in china they eat dogs

ok i already wasn’t stoked on the chainsmokers collaborating with bts but the fact that they have the nerve to make a joke about people in china eating dogs and then try to play it off as though they’re “raising awareness” is absolute bullshit. (full video here.)

how are you going to sit there and laugh about a controversial issue in an asian country when you’re about to benefit from exposure that an asian group is going to stir up for you?? 

not to mention, their careless joke spreads the notion that all chinese people eat dog when, in reality, the majority of the general population, as well as the government, don’t support the yulin festival and the initial protests against the festival were started within the local chinese population. 

the stereotype of all asians eating dog has always been a harmful one and one that’s based in the idea that asian cultures are somehow “primitive” in comparison to western ideals. 

laughing over a tasteless joke is bad enough but using it as an excuse to pretend they’re activists is worse. honestly these white boys can peace the fuck out and i hope bts pulls the song they collaborated on together  👋🏼

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I don't know if this is something i should ask on this blog (feel free to delete if its not) but i heard the chainsmokers said something racist, do you know what it was?

This is definitely something I am willing to answer. The video has been taken down. But yesterday at about 10AM KST, the Clamslappers posted a video of an interview in China for Ultra Festival on Twitter. And the host asked whether or not one of the guys (idk their names and I don’t want to know their names) whether he brought his dog. And he made a “joke” implying that dogs aren’t safe in China because of the typical Asian stereotype that all Asians eat/slaughter dogs. The guy didn’t say this specifically, but it was implied through his silence when asked why he didn’t bring his dog and after the host realized what he was implying the Clamslappers and the host laughed together. The caption was also the laughing (with tears) emoji. Later, (I just checked now because I have them blocked), the member (again idk their names) posted an apology saying that it was because he heard dogs get slaughtered in China (you can find it here:, but it was still a racist comment based off of old stereotypes and it frustrates me to an incredible extent. The fact that they make these remarks and laugh about it makes me mad. While he said this is why he didn’t bring his dog, I’m sure he was making a joke about Chinese and Asians in general. If he was truly worried about his dog, he would have looked concerned or sad or made a comment about saving dogs in the interview. Instead he made a cheap “joke” and attempted to cover it up with a campaign to fight against dog slaughter. What makes it even more upsetting is that they are collaborating with BTS, a South Korean boy group. I know a lot of you guys won’t agree with me, but yeah. Also for those fans that are worried about whether or not dislking or not supporting the Clamslappers makes you a bad ARMY, it really doesn’t. Fact of the matter is we love BTS not them. Just because we love BTS doesn’t mean that we have to be fans of those people. I’m going to add this because I don’t think some of you get it. I am Asian, I have lived through ugly Asian stereotypes, remarks, “jokes.” Don’t make comments about the Asian experience and say “well this sterotype applies sometimes.” It doesn’t matter. It was a cheap ugly “joke” and should not be tolerated.
- Kylie

wanna one as conversations with my asian mom

disclaimer: real 100% convos with my mom. my mom is straight from china so lots of asian jokes ahead. not meant to be offensive, just for laughs! read at your own discretion. you have been warned.  ps read in an asian accent for more laughs

yoon jisung:

mom: “why you so fat now? when i was high school student, i weigh 45 kg. you so fat, so ugly. aiya.”

2 minutes later…

mom: “come downstairs eat dinner! eat more, eat more!

*aggressively shoves food onto my plate*

you still growing!”

ha sungwoon:

mom: “why you always no stand up straight? you look like old grandma. even i’m taller than you now!”

me: “what are you even talking about, mom? you’re wearing 5-inch heels, you cheater!”

hwang minhyun:

mom: “if you to the good college, i can go back to shanghai and brag to the family. go to stanford, be doctor, so i can have the money travel the world with your dad. we can brag to your auntie haha.” 

me: “mom stop dreaming.”

mom: “i treat you always so good, and this is how you repay me? can’t even go to the stanford? any chinese student can make it into stanford easy. why you so stupid?” 

ong seongwoo:

mom: “aiya, you so ugly. skin so dark. why you no put on sunscreen, wear hat? i can’t go to china with you, you embarrassing.”

me: “what are you talking about? i stayed inside all summer. plus we’re asian. our skin is yellow.”

mom: “no you dark. why you no like japanese, korean white skin, huh? you always watch gay-pop videos, watch dramas, but you no learn from them white skin?” 

me: “mom, it’s k-pop, not gay-pop god.”

kim jaehwan:

mom: “you playing piano sounds like dying panda. my co-worker 6-year-old daughter play better than you.” 

me: “good for her.”

mom: “even deaf person in china play better than you. you waste my money.”

kang daniel:

me: “mom, have you ever eaten dog before?” 

mom: “no, i never went to china dog-eating festival. i hear it taste like the beef. also my friend say cat meat very good, just like chicken.” 

me: “mom, i was just joking! you can’t say that wth!” 

park jihoon:

mom: “why you no go outside exercise? always stay inside like couch potato, aiya.”

me: “i’ve never seen you exercise in my whole life.”

mom: “i’m adult! i no need exercise anymore.” 

park woojin:

mom: “no dating okay. i know high school, boys say ‘i love you’ but you say ‘no’ okay? you know you ugly so if boy says ‘you so beautiful’, he lie to you.”

me: “wow thanks, love you too mom.”

mom: “no dating any boy until the college. and in college, *whispers* only date the rich, white man. they buy you everything, no check price tag. not like the cheap asians like your dad.” 

me: “okay wow. thanks for the great advice, mom.” 

bae jinyoung:

mom: “you so ugly. you no look like me. you ugly like your dad —nose so big, so fat.”

me: “are you not my mom then?”

mom: “i no born you. i picked you out of trash can when you were baby. i feel so bad for you. now i want to throw you back into trash.”

lee daehwi:

mom: “what you doing?”

me: “calculus.”

mom: “you in high school, they give you this easy stuff? kids in china learn this 7th grade. american education system so sucks. if you move back to shanghai with me, we have to put you in 4th grade, you so stupid.”

lai guanlin:

mom: “you don’t speak chinese, i don’t talk to you. in this house, we speak chinese only.”

me: “then what about dad?”

mom: “no, speak chinese! 讲中文, 你这个笨蛋!”

lmao don’t get triggered pls just jokes man

I Kina spiser de hunde / In China They Eat Dogs (1999) Danimarka / Anders Thomas Jensen

’'Ameller niyetlere göredir.” konulu film.eheh.Dehşet güzel .Filme göz atarken başrollerde hastası olduğum dizi, Bron /Broen den tanıdığım Kim Bodnia ‘yı görünce dayanamayıp 90 dk kaçamağı yaptım.Harold karakterine Kim Bodnia sevgimin etkisiyle de iyice hayran oldum.Gerçi filmdeki karakterlerin hepsi olay,Peter, Martin, Vuk…Kafası güzel filmlerden.

Kısaca ;bankada sıradan bir memur olan Arvid ,bankayı soymaya çalışan soyguncuya engel olup kahraman olur.Daha sonra hırsızın karısı, evine gelip onu azarlar. Çünkü kocası -yani hırsız- aslında çok iyi biridir ve tüp bebek yapmak için, sadece ihtiyaçları olan parayı bankadan çalmak istemiştir.Tabi ki iyi niyetli kahramanımız Arvid çok üzülür…

Ne güzel filmdin be !


I Kina spiser de hunde (In China They Eat Dogs). 1999. Action/comedy/crime.

Arvid is a regular bank clerk, whose life changes radically when he knocks out the bank robber Franz with his squash racket. A few days later Franz’ wife visits him lamenting that she needed the swag for an IVF. To obtain the money Arvid and his criminal brother Harald plan a thievery, which ends bloodily and drags them into real trouble. (imdb)

Directed by Lasse Spang Olsen. Starring Dejan Cukic, Kim Bodnia, Tomas Villum Jensen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Brian Patterson, Jesper Christensen.

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do other races/cultures eat dogs?

the phrasing of this question is not especially promising but yes, there are plenty of cultures and places where people eat dogs, including vietnam, china, and some areas of mexico. however, it’s not just “the other races”, considering this is also a practice in rural areas of switzerland. besides, if we’re going to judge people by “what their race eats”, we should maybe take into account that white people like to eat rotten sharks, snails, frogs, and ketchup on steak.

we should never judge a culture by what they like to eat, however. you might consider it disgusting that some people in the world eat dogs or cats or guinea pigs or whatever else they like to eat, but there are plenty of people from jewish and muslim areas of the world who would gag at the thought of someone regularly eating pork, or people in india who would consider it a horror to eat beef, so really, it doesn’t matter what anybody eats so long as they don’t make themselves sick by eating actual dangerous traditional delicacies, like casu marzu maggot cheese, or the kfc double down.

so yeah, try to keep your eyes on your own plate.

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To the anon that asked why chainsmokers are bad - they joke about rape, they were racist about china on NATIONAL TV, and further elaborated on that 'joke' about china eating dogs on twitter. They talk about girls in the most derogatory way. Plus, their music isn't exactly a work of art.

Yes…I agree!

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What are your thoughts on the chainsmokers collaborating with BTS after they made a comment about China wanting to eat their dog if they were to bring their dog with them there? Personally, I was hyped for this comeback, but knowing that they are collaborating with people that are racist... I ain't about that.

okay well firstly what they said was extremely ignorant and racist and it’s so sad that people are still that closed-minded even today. but moving past what they actually said, and onto how it relates to bts. i mean i’ve seen people say things like they don’t want to buy the album now bc of the association it has with the chainsmokers. obviously do what you want it’s your money of course, but it’s not as if bts have never associated themselves with problematic artists in the past. that’s like saying we shouldn’t watch the 3J performance from this year’s festa just bc they’re dancing to a chris brown song or saying that you can’t listen to some of jungkook’s covers simply bc he’s singing a justin bieber track. i’m sure bts weren’t aware of their ignorance when they agreed to the collab. it’s terrible that they said that, but really the only things we can hope for at this point is that through hanging out with bts, the chainsmokers maybe will learn to be a little less ignorant of other cultures 

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Imagine thinking that just bc jungkook and cuppcakk are the same age means it's okay for her to sexualize him. Lmfao don't make this a race thing just bc people told her to not @ bts in her tweets. I would callout anyone of any race regardless. Sexualizing anyone and @ them is sexual harassment.

it wasn’t a race thing until i saw armys bashing wale saying he used rapmonster for exposure when the man has had a successful career since before bts even debuted, yet were quiet when the chainsmokers made a racist joke towards asians stating they’d never bring their dogs to china, alluding towards the whole ‘asian people eat dogs’, and then cupcakke makes a sexual comment towards jungkook and all of a sudden homophobic, fatphobic and racial slurs are thrown her way by people who have been making sexual jokes and innuendos and fanfics about jungkook ever since he was a minor and debuted within bts. what she said was vulgar, BUT she never @ them in her tweet saying she wanted to suck jungkook or anything sexual, she tagged them in a tweet saying ‘love you’ and that she congratulated them on performing at the amas and ‘sing to me’ she NEVER tagged them in anything sexual. so catch the tea on that. and they started the race thing by coming for one artist and not the other and we can obviously see why. so. hop off. i’m not saying her sexualizing him is okay, but when y’all are the ones calling them daddy, asking them to choke you out and writing fanfics about jungkook fucking you every single way you managed, and one girl does it that you don’t like you push and bash her to the point of her leaving social media just because she said something relatively mild to what you guys do and say on a daily basis????????? and some of y’all actually tag them in it?????????? thats where you cross the limit. i don’t see them having that same energy when they come across jungkook fanfics and usernames of armys with the words ‘jungcock’ and other vulgar language OR coming at those who made nsfw fanfics of him when he was a minor. come with that same energy to everyone who sexualizes him then instead of just her. 

You know how, in books and movies, there’s sometimes a scene where somebody says “Oh, so you’re from China? Eat a lot of dogs, then?”
And then they explain that far from all Chinese people eat dogs-

While it’s great that writers fight stereotypes, I do wish a book or movie would feature a Chinese person who does eat dogs now and then. And whose response is basically “Yes, I eat dogs, on occasion. And it’s no more barbarous or cruel than when you eat pork or beef.”

Like, instead of acting as if it’s some horrible accusation to imply that Chinese people eat different food than Westerners, we could go with the attitude of “Yes, Chinese people eat different animals than Westerners sometimes. That you’re not used to it doesn’t make it wrong.

This Chinese dog-eating festival’s days are numbered thanks to a massive social media campaign

At the Yulin Festival in China, 10,000 dogs were killed to be eaten in 2013. Thanks to activism within China and in other countries, that number dropped to about half in 2014. And this year, activists are estimating less than 1,000 dogs were killed.

The Yulin Festival went viral a few weeks ago when Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram feeds were swamped by people posting about the annual dog and cat meat festival.

While the social media response has been effectual, some of the comments have also had a racist or xenophobic undertone. 


DEAR FOLLOWERS AND taylorswift​,

There is a festival that is going to take place in Southern China called YuLin. Over 10,000 cats and dogs are killed each year during the festival. These animals are robbed and snatched from their families and homes, dragged by a rope that is attached to a car, boiled alive, skinned alive, tortured, kept in small cages, and beaten to the point of death.

The hashtag  #StopYuLin2015 is getting a lot of attention and is making a pretty large impact, so please do your part in helping these poor animals. Reblog this or post something yourself using the hashtag in order to bring more attention to this horrible festival. The festival takes place on Sunday, June 21, so we need to act fairly quickly.

Give these animals a voice when they cannot speak up for themselves, and help them when nobody else bothers to. MOST OF ALL, please help put a stop to this BEFORE it is too late. Reblog this as much as you can and share it with your friends and family. These animals should be treated so much better, and I am hoping that with the help of people around the world, we can help give them the lives they truly deserve. Always remember that doing something is better than doing nothing. 


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What books about a vegan diet would you recommend? And are there any really good speeches out there?

The china study (long read)
Skinny bitch
Why we love dogs, eat pigs and wear cows
Whole (dr T Campbell)
How not to die (dr Gregor)

Recipe books-
Healthiest diet on the plant (dr mcdougal)
Engine 2 diet
Forks over knives
Thug kitchen
My recipe book “carbolicious”
Loni Jane “feel the lean”

Carnism ted talk -
Best speech you will ever hear-
101 reasons to go vegan-



This weekend, in China, the Yulin festival takes place, where hundreds of dogs and cats are slaughtered for their meat.

PLEASE, sign the petition against these inhumane practices …

Thanks for your help !

Herb of the Week-Dog Rose

Common names

Dog Brier
Dog Rose
Hip Rose
Wild Brier

Rosa canina, also referred to as the dog rose, is a permanent scrambling or climbing species of rose that is indigenous to Europe, south-western Asia and northern Africa. Generally, the plant is found to be growing up to three meters or around 10 feet in length. Some plants may even grow longer and reach the apex of taller trees growing nearby. Rosa canina plants bear hooked thorns on the stem and these aid the plants in climbing. The plant has pinnate leaves, with each leaf having two to three pairs of jagged leaflets. Usually, the blooms of Rosa canina are pink, but they may also be found in white. The flowers are around 4 cm to 6 cm in diameter, each having five petals. The flowers develop into reddish-orange colored fruits, also known as hips.

It is interesting to note that in the Middle Ages, between the 5th and 15th century, the rose hips/ fruits were a preferred sweet luxury among the people. However, the Rosa canina variety plants were not held in the same esteem as the cultivated assortment of rose - Rosa gallica. Despite this, herbal medicinal practitioners regarded the plant of the dog rose as herb possessing elevated therapeutic properties and usually prescribed the plants or their preparations to treat various chest problems.

Flowers of Rosa canina are not only attractive, but also contain numerous therapeutic properties and, hence, are recommended for treating an assortment of medical conditions. As mentioned before in this article, Rosa canina or the dog rose is a permanent plant that is indigenous to Europe, northern Africa as well as the temperate regions of south-western Asia. Since the dog rose plant is a natural source of a number of vitamins, it is recommended to cure diarrhea, quench thirst, as a diuretic to increase urination and also to avert stomach inflammation.

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