nick. Nick didn’t care at all about who Harry was. Nick spent most of his time in the library or in the room studying, he hardly spoke to Harry. Nick had a plan, two years at Northeastern and then Harvard. Nick made it clear that he didn’t want parties or girls coming in and out every night and Harry promised he would be as normal as possible, but Nick just scoffed.

It wasn’t easy for Harry and he wondered how everyone else did it. Students watched him, took pictures, videos, whispered, they just kept following him around, and Harry hated it. He found it difficult to make friends, the ones he did make wanted fame, and the other kept away. He couldn’t seem to find someone who wanted to actually sit and talk with him.

Nick had been holding a study group in their room so Harry grabbed his bag and made his way to the library. It was quiet and as soon as he walked in he saw a couple phones point his way. He huffed and made his way to the back where there were small cubicles. He pulled a chair back and pulled out his laptop. Texts from Jeff and Nick quickly popped up.

Nick: How’s the college life, join a frat yet?

Jeff: Do you miss the studio yet?

Nick: I love you but this is just insane why are you doing this?

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anonymous asked:

Now can you do a headcanon of when the RFA + Saeran + V are trying to get the MC's attention?

Hope you like these:)


  • You were busy cooking and he said something to you from the other room
  • You genuinely didn’t hear him, but when he repeated it a few times, you just pretended not to hear him
  • That didn’t fly well by Zen
  • He comes behind you and nuzzles his face in your neck
  • It tickles, and you squirm, but you still hold strong
  • He starts peppering your neck with kisses
  • You’re giggling now, but you’re still not answering him or giving him attention
  • “Are you ignoring me on purpose, MC? I can’t allow that.”
  • He turns off the stove and lifts you up and brings you to the  next room
  • You weren’t ignoring him now


  • You were doing your nails and listening to music
  • Only he didn’t see your headphones
  • So he keeps talking to you, and he keeps getting silence as a response
  • He wants attention…and he wants to be sneaky about it
  • He slips beside you and in one swift moment, grabs your hand to kiss it
  • Only…you jerked it in surprise, and now his lips have pink nail polish smeared down the middle
  • You hurriedly apologize and try to hug him
  • But you’re also cracking him up laughing
  • As revenge, he smears some nail polish on your leg
  • After you take your headphones out, he wants to help you
  • He’s so careful and puts your nail polish on you with his shaky fingers


  • You were just having a bad day
  • So you just sat in your room and doing mindless things
  • Jaehee would come by and talk to you as normal
  • But she noticed you were giving vague answers or just completely blanking out at some points
  • She can’t seem to get your usual excited self at all
  • So she goes into the kitchen and bakes your favorite thing and makes tea and coffee
  • The smell eventually lures you out of your room
  • She sits down with you and eventually gets you to open up about your problem


  • Usually you greet him when he comes home
  • But this time you didn’t
  • He didn’t want to say anything and seem overly desperate
  • So he keeps glancing at you from the other end other room
  • You of course feel this, so you look up at him
  • Your eyes meet for half a second before he awkwardly looks away
  • This keeps happening for a good twenty time before you’re just like
  • “Jumin, did you need something?”
  • He finally opens up
  • He’s scared he did something wrong or you were mad
  • But you explain you were light headed all day, so you just sat down
  • You weren’t even thinking
  • You make up and give him all the attention


  • He was working on his cars for the afternoon
  • So he kept coming in and out of the house
  • You were sitting by the window reading and listening to music, but your hair was covering your ear buds and he only saw you from the back
  • He kept saying little things to you whenever he passed you
  • And he started noticing the lack of response
  • He assumed you were being salty about something
  • So his little statements get more and more salty, and he makes up stuff he knows will rile you up
  • You’re still not giving him a response, and he’s frustrated
  • He just goes right up in your face, “I ate your left over noodles!”
  • Your first response is to jump because he was so loud
  • But then you calmly pop out an earbud and your face goes cold, and Seven realizes the situation
  • “What did you say?”
  • “Nothing!” he bursts and tries to distract you with kisses
  • He gets the silent treatment for real this time


  • Normally, you’re giving him so much attention that he sometimes pushes you away
  • But you were across from him on the couch…not saying a word
  • He gets suspicious but he can’t just ask you for attention, because of reasons
  • So he leaves the room…and comes back because he “forgot something.”
  • He keeps forgetting things until you’re really not giving him attention and there’s not that much he can sensibly take from the room
  • So he grabs the blanket underneath you
  • “I forgot something,” he says.
  • He’s about to leave, but the glare you give him…
  • So he sits down next to you and places the blanket over you both
  • He’s a little pouty about having to give in, but no one is complaining at that point


  • You guys don’t even know how it started, but you had a domestic squabble
  • You were still kind of upset about it
  • So you gave him the silent treatment
  • V inches into the room
  • “MC…dinner’s ready.”
  • He felt so bad that he made dinner, cleaned the house, ran some errands
  • But you still ignored them
  • He’s so hesitant as he approaches you
  • He sits behind you on your bed and slowly wraps his arms around you
  • When you don’t pull away, he goes even further and rests his chin on your shoulder
  • After a little while, this does get your attention and you forgive him

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