in daddy mode

Bangtan on daddy mode

Welcome, welcome. Take a seat and prepare yourselfes for the show, cause today we meet our Suga daddy (you see what I did there?).

This post did so many things to me I can’t even. I needed someone to suffer with me, sorry guys.

Hoseok ver.  Namjoon ver.  Taehyung ver.  Jimin ver.  Jungkook ver.  Seokjin ver.


This look is burning into my soul.

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He looks like he’s ready to hunt. And boy, oh boy how bad I want to be his game.

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Can you grind on me like that tho?

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Fml. Take me to church and bathe me in holy water.

Bangtan on daddy mode

Hello everybody, let’s continue our tour around hell. Enjoy.

Hoseok ver.  Yoongi ver.  Taehyung ver.  Jungkook ver.  Seokjin ver.  Jimin ver.


I don’t even know

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what to say

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the amount of rudeness

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is just

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too overwhelming.

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Namjoon tell me what did we do to deserve this

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you kinky lil’ shit.

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She’s me and that’s all I’m gonna say. 

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I’m dead, bye.

Bangtan on daddy mode

Okay you guys this is the last one post of the “Bangtan on daddy mode” series. I hope you enjoyed them (cause I sure did). Let me know f you want more of that king of stuff. Love ya.

Hoseok ver.  Yoongi ver.  Namjoon ver.  Taehyung ver.  Jimin ver.  Jungkook ver. 

What the

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I was so wrong.

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Turns out he’s not a mom, but daddy.

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How BTS would react when you call them daddy during sex

Jin: He would stop and laugh for a second since he had never been called that before, but when you called him daddy again he would start to like it a little. 

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Rap Monster: “Oh yes baby, you don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear you call me that.” he would moan as he began thrusting into you faster.

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Suga: He would practically growl as soon as the word left your lips, showing you exactly how pleased he was.

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J Hope: “Say that again baby girl.” he would order, getting into daddy mode immediately.

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Jimin: He wouldn’t say anything but his eyes would darken with lust and he would begin to fuck you harder ensuring you that he liked that name.

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V: “Are you calling me that?” he would ask, completely taken by surprise since you had never called him that before.

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Jungkook: “Yes baby, I’m daddy.” he’d moan in satisfaction.

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iKON Reacts to Seeing You Naked for the First Time

Hanbin: *sudden dirty thoughts* You thought you were home alone so of course you walked around naked, you always did. What you didn’t know was that your boyfriend and his members ended practice early. Hanbin came home to see you prancing around naked, “Wow, all this for me baby? I should come home early everyday.”

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Bobby: Bobby is honestly going to go crazy when he sees your beautiful body. At first he thought he’d go into daddy mode, but it wasn’t like that. He was extremely giddy although he later proves how much of a man he is.

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Junhoe: He’ll come home from practice with Jinhwan, not knowing the surprise you had in store for him. When he turns on the light, you’re standing there with virtually no clothes on. After you see Jinhwan, you’re more than embarrassed but both have a lustful gaze on your body. Your first time with Junhoe couldn’t have been more fulfilling if Jinhwan wasn’t there.

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Chanwoo: *super shy* “Jagi, I didn’t expect to see you here, naked, in the bathroom, getting out of the shower.” *nervous laughter* 

“Sure you didn’t, Chani.” You aren’t at all embarrassed, you think it’s cute how he can’t look you in the eye with his blushing cheeks.

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Donghyuk: Donghyuk is so ready to take it to the next level of your relationship. He wasn’t rushing you but his right hand didn’t always satisfy him, not like he knew you could. When you told him you were ready for him, his confidence heightened as he imagined all of the amazing things he could to your wonderful body.

Yunhyeong: *visibly gulps* He couldn’t stop staring. Even though you weren’t his first and vice versa, seeing your body had a huge impact on him. “So beautiful~” He’ll whisper to you as his hands travel all around your body, grabbing and hold onto every curve that he loved so much.

Jinhwan: *instantly gets horny* “This is what I’ve been missing out on?” Your back was to him and he could easily see your ass. He came to check on you since you were taking a century to get dressed for your anniversary date with him. “You know, I think it’s about that time, jagiya.” His hands massage your hips as he kisses behind your ear. Your anniversary was celebrated with the two of you exploring each other’s bodies.

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Thank you anon for requesting.

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Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! ^3^ Hope you all have a fantabulous day with your loved ones and have much better pick-up lines and flirting skills than Erron.

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Hello! How about RFA+V+Saeran react to drunk MC? Have you done it before?

No I never!! It’s hard for me to come with ideas because I don’t drink XD 

Okay, I hope I get this correct!

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Straddling Exo (Daddy)

Could you do their reaction to you straddling them and calling them Daddy?

Here you go x You guys looked a little Daddy thirsty x


Suho: Ahhh fuck she knows what I like

Baekhyun: Daddy it is then princess 

Chanyeol: did she just call me daddy? 

D.O: *works even harder*

Kai: Oh baby you shouldn’t have told me that’s what you like ;)

Sehun: Oh shit… Wait that’s really fucking hot. let me be your daddy baby.

Xiumin: What’s up princess? What do you want daddy to do?

Lay: *daddy mode activate*

Chen: Thank god she likes this kinder stuff!

Tao: Helllll yeah!!! *cough*