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What to expect when dating Gabriel Bennett/Gray

* Unexpected disappearances. Don’t worry he’s not trying to ditch you. He really can’t control it. It’s a side effect from time traveling. 

* Disaster preparedness. He’s always thinking of the worst case scenario. It’s not that he’s a pessimist but he’s seen too much to leave things to chance.

*Independence. He wants to be able to do his own thing when he wants and he’ll expect the same of anyone he dates. He really doesn’t like clingy people.

*Walls. Expect to be shut out when things get tough. You may need to remind him that you’re there and can help him. He’ll appreciate it later at the moment he might be a grump.

*Unexpected gifts/cuddles. Once you get past his walls he really is a loving person. He’ll freely give you all the cuddles you want and then some. He likes the idea of living happily ever after. He’s just not sure that’s what the future holds for him.

*Expect he’ll put your happiness above his own. He’ll make whatever sacrifices that need to be made if he thinks it’s for the greater good.

*Family. He’s very close to his family especially his dads and grandpa. He’ll expect you to love them as he does. This is a deal breaker.

*Expect problems in communication. He won’t tell you about his time travels or the dangers he faces. He’ll think he’s protecting you. It’ll be up to you to decide how much you want to know and force him to open up. Expect resistance.

*Loyalty. If you can get past his walls and prove you deserve to be in his inner circle of loyal and trusted friends and family than you’ll be there for life. He’ll do anything for you.

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33. "Don't Cry." Gabe and one of his cousins

This is kind of spoilery of an upcoming event.

Gabriel followed his cousin outside. He found her leaning against one of the pillars. Silently he approached her laying a gentle hand on her shoulder. “Don’t cry” he managed to say before she turned to bury her face in his shoulder. Tentatively he brought his arms around her.

“I just met him” she sobbed “now he’s gone. 

“I’m sorry” he felt how hollow those words really were. They were said so often they had lost their meaning. What did you say to someone who had just lost their dad? Not only that but her entire family? The minute she was taken from her dimension she had lost everything and everyone she had ever known.

“What am I supposed to do now?” She sobbed into his shoulder. “He was my only link. What if I never get to go home? What if I get home and he’s already gone?” 

Gabriel look down to find her dark brown eyes gazing up at him. Tears streamed down her cheeks. “You have us. We’re your family now.”

“It’s not the same” she cried leaning into him again.

“I know it’s not the same” he sighed feeling how inadequate he was at this comforting thing. His parents always knew how to fix anything. Always had the right thing to say to make you feel better. All he managed to do as induce more tears.

 “I know you mean well” she sniffed “you don’t understand. Not really. Not until you’re cut off from everything you’ve ever known. It’s like I’m grieving for him all over again. Once was enough.”

Taking her hand he dragged her with him as he started to walk down the road. 

“Where are we going?” she demanded struggling to get free.

“To the only person I know who does understand” he said smiling at her “my Grandpa Caleb. He came from your dimension. He’ll know what to do.”

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How I feel about this character

I understand why he was thoum’st way he was in CA and CP, but I really didn’t like him then. However I adored post curse Will that character arch DAMN I’m glad he lived a long and happy life (for a shadowhunter)

All the people I ship romantically with this character

Tessa Gray

My non-romantic OTP for this character

Jem, Gabriel, Gideon

My unpopular opinion about this character

I hated him in CA and CP (I love him now though)

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon

Him being less of a dick to Gabriel, like thoum’st Lightworm Thing made me angry GABRIEL HAD JUST LOST HIS FATHER FOR WILL TO MAKE A JOKE OUT OF IT WASN’T FUNNY

What’s in my sim’s bag?

Rules- choose a sim of yours, post a picture of their bag content and tag 10 of your friends/followers/favorite simblrs! it can be done with any sims game

Thanks for tagging me @wannabecatwriter I am picking Gabriel Bennett/Gray for this one. I don’t have CC to illustrate what’s in his bag so I’ll let Pinterest to illustrate for me. He always has a bag ready as he never knows when or where he’ll jump through time.

Pictures - he always carries a picture of his family with him.

Food - he has a supply of food rations in case he lands in a time where he can’t readily get food.

First Aid Kit - He may not be where doctors are available or know about infections and things like that.

Survival Kit - Things get rough traveling through the unknown

Money - he always carries cash in old and new currency

Journal - He writes everything down just in case he doesn’t make it home

Clothes - At least two sets besides what he’s already carrying.

I forgot to include a picture of it but he never leaves home without a copy of The Time Machine It’s the same copy is Grandpa Caleb gave to him when he was a little kid. 

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