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au where hermionie runs a feminism club at hogwarts. cho’s the secretary and luna’s the treasurer and lavender and pavarti take attendance. pansy attends now and again, because daphne goes every week and it’s boring when she’s not around. they sell badges and banners after school hours, trying to raise money for excursions and mcgonagall always buys something. ginny teaches the girls self defence. harry and ron attend every session.


Saturday 20th February 2016

If you’ve never taken part in a meetup here is some info:

  • This meetup is for anyone who’s a fan of Evan Edinger! You can post selfies, edits, drawings or basically anything Evan related!
  • Use the tag “#evan edinger tumblr meetup”

This meetup will be taking place at the following times:

GMT: 6pm - 9pm
EST: 1pm - 4pm
CST: 12pm - 3pm
PT: 10am - 1pm
MST: 11am - 2pm


We really hope you all enjoy the meetup and maybe we will do more in the future! Enjoy!

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The Average Phan Shipper
  • Peasant:Why do you act like they'll ever be together?
  • Me:
  • Peasant:It's never going to happen
  • Me:
  • Peasant:Aren't they straight?

Posting my defence of Robert again, in response to someone calling him “evil”:

I think the important thing with soaps is they’re so long running you really need to know characters back-stories to properly understand them, and with someone like Robert who has been in the show since HIS BIRTH almost 30 years ago, that’s a lot of back story!

Robert is a lot of things but he is not evil.

Robert’s mum died when he was a baby. His dad remarried, Sarah, who raised him as her own. She was his mum in every sense. Then his parents took in another child, Andy, who basically became the favourite. Then Andy burnt down a barn with their mum inside it (he didn’t know this, but still).

So this boy, Robert’s rival in many sense, killed their mother. And still in the years that followed he was seen as the golden boy. When Andy found out about Robert’s affair with Katie, he tried to murder Robert - but shot their dad instead!!!!

And what did Jack do after nearly being murdered by his own son? Protect him. Robert was still seen as the bad guy.
And how Robert left in 2005…he was only a teenager still, but his rivalry with Andy reached a deadly climax when they played chicken - driving their cars straight at each other. And Andy had a passenger!!!! And Max was killed. So Andy played this dangerous game while somebody else was in the car with him, and what did Jack do when he arrived at the scene? Banished Robert. Told him to leave and never come back.

If that shit doesn’t screw up someone, I don’t know what will. Also, as we learnt on Rob’s return, there was obviously a battle with his sexuality on top of that too. We haven’t learnt too much about what happened in those nine years Robert was away, but I think that could be really telling too.

Robert has done some awful things and nothing excuses that. But so has basically everyone else on the show - including Aaron.

Aaron is NOT perfect. As recently as Christmas he battered someone around the head while robbing a warehouse. He beat Paddy to a pulp for questioning him about his sexuality. He has been rude and obnoxious and aggressive to basically everyone in the village at one point or another. He got involved in dodgy shit even though he had a record and could end up back in prison at any time.

But we know (especially now) why Aaron is like this. And if we’re going to get technical, Robert’s brother ANDY has done worse things that him. Besides killing his mother (although an accident), he nearly killed his dad and physically abused his wife. NOT TO MENTION making a deal with Ross to MURDER THEIR BROTHERS.

Robert didn’t mean to kill Katie. Technically he didn’t, he pushed her, she fell over, and it just so happened the floor broke underneath her. There was no investigation into her death because it was clearly an accident. Yeah, his actions afterwards weren’t cool but he panicked.

The Chas/hit man stuff was fucked up, soapy shit. I think everyone has just erased that from memory because it was so stupid. I think the show has too because there has literally been no reference to this since. The Paddy stuff turned out worse than intended, I don’t believe that Robert tried to put Paddy in any real danger, but just to give him a bit of a scare and it went wrong because Paddy is stupid LOL. But he went to save him until he realised someone else would save him instead. Robert had no intention of killing Paddy.

The lodge shit was awful but I also think it proved how fucked up and unhinged Robert is. Like proper screwed up. If anyone cared about him enough to question his mental health, they would try to get him some help/therapy, because the boy is a mess. He’d basically been made to feel second best, most of his life, to his brother who was excused every time he had a mistake (even fatal ones!) I also believe that Robert’s struggle with his sexuality was about Jack too.

But since Robert was shot he has been a different person. He has shown nothing but remorse for everything bad he has done, and he is more accepting of himself and his feelings - especially his sexuality and his feelings for Aaron. What we have seen of him over the past month, him noticing Aaron was suffering when nobody else did, and looking after him non stop since, has been precious. Sleeping on the cold hard floor just so Aaron isn’t alone. Vowing to look after Aaron’s business while he’s away. Pledging his love and support while respecting Aaron’s space. Actually listening to Aaron more so than anyone else.

Robert has done some nasty shit, but it’s all the result of the fact that deep down he’s just a messed up little boy who just wanted his dad to love him.
But basically everyone else on the show has done fucked up things. I remember when Nicola first came back into the show she had married an old man and was planning on killing him to get his inheritance! (Or something…it was a long time ago LOL) but now she’s this comedy character!!

In soaps there are some things you just have to sort of erase, and that sort of erase themselves (*cough* Chas and the hitman *cough*). Everything else should be taken into consideration with the characters history.

I’m starting a J2M defence squad. I will bake cupcakes and we will spend equal amounts of time talking about how fluffy sunshine Jared needs so, so, so much love, how Jensen neeDS COMPLIMENTS, OK, BOOST THAT BOYS CONFIDENCE and how Misha isn’t second best, he doesn’t play an angel, he is an angel. If anyone wants to stay behind and talk cockles/destiel, I am massive trash we can do that.

Common Sense Podcast - Episode 4, available imminently on iTunes and Soundcloud hosted by me and @rtrixie

  • Learning to cope with jihad, German federal government style
  • Visegrad states saving Europe from itself
  • Self defence in Europe
  • The unsurprising closure of The Independent newspaper

This podcast is dedicated to the memory of Justice Antonin Scalia, who stood athwart history, yelling ‘Stop!’

Matsumoto Castle (松本城 Matsumoto-jō?) is one of Japan’s finest historic castles. It is located in the city of Matsumoto, inNagano Prefecture and is within easy reach of Tokyo by road or rail. The keep (tenshukaku), which was completed in the late 16th century, maintains its original wooden interiors and external stonework. It is listed as a National Treasure of Japan. Matsumoto Castle is a flatland castle (hirajiro) because it is not built on a hilltop or amid rivers, but on a plain. Its complete defences would have included an extensive system of inter-connecting walls, moats and gatehouses.

The castle’s origins go back to the Sengoku period. At that time Shimadachi Sadanaga of the Ogasawara clan built a fort on this site in 1504 which was originally called Fukashi Castle. In 1550 it came under the rule of the Takeda clan and then Tokugawa Ieyasu.

When Toyotomi Hideyoshi transferred Ieyasu to the Kantō region, he placed Ishikawa Norimasa in charge of Matsumoto. Norimasa and his son Yasunaga built the tower and other parts of the castle, including the three towers: the keep and the small tower in the northwest, both begun in 1590, and the Watari Tower; the residence; the drum gate; the black gate, the Tsukimi Yagura, the moat, the innermost bailey, the second bailey, the third bailey, and the sub-floors in the castle, much as they are today. They were also instrumental in laying out the castle town and its infrastructure. It is believed much of the castle was completed by 1593–94.

i know yall probably gonna disagree but I think our defense was actually solid good today. David Alaba who rarely plays this position won basically all challenges. Joshua Kimmich is only twenty one year old and has a 100% passing accuracy ( 100 !!!!! ). Juan Bernat is starting for the first time in a very long time and he is playing really good and ofcourse captain Lahm doing everything he can. For a defence that is broken like ours against a tough team like Ausburg and yes we conceded a goal but please we are 3-1 up, they did their best. 

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we need seijou fam hcs: mattsuhana are like crazy uncles & iwaoi are the parents (a!iwa & o!oikawa) hypothetically. the whole team literally swamps whoever tf is stupid enough to approach their omegas (yahabs & kunimi bc oikawa is dominating af on his own). most alphas can smell kyoutani on yahaba, but kindaichi & kunimi havent started courting yet so kunimi smells like fair game to them. even kyoutani puts in effort to protect their youngest omega when an alpha's near

Kunimi’s scent is always very sweet, even when he isn’t near his heat. This attracts unwanted attention from many alphas, and Kunimi gets nervous around alphas he doesn’t know. The entire team is always looking out for the omega (they’ve been named the Kunimi Defence Squad by Oikawa), and have scared away more alphas than they’d like. They constantly urge Kindaichi to just make his move already, for his own sake and Kunimi’s. 

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Shooting a man over 36 dollars and stabbing one for a pack of cigarettes is not.. Normal or "boring"... You make it sound like it's self defence or something, or at least like he had good reason. "Stole from him" yeah, 36 dollars, lol. Might as well kill someone over a pack of gum. Yikes.

You sound like you’re having an amazing Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentines Day, @mayavive!

Summary: During college, Bellamy promised Clarke that he’d never fall in love with her. In retrospect, college Bellamy is an idiot.

A/N: It’s been wonderful to chat with you, I kind of deviated of the prompt but I hope you like it!

Bellamy went into college angry. Later, with the wisdom of experience, he would realise that this was not the best of ideas. In his defence, he never did claim to have the emotional maturity of an adult. Or even a child.

So, he was angry. Angry at his mother for dying, for never having set up some kind of plan for him and Octavia, for not having been more of a parent before she died. He was angry at the hoops he had to jump through to gain custody of Octavia and to keep her.

Now he was angry at the situation that had him starting college when he should be finishing. Angry at how hard it was to get himself into college while setting up plans for Octavia to finish her final year of school, angry at those who got easy acceptance because of their parent’s money and colour of their skin.

He later learns that angry Bellamy makes assumptions and mistakes, the biggest being Clarke Griffin.

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I just realised there is a massive plot hole in Journey’s End and The End of Time (other than the ones we already know about).

If the Doctor had put the defence mechanism into Donna’s brain the whole time, then why did he not use it to stop her head from exploding in the first place? Why wipe her mind since he had a magic button the whole time that he could have used. Is it only because it could be used once? That’s a pretty shit defence mechanism.