in china they eat dogs

I Kina spiser de hunde / In China They Eat Dogs (1999) Danimarka / Anders Thomas Jensen

’'Ameller niyetlere göredir.” konulu film.eheh.Dehşet güzel .Filme göz atarken başrollerde hastası olduğum dizi, Bron /Broen den tanıdığım Kim Bodnia ‘yı görünce dayanamayıp 90 dk kaçamağı yaptım.Harold karakterine Kim Bodnia sevgimin etkisiyle de iyice hayran oldum.Gerçi filmdeki karakterlerin hepsi olay,Peter, Martin, Vuk…Kafası güzel filmlerden.

Kısaca ;bankada sıradan bir memur olan Arvid ,bankayı soymaya çalışan soyguncuya engel olup kahraman olur.Daha sonra hırsızın karısı, evine gelip onu azarlar. Çünkü kocası -yani hırsız- aslında çok iyi biridir ve tüp bebek yapmak için, sadece ihtiyaçları olan parayı bankadan çalmak istemiştir.Tabi ki iyi niyetli kahramanımız Arvid çok üzülür…

Ne güzel filmdin be !

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do other races/cultures eat dogs?

the phrasing of this question is not especially promising but yes, there are plenty of cultures and places where people eat dogs, including vietnam, china, and some areas of mexico. however, it’s not just “the other races”, considering this is also a practice in rural areas of switzerland. besides, if we’re going to judge people by “what their race eats”, we should maybe take into account that white people like to eat rotten sharks, snails, frogs, and ketchup on steak.

we should never judge a culture by what they like to eat, however. you might consider it disgusting that some people in the world eat dogs or cats or guinea pigs or whatever else they like to eat, but there are plenty of people from jewish and muslim areas of the world who would gag at the thought of someone regularly eating pork, or people in india who would consider it a horror to eat beef, so really, it doesn’t matter what anybody eats so long as they don’t make themselves sick by eating actual dangerous traditional delicacies, like casu marzu maggot cheese, or the kfc double down.

so yeah, try to keep your eyes on your own plate.

You know how, in books and movies, there’s sometimes a scene where somebody says “Oh, so you’re from China? Eat a lot of dogs, then?”
And then they explain that far from all Chinese people eat dogs-

While it’s great that writers fight stereotypes, I do wish a book or movie would feature a Chinese person who does eat dogs now and then. And whose response is basically “Yes, I eat dogs, on occasion. And it’s no more barbarous or cruel than when you eat pork or beef.”

Like, instead of acting as if it’s some horrible accusation to imply that Chinese people eat different food than Westerners, we could go with the attitude of “Yes, Chinese people eat different animals than Westerners sometimes. That you’re not used to it doesn’t make it wrong.

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What books about a vegan diet would you recommend? And are there any really good speeches out there?

The china study (long read)
Skinny bitch
Why we love dogs, eat pigs and wear cows
Whole (dr T Campbell)
How not to die (dr Gregor)

Recipe books-
Healthiest diet on the plant (dr mcdougal)
Engine 2 diet
Forks over knives
Thug kitchen
My recipe book “carbolicious”
Loni Jane “feel the lean”

Carnism ted talk -
Best speech you will ever hear-
101 reasons to go vegan-



DEAR FOLLOWERS AND taylorswift​,

There is a festival that is going to take place in Southern China called YuLin. Over 10,000 cats and dogs are killed each year during the festival. These animals are robbed and snatched from their families and homes, dragged by a rope that is attached to a car, boiled alive, skinned alive, tortured, kept in small cages, and beaten to the point of death.

The hashtag  #StopYuLin2015 is getting a lot of attention and is making a pretty large impact, so please do your part in helping these poor animals. Reblog this or post something yourself using the hashtag in order to bring more attention to this horrible festival. The festival takes place on Sunday, June 21, so we need to act fairly quickly.

Give these animals a voice when they cannot speak up for themselves, and help them when nobody else bothers to. MOST OF ALL, please help put a stop to this BEFORE it is too late. Reblog this as much as you can and share it with your friends and family. These animals should be treated so much better, and I am hoping that with the help of people around the world, we can help give them the lives they truly deserve. Always remember that doing something is better than doing nothing. 


This Chinese dog-eating festival’s days are numbered thanks to a massive social media campaign

At the Yulin Festival in China, 10,000 dogs were killed to be eaten in 2013. Thanks to activism within China and in other countries, that number dropped to about half in 2014. And this year, activists are estimating less than 1,000 dogs were killed.

The Yulin Festival went viral a few weeks ago when Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram feeds were swamped by people posting about the annual dog and cat meat festival.

While the social media response has been effectual, some of the comments have also had a racist or xenophobic undertone. 


This weekend, in China, the Yulin festival takes place, where hundreds of dogs and cats are slaughtered for their meat.

PLEASE, sign the petition against these inhumane practices …

Thanks for your help !

Herb of the Week-Dog Rose

Common names

Dog Brier
Dog Rose
Hip Rose
Wild Brier

Rosa canina, also referred to as the dog rose, is a permanent scrambling or climbing species of rose that is indigenous to Europe, south-western Asia and northern Africa. Generally, the plant is found to be growing up to three meters or around 10 feet in length. Some plants may even grow longer and reach the apex of taller trees growing nearby. Rosa canina plants bear hooked thorns on the stem and these aid the plants in climbing. The plant has pinnate leaves, with each leaf having two to three pairs of jagged leaflets. Usually, the blooms of Rosa canina are pink, but they may also be found in white. The flowers are around 4 cm to 6 cm in diameter, each having five petals. The flowers develop into reddish-orange colored fruits, also known as hips.

It is interesting to note that in the Middle Ages, between the 5th and 15th century, the rose hips/ fruits were a preferred sweet luxury among the people. However, the Rosa canina variety plants were not held in the same esteem as the cultivated assortment of rose - Rosa gallica. Despite this, herbal medicinal practitioners regarded the plant of the dog rose as herb possessing elevated therapeutic properties and usually prescribed the plants or their preparations to treat various chest problems.

Flowers of Rosa canina are not only attractive, but also contain numerous therapeutic properties and, hence, are recommended for treating an assortment of medical conditions. As mentioned before in this article, Rosa canina or the dog rose is a permanent plant that is indigenous to Europe, northern Africa as well as the temperate regions of south-western Asia. Since the dog rose plant is a natural source of a number of vitamins, it is recommended to cure diarrhea, quench thirst, as a diuretic to increase urination and also to avert stomach inflammation.

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I really work hard at being a positive vegan…

Promoting all the lovely foods we get to eat… Getting excited over animal rescue cases… Never judging others for eating meat, sense it’s not like I was born Vegan, I ate meat too until I educated myself…

But things like this still get to me.. It’s like the freak out everyone had over China eating dogs.. When our countries eat pigs, cows, chickens, lambs, ducks, fish, turkeys, game birds etc… They are just like a dog, they are all living, feeling creatures…

So don’t lose your shit that a lion was murdered.. Because you are probably eating a steak dinner as you see about it on the news..

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have you signed this: www(.)change(.)org/p/president-of-the-people-s-republic-of-china-stop-the-yulin-dog-meat-eating-festival? IF YOU HAVEN'T PLEASE DO! YOU DON'T NEED TO PUT YOUR ADDRESS OR ANYTHING JUST MAKE UP ONE! BUT SIGN IT PLEASE!

i’m not going to sign this because

  1. i fail to see how a petition created by a canadian organization will stop anything that’s happening in china. this petition started a year ago, nothing has progressed since then
  2. i read what they had to say and everything they wrote is extremely westernized and disrespectful

more on the second point, they use “man’s best friend” and “babies” to describe dogs, which makes it obvious to me that they are ignorant of chinese customs, traditions, and the reason why people eat dogs in the first place. that, and they’re appealing to other white people to support their cause. it’s a heavily westernized concept to associate dogs and cats as pets rather than a source of food for starving populations. so no matter how much i agree with the organization’s overall goal, i cannot support this particular one because it doesn’t understand anything about china. to me, this is just an attempt at cultural imperialism, at westerners imposing their beliefs and spreading misinformation among other westerners to shame the east.

what especially annoys me is that in their faq, they were asked how they can criticize the chinese when people all over the world eat cows, pigs, etc. their response: “We know dogs feel pain, fear, and joy because we have grown to understand them as individuals who deserve our compassion.”

sorry, do pigs, cows, and chickens not have feelings too?? are they not slaughtered in equally terrible methods throughout america/europe?? maybe focus on how animals are treated in your respective countries rather than point fingers at others. unless, of course, you don’t care about any other animal besides domestic ones. china has its own animal rights movements – people who are a part of that culture, who push for animal rights without belittling china’s customs. if you link me to one of THEIR petitions, i’ll sign that. otherwise, i find this specific movement patronizing and ignorant. and if that’s how i feel, i’d love to know how the chinese government would respond to this.

China, the Yulin Festival, and Racism

The commentary I’ve been seeing of people on the subject of Yulin is really starting to annoy me.

There has been a post saying: “Over 10,000 dogs are killed every year in Southern China for the Yulin Festival…”

While that statement is true, the way it is written connotates the incorrect message. That is, people hearing news of this festival believe that it is a nation-wide or regional event, as the post states “Southern China.” Again, I say this statement is true, but only because the 10,000 killed are killed in the City of Yulin; that’s right, Yulin is not the name of the festival, per say, but the name of the town where the festival takes place.

In other words, ignorant people are learning of this tragedy as a Chinese-government and a Chinese people are at fault situation.

So yes, 10,000 dogs are indeed killed in Southern China, but it would be more accurate to say 10,000 dogs are killed in Yulin, which is in the Guangxi province, which is located in Southern China.

In other words, people outside of Yulin don’t know/celebrate the Yulin Festival, and the slaughter is happening in Yulin, not everywhere in China.

My point here is, people stereotype Chinese people as dog-eating, no respect for animals creatures. I have seen people all over the internet saying things such as: “China needs to stop this”, “#StopChina2015”, “the Chinese people hate animals”, “The Chinese Nation needs to stop eating dogs”, “Stop China’s Yulin Festival”, etc.

If people would actually do some research, they would learn that some of the leading activists against the Yulin Festival are Chinese Celebrities with Dogs as Pets. CHINESE Celebrities. The first activist groups to bring attention to Yulin were AUSTRALIAN AND CHINESE activists. So please, don’t be pinning yourselves as the heroic figure, my fellow Americans. Also, the post says that the dogs are stolen from their families and homes. Now who do you ignorant racists think these families are from? America? Yes, the people of Yulin only steal their dog meat from US households, obviously. In short, these dogs are stolen from CHINESE households with loving CHINESE owners.

The Chinese people as a whole are not slaughtering dogs for meat, but the people of Yulin are, and so are a select number of others.

Yes, dog meat is still often times sold in restaurants on the black market, but the Chinese Government really has tried to do at least something about it. They have proposed a fine/fee system and jailing system for crimes about dog meat a year or two ago, but were unable to come to passing the proposal. For what reason? I don’t know. Maybe perhaps dog meat has become a tradition for hundreds of years in some places such as Yulin? I know I sound harsh, but know that I am also against the treatment of the dogs in Yulin. What I’m saying here is, meat has become a part of Chinese culture and looking at it from American views is unfair. It’s like saying that presents on birthdays and fireworks on Fourth of July and vacation to see family is banned suddenly because foreign views don’t see it “right” and see it as “abusive, messed up, wrong, etc.” It’s like that one post on Tumblr that reads: Your religion doesn’t allow you to do that? Cool. Your religion doesn’t allow me to do that? Not cool.“ or something like that. In this sense, it would be: “Your culture doesn’t socially accept that so you don’t do it? Cool. Your culture doesn’t socially accept my culture doing that so it says my culture can’t do it anymore? Not cool.”

Yes, the government hasn’t done much, if all, it has done nothing, but at least showing that it is publicly against dog meat in front of its citizens means a lot.

Also, remember that China is still a third world country, even with booming First-World Cities and Metropolises. Why? Well, it’s because the country itself is so huge, with people in the country side continuing to die of starvation. So remember that with no food, lack of water, hygiene, etc., the only resort that meant find they have is to eat what they can find, in other words, dog meat. And yes, this is how the dog meat idea came about in China many centuries ago.

Again, I am against the treatment of the dogs, but do feel that the revulsion of some eating Dog meat a bit hypocritical. What about your Chicken? Your beef? Your pork? Your dairy? And to vegans who might not wish to be understanding of this, think about the unfair wages, abuse, danger, and illegal labor of the the laborers tending the fields of your produce.

What I’m saying here is, dog meat, I feel, should be allowed, but should not be “farmed” the way it is now or the way chickens are raised in America. It should be free-range, abuse-free, cruelty-free, non GMOs, etc. It’s not a solution to the meat industry, but it is better than nothing.

Would I ever eat dog meat? Hell no.

Of all the times I’ve been to China have I ever seen Dog Meat on a restaurant menu or have seen it being sold on the streets as street food? Never.

The purpose of this rant is: Please PLEASE don’t stereotype all of China and the Chinese people under Yulin. Yulin is Yulin, and China has begun to open up now, with pet spas and pet hotels, animal rights groups, animal rights lawyers, and pet ownership on the rise.

Know that China is not what it used to be, although it definitely could use a lot more improvement.

Know that generalizing a nation of billions of people is stereotyping, and assigning those stereotypes to and entire race is racism.

Note: I am an American citizen of Chinese Heritage born and raised in America. My sources are from Time Magazine, Instagram posts, Tumblr posts, Facebook Posts, and personal experience. I have never owned a dog, but have owned pets. I have family with multiple pets. I have had three significant dogs in my life. I volunteer working with injured/rehabilitated wildlife and abandoned pets/former pets as well as animals imprinted on humans who are unable to be wild again. I am against animal abuse but believe that what constitutes as abuse has a limit. I am against Yulin, but find the charges against Chinese people and the Stereotypes racist and ignorant. These are my beliefs and opinions; don’t agree/disagree? I welcome your commentary but don’t start a fight. It is unnecessary and won’t help end the abuse in Yulin.

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oh my god how can you defend people who eat dogs?? i dont care if its strays or whatever wtf unfollowed im horrified

haha ur so funny!! alright anon im glad u fucking unfollowed bc im SICK of this. the post i rbed simply told non asian ppl specifically lol White ppl to fuck off abt “asian countries eating dogs”??? bc u know what? im sick of every white kid asking me if i eat dog. i used to b homeschooled from kindervarten to 3 grade n when i went to public school 4 grade u know what i got teased abt?? right off the bat?? 8 n 9 yr old,me ?? being asian!! jokes abt asian ppl!!! eating dogs!! do u eat dogs meiyu??? so thay was motherfucking great. im p sure the op of the post i rbed was just expressing their annoyance abt white littledumb assholes getting in r faces abt eating dogs n shit :)

!! im tired of it?? im tired of u ppl who grew up in a westernized society seeing asian countries as “savage’ or dirty or gross or disgusting ?? specifically r CULTURAL FOOD??? lmao bitch

especially when u white ppl r all up fake westernized chinese restaurants’ asses !!! oh i love chinese food !!! and then when u see ppl,eating dishes that r different from the bullshit ur used to!! wow !!,disgusting !! savage !! how can u eat that!!! talk abt hypocrisy n bullshit l m a o ?? ur so fucking close minded n disgusting ?

and yes ppl did and probabky still do eat dogs in china!!! and thats ok. u honestly hage no right to criticize ppl who do :) its not ur place at all. back then ppl did it bc POVERTY EXISTED (and still,exists lmao..) n famine !!! im p sure ppl have been doing it for a v v long time n u have nO FUCKING RIGHT TO JUDGE :) its not ur place.

just bc in western society we coddle r dogs n treat them as companions (which is fine) it doesnt mean ppl cant treat dogs like normal animals and treat them as food (which is also fine). bc they r food??? whay separates a dog from ur chicken nuggets lmao. ppl eat animals??? what kind of bullshit,, if ur a meat eater u have no motherfucking right to say anythijg abt ppl,eating dogs bc !!! u eat cows !!,u eat chicken !!! what kind of hypocrisy ??

and ok personally im a vegetarian and i have been 4 4 yrs but i dont go around criticizing ppls food?? and diets ?? if ur white and or not asian u have no fucking right to say anytjing and if u do tjat makes u a shit person??? esp if u r a meat eater lmao :) so yeah anon i dont give a shit if ppl in other countries eat dogs (just like u eat chicken !!! and cows!! and pigs!!!) and im not going to criticize them and be an asshole like u!!! thanks for unfollowing i dont like shit bags anyway

  • person: I'd never wear fur. Fur is murder
  • person: *has beef for dinner*
  • person: How can people in China eat dogs? This is just gross
  • person: *eats pig*
  • person: I love animals
  • person: *keeps on consuming animal products*

Some of the funniest Danish movies.

Blinkende Lygter (Flickering Lights)
De Grønne Slagtere (The Green Butchers)
Ved Verdens Ende (Isn’t translated to English but means ‘At Worlds End’)
I Kina Spiser De Hunde (In China They Eat Dogs)
Gamle Mænd i Nye Biler (Old Men in New Cars)

guys, why isn’t there more attention being brought to this? thousands of dogs every year are killed in southern China for the Yulin Dog Eating Festival. dogs are tortured and severely beaten so they release adrenaline, which apparently makes the dogs “taste better”. as someone who is highly against animal cruelty, this fucking broke my heart. boycotting products made in China could really help, along with signing this petition. please sign this petition requesting to shut down this horrible “festival”-

together, all of us could make a change, please help.