in defense of loving him

I. Those of us born by water are never afraid enough of drowning. Bruises used to trophy my knees from my death-defying tree climb jumps. Growing up, my backyard was a forest of blackberry bushes. I learned early nothing sweet will come to you unthorned.

II. At twelve your body becomes a currency. So Jenny and I sat down and cut up all our clothes into nothing. That year I failed math class but knew the exact number of calories in a carrot stick. I learned early being desired goes hand in hand with hunger.

III. The last time I tried to scream I felt my father climbing up through my throat and into my mouth.

IV. There is a certain kind of girl who reads Lolita at fourteen and finds religion. I painted my eyes black and sucked barroom cherries to red my tongue. There was a boy who promised Judas really did love Jesus. I learned early every kiss and betrayal are up for interpretation.

V. I think he must have conferenced with my nightmares on exactly how to hurt me.

VI. He never broke my heart. He only turned it into a compass that always points me back to him.

—  Clementine von Radics, In Defense of Loving Him (after Megan Falley)

#everyone keeps saying that mick is stupid or dumb # THIS moment #this moment right here proves them all wrong #mick might not know how to make plans #or how to keep his mouth shut whenever he should #or isn’t highly educated #but damn he knows PEOPLE #no one on the team has so far been able to understand if sara cares about being good #cares about being a hero #for all they know she wants to help save the world #maybe they even know she wants to be better #but NONE of them could tell if sara truly wants to be a hero #BUT MICK KNOWS #and mick also knows that wanting to be a hero is her weak spot #he knows he HURTS her by simply stating that what she thinks about doing isn’t what a hero would do #and it’s not like she’s the first one he’s been able to see through #there was also rip’s “friend”  #and although mick hadn’t been talking to that guy for a single second #mick KNEW he wanted to kill rip and the entire team #unlike rip who couldn’t see through the person he had known for years… #mick was also IMMEDIATELY able to see through snart when he realized snart didn’t care about being a criminal anymore #when he realized snart wanted to be a hero #and he probably saw through sara right from the start too #but he kept his mouth shut #because he knows that he can use such knowledge AGAINST people #he doesn’t care about feelings actually #he doesn’t respect people for their feelings or morals but for their skills and their loyalty #which is why he likes sara and snart #because both of them are loyal and skilled and badass #or at least used to be in his eyes #but he knows those people too #and he is also very perceptive of their feelings even if he usually doesn’t care about feelings #but he is very well able to use those feelings AGAINST the people he respects and cares about #and that my friends #being able to perceive other people’s feelings so naturally and use them against the people themselves at the right time and place #that is such a rare skill combined with a very smart and clever timing #he might be “the muscles” #destroying people with brutal violence #but trust me #he could also mentally destroy you if he truly wanted to #because he knows everyone better than they know themselves

sasuke: *realizes his mistakes* *forgives himself* *strengthens the bonds that are important to him* *smiles* *cries out of happiness* *accepts friendship and love into his life* *tries to rebuild himself and become a better man*

me: this is it. this is how i die. just fling me into the sun and let me disappear into the abyss knowing my pure beautiful son is finally truly happy and at peace. my greatest joy. my greatest pride.

raphael likes getting his nails and hair done, shopping for suits, ties and belts, probably throwing on some expensive makeup, making fancy glasses of chilled blood because Presentation, being touched by simon, touching simon, warm coffee houses with soft lighting, AB+ blood, reading from the massive bookshelves at the hotel, sitting in his fancy gold armchair, protecting his family, being sarcastic af, talking to elaine lewis, casual conversations with simon, sharing clothes with him, praying, having simon around in general and training him, speaking his native language.

he is so much more than the cold bitter mask he wears. he’s not perfect but he’s not a dark fuck prince either.

This is what a blessing looks like. 

keith doesnt understand big sandwich???

whenever ppl hate on jimin and say that members don’t like him and he’s annoying and too clingy, i like to think abt how bts would eat these haters alive for saying shit abt their angel