in defense of loving him

Random facts I learned about Tom this season that i didn’t expect to learn

  • He uses terms like “spicy” and “metal”
  • He likes blackened marshmallows
  • He dots his I’s with x’s
  • He makes jokes when he’s nervous
  • He has a pitchfork on his arm??!?!!
  • He’s a really great dancer
  • His parents love him so much, so defensive of him
  • He’s actually half-demon
  • He buys pre-ripped shirts, but he also “modifies ” other clothes and rips them up as well.
  • His prince status is the only thing keeping the mewmans from outright shunning him.
  • Not into politics
  • Still freaking powerful for a half-demon
  • Likes cuddling and is totally lovey dovey, affectionate bf
  • First name is in fact, Thomas
  • Will wear sunglasses at night purposely for a grand entrance
  • Him and his Family are always fashionably late
  • Might have a tail or wings considering his mother?
  • Totally unphased about cultist rituals and being chained to a table

Now I really want to see Loki interact with Wanda, mainly being completely unimpressed by her.

*Assuming Loki ends up fighting alongside the Avengers in Infinity War*

Loki: *motioning to Wanda* Why is this one here?

Bruce: *quietly in the background* That’s what I keep asking!

Tony: *pats Bruce on the shoulder* Welcome to my world.

Loki: *to Thor* Didn’t you tell me she was fighting alongside Ultron? And working with that one bad organization? What’s it called…?

Bucky: HYDRA?

Loki: Yeah that’s it!

Tony: Well our amazing leader thought it be a great idea to add her to the team.

Bucky: But she worked with Hydra?!

Bruce: Willingly.


Tony: *pats Bucky on the shoulder* Our dear friend Steve decided that her past actions could be overlooked.

Bucky: *to Steve* Are you serious?!

Steve: She’s not like that anymore! She’s good now like you Bucky-

Bucky: Like me?! She willingly joined Hydra, I didn’t!

Loki: Comparing your best friend to the witch? I expected better from you dear Captain.

Thor: Captain Rogers, you enlisted this woman onto our team even after what’s she done to us, to Dr. Banner?

Fury (because why the fuck not?): And her hand in creating Ultron?

Bucky: Dear God what did she do?

Bruce: Messed with all our heads causing me to lose control and Hulk out on a city full of innocent people, and triggering Tony’s PTSD which prompted him to take the scepter which eventually led to Ultron.

Tony: *to Bucky* And I’m sure you know from experience that having someone mess with your head is anything but fun.

Bucky: I can’t believe I’m hearing this.

Loki: Neither do I. I mean I’ve done some terrible things but I’ve lived long enough to understand accountability.

Thor: Loki is right. Why hasn’t she faced the consequences of her actions?

Steve: She’s just a kid!

Tony: Oh for god’s sake she’s 26 Rogers!

Bucky: Stevie I can’t believe this. *Leaves the room*

Steve: Bucky wait! *chases after him*

Bruce: *to Tony* I’m so sorry I left you to deal with this.

Tony: *sighs* It’s okay Brucie Bear, I wouldn’t want to be around her after everything either. Who can blame you for taking off?

Thor: Anthony I must also apologize for leaving so abruptly. I didn’t think the Captain would make such poor decisions.

Loki: Wow this is like one of those badly written television shows you Midgardians enjoy.  

anonymous asked:

why do you like aaron gross

okay w o w this is such a loaded question I’m going to ignore the use of the word gross here unless you literally want to fight me. The short answer to that question is that I started loving Aaron the most when I realized literally no one else did, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

Let’s take a little journey together:

  • Aaron Minyard is the most underappreciated character in the whole of the TFC fandom
    • literally Jean, Jeremy, and Bee get more love than him and all of them just have the briefest scattering of scenes like???
    • the only person ya’ll talk about less is Seth, and he literally died after one book, whereas Aaron is a major player in all three
  • I feel like in general the fandom despises Aaron because Neil despises Aaron, which is natural and all because the book is in Neil’s POV so we’re literally trained to think the way he thinks, but I can’t stand that mentality tbh
  • Also, typically I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t dive in enough to understand that Aaron and Andrew are a lot more similar than everyone seems to think
    • you hear over and over again how Andrew would burn the world for Aaron, that Aaron’s well being is far more important than anyone else’s
    • but how often do we consider the fact that Aaron would burn the world for Andrew, too?
  • We spend a lot of time devoting ourselves to Neil, Andrew, and Kevin (and even Jean, for crying out loud) because they have these uniquely horrible pasts that they have to overcome through the series
    • Okay. Cool. Awesome. I love me so damn character development and redemption and revenge as much as the next reader
    • But are we forgetting Aaron’s past? Aaron’s present even? And how much all that has happened to Aaron and to Andrew has literally ruined Aaron’s life and how hard he’s had to work to come to terms with it?
  • let’s take a trip back in time, to a young Aaron living alone with Tilda

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The Young Bucks + the Golden Lovers Reunion


★ Mon-El Appreciation Week ★

Day 6 favourite funny moments

  • Friend: Hey u okay?
  • Me: fine just cool man

When people question why we love Tony Stark, I think for some reason they question why we love this guy. (pictured above) I think they ask why we love the show off, the gambler, the asshole persona that Tony wears in the public eye. 

I don’t love that guy, I love Tony Stark, the guy underneath all that. The guy who has panic attacks that look a lot like mine. The guy who loves his best friend. The guy who takes on all the blame in the world. The guy who uses self depreciating humor as a coping mechanism.

This guy, who does his very best to save everyone he can despite his own struggling mental health. He is my hero, and my fave. 

This guy, this civilian. He makes mistakes, his PTSD pushes him to protect himself, and the planet, and sometimes he moves to quickly. Sometimes bad things happen.

But he is trying constantly to make up for his mistakes, and the sins of those around him. Constantly working to protect his planet and his friends. He’s working through panic attacks, and PTSD to be the best person he can be. 

That is why I love Tony Stark. That is why he’s my hero.

I. Those of us born by water are never afraid enough of drowning. Bruises used to trophy my knees from my death-defying tree climb jumps. Growing up, my backyard was a forest of blackberry bushes. I learned early nothing sweet will come to you unthorned.

II. At twelve your body becomes a currency. So Jenny and I sat down and cut up all our clothes into nothing. That year I failed math class but knew the exact number of calories in a carrot stick. I learned early being desired goes hand in hand with hunger.

III. The last time I tried to scream I felt my father climbing up through my throat and into my mouth.

IV. There is a certain kind of girl who reads Lolita at fourteen and finds religion. I painted my eyes black and sucked barroom cherries to red my tongue. There was a boy who promised Judas really did love Jesus. I learned early every kiss and betrayal are up for interpretation.

V. I think he must have conferenced with my nightmares on exactly how to hurt me.

VI. He never broke my heart. He only turned it into a compass that always points me back to him.

—  Clementine von Radics, In Defense of Loving Him (after Megan Falley)
  • Me: I'm a chill person I never get angry with other people opinions :) :)
  • Someone: Tony Stark is a narcissist and the villain, I hope he dies in the next movie.
  • Me: *tackles the person to the ground while screaming and trying to strangle them*