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Things I think get overlooked in fanworks about each character in Team Voltron:

  • Shiro is fairly short-tempered and snaps at people very quickly if he feels like they crossed a line first (See: initial impression of Kolivan). In general, if Shiro doesn’t like you, he doesn’t mince words (early in s2e3, before he realizes Ulaz is helping him, and Shiro’s whole diatribe against Zarkon in s2e7)

  • Pidge overthinks to the point of panicking (see: s1e1 on the Green Lion’s planet) and a lot of her snapping is primarily defensive in nature- a happy and comfortable Pidge can be mischievous but usually with a very different tone. Much of her snide behavior deteriorates as she comes to trust the team more, though it makes a return if she’s upset or frustrated. 

  • Keith responds positively to being hugged, but also awkwardly (Hunk bearhugs him in s1e2 and he freezes up and doesn’t know how to respond, but doesn’t pull away when Lance does. In s2e9, he and Shiro hug each other when parting ways, something we also see between Allura and Coran). It suggests that Keith is to a degree touch-starved and unsure of how to initiate or ask for intimacy. 

  • Coran has a hell of a grudge on Zarkon (s1 finale, remarks that he’s been waiting ten thousand years for a shot at him) and probably has his own turbulent feelings about the fall of Altea that he’s likely downplaying for the benefit of the rest of the team, particularly Allura. In general, though, we have seen Coran get very angry very quickly if he feels like someone is disrespecting or threatening Allura.

  • Hunk is a sweetheart and likes to take care of his friends, but can be very suspicious of strangers- these seem related, as he’s the main one to bring up Lance’s near-death experience after s1e4 and 5 and voice it as a reason not to trust Rolo and Nyma. 

  • Lance seems to deliberately control and to a degree calculate his reactions the most out of the team. Many times, he can be seen actively gauging others’ responses and modifying his behavior- in s1e1 on Earth he specifically brings up the Kerberos mission in private to see how Pidge reacts. That said, for all of his calculation, he actively looks for opportunities to be honest with people. 

  • Allura appears to have difficulty admitting vulnerability to people she is unfamiliar with, and we see her most readily seeking comfort and voicing insecurities to those she is the closest to (Alfor, Coran, the mice) though she has been gradually opening up to the team. Especially if threatened or disquieted by something her response is to present as sterner and less affected than she really feels. 
The Ascendant is important!

Here’s why:

  • The Ascendant does not just show “how people see you.”
  • The Ascendant signifies how you’ve entered into the world. It represents your birth, your first breath, and your first, strongest view of the world.
  • The 1st House rules over the head. The Ascendant can not only have a say on your facial appearance, but the overall vibe of your appearance as a whole.
  • The Ascendant serves as a spreadsheet for the placement of your planets. Without the Ascendant, you will not know which Houses your planets are in.
  • The Ascendant also sets the order of the signs ruling the Houses. The signs are in order on your natal chart, and the fact that the order can’t be changed shows that the Ascendant has a strong effect on the rest of your Houses. This implies that the rest of the Houses are connected in some way to the Ascendant.
  • The Ascendant is often accepted in many aspect patterns due to its important and visible effects.
  • The Ascendant is often used as a defense mechanism against the world as a way to keep oneself safe by covering the sign ruled by the 12th House. The defensiveness/covering of the Ascendant goes with the archetypal notion that Aries, the sign naturally ruling the 1st House is always defensive and on-guard from outside forces.
  • The Ascendant is often used to find one’s karmic lessons and directions in addition to the North and South Node.
  • The Ascendant is the start of the natal chart and is arguably one of the most important angles in the natal chart.

Retrograde planet(s) in the 1st house: the Ascendant sign’s manifestation will be heavily hindered/reduced. Very insecure, perhaps prone to self-hatred. Introverted. Identity and life path may change a lot. Likely more self-aware than most others with the same Rising. Tend to be very interesting to others, but don’t feel that way. Worldview is unstable & usually subjective but insightful.

Retrograde planet(s) in the 2nd house: have no idea what they’re worth until they take the time to study their personal values; before that happens, they tend not to have a solid foundation from which to operate & base their decisions/will on whims or temporary mindsets. May have many regrets because of this. Fluctuating & unconventional finances/possessions.

Retrograde planet(s) in the 3rd house: tend to be quiet, considerate, and thoughtful. May prefer to observe rather than participate. Acutely aware of flaws in mindsets/thoughts/statements, especially their own; analytical and clever. Shy, may be unwilling to share thoughts. May tend to talk in circles without getting to the point. Erratic productivity and mental activity.

Retrograde planet(s) in the 4th house: prone to withdraw, extremely introverted and introspective. Self-reliant, psychologically strained but independent nonetheless. Many intrinsic issues that they usually make an effort to work out. Family/upbringing is the source of much inner trouble. Possibly emotionally repressed, or they express emotion unconventionally.

Retrograde planet(s) in the 5th house: poor self-confidence, hate standing out. High standards for themselves. Fear not being received well so they may water themselves down or put up a facade. Self-censure is a big problem, and so is self-denial. Pleasures/enjoyment are stressful & cause inner tug-of-war so they may avoid it altogether. Prefer to experience pleasure in private.

Retrograde planet(s) in the 6th house: easily distracted and prone to procrastination. Tend to prefer working alone as it’s difficult to cooperate and collaborate. Can be lazy and unproductive. Need a lot of motivation and reward. May fall ill often. Mental health may be poor. Anxious. The part of the body associated with the planet or sign on the cusp may have many issues.

Retrograde planet(s) in the 7th house: usually able to acknowledge the parts of themselves they dislike/reject, thus they tend to be relatively self-aware. Very inhibited, may be hypocritical. Potentially the type to back out of commitments, present ultimatums, blackmail/manipulate, and “negotiate” their way through life in an unfair manner. Potentially repressive and superficial.

Retrograde planet(s) in the 8th house: particularly secretive; expression is inhibited. Tear themselves apart looking for answers to their problems; can be blind to things in their life that will help them, may ignore them on purpose out of fear, resentment, or self-contempt. Wise, insightful, extremely intuitive. Inner world is out of control so they’re excessively controlled on the outside.

Retrograde planet(s) in the 9th house: fleeing is a natural defense mechanism. Easily feels suffocated and the first instinct is to disappear from the immediate situation. Feel lost intellectually because nothing really makes sense to them or clicks; tend to have unconventional but intriguing opinions. Restless on the inside. Can’t settle on beliefs; can’t agree with anyone.

Retrograde planet(s) in the 10th house: feel lost in the world; feel as if the world has no room for them. Unsure of who they truly aspire to be, and that trickles down into their personal life, so they tend to be generally indecisive. Feel weak or inadequate. May have too many ambitions or a lack of them. Lack of belief in themselves. Limit their opportunities with underperformance.

Retrograde planet(s) in the 11th house: usually have issues making & keeping friends. Difficult to connect to in a lasting way, despite their efforts to integrate. Uncomfortable with fully “belonging” to a community, or attaching to dreams/ideals. May feel lost and disconnected, possibly excluded. Sometimes prone to withdrawal. Usually limit/filter their personality when socializing.

Retrograde planet(s) in the 12th house: generally present an image of themselves to others that differs greatly from who they are on the inside. Unsure of themselves, may be either extremely self-aware or extremely self-unaware depending on the sign/planet. Rarely seen or treated the way they should be. Painfully repressive but they can’t avoid the truth about themselves.

May apply to houses with their ruler in retrograde.

These descriptions also count for the nodal axis (if retrograde) to a lesser degree because retrogrades often relate to lessons that need to be learned in order for the native to “evolve” as a person, which is a big theme of the nodes.

Hello - Newt x Reader

Prompt: A little drabble! Soulmate AU where everyone is born with the first words their soulmate says to them tattooed on their wrist. Reader is completely fed up with her quest to find her soulmate, as the only hint she has is the incredibly vague black letters that have always been stamped across her wrist.

Warnings: Swearing, bullying, use of alcohol, harassment and unwanted advances

God, you hated your soulmate tattoo.

What sort of a soulmate tattoo was “hello”? You had detested it your entire life. What vague-ass higher power had decided when they gave you your tattoo to stop at “hello”? How would you know for sure when you met your soulmate? Couldn’t they have elaborated a little bit? Just a few more words? A proper sentence that you could actually recognize your soulmate with? But no, you were stuck with the most common greeting in the English language tattooed permanently into your skin. Hello. What absolute bullshit.

Every time someone greeted you with that simple phrase, your eyes would narrow, you would square your shoulders, and you would spit back the most distinct and unmistakable response you possibly could. You were not going to be the soulmate couple that had “hello” on both of your wrists. Your lucky, lucky soulmate probably had something ridiculous, like “Whatever you say,” or “Did you know that a hippopotamus’s sweat is red?” because you absolutely had to stand out, and you made sure that your replies to “hello” always did. There was no other way to be sure that anyone and everyone who said “hello” to you wasn’t your soulmate.

What a useless tattoo.

All throughout your school years at Ilvermorny, you were completely embarrassed to show people your tattoo. Unfortunately, when your classmates found out, they had great fun sending people you had never spoken to before up to say “hello” to you.

Your reaction was always hilarious, so they kept doing it. Your responses ranged from “Go fuck yourself,” to “Nice try guys, but I’ve already spoken with her before,” to straight up punching one student right in the jaw when he got a little too friendly with his hands as he delivered his “hello”.

You started to feel a little bad for your actual soulmate as your replies increased in hostility. They probably had a particularly colorful quote of yours. “Go to hell,” perhaps, or maybe “Who the fuck put you up to it this time?”

When you graduated, your defensive nature had thankfully melted a little. You had switched to solely offering people fun animal facts whenever they said “hello” to you, and it was far less stressful. “Seahorse mates hold each other’s tails so they don’t lose each other,” was a favorite of yours, as was “Cows have best friends.”

One evening, you were at a bar with your roommates Queenie and Tina, and you were in no mood for advances from anyone. You had decided to date, as many people with soulmates do, just to pass time while you waited for your soulmate to arrive, but your recent significant other had found their soulmate and left you in the dust. It was incredibly depressing, and you just really wanted a drink.

A man waltzed up to you, sliding into the chair beside you and offering a hand to shake. “Hello,” he said with a grin. You looked over at him, as annoyed as you were drunk, and reached out to flip his arm over and look at his wrist.

“Alright, let’s get this over with I’m not in the mood to think of a fun fact,” you grumbled, pulling back his sleeve to look at his wrist.

It wasn’t really with disappointment that you read the words “I’m so sorry I ran over your dog,” in black ink on his wrist, and you patted his hand drunkenly.

“Good luck with that one, buddy,” you slurred, getting to your feet and heading toward the door. He blinked after you, bewildered, and then returned to his drink.

Such was a usual encounter for you, and by the time Tina dragged a certain magizooligist into your home, you were sick and tired of your goddamn animal facts.

“Queenie, (y/n)!” Tina called out to you. You peeked your head around the corner where you were helping Queenie mend dresses, and you saw with a pang of confusion that Tina had brought two men along with her.

Queenie voiced your amazement, grinning and chirping “Teenie! You brought men home!”

You approached your friend, not bothering with the fact that you were clad in only a slip, and you blinked at her in disbelief. “Who are they?”

“This is a no-maj, and this is Mr. Scamander. He’s responsible for his injuries,” Tina said wearily, pointing her finger at the sweaty, overwhelmed man who offered you a disoriented half-smile before fixing his gaze back on Queenie, who giggled.

Mr. Scamander gave you a little wave. “Hello,” he said.

You let out a slow puff of air, your frustration resurfacing as your hand shot forward to grab his wrist. “Merlin’s Beard, just show me the goddamn tattoo,” you grumbled without thinking. You were in total shock when you slipped his sleeve back and found yourself face-to-face with your own words.

You looked up at him with wide eyes, and he looked just as startled. A hush fell over the room, and you felt your face grow hot. “Sorry about that,” you mumbled apologetically, unable to drop your gaze from his.

“That’s quite alright,” he said softly, his lips twitching upward in a small smile. “It’s quite the conversation piece,” he teased, and you found yourself chuckling.

“You had better be worth all the trouble my ridiculous tattoo has caused,” you teased back. The other three people in the room were watching the two of you, completely taken aback.

“I think for the most part people usually find me to be more trouble than I am worth,” he confessed, his eyes sparkling.

You dropped his hand at last, your face red and your heart pounding with embarrassment. “We’ll see about that,”

This is such a silly idea but I had to write it down so here u go

def not my best work but I hope u enjoy!! I literally didn’t even proofread this so it’s probs full of errors and bad transitions but pls enjoy this dumb little drabble!! (two fics in two days, who am I and what have I done with puk)

Fixing things around the Haus was never really about the dibs for Dex. But, all the same, in the back of his mind he was still relying on his efforts in that department to secure him housing for his junior year at Samwell.

Which is why he’s a little surprised at himself for the sinking feeling in his gut when he’s officially offered a spot.

“Oh,” he replies dumbly.

Lardo blinks at him, clearly startled by his lack of enthusiasm, her hand still held out between them waiting for him to reach out and seal the deal.

Dex shakes his head and reaches his own hand out belatedly. Only to have Lardo pull back. “Bro. I’m not gonna give it to you if you don’t really want it.”

“No, no, I do! I promise I do. I’m sorry, I just thought…”

He thought that he’d be getting either Ransom or Holster’s dibs. And that Nursey would be getting the other’s. And, despite the fact that Dex has been dreading the very idea of that for the entire school year, he feels off kilter and lost now trying to imagine a scenario in which he lives at the Haus without Nursey constantly underfoot.

Even these past two years of living in the dorms, Nursey still always somehow manages to end up at the Haus whenever Dex does, stealing the last slice of pie while verbally needling at sore spots he knows well enough will get a rise out of his fellow D-man.

It seemed pointless to even hope that getting dibs wouldn’t somehow include Nursey at his side, and so Dex never bothered to factor in the possibility. He resigned himself to his fate. And now, presented with an alternative, he has no idea what to think.

“Do you, uh,” he clears his throat, watching Lardo’s eyes narrow at him, assessing. “Do you know who Rans and Holster are giving theirs to?”

“They’re giving them to Nursey, bro.”

“Right. But to Nursey and…?

“Just Nursey.” She shrugs. “Those bunkbeds don’t even have a ladder anymore, so we figured we’d turn the attic back into a single for now. And we thought we’d do you all a solid by making sure the SMH didn’t lose it’s next best D-man pair due to mutual homicide within the first week of preseason by making you shack up together. We’ve all seen how you two handle sharing a hotel room on roadies.”

To be fair, how they handle it nowadays is wildly different from the roughhousing mess of their first semester at Samwell. But apparently no one’s noticed that.

Dex goes abruptly still as a thought occurs to him that feels like a bucket of ice water over his head. “Wait. Was this Nurse’s idea?”

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anonymous asked:

"When girls and women are taught self defence (and I mean literally taught. Most women have had at least one class in school on it) we are taught that hitting is the absolute LAST resort. Realistically? If a man has actually punched us? 90%+ of women are fucked already. There is no defence against someone stronger than you hitting you." So can a woman who gets punched can actually defend herself or not?

Women aren’t made of porcelain.

We’re not some separate species, or utterly different physically from men. The concept of “woman” is a societal one. It changes based on socialization, and changes based on the society’s belief on what a woman is. It’s a nebulous concept, with no solid value when hitching one’s identity to it and the same is true for men. Societal constructs like masculinity and femininity are linked heavily to societal expectations and how we’re raised. When someone says, “a woman can’t” when a “man can” most of the time they’re referring to societal expectations taken as fact. These beliefs often have nothing to do with reality, and you only have to look at the vast differences in the United States when it comes to stereotyping women of different ethnicity, various cultures, or income levels just to see how shallow those ideas are.

There are female soldiers, female police officers, female martial artists of every stripe, and the warriors are countless going back generations. You can, in fact, find them if you look. This is before we get to athletes and all the other non-combat positions women occupy today that society said, “impossible!” just a few decades ago.

This is why understanding the effects of socialization is so important. When it comes to learning, what you believe will decide what you are.

Here’s the truth: no one takes a punch well when they’re mentally unprepared for it.

Here’s the other: most people (men included) aren’t trained to take hits.

Notice that you’re instructor told you, “Don’t piss off men. You’re helpless if they decide to physically assault you.”

They did not teach you what it looks like when a punch is incoming, or what the change over looks like. Good self-defense teaches you to be aware of your surroundings and learn to determine when danger is potentially incoming. You can’t respond when you don’t know its coming, and you can’t prepare for it, physically or mentally, when taken by surprise. The first moments of a real fight are crucial. Those seconds it takes to recognize danger and react to it when you’re already in the middle of being hit is too late. You’ve lost the initiative, you’re playing catch up, and that’s a terrible position to be in when you’re trained. It’s pretty much almost always unrecoverable if you’re not.

It has nothing to do with being a man, and its disingenuous from a self-defense perspective to focus entirely on them. While far more likely, men are not the only ones who can or will hit you. Women aren’t any safer, and can be just as predatory.

The problem with these self-defense classes is if you’re really serious about learning to defend yourself then you need to train for it. Good professionals worth their salt will always tell you that you need to be training in some martial art, and practicing the techniques you learned in your self-defense course constantly so that they become embedded in your muscle memory.

When I was forced into one these high school self-defense courses, my seventeen year old martial artist self thought they were stupid and overall pretty pointless, and they didn’t come at us with any of the above bullshit about getting punched. Girls who’ve done an hour of self-defense five years ago aren’t going to be able to perform jiujutsu throws, they’ll be lucky if they remember the bear hug escapes or how to roll the wrist against the thumb and tug if someone tries to take you were you don’t want to go (and then not know what to do once they’ve gotten free because they never practice running). Forget punching, they won’t remember how to do that.

If you aren’t practicing to the point where it becomes second nature, with the added benefit of learning self-defense techniques that are exceedingly easy to memorize (believe it or not, not all self-defense programs will teach these), and doesn’t come with the caveat that if you’re serious you need more education then they’re pretty worthless.

All your class seems to have taught you is how to be a willing victim, and that’s the worst kind of self defense.

“If someone attacks you, you can do nothing so just give up.”

That’s tantamount to admitting that they didn’t really teach you anything, and don’t want you to think they did. You’re not even in exactly the same place you were before you took that class. Mentally, you’re worse off.

If you don’t believe you can, then you won’t and it’s simple as that.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that when it comes to self-defense, you get what you pay for.

Taught is not not taught, the vast majority of high schools don’t have classes. They have one hour a year (maybe) devoted to it (usually P.E.), and sometimes its not even required. If you’re lucky, it’s a seminar of a few days. If you’re really lucky, they’ll bring in one of the female (or male) police officers from a local precinct who specializes in the police’s self-defense training they give the public. However, you are not guaranteed to have a professional, or even just a local officer. Often, it’s just the PE teacher who took a three month course. What girls get in high school depends heavily on what waivers the school is willing to sign and how much liability they’re willing to take on. It also depends on who is doing the hiring, who they are hiring, and whether they actually care.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of people out there who think women don’t need to learn self-defense and don’t want to waste the school’s already limited resources on hiring someone for a few hours. Especially when you can’t learn much self-defense in a few hours, and almost none of it is lasting.

If you’re from a country other than America, it might be different, but if you’re referring American education then its important to remember you’re experiences (whatever they were) aren’t universal. No, really. Education varies heavily from district to district, and can be vastly different within single cities depending on where you live, this is before we get to county versus county, and that’s before we get to the differences between the states. In America, public education heavily dependent on money and property values. The higher the house value, the richer the district, then the better the education. Its important to know, that when it comes to education, segregation is economic. America and Americans have no real true standard for education or education value. What you get depends on where you live, and often on parental involvement.

You can’t learn self-defense in an hour or two. You will be fucked up by shitty instructors, sexist instructors, and negligent instructors. If you are not doing your own research and taking control of learning to defend yourself then you are likely to get one of the above. If you look at self-defense as all being the same, that combat is an innate skill set possessed by only one side of the human species, if you honestly believe on some level you are inferior to men (and if you’re young, white, female, and WASP, you better believe you’ve been conditioned by society at large to see yourself that way) and that there’s no point in even trying, you will be fucked.

Combat is a learned skill.

It is not innate. You have to learn it. It is not inherently masculine. If you are a woman learning to fight, you’re not actually all that special or standout. There are plenty of women out there learning to fight. However, you’ve got to go looking for it. It won’t be handed to you.

One of the most empowering aspects in learning to fight is taking control of your own safety. You are no longer reliant on the charity or uncertainty of those around you, and that certainty will drive off most predators. Predators don’t want a real fight, they aren’t looking. 9/10, they want victims who are vulnerable and go down easy. So, whether you’re male or female, and you’re worried about your safety then head to your local police precinct, find a seminar, and that’ll point you toward freedom.


Women can take punches but not if they’re not prepared for it and whoever was teaching you is a shithead.

Don’t let their idiocy turn you into a willing victim.

This post is a public service announcement, not martial arts training.

Go get some.


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i’ve been thinking about sam and trying to figure out why she’s… not a good person and i realized that i isolated her behavior to how she acts towards her friends and didn’t really look at the influences on her.

when i was thinking about the relationship between danny and his parents, i realized that sam and her parents actually have a very dysfunctional and abusive relationship. her parents want her to be someone that she’s not and refuse to respect her or relent their opinions despite the distress it causes sam. they attempt to control her life by trying to force her into clothes they like versus the clothes she’s comfortable in; they will actually harass her to the point that she has to physically remove herself from her home; and they try to restrict and control who she associates with (see control freaks, reality trip, and reign storm). danny and tucker have never been to her home even though they’ve been friends for years and when they are invited over, sam’s parents aren’t around. sam knows her parents will disapprove of her friends, so she never let them meet tucker or danny. because of this, whenever sam is at home with her parents, she probably is under a great deal of stress and feels extremely isolated. she always has to be on the defensive because she is being emotionally attacked and manipulated by her parents.

which is a problem because sam cares a lot. she cares about the environment, she cares about animals, she cares about individual rights and autonomy, and she really cares about the people who care for her. but the problem is that she’s so used to being aggressive and defensive about her interests and who is she, that she naturally lashes out and gets embarrassed or worried when she lets her guard down. she’s fast to judge harshly because it’s how she protects herself. and she drinks in every time she gets a “win” because it means she actually has control of something. that’s why she is probably so active in so many charities, works out, and is at fentonworks all the time - she’s trying to stay in healthier environments. (and also why she’s not an a-lister - they so similar to her parents)

i just… really want to apologize to sam now. you’re not a horrible person, kid, you’re just trying to get by the only way you know how.

Guys trends that women HATE

-being an asshole
-toxic masculinity
-unwarranted dick pics
-bothering us while we are working
-predatory/threatening behavior
-obsession over ‘natural’ beauty
-body hair comments
-always being defensive when we talk about feminism
-lack of acceptance for LGBTQ+ women
-period jokes

But please, continue to tell us why you hate high waisted shorts

anonymous asked:

In my story, I want one of my characters to be quite emotionless (like captain Holt from Brooklyn 99) but still loveable. How can I write it so he doesn't sound like a stone cold bitch?

Hi, darling!  Thanks for your question and your patience <3

My god, do I love Captain Holt (and all of the B99 characters really)!  I think the show and the actor have done this character very well, balancing his stoic nature with a sense of understood genuineness.  This can be a challenge, of course – especially when you don’t have an actor and their nuances to work with.  But I have some tips for you!

Writing “Emotionless” Characters

  • No one is truly emotionless.  People who appear “cold” or unfeeling are simply not outwardly expressive.  Either they’re very much in control of their emotions (due to social pressures, strict parenting, career/status demands, self-defense), or they naturally process emotions internally, preferring not to share with others.  Inexpressive people aren’t necessarily stifling anything – they just don’t feel as strong of a compulsion to cry, grimace, laugh, etc.  This can actually be a neurodivergent trait!
  • Being inexpressive is NOT being indifferent.  Too often, quiet/stoic characters are given a passive role in fiction, but the two traits aren’t linked at all.  Inexpressive people still care about issues and people; they can take leadership roles and direct action/conversation.  They can be as direct or indirect as anyone else.  Being stoic  ≠ being shy, blunt, or mean.
  • Inexpressive characters must have strong dialogue.  The less body language/emotion at your disposal as a writer, the more important your dialogue choices are.  Show their personality through their words – what they notice, what they find amusing, what they care about, and how they share themselves with others.  Even if they don’t talk much, use their instances of dialogue to your advantage.
  • Inexpressive characters must express themselves somehow.  Whether it’s through a personal activity, through their humor, or through certain communities/environments, they have to get their emotions and their personality out somehow.  Some people come alive online; some people open up more while they’re playing, working, or discussing their interests.  Some people just need a quiet or private environment to feel comfortable.  But no one is 100% stone-cold all the time.
  • Inexpressive characters can be a great comedic tool.  Having a normally-straightforward character make a well-timed remark can catch the reader off-guard in a very good way.  Inexpressive people can play a good “straight man” (in the comedic sense – not the sexual sense), or deliver the deadpan-Jim-Halpert-jokes we all know and love.  I’ve seen deadpan characters make simple sarcasm or awful puns hilarious through the element of surprise.  Stoic characters do not have to be boring or serious!

That’s all I’ve got for you right now, but if this doesn’t answer your question, the inbox should be open soon!  Thanks again, and good luck :)

– Mod Joanna ♥️

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Stranger Things Character Study

*Not all of these will line up with the transits of the early/mid 80s but this is just my interpretation, not a canon analysis, so it doesn’t really matter.

Cancer sun & Mars, possibly air moon or Mercury
Extremely emotional, lets his emotions rule him & behaves based on them with little foresight. Caring, protective; sun probably conjuncts Mars because he always tries to assume the “leader” position. Can rationalize his way through everything, actually very intelligent but often blinded by feelings. This would also allow his sun to trine a few of Will’s Pisces placements, which explains their intimate & special bond – they’re the closest of the whole group.

Gemini sun, Libra moon contacting Neptune, fire Mars
Very curious, full of wonder and intrigue. Can under- or over-estimate the severity of situations. Gets lost in his fantasies and makes mistakes because of it. He keeps everyone together, reduces conflicts, often the voice of reason, guiding others in the right direction but failing to do so for himself. Funny as hell. Can be impulsive, immature, out of control, but VERY courageous. Sensitive.

Virgo sun, Aquarius moon, intercepted Aries Mars
Aggressively independent, feels uncomfortable in the hierarchy of his friend group and strives for more power out of insecurity or self-righteousness but ultimately fails to achieve it. Cautious and careful, very logical, thinks about the bigger picture, keeps others grounded in reality. Gives up easily but often bounces back stronger than before. Learns his lessons quickly.

Aries sun, Pisces Rising & Mercury, Pluto in the 12th house
It is mentioned that his birthday is March 22nd, which is in Aries season. It’s difficult to apply that to him (besides when it comes to his strong instinctual and self-defensive nature) so perhaps his sun is afflicted or intercepted. He looks very Piscean, often lost inside his head, absorbs all the energy that surrounds him, he has one foot on earth and the other in a supernatural plane, elusive and hard to protect, very vulnerable. He speaks poetically, through feeling and sense and emotion. Pluto in the 12th can describe the violation and trauma and danger he has endured in the “upside down” and how it’s hard for him to escape it; he will live with that trauma for the rest of his life, those wounds permeated his soul and he has been irrevocably changed (and damaged).

Jane (Eleven):
Aquarius sun, Pisces moon, Scorpio Mars, Saturn & Neptune in the 1st house
Extremely sensitive, but very in control of herself, often to the point of repression which erupts eventually in violence and chaos. Caring, altruistic, self-sacrificing, struggling to find herself and secure a solid identity in the face of all the threats that surround her. Defiant, stubborn, evasive. Afraid and confused but immensely powerful, with otherworldly strength & capabilities. Psychic. Strong morals hidden under identity confusion and pain. (Possibly also has Pluto in the 4th house themes, corruption and abuse in the childhood which permeates her psychological roots, giving her horrible trauma/complexes but unbelievable power at the same time. Everyone tries to tell her where “home” is and control or manipulate her with that concept but she can’t be controlled, she is entirely the maker and destroyer of her own inner home, no one can “own” her.)

Leo sun, Aries moon, Mars in the 3rd/4th, sun in 12th
Rude, selfish, extremely defensive and insecure. Just wants to be included. Experiences violence and hatred from her step-sibling (3rd) / in her home life (4th) which she projects onto others in the form of harsh words and mean-spirited actions. Prone to escapism and evasive behavior. Sensitive. Can be very brave, caring, selfless, and incredibly capable when she finds the will to be.

Pisces sun, Aquarius moon, Virgo Mars
So sensitive and fragile, passive but stoic, able to endure so much heartache. Very self-sacrificial, never puts himself first. Knows he is strange and accepts it, doesn’t identify with the mainstream. Creative, healing, attentive. May also have the sun or Saturn in the 12th house (to represent an absent father).

Taurus sun, Virgo moon contacting Mars & Uranus, Aries Venus
Smart and capable, but doubts her abilities and doesn’t know where to apply them until it comes to the context of survival and justice. Finds her strength in independence and determination. Self-unaware, typically in control of herself but can become impulsive and reckless due to low self-esteem or a sense of being lost. Fights her own desires, can be arrogant and selfish.

Libra sun, Virgo moon, possibly Leo Rising, Scorpio influence somewhere
Flirtatious, charming, good-natured, kind of oblivious sometimes. Very respectful and responsible, careful, attentive. Prone to compromise, puts the needs and desires of those he cares about far above his own – self-sacrificing and brave in that way, may silence his needs/feelings and become private through self-disowning or repression. Can be selfish but it is quickly outgrown when he realizes the severity of the situation. His self-assertions aren’t taken seriously.

Jim Hopper:
Scorpio sun, Sagittarius moon & Mars, Capricorn Venus
Cunning, powerful, intelligent, capable, experienced, wise. Deeply loving & giving but can be irreverent, arrogant, aggressive, and overestimating of himself. Often hypocritical in the sense that he demands others’ respect but rarely returns it. Strong instincts & intuition. Empathetic with solid principles & values, but can be harsh, dominating, dismissive, and stubborn. Wants to protect others and has the conviction and passion to do so.

Joyce Byers:
Cancer sun, Leo moon, very strong moon/Cancer/4th house energy
Often hysterically emotional, over-protective, dramatic, anxious, deeply invested in those whom she loves to the point of being excessively expressive of it. Kind, warm, a very good mother, powerful maternal instincts, giving, brave, compassionate, affectionate. Determined, powerful when it counts most.

Murray Bauman:
Capricorn sun, Aquarius moon & Mercury & Rising, Mercury in the 1st house
A genius madman; an absolute weirdo, but intelligent, devoted, witty, quirky, and invested in the truth. Sees right through people. Know-it-all.

Leo sun, Aries moon, Saturn in the 12th trine/square Mars in 4th
Controlling, violent, arrogant, over-aggressive, threatening, cruel, imposing, self-absorbed, narcissistic, and ALL of this is in response to abuse received from his father which creates horrible insecurities and a feeling of being unsafe at all times. When his ego, autonomy, and safety are threatened, he internalizes it and it explodes later in a recycling/redirection of abuse, and fabricated confidence. He relies on a false sense of dominance and attractiveness in order to cope with what he experiences from his father. He represses all his pain.

Cancer/moon, Gemini/Mercury influence and a LOT of 7th house energy
Incredibly smart, caring, and jovial but painfully “uncool” and awkward. A bit oblivious at times. “Embarrassing dad” stereotype.

Astro Insecurities

Every one of the 12 zodiac signs has a visceral uncertainty that is burrowed behind their carefully constructed camouflage. Whether they are overconfident, overprotective, overly shy, or just plain guarded, here is a list of what the zodiac is trying to hide…

Aries: What If I’m Not a Superhero? Aries feel compelled to verify their bravery with daring acts of recklessness, but the seemingly confident Ram uses heroism to hide the gnawing anxiety that maybe they will never be important enough to make a lasting impression on the world.  

Taurus: Will I Ever Have Enough? Taurus dreads the idea of destitution and emptiness, because being barren makes them feel lonely and inadequate, so the passive Bull seeks out ways to curb the inner hunger for completeness. Still, they wonder if their happiness is entirely quantifiable.

Gemini: Why Can’t I Finish What I Start?  Determined to get a broad understanding of their world, Geminis change course on a constant basis, but the Twins privately chastise themselves for their unfinished business, and ask why the finish line is so hard for them to reach.

Cancer: When Will I Feel Safe? Cancer aches for the day when he or she can overcome their shyness. Crabs hide inside their shell because in it they are out harm’s way, secretly they hope for a time when they can confidently crawl into the limelight.

Leo: Am I Just Hype? Like a good leader, Leo never lets their morale fade. Instead, the Lion covers up his or her self-doubt with boastful bragging and faithful confidence, but they wonder if underneath it all, they are just one big fat fake self-promotion.

Virgo: Can I Handle It All? Provoked to prove their worth, Virgos take on many overwhelming odd jobs and responsibilities, but the fear of failure, and of never being enough worries the Virgin, who never wants to let down the loved ones who rely on them.

Libra: Why Can’t I Say No? Libra wants total agreement between friends and family to avoid argumentative confrontations, but catering to the needs and wants of others, and attempting to appease everyone in order to gain love leaves the Scales unsure of who they really are.

Scorpio: Am I Going to Get Hurt? Scorpio wants to love and be loved unconditionally in spite of all their eclipsed emotions and dark qualities, so they arm themselves against potential threats that might pierce their defensive armor and fatally wound the naturally untrusting and self-protective Scorpions.

Sagittarius: What Am I Searching For? Sagittarius aims to amass tons of knowledge and experience, but amidst their goal chasing, Centaurs are faced with the reality of their nomadic ways. They know they are meant for something more, but for once, aren’t certain what it is.    

Capricorn: Will I Leave a Legacy? Capricorns stay quiet and concentrated on their concrete goals in hopes of building a respected empire and retiring early. Deeply desiring to contribute to the world, Goats wonder if money and materials are the things they will be remembered for.

Aquarius: Why am I so Different? The world applauds Aquarians for their distinctiveness and detachment, but it is the cause of much shame and embarrassment for Water Bearers who secretly long for a day when they won’t be considered a modern day mutant without a heart.

Pisces: Will I Always Feel Lost? Pisces tries to go with the flow in hopes of being swept away to their higher purpose and true self, but adaptability has Fish questioning whether they will find their own way in this world without the influence of others.

Aries - Perishing Defenses 

Aries are born with defenses high and hostile. Life does not begin comfortably for Aries, and the people that characterise her early life can remind her of how small she really is. Survival is always the first reflex for Aries, and the actions that follow are typically more pure and innocent. She is fighting for a cause, and the most important cause is herself, because she doesn’t know any different than to stand her ground, raise her daggers in preparation, and refuse to stand down to threat or intimidation. To be challenged or threatened by other people can be a slaughter to her essence and signify a real assault, it threatens her identity, her mechanisms, the feeling of safety she has in the world, she can respond aggressively to situations because she knows that nobody else has ever been there to save her. Her defenses can be her real daggers, and they are powerfully triggered when she feels most vulnerable. But she can shoot these daggers inward when these defenses become destructive, like when she loses a close friend just to win, or when she rejects softness because she feels undeserving.

Some of the Aries natural defenses can express themselves through regression, where she activates her childhood protective mechanisms and acts out a violatile temper without any regard of consequence. These natural responses, the reactions of other people, and the resulting consequences become personal therapy sessions of Aries, helping her to understand her own nature and developing new ways of coping when everything becomes overwhelming. It’s really like she can hit a wall, there is a threshold of coolness before it hits a certain temperature and she explodes into an active volcano. Through self reflection and self direction, she can continue to raise the limit of the temperature before she boils over completely. She is constantly developing coping mechanisms for her own ease and survival, and it’s quite a testament to the secret agony and work of Aries. 


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