in da name of love

I love that the whole voltron fandom just kinda.. accepted that Keith is totally in love with mothman??

like, it’s just a common known fact. Keith’s in love with mothman. Yea, everyone knows that. waddup

You guys have to hear about when I was playing Dragon Age Origins for the first time and I was 13 years old and I snuck out of bed at 4am on Saturday morning to go and play it in the living room. I got my headphones on, nobody in my family noticed and I was immersed in my new favourite game.

However, I got to the part where you go to the Pearl in Denerim and meet Isabela for the first time. If you guys have played DAO you know how good the sound engineering is so that if a voice is muffled by a wall, it echoes just like the voice is actually on the other side of a wall, and when you get to the pearl, you hear deep booming voices shouting ‘STOP PLAYING GAMES ISABELA’ and I SCREAMED at the top of my lungs because MY NAME IS ALSO ISABELA, and I had no idea Isabela was a character and I thought my dad had burst out of bed shouting and had caught me.

Long story short I woke up everyone in the house and they did not find this funny.

I still had a 3 way with her and Zev though.

Imagine being Matt’s girlfriend and the other guys joke about how you won’t like him after you find out his middle name. Matt sighs and Jordon tells you what Matt’s middle name is, Matt bites his lip and fully expects you to laugh but you just shrug because you know he’s half French and Alexis is a French boy’s name. 

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Name: Franziska

Nickname: Franzi, Franz (only by my coworkers)

Star sign: Libra

Height: 163cm

Last thing I googled: Diving on the Maldives - for a presentation at school

Fave music artist: SIXX:A.M., Private Line, HIM

Last movie I watched:  Harry Potter and the Deadly Hollows Part 2

Last TV show I watched: Shadowhunters

What are you wearing right now:  sweatpants, longsleeve and an oversized cardigan

When did you create your blog:  Ages ago… I think 4 or 5 years?

What kind of stuff do I post?:  Everything over MCU, book stuff and everything else

Do you get asks regularly?:  Not at all

Why did you choose your URL?:  It was created during a late night talk with my best friend

Gender:  Female

Fave colours: pink, red, purple, black

Favorite Animal: Cats, sloths

Cats vs Dogs: both but more cats

Average hours of sleep: mostly less than 6 hours

Lucky number:  7 and 13

Unlucky number: Don’t have one

Fave characters: Rhysand, Kaz Brekker, Ragnor Fell, Rowan, Cassian, the Darkling, Daryl Dixon, Magnus bane, Jem Carstairs, and the list goes on and on and on…

Dream Trip: Show me the world

Dream Job: Always wanted to do something like at a hotel or flight attendant or something where I can work at different places…Health doesn’t allow it, so I became a travel agent

How many blankets do you sleep with?: 1…a really big down bed

Follower count:  991

When Your Blog Reached Its Peak:   It never did

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i’ve never even played inquisition and i love him :^ )

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May I request gom (except midorima) + kiyoshi & imayoshi scenario where their s/o is very naive/oblivious (but also fun & mature lol is that possible) that the boys are having a hard time? You can put in any scenario! From cuddling to occasions anything at all! I guess as long as the struggle is there & the struggle is real then OvO If you want a sample then say one of them goes in for a kiss & s/o thought of them as a puppy & randomly ruffles their hair ruining the moment smthin like that!

omg this sounds so adorable!!! (i know this had nothing to do with it but the other admin en-san won’t be working on this blog anymore for personal reasons so it’s just me now! it’s me da-sensei here riding solo~)

Kuroko - Kuroko loved [Name] very much. Though there were times were he got irritated when it came to them. Whilst they watched a movie, Kuroko wrapped an arm around their shoulder, bringing them closer to him. [Name] blinked at the sudden contact before pushing him away roughly. “You’re bringing me further away from the popcorn!” [Name] complained before rushing to face the opposite side to stuff their face. Kuroko could only stare in silence after that.

Kise - When Kise found [Name] sitting in the cafeteria alone, he quickly rushed over to them and hugged them from behind. However, [Name] screamed in fear before moving an arm back to whack him right in the head, causing the blonde to stumble back in pain. “That hurts, [Name]cchi!” He cried, holding his head in pain. “Why the hell would you go grabbing people like that?!” [Name] flailed their arms around, missing the fact that he was trying to be romantic. 

“I wanted to hug you!” 

“What the hell are you on about now?!”

Aomine - Aomine felt like making out. He turned to look at his s/o who was too busy focused on the video game they were playing. Aomine frowned before shuffling over and closer to them. With a smirk, he grabbed their chin and guided it towards him before leaning down to try to kiss them. With a quick chop, [Name] released the controller and smacked him right in the face. He winced, “What the hell, [Name]!” 

“Don’t be annoying! I’m in the middle of a game!” They said before returning their attention back on the screen. Aomine scowled.

Murasakibara - “Ne, [Name]-chin, feed me~” He drawled out, holding the pocky box in front of them. His s/o merely raised an eyebrow at him confused. “But can’t you feed yourself?” [Name] replied, pushing the box back to him. Murasakibara frowned and shook his head childishly. After a couple of seconds of staring, [Name] bursted out laughing and patted the taller male on the head. 

“Atsushi, your face looks so funny right now!” 


Akashi - “Are you sure you don’t want to ride with me, [Name]?” Akashi asked, watching as they mounted on the horse beside him. [Name] turned to him and gave him a thumbs up, “No problem, Sei-chan!” Unknown to them, Akashi had planned that they rode together, his chest pressed agains their back with a romantic atmosphere. He didn’t expect it to end up like this.

“Hahahaha! Catch me if you can!” [Name] yelled before dashing off with the horse.

Kiyoshi - Kiyoshi looked at [Name] with a smile before puckering up to lean down and kiss them. The teen blinked a couple of times as he came closer. Kiyoshi had no expected a water bottle to be shoved onto his face and [Name]’s face have a bright grin dancing on it. “Here, you were thirsty right?” They said and Kiyoshi only laughed.

He ignored Hyuuga and Izuki’s snickers though.

Imayoshi - “[Name],” 

His s/o looked up from the book they were reading and raised a brow at the bespectacled male. Imayoshi let his signature smirk appear on his face. “You look really great today, [Name].” He complimented hoping to earn some delicious reaction. Unexpectedly, [Name] only dropped their gaze back to the novel. 

“Unfortunately, we can’t say the same things about your drawings.” 


~ admin da-sensei

Starting tumblr by showing you my Cross, Aeviann!
When I started the game I was so excited that I took the next best name that came into my mind, which was my DA account name. But I love her~
I want to do a character bio soon.

With this pic I reached a new level of quality in my art, so don’t expect as much from the other pictures that I will post, if they are older.

Let’s see how active I will be over here… :3


Title: Parachute

Word Count: around 1000

Characters: Dean x Reader

Request: Is it possible that you could do a dean x reader one shot inspired in parachute by Ingrid Michaelson? I hope you see this message! :D

A/N: I love this song! 

Your name: submit What is this?

You looked over to the clock which was hanging over the door of the auditorium you were sitting in. The professor was talking about something that you’d stopped listening to minutes ago. You were too nervous to concentrate and so you doodled on your notebook. It was a name over and over again.

»How are you going to spend spring break?«, the girl next to you, Heather, asked quietly and pulled you out of your own thoughts.

»I’ll spend it with my boyfriend and his brother«, you answered and she chuckled. You pushed a strand of hair behind your ear and smiled down at your doodling. It would be your first time at his home. He’d told you about it and you’d seen pictures but you still were really nervous about it. It would also be the first that you stayed over night. 

»Is that his name?«, Heather asked again and pointed at your notebook. Dean was written all over it and little hearts filled up the blank spaces between the names. You nodded and blushed. Heather grinned again and turned away from you, because the professor had already given you a warning glance.
None of your friends had meet Dean yet. You were nervous about what they would say if they’d see him because he’d told you that he would pick you up after your english lecture. And of course you were nervous about seeing Dean as well. You’d spent two entire weeks with him. 

You grapped your books and followed Heather and some other friends outside of the university. The black 67’ Impala was standing not that far away and a handsome guy with sunglasses and a leather jacket was leaning against it.
You started to grin like an idiot immediately. This guy was yours and it made you extremely proud. Dean gave you a little wave, showing you that he was waiting for you. Heather and the other girls next to you started to murmur. 

»Is that him?«, your friend Ashley asked and you nodded, still smiling like an actual creep. 

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