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It’s widely believed that the color “black” is associated with a negative connotation. Black is darkness. Darkness is bad. Darkness is evil. Black is an omen of malady or death. Black is a sign of sadness.

White is commonly seen as holy or innocent, a symbol of the good. 

Black, in regards to light, absorbs everything in the spectrum. It is the complete absence of color, as the absence of reflective wavelengths makes color void. So, wouldn’t the color that is truly the brightest, the most pure, be that which takes in every ounce of light?

Black, in actual terms of color, is a perfect blend of pigment. So, if we’re associating happiness with yellow, anger or lust with red, peace with green, blue with sadness, etc etc, all of those together create that which combines everything else…black.

Juxtaposition to that, white is a combination of all (or nearly all) light spectrums being reflected. White essentially deflects your emotions, if we’re going with metaphorical color association, of course). 

Just rambling. Some of this science is probs wrong, so feel free to discuss. 


Sherlock is drugged and hallucinating. Just like at Baskerville, his perception is impaired. John is attending to him as a doctor but Sherlock thinks John is Moriarty. Or Magnussen who’s come back to haunt him. Or Mary AGRA who’s threatening John.

John takes charge of the situation, but all the memories of torture in Serbia combined with everything else that has happened to him heighten Sherlock’s panic.

A struggle in 221B takes place, leading to the disarray of the blanket on John’s chair, the skewed frame on the wall, and the broken dishes in the kitchen. John’s lightning reflexes and true aim are his only hope.

John shoots Sherlock ENOUGH TO INCAPACITATE BUT NOT TO KILL. The irony is not lost on John. Sherlock is hospitalized. While watching Sherlock lying unconscious, John is consumed by guilt that, this time, it is he who has hurt Sherlock, the last remaining - no, ever the only - person he loves most in all this world.

Mrs. Hudson cleans up the blood in the flat and Mycroft arrives. Mary AGRA has framed Mycroft and she is out to DIVIDE AND CONQUER. Mary AGRA works to ensure that the protagonists don’t trust one another so she can kill them all one by one. Mrs. Hudson is livid and is on the brink of killing Mycroft herself, but she wants to live long enough because her boys need her.

Sherlock is now weak and injured, Mycroft now has limited resources because his colleagues in the British Government no longer trust him. Mary AGRA and Moriarty come out to play.

They kidnap Mrs. Hudson, baiting John to come rescue her, alone, or else. They kidnap John and Mycroft. Moriarty gets all creepy with Mrs. Hudson. He keeps her as collateral for his real obsession: Sherlock’s undivided attention.

Mary AGRA keeps John and Mycroft hostage in 2 different places. She calls Sherlock and sends him a video of both John and Mycroft near death. She tells Sherlock that he has to choose which one to save. She tells him that she will send a body part each of both John and Mycroft for every hour he has not decided. She lets John and Mycroft on the video call. John tells Sherlock to choose Mycroft because he is his brother. Mycroft tells Sherlock to choose John, and to not be lonely like himself. Each one argues further: John says Mycroft needs to live to clear his name and that his life will benefit all of the UK. Mycroft says only a person with a pure heart like John deserves to live, and that he himself has done some things to the UK and to Sherlock which were a bit not good.

Sherlock, injured, drugged, and more lost and helpless than he has ever been, calls Lestrade. Greg and Molly work to save Mycroft AND Mrs. Hudson; Sherlock goes off to save John.

But John, having realized the whole fake setup of the baby, having grieved a child that wasn’t even his, swears to himself to make Mary AGRA pay for everything she has done since the pool. Mary AGRA laughs at him for his loyalty to Sherlock at the pool, having been ready to die for Sherlock twice within a few minutes. She mocks him for being so accepting of Sherlock’s drug use that he didn’t realize when it wasn’t Sherlock drugging himself, but Mary AGRA. She attacks John while he is bound and asks him about his shoulder wound. Mary AGRA tells him that sometimes military officers have to choose a side to fight with when they are disillusioned with the system. Military officers like colonels. Colonels like Moran. She caresses John’s scar. “Are you not going to thank me that I didn’t shoot to kill when I made this wound? Because of this, you met Sherlock. I truly am the best thing that has happened to you.” He doesn’t recognize this creature before him. A woman he shared his bed and home and life with. A woman he chose over the real person he loves. Over the only person he loves.

John escapes, after all, he can break your bones while naming them. He also knows which ones of his to break when needs must. He drives off in a stolen car, and Mary AGRA Moran his lying murderous wife and archenemy engages him in a high speed car chase.

They both crash. John’s car falls into the water. John barely gets out of his car, but just barely. Mary AGRA is trapped inside hers. John runs to get her out, if only to make her pay before the law. The car explodes. John is severely injured, his clothes are in tatters. Mary AGRA is charred beyond recognition.

John decides to use this as his chance. If Mary AGRA’s body were found, a DNA test would be done. He disposes of it and leaves his burnt clothes in the site of the crash as well as traces of his blood. That part is not difficult - he is bleeding everywhere. He has to stay “dead” so Moriarty won’t factor him in when dealing with Sherlock. John decides to rescue Mrs. Hudson on his own because everyone will search for John first AT SHERLOCK’S SIDE.

Sherlock finds John’s holding place empty, not even Mary AGRA nor Moriarty is there. He follows the trail of the escape and car chase. Scotland Yard and the medics are already there and tell him to identify the body at the morgue. His blood runs cold at the confirmation that the blood all over the place is John’s.

At the morgue, Sherlock finds nothing more but John’s charred clothes. Sherlock is stunned beyond reason. John is dead, Mycroft is missing, Mrs. Hudson is in Moriarty’s hands. His only tangible token of John’s protection is one bullet wound shot in the name of love.

Feeling dead himself, Sherlock fights off the overwhelming grief, knowing John would have wanted him to do the right thing. He vows to live by John’s moral code from now on. He goes off to rescue Mrs. Hudson and Mycroft.

He contacts Lestrade, but could not reach him. He contacts Molly, and the phone is finally answered.

“Hello, Sherlock. Did you miss me?”

Signs as colors

Aries: Red- bold, loud, and outgoing. Found in many things because of its ability to fit in and get along with so many other colors.

Taurus: Brown- neutral and chill. Has a dark aspect to it but is very adaptable and warm.

Gemini: Burgundy- Dark and enticing, always looks good on clothes (and everything else) and is a combination of red, brown and purple. 

Cancer: Baby pink- Childlike and innocent. Brings back memories and is very comforting.

Leo: Purple- strong, pretty, and deep. Can always interest people with all its interesting shades.

Virgo: Green- bright, natural, and mysterious. Reminds of nature and outside adventures such as camping during the summer.

Libra: Blue- Artistic and puzzling. Makes people think, laugh, and feel comfortable. Almost everyone loves this color because it is so adaptable. 

Scorpio: Black- Dark and strange, but when you are familiar with it, it is one of the best colors. Very expressive, beautiful, and enhancing.

Sagittarius: Orange- Bright and funny. Can be sour but is lovable and makes people happy.

Capricorn: Silver- shiny and exciting. Gives people the feeling of a new start and great things, but can also be mistaken for gray.

Aquarius: Dark violet- Dark, intense, beautiful. Takes a while to know well. Rebellious and strange but when you look deeply into it, it can e seen as one of the most beautiful colors out there.

Pisces: Magenta- bright and cheery. Looking at the color makes people think positive thoughts.  


I really should number these so people know they’re a series…anyway…  I finished this last night after completing all the shading, so I was a bit out of it.  Hope it’s still easy enough to understand!  I’m guessing you’ll see the last video today or tomorrow, since the final touches don’t take that long.

I animate with ToonBoom Studio 4.5
My tablet is a Wacom Cintiq
I recorded this with Quicktime and compiled it with iMovie
The MAP song is The Cave by Mumford and Sons

dae-bakk-pop  asked:

Thank you! You are so sweet. I'm sun in Virgo, moon in Pisces, mercury in Virgo, Venus in Leo, Mars and Jupiter in Libra

Yaaay~~ I’m glad you were able to get your mars sign ^^
Alrighty, let’s jump right in to who would be your best matches (imo):

  1. Taehyung
  2. Hoseok
  3. Yoongi

This isn’t even fully proven astrologically, but I’ve just met A LOT of Virgos who are drawn to Capricorns (and vice versa)! Maybe, it’s that earth sign pull, but I think that fact that you and Taehyung are both earth signs + have balancing elemental signs in yours moons will make for A LOT of chemistry. Also you two have sister signs in your Venus’ + once again balancing elements in your Mars’ placements. The pull of those sister signs in a more prominent placement could usually lead to butting heads but I think romantically they go well together combined with everything else in your chart. You also both have earth signs in your mercury placements which would make communicating through any problems a LOT easier.

As for Hoseok, your venus in Leo + your moon sign Pisces would also lead to attraction for Hoseok – while his sun/mars in Aquarius’ + his venus/mercury in Pisces would make that attraction mutual. The relationship between your charts reminds me of a couple (or a couple of friends) that’s been together for 40 years but still makes time to go out every single week. None of your signs clash massively and even the placements where you two have sister signs in relation to one another (Mercury+Mars), I feel as though they would encourage each other instead of driving each other up the wall~

You and Yoongi are the most interesting combo for me. Not only are your sun signs SISTER SIGNS but so are your moon signs and you’re also just inverse combinations of each other in those placements! (aka his sun sign is your moon sign = He’s Pisces Sun + Virgo Moon and you’re Virgo Sun + Pisces Moon) 10000000% sister sign pull would happen here! The only thing I’m not sure of is if you two would have harmony or a love/hate relationship…either way, both of you would feel a pull towards one another.


The Most Attractive Thing About You Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

ENFP – Your enthusiasm.

You care more about your latest idea than most people care about everything else in their lives combined. And the energy’s contagious. People admire the positive vibes you bring to the table and they want to share in whatever it is that you’re so pumped on – hell, they want to be the next thing you’re excited about.

how to successfully get vice luck™ during overwatch events

the halloween event is just around the corner! get the best of it with this comprehensive guide to getting @iamviceter luck™ during the event!!

  1. establish desire to aquire a cosmetic item of choice
  2. spend 50 bucks on lootboxes
  3. do not get cosmetic item of choice
  4. spend 50 more bucks on lootboxes
  5. get everything else except cosmetic item of choice
  6. spend a combined total of 250 dollars on lootboxes
  7. do not get cosmetic item of choice

congrats! you now have vice luck™! 


twilight saga meme | 2/7 scenes: e/b prom

“A girl can dream.”

“Is that what you dream about? Being a monster?”

“Mostly I dream about being with you forever.”

“I will stay with you — isn’t that enough?”

“I love you more than everything else in the world combined. Isn’t that enough?”

“Yes, it is enough. Enough for forever.”

home // kenz & jacob


Kenz had gotten up as soon as she’d saw the text buzz through on her phone. Jacob was home. She’d been worried sick for days, barely sleeping - although that was a combination of two restless babies and everything else that had been going on in her life. She couldn’t help but feel a little relieved at the thought of him being home, but it hadn’t lessened all of her worries. He’d been gone for days, she could hardly imagine what state he could be in. Still, she knew that she had to go to him. She had to take Amethyst back to her father and she needed to apologise for everything that she’d done.

It was only a short while later that she’d gotten both babies ready and in their carseats, before hopping into the front seat and starting the car up, pulling out of the driveway and heading to Jessica’s. She forced herself to focus on the road, finding herself getting more and more overwhelmed by her emotions. Eventually, she pulled up in front of Jessica’s house and parked the car, cutting the engine and jumping out. It didn’t take her long to get both babies out of the car in their carriers, before she’d headed up towards the house, completely bypassing knocking and simply pushing the door open to let herself inside.

She found herself in the living room a few moments later, relief washing over her when she caught sight of Jacob. Setting the baby carriers down, she paused for a second to look at him, needing a few moments to register that he was really there. Whether it was selfish or not, she immediately ran towards him, throwing her arms around his neck and holding as tightly as she could. “Oh, Jake–” Kenz began, immediately finding herself fighting back tears. “You’re home.”

krisinsanity replied to your photo

Who is the most difficult to draw in EXO Elie ?

suho. for me at least. its not a simple coincidence that i didnt draw him for long. :D
all of them has something really characteristic about their face that makes them immediately recognisable. things that if you catch well, that only one thing (or combination at least), then everything else falls in place, you can even choose to not draw the rest of the parts, or draw flowers over the rest of the place, it doesnt matter, the drawing will still look like your reference person. e.g. for kyungsoo his lips and eyes (they are really strong separately too), for jongin would be his nose and lips (and that strong chin, just supporting the lips), for chen his face structure, etc.
and then we have suho who has only his round chin on his face that makes him look like him, and in drawing thats not much of a help for us. so little matters so much on his face, you really have to pay attention and in result it can still look unrecognisable for the viewer even if you were correct.
im afraid to draw him.

after suho comes yixing and baek for me, but they are universes easier than suho already.

but im curious to hear what other fanartists think, my problem might totally be a personal hardship, and not general phenomenon. : )