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Happy 24th Birthday Kamiki-kun ♥ 2017.05.19

stregafiore replied to your photoI hate almost everything about this and that…

I thought that rug was a moldy floor. Omg that dressing table!! <3 <3 Also, a dressing table is the one thing I wish to own before I die.

I think maybe if we just scream-chant “CLAIRE UNDERWOOD” into the night for the next 3-4 years, this situation will simply manifest before our eyes:

I’m Your Good Boy (M) // Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Summary: Your boyfriend comes home extremely tense and in desperate need of your help to wind down. 

Genre: nsfw // explicit smut // sub!hoseok // dom!reader // orgasm denial // sex toys - please don’t continue unless you’re okay with these subjects

Words: 2.8K

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In which the Pretty Cake Machine needs maintenance.

Hey guys!

Okay, so I’ve been really trying to get back on top of things since returning from Japan, and it hasn’t gone as intended. As I’ve mentioned before, the pocket wi-fi we rented in Tokyo ended up being… garbage, basically. I was able to update Instagram and Twitter and that was basically it, so I came back being pretty behind on work.

Now I’ve been hit with a one-two punch of jet lag and a cold my husband and I picked up in Japan, and as much as I’ve tried to make work progress these last few days I just can’t get anywhere. To top it off, my freelance gig called me in to work the rest of the week with a pretty hefty workload, so I have basically today to rest up and hope I can recover enough to work.

So, I’m going to be putting the brakes on and putting up my next entry (Sailor Mars!) this coming Monday or Tuesday. I just desperately need some recovery time and I don’t want to put out something sub-par because I’m overextending myself.

I really am very sorry for the spotty updating and I promise I will do my absolute best to get back on my recipe-a-week schedule ASAP! I have tons of photos/video clips from Japan I still want to edit into something resembling a Japan Pastry Rundown, too.

You guys are the best. Thank you for being so understanding about things so far. I look forward to being back with awesome content and a better energy level!



The Busy & The Tired

Based on a prompt by @the-savior-and-the-pirate. Maybe not exactly what you asked for, but I hope you like it all the same.

  Teacher AU where Emma is a long-term high school sub and Killian offers to give her pointers. She declines, but realizes she needs it like 5 min. Into her first class

Another day, another dreary suburban high school staff room serving up mediocre coffee and a sad selection of middle aged educators in desperate need of a holiday.

Being a sub hadn’t exactly been Emma’s dream job. When she’d first graduated she’d had notions of changing lives. Inspiring the next generation. Saving the world, one Shakespeare quote at a time. Suffice to say, things hadn’t quite worked out that way.

Now she bounced from one school to another, wherever she was needed. AP English teacher ran off to Mexico with her boyfriend? No problem. Creative Writing teacher comes down with a rare case of meningococcal? Emma was your girl.

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I have gone through all the stages of grief and bereavement. Spoilers ahead as always. 

1. Shock. I saw Chulgu read a book and smile and laugh. And it was mostly when he was dissing Jaewon. A perfect example of me feeling very happy and quite sad at the same time. Also: their behind-the-scenes photoshoot video was kind of adorable for a bunch of scrappy rappers. 

2. Denial. Jaewon’s gone. Woe. Well, okay I’m not a delusional fan. He deserved to be eliminated in this episode for all his mistakes. His final performance was great but he was completely overshadowed by Simon and Gray (who sometimes has the voice of a fucking angel). 

3. Anger. First Juno and Swan. Then BeWhy and CJamm. Then Jaewon and Chulgu. I definitely cried ‘Nooooooo!’ at my screen more than once. I’m vaguely frustrated by BeWhy because his rap feels off-rhythm to me sometimes but 5 seconds later, it will be back on track and amazing. 

4. Bargaining. I really liked Donutman. His rapper alias and his rapping. I still can’t quite believe we lost him, Jaewon and G2 in the same episode. Here’s hoping Mnet bring them all back for stage performances during the Finals. They should also bring Hash Swan and fly Juno back. No, I will never let that go. I will bring it up in every post. Haha.

5. Depression. I seriously wanted to see Jaewon make it to the semi-finals solely so he could perform with Bobby. Just because. But alas, it will never happen now. You know, watching SMTM 4 and 5 has really made me appreciate Bobby’s win in 2014. Even if you don’t like him or his style, it’s hard to deny that he’s a dynamic performer who is a lot more exciting to watch than a few of these current contestants. On a side note: Gun and his mama made me cry and I’m pretty sure he was always going to win with that kind of emotional performance. 

6. Testing.  CJamm and BeWhy are still great but I have yet to see a standout performance from either of them lately. I’m so interested to see how they do in their next performances because I’m prepared to drop one of them for Reddy. 

7. Acceptance. I like all the remaining rappers but if I’m honest, Flowsik does have something different and special, even if he’s not as versatile as the others. I kind of want a Reddy/Flowsik final and that idea just came out of nowhere. Reddy was my favourite performer in Episode 7. I hope he stays because he’s a bit of a dark horse, creeping up from behind while we’re all focused on the others. 

8. Bring on the next round. I’m Reddy and mentally stable for it.

[HELP WANTED] Subber for the first Hetamyu

Hi Everyone! Our team has been extremely busy towards the end of the year and we’ve reached a bit of a predicament. We desperately need someone who is experienced in using aegisub for subbing, knows some basic Japanese (enough to know which line goes where), and able to work on a 2.5hours partially subtitled video.

I initially wanted to stream the musical on 24 dec, which is the date of hetamyu’s first performance in Tokyo a year ago. But that goal is no longer realistic and I’d be happy if someone can help us finalize the subs within a month.

Send me a message/ask to volunteer if you can, or signal boost and spread the word! Happy holidays and thank you!!

The diversity of the definition of "goth"...

Quite interesting: while many won’t consider me “goth” (not that I care, or think anything of these definitions) as I dislike 80s music and post punk, the scene here, when I first got into this world wasn’t about that music AT ALL.

It was always Industrial, Dark Electro and EBM/Synthpop.
Our “role models” were bands like Psyclon Nine, Noisuf-X, Suicide Commando, Miss Construction, Combichrist, Grendel, Angelspit etc.

We had huge parties with over 200 people fully dressed and going crazy (for a country like Israel -that’s a whole lot of people).
For YEARS that was my definition of “goth”. Those people were the goths, not post punk or 80s.
Hell - coming from here I didn’t even know those were the roots and the general definition of this scene until just a few years ago.
Guess what though?
I didn’t care. None of us did.
I finally found something I felt a part of. Somewhere I finally felt I somewhat belonged to.

This subculture is SO vast and has so many sub-sub cultures in it that the desperate need to hold on to that definition just doesn’t make any sense to me.
Who cares what started this?
Like any subculture - it evolved and will continue doing so.
Because guess what? If this subculture ceases to evolve - it will cease to exist.
You get bored listening and re-doing the same things over and over again. That’s natural.
Allow for progression, allow for evolution, embrace those new forms.

So yep. I don’t like 80s music or post punk. It will never truly mean something to me. I didn’t experience those years.

So yeah. “Goth”, to me, is industrial, with deep voices or distorted voices infecting my mind and pumping into my veins.
Its symphonic metal (like Epica, After Forever or even Evanescence).
Those are the roots of MY definition of goth, and you have no hold on my mind.

Love and respect all, show true individualism but also keep your mind forever open and accepting - THAT is what “goth” is for me.

And if that’s not what it is to you - who am I to judge.