in detention getting physical

Hey 5winers it’s been a long three years but we’re here now so I thought I’d give a bit of credit to the people I follow who’ve kept me on tumblr for so long! I love everybody on this list but blogs in bold have either been my mutuals for so long or are my friends or they’re just 5uper cool or all three.

I made the pic on my phone in two minutes<3

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chodeboy animalscanread artificial-sweetener awkwardcabbages balletrat91 beammeupbeforeyougogo bitterblonde boniform booahoo bored-from-wellington boredfrombrisbane brokestraightboy butterfliesaresluts cabbagecorporation camouflage-my-nature catchbullatfour cockmafia collegiatelydogmatic concon-the-barbarian cumslutsupreme deadybearspicnic deeerian desu-thug enidcoleslawsss exceptionalearner eyes-me-pisces fagocyte electraaheart failingphysics fastidieuse femmewitch goodenoughforjazz gwenstafani gwenstefanee

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