in commemoration of my new url

Youaremychoding’s First Follow Forever! + URL Change + Happy New Year!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! It has been another wonderful year on tumblr with you guys. I know i have been going through hard times and not able to update this blog properly or contribute to the fandom very much, but I am so thankful that every time something bad happened you guys were here to cheer me up. I wanted to make this post to thank those who have been so kind to me, whether I follow them or they follow me

I also know that I’ve been losing a lot of followers since I started blogging other groups besides just infinite. I apologize to those who have left, but I also wanted to appreciate those who have stayed! So I made a section to my dearest followers as well, who have stuck with me this long.

Lastly I wanted to announce that I will be changing my url. It’s time for a change and after much though ive decided upon a new url. So I will be taking the url @pocketsungyeol on the first of January to commemorate the new year. I wanted to let you all know so you don’t start missing me! Im still here!

Well that about it. I hope you have a wonderful year this year and Im sorry that my message to you guys was so long. Lets go forward with high hopes for the coming new year. I love you guys! Fighting!

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