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"one university’s interest in continuing to have a live tiger live on campus as a mascot" I grew up in Louisiana so I know this is Louisiana State University's (series of) Mike the Tiger(s). I've watched LSU's tiger care evolve over the years up to the current Mike recently getting a big new habitat. Do you know whether the care he's getting is good or have much commentary on his situation in general? It's always been a strange situation to me.

I don’t know much about Mike’s care aside from what is accessible online, sorry. I only learned about him because of this bill. 

He does have a new habitat, but it’s also in the middle of campus and next to a major road near the sports stadium. It sounds like his primary caretaker is the veterinarian for the university, who also teaches something like 10 courses. Apparently he pick two assistants every year to help with Mike’s care, but my guess is that they’re students from the university because it did not sound like they were doing any hiring of external professionals (the link was broken so I can’t confirm this). It looks like his predecessor was taken off-grounds at least once to go to sports games at the Superdome, but I can’t tell if the current Mike does - I’m guessing not, because I don’t find articles talking about how inhumane it is when searching. 

It really is a strange situation, which is why it’s so weird to see it in a federal bill - that’s part of what makes it so obvious that specific exemption is a direct concession to the desires of Louisiana representatives. It is literally the least detailed part of the entire bill - if you’re a state-funded entity who wants a big cat, sure, you can have a big cat with no restrictions or requirements. It would be easier for a college or university - or even just a random state licensed vet - to decide to go out an buy a big cat than it would be for an AZA-accredited zoo like San Diego to prove they’re worthy of housing them. What’s more, there are no restrictions on how many cats those entities can have or if they breed them, so you could hypothetically end up with a whole rash of big cats living on university campuses and being bred and sold around and that would be totally legal under H.R.1818. 


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Adult male panda at Toronto zoo


- And I ran after it. What I was going to do I can’t imagine. But I actually tried to slow it down by catching its tail. But when it turned round and had a look at me, I decided that was as far as I was going to take this. 


Christiane F (1981)

Mit zwölf kam sie zum Haschisch, mit dreizehn zum heroin. Sie wurde süchtig, ging morgens zur Schule und nachmittags mit ihren ebenfalls abhängigen Freunden auf den Kinderstrich am Bahnhof Zoo, um das Geld für die Droge zu beschaffen.


Okay so I am 100% here for the old-tins-used-as-homes-for-creatures, also 104% here for tiny fur creatures being dropper fed, also about 143% here for Dave’s forearms and knees, and care 0% about bad maths

Ada: I don’t know what an ‘Austrailia’ is, but I can tells youse I was born and raised in da Barkx outside of Zoo York City. My folks picked up and moved out ta Seaodder when the neighborhood got too sketchy. Not like it wasn’t bad already, but dey didn’t want me and my sis growin’ up dere anymore. Not dat I couldn’t handle it.

My Ma and Pa were originally from Afrikat, real native Tanzhyenians. But dey came over lookin’ for a betta life. I still tink dere accents are a laugh riot!