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NASA’s working on quieter supersonic flight, which it wants to help commercialize

  • While plenty of people want to fly at supersonic speeds, no one wants other people to fly at supersonic speeds over their homes.
  • That’s because aircraft flying faster than the speed of sound create a trail of deafening sounds called a “boom carpet.”
  • But companies are pressuring the Federal Aviation Administration (the agency responsible for the ban) to reconsider. The agency has said it can’t without data
  • That’s where NASA comes in. It’s spending two weeks this August in Florida, testing booms created by supersonic flight.
  • NASA is also encouraging companies to explore supersonic technology. In 2016, it hired Lockheed Martin to begin designing a new supersonic plane, aiming for sound at the level NASA calls “a quiet sonic thump.” Read more (7/25/17)

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Commercial for the new Musical Touken Ranbu and ShinkenRanbuSai 2017


“POP”: a short film shot by Melina Matsoukas for the fragrance by Stella McCartney

Grimes, Lola Leon, Amandla Stenberg, and Kenya Kinski-Jones trail-blaze on a road of discovery in the California desert.


Lara Croft featured in a US commercial for Playstation Greatest Hits titles.


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If “Pharmaceutical Ads” were Real Life - Movantik

What if those horrible Pharmaceutical Ads actually told the truth? Meet Frank. Frank can’t poop because he pops pills all day, but thanks to Movantik now he can pop pills and still poop. Thanks Movantik!