Meet my new assistant : Akira 

A little resume of my life lately. I decided to stop my pro gaming career after my last tournament. I wanted to stop being a pro to become a streamer BUT a model agency: Six sent me an e-mail. And surprisingly, I choose to try out modeling. So yeah, I’m a “model” now. Anyway, let me introduce you to my new cool assistant; Akira Furukawa.


What’s Gud Tumblr Folk?

Last time ya’ll saw my face was when I introduced myself a couple of days back. For those who don’t know me, my name is Adeen but for short call me Deen. Not that much of a difference yeah yeah…Anyways I ‘preciate all the warm welcomes I got from everybody. So far I met some cool ass people on here. I look forward to meeting some more as time goes on . I hope everyone has a blessed day!


Late Post

the homie @ashton-yourbodyguard came through and helped me get some of the heavier lifting done. I really appreciate it! Twin and best really left him all the heavy boxes too, just rude lmaoo but Ash ain’t complain. Seriously, thanks again for all your help, sorry we didn’t really get to hang, but we gotta link up again lol maybe next time you’re in LA :)


Finally Done! 💀😭

Spent the whole day yesterday brainstorming and the whole night and today’s morning creating the prototypes. Hopefully I can get the dress max producing by tomorrow 😩😩

Now it’s time for to take a nap 😭

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Took @maddiexdelor to Starbucks earlier today because: 1. I needed to vent about everything and 2. It’s been a minute since I’ve had anything from there lol. 

It was a pleasure to finally meet you hon! You really are a nice person to chill with. Also thanks for letting me rant for ten minutes straight x


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 Spending the day with these hoodlums token bullshitin ,cant watch my favorite movie without somethin to puff on ;)’

hope everyones having a rad day…if not…come on over we don’t bite ;) more the merrier.

stoned to the bone- frances.

Awesome resource for artists who need help finding their ‘voice’ for the FFXV boys

I recently saw this post going around by @promptae about the FFXV fandom reducing the main 4 boys to very basic and degrading stereotypes. It kind of upset me, because A) I worried that I was doing this to them, too and B) I think they bring up a good point and I would hope other fan artists would work hard to avoid portraying the boys in this way. 

So, I’m working on a fic right now and I needed some inspiration for some of Gladio’s lines, and what’s better for inspiration than canon dialogue? I didn’t, however, want to run around in my own game waiting for banter or scroll endlessly through tumblr looking for gif sets or videos, so I headed over to youtube. 

What I ended up finding was a huge playlist of over 200 banters compiled by YouTube user Savannah Grace NC. This was a HUGE help to me, being able to just sit and listen to banter after banter of the boys in various situations, happy, sad, angry, excited, etc, and I just thought I’d share for anyone else struggling to balance four very distinct personalities and ways of speaking. 

We choose to portray characters out of character for many reasons–for AUs, because we’re looking for a certain reaction out of a character, because we introduced a new character or OC into the mix, because we’re writing a crack fic–and I’m not saying it’s the end of the world if you choose to do this. But, personally I think trying to write/draw/RP a character as in character as possible is a lot of fun, and can be very rewarding for both the artists and other fans reading/observing the art. 

Happy writing/drawing/RPing/head-canon-constructing!!!