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vyvyanlover requested a photoset of the Big Brother ponies going camping!

The Big Brother ponies work hard, so they decided to play hard and go for a relaxing weekend of camping fun! Tex grilled up some steaks and hot dogs, Chief made a big (and safe!) campfire, and 4-Speed and Salty set up blankets and camp! 

When Politics are Abusive

So, today I realized I don’t care anymore. Not “don’t”: can’t.

The most recent thing is net neutrality, but just a week ago it was sexual assault every time I looked at anything, or my rights being taken in one of a million fun ways.

It’s only been a year, and I am seeing myself slip right into abuse survival tactics.

Humans CANNOT live in states of heightened stress indefinitely. Eventually, you’ll slip into survival mode. You’ll either stop caring, or burning out, or getting so angry you stop being effective at caring for yourself.

I’m there. I’m done, and all the self care in the world isn’t going to fix it.

And you know what: I’m only slightly terrified about this. 


(I don’t have any ask right now so I thought instead I’d do the first major story update. Keep in mind that this happened before Aisling lost their memories (actually this is when they lost their memories) so if you were to ask them about it they would just look confused.)