in celebration of their tour announcements

Hello everyone! In celebration of BTS returning to SoCal for the US leg of their WINGS Tour, we will be passing out these photocards of Jungkook with @fykimtaehyung, who will be passing out photocards of V. They are 100% free, and we will be passing them out on both days. The time and location for the photocards will be announced on the day of each concert, so please keep an eye out. Thank you!


stewartchristie_co We were very honoured this week to have a special appointment with the extremely handsome and charming actor Sam Heughan who came to visit us for a bespoke suit fitting.This year, the man of the moment, has been proudly selected by the National Tartan Day New York Committee who announced that Sam will be the Grand Marshal in the 2016 Tartan Day Parade which will take place on Saturday, April 9th. We will be there supporting him and celebrating on 6th Avenue. The fitting went very well and Stewart Christie will be hand delivering the 3pc bespoke tweed suit which he selected carefully for a premiere and press tour of Outlander in NYC. We look forward to sharing his profile and seeing him looking dapper on the red carpet. Sam Heughan is seen here wearing The SC Great Coat // Hand-tailored by our master tailor in our very own atelier, and the first of many historic Stewart Christie patterns we are bringing back to life.


I called him and he said, ‘Welcome to Star Wars.’ He said it that way, because he knew what he had in his hands. I jumped, celebrated, shouted, and then he said, 'Don’t tell anyone.’ I go, 'You’ve got to be kidding! This is the best news but it’s not real until I tell my best friends. Otherwise it’s like a dream.’ And it stayed like a dream for three months until the official announcement came out.

Tour || Jackson


Summary:  Dating while you were an idol was hard - especially when you and your boyfriend never had time to see each other. Now with your tour of Asia being announced, you don’t know how you’re going to break it to Jackson.

Word Count: 1,190

A/N: Thank you requesting Anon dear! I hope you enjoyed it! 

You sighed as the meeting ended and the last of your management team filtered out of the stuffy meeting room. The other members of your group grinned happily at the news of your first ever tour being confirmed and as they turned to look at you, you quickly replaced your frown to a warm smile.

“[Y/N] unnie, do we have anything else planned today?”

You shook your head, “Not that I know of, I think we can just head back to the dorms.” The girls cheered, practically jumping up at the news of their day off. One by one, your group members filed out, leaving you to remain in the meeting room. The second eldest member of the group paused as she reached the door and turned back to you to speak.

“You okay, [Y/N]?” She asked, leaning against the door frame as she starred at you, almost knowingly. You nodded, maintaining the smile you had plastered on your face.

“Yeah, just, thinking that I have to work on my choreo for the tour.” You lied. You knew that it was the most unconvincing thing to tell her, considering the fact she could read you like a book.

Despite this, she didn’t probe any further. “If you say so… Just, tell me what’s wrong when you feel like talking, okay?”

“I will, don’t worry.” You confirm, holding your hand up into an okay sign. “Let the girls know they can head back to the dorm without me.”

She smiled at you, “Sure thing. Make good decisions~” She called teasingly as she turned and left, forcing you to make a face at her behind her back. “I saw that!”

When you heard her footsteps disappear down the steps, you exhaled deeply and reclined in your chair, pinching the bridge of your nose tiredly.

Being the leader of the girl group Dawn had its perks, and you enjoyed the position you had been given well before your debut. But there were downsides; there were always downsides to the job. One of the more noticeable negatives that you had come to face were the sacrifices you had to make for the good of the group and your girls.

Your phone blared with a new message that made your heart sink at the sight of it.

Sir Dork
Babe~ Come to my dorm, I need my daily dose of [Y/N]

Your fingers fly across the screen as you typed your simple confirmation before you put the phone on the table and drop your head into your hands.

You and Jackson had been dating for three years in total; two years privately and one publically. It had grown into a scandal, considering you were only in your second year of idoldom when you announced it, but you had pulled through and remained together regardless of the schedules and other obligations you required.

It was rough, yes, considering the fact you couldn’t see each other often, but you made it work. Jackson made sure he always made it work.

So when he had told you the week before that his schedule was finally going to clear up for three whole months, you were on top of the world. A free schedule was rare, and you knew that, so you were ecstatic in knowing you could see your boyfriend without any hassle.

That was until today and the revelation that your group would have to go on tour - during the same three months were Jackson had a free schedule.

Shoving your phone back into your jacket pocket, you make your way down to the ground floor of your company’s building and begin your commute to Jackson’s dorm.

Arriving half an hour later, you felt the dread building up in your stomach as you walked up the staircase. You approached their dorm door, hearing the flurry of feet rush past the front door. You knocked once and the door swung open to reveal a messy haired Jackson. “[Y/N]!” He grinned, pulling you into the dorm and into a tight hug. “How has my beautiful girlfriend been?”

“I don’t know; Mark oppa how have you been?” You called sarcastically to the oldest in the room. You faked a gasp at you, hand across his chest.

“[Y/N]. I am offended that you said that,” he began, “we both know Jackson’s the girl, not me.”

“[Y/N] ~” Your boyfriend whined into your hair, arms wound firmly around your waist.

“I’m good.” You answered with a smile, voice lacking in its normal energy.

“How can you only be good? I’m so excited for three months of just spending time with you!” Jackson chirped, swinging you back and forth as you moved around the dorm towards his bed. “Aren’t you excited babe?”

You froze, and you knew Jackson felt the sudden change in atmosphere.


“Mhm? Yeah, babe, I’m pumped-”

“Okay, now I know you’re lying to me.” He stated, moving so he could face you head on, eyes boring into yours.

As you starred into his eyes, you couldn’t bring yourself to tell him. The news would be disappointing to him.

“I’m fine, Jackson, really-”

“[Y/N], please…” His voice dropped so only you could hear it.

You sighed in defeat. “You know how we had all of these plans for your break?” He nodded. “My group is going on an Asian tour during those three months…”

His eyes widened in surprise and a smile broke out on to his face. “That’s amazing, [Y/N]! I’m so happy for you!” He exclaimed, pulling you back into his arms for a tighter hug that the first. “This is incredible! When are you going to announce it? We should celebrate! My baby girl is going on her first ever international tour!”

To say you were confused was an understatement. “You’re… Happy?”

“Of course, why wouldn’t I be? Going on tour with your group is awesome - tiring, but since when was idol life ever anything less?” He stated as a matter of fact, never once pulling away from the hug.

“But the break-” You began. “You were so excited to spend time together and now I’ll be out for the country for a long time.”

“You were upset because you weren’t going to be here when I was finally off?”

You nodded in confirmation.

“Jagiya, you need to start being more optimistic.” Jackson said firmly. “I mean, yeah, okay you’re touring during my break. That sucks. But when we think about it, my clear schedule means I can go on tour with you and be your personal groupie!”

The sheer excitement in his voice was enough to lift your spirits; you could practically feel and hear his golden smile.

You put your arms around his torso and return his tight hug. “You’re a dork…” You mumbled into his t-shirt, unable to stop smiling yourself. “Thank you.”

“For being the best boyfriend ever? You don’t need to thank me, [Y/N].” He answered.

He pressed his lips to the crown of your head and you sighed in content.

Now, how were you going to convince your management team to let your ‘personal groupie’ on tour with you?

Celebrate Me Home - Harry Styles

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Character/Person: Harry Styles

Fandom: One Direction

day 23!! christmas is getting so close omg??? this is barely even christmas themed lol but i hope you enjoy this!

Celebrate Me Home - Kenny Loggins

My Masterlist

“It’s good to have you back, H,” Gemma, Harry’s sister, smiled warmly and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Especially ‘round Christmas.”

“Thanks, Gem.” He replied, his dimple becoming visible as his lips widened. His arm was wrapped firmly around the bottom of (Y/N)’s spine to keep her next to him at all times. The first few buttons of his nice patterned button-down top were loose, revealing the top of his chest and the slightest peek at the tattoos on his collarbone. “Who threw this party?”

As (Y/N) looked around, she was amazed that this many people could fit into Harry’s childhood home. Family and friends were packed in like sardines to welcome Harry home after five years of hard work on tours and press trips. Red decorations were hung and strung everywhere, and the air smelled like Ann’s infamous chocolate chip cookies she made every Christmas.

“Mum did, of course.” Gemma revealed, and Harry nodded knowingly. “She means best, you know that. She just wanted to celebrate you home.”

“I know. Where is she, anyways? I’ve barely seen her,” Harry commented, and (Y/N) stretched her neck to where she last saw her boyfriend’s mother.

“I think she was readying the food in the kitchen, last I saw her,” (Y/N) announced, looking back to the Styles siblings.

“Thank you, babe.” He nodded and grinned, pecking the top of your head.

“And you, (Y/N), how have you been?! I haven’t seen you since the concert in London!” Gemma gushed, taking her brother’s girlfriend’s hands into her own. “You look absolutely amazing, where did you get this dress?”

“Don’t smother her, Gem,” Harry said, giving a playfully pointed look at his sister.

“Nonsense, H. I’ve been great, how are you? You look killer as always,” (Y/N) responded.

“I’ve been lovely, thank you!” Gemma replied. “But really, Topshop? ASOS? Where did you get this, it’s beautiful!”

“Well, actually-”

“I bought it for her.” Harry stated smugly, a smirk on his face.

“Wow, H. Nice job,” Gemma nodded in approval.

“Isn’t it gorgeous on her?” Harry praised.

“Stop it.” (Y/N) blushed, hiding her grin in the her boyfriend’s side.

“Adorable.” Gemma observed. “Who knew my dorky brother could be such a gentleman. Did you know that in year seven Harry once-”

“Alright, I think we’re gonna go say hi to mum again, great speaking with you!” Harry rushed out, interrupting his sister’s embarrassing story and pulling (Y/N) in the direction of the kitchen.

“What was that?” (Y/N) inquired.

“I’ll save that story for later.” Harry responded, searching for his mom among the crowd. His eyes brightened when they landed on her, slaving away in the kitchen, practically drowning in plates of food.

“Oh, Ann, let me help you with this,” (Y/N) rushed out of Harry’s grip to grab a plate from Ann’s hands  just as she was struggling to carry not one but two heavy plates of turkey.

“Thank you, (Y/N), you’re too sweet.” Ann thanked her genuinely, giving her son’s girlfriend a side hug. “How are you enjoying the party, Har?”

“I’m enjoying it lots. Thank you, mumma.” He smiled lovingly. “Do you need help? You’ve got enough food to feed a country here.”

“No, it’s alright. I’m almost finished anyways,” She declined.

“At least let me help set the table, yeah? You’re sweating,” (Y/N) insisted, grabbing a towel from a nearby table and handing it to her.

“If you absolutely insist, sure. That would be lovely, thank you (Y/N).” Ann replied, taking the towel gratefully and dabbing the sweat off her forehead. “And how’ve you been? My son treating you well?”

“Very well. I’ve been very good, how are you?” (Y/N) answered, making Harry wrap his arm around her once more and rub a hand along her back.

“I’ve been very lovely, thank you!” Ann grinned, and (Y/N) could see the obvious similarities between Harry’s and Ann’s smiles. “You are so great, (Y/N), really. When is Harry ever going to tie the knot?” She asked, smiling widely.

Harry blushed. “Not telling. But it will happen, trust me on that.” He answered, making (Y/N) blush as well.

“Oh, my baby.” Ann cooed. “All grown up; already have an amazing career and the love of your life. I’m so happy for you, both of you.”

Once she went away to grab more utensils, Harry spun (Y/N) around so they were facing each other, (Y/N) having to look up due to Harry’s towering height. “I was being serious. I know we haven’t discussed it much but I fully intend to marry you one day.”

(Y/N) smiled bashfully before letting her eyes meet Harry’s. “I would love to marry you.”

Harry grinned, his eyes lighting up in joy. “Now, just for precautions, do you like silver or gold engagement rings because-”

“Harold,” (Y/N) interrupted with a giggle. “Whatever you get me will be amazing. Now stop worrying about me and enjoy your party! It’s for you, after all.”

Harry let out a breath, staring adoringly down at his girlfriend. “I love you. So, so much.”

“I love you, too.”


“@zanecarney:” ⚡️ A B O U T L A S T N I G H T ⚡️ (w/my dear friend/Mrs. Ever-Photogenic @avrillavigne, who may or may not have agreed that I HAD to order “The Chairman” because it comes in a flask #flasklyfe)
Also, I love how we both realized my birthday is tomorrow and ended up turning this night into an impromptu celebration 🎉 That’s how we doooooooooo (or something)
p.s., Thanks for the hospitality (and flask-based drinks) @theniceguyla - we’ll be back, cause did I mention, flasks? #kewl
Double p.s. for Japan 🇯🇵: Big announcement coming your way including tour dates, ticket links to all of my Japanese shows and even an announcement featuring #QueenLavigne…stay tuned this weekend 🎸🔥
#zanecarney #avrillavigne#chamamilllllllo #flaaaaaask #dotheyhaveflasksinJapan #askingforafriend

We are stoked to celebrate our 10th anniversary of our debut record “A Lesson in Romantics”. We want to reminisce on the memory with our fans. Especially with those who have been with us for so many years. In celebration we are announcing our “A Lesson in Romantics TOUR” with Knuckle Puck + Milestones, we would like to invite you all to share in the experience with us. We will be launching a two and a half month long tour of US and Canada. Hope to see you there!!!
VIP on sale 12/6 @ 12:00EST
General admission on sale 12/9 @ 10:00AM local time

Selfie Saturday: Hayley Kiyoko

For this week’s Selfie Saturday, we caught up with the queen of multi-tasking, Hayley Kiyoko. When Hayley isn’t dominating the Hype Machine charts with a Lost Kings remix of her new single “This Side of Paradise” or preparing for her upcoming EP release, you may just find her on your television screen in the new CBS show CSI: Cyber. Or dancing, or doing homework, or just becoming an all-around badass businesswoman. Read on to find out more about her new single “This Side of Paradise” and what to expect on her upcoming EP being released in February. 

You just became a regular on CSI: Cyber, how has filming been going?

It’s been great, a learning curve. The cast is very warm and kind. 

Is it any different from projects you’ve done before?

I’ve never really done TV shows. I’ve done mostly movies. It’s really cool to see how it all works and the stability of it. Every project runs a little differently but i’m loving the cast and crew.

What came first, music or acting?

Music has always been my number one passion. I started acting kind of on a whim. I just did it for fun and never really planned on being a full-blown actress but it just kind of went that way and I really like both! I love performing and the different challenges that each of them offer so I’m excited to be pursuing both at the same time. 

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Tony Winner Daveed Diggs Joins Lionsgate’s ‘Wonder’ In First Post-‘Hamilton’ Film Role
Exclusive: On the day of his final appearance in the smash broadway hit, Tony Award-winning Hamilton co-star Daveed Diggs has lined up his first film role following his departure from the musical, …
By Ross A. Lincoln

Exclusive: On the day of his final appearance in the smash broadway hit, Tony Award-winning Hamilton co-star Daveed Diggs has lined up his first film role following his departure from the musical, in Lionsgate’s Wonder. Directed by Stephen Chbosky, Wonder is set to co-star Jacob Tremblay and Julia Roberts in the story of a young boy born with a facial deformity that prevented him from attending a mainstream school. Now starting 5th grade, he must convince his classmates that he’s just like them. Daveed will play ‘Mr. Browne’, an English teacher at the school whose approach to literature is to teach what it means to be human. Set to go into production soon, it’s based on the novel by R. J. Palacio. Chbosky directs from a script by Steve Conrad.

Diggs also recently joined HBO’s upcoming sports mockumentary Tour De Pharmacy, written by Murray Miller and starring Andy Samberg, in the role of black Canadian cyclist “Young Slim Klingston”, and will have an arc on the next season of ABC’s Black-ish. In addition, Digg’s band Clipping recently released an EP via Sub Pop and will be touring in 2016.

Diggs originated the roles of Thomas Jefferson and the Marquis de Lafayette in Hamilton, portraying them from the play’s Vassar Workshop through its celebrated run on Broadway. He announced his departure from the play earlier this week and his final performance is tonight. He’s repped by WME and Brookside Artist Management.

Pet Shop Boys pull out of Paris show due to laser effects ban

Pet Shop Boys have cancelled a Paris tour date because of a French law that would block part of their laser show.

The electronic pop duo were due to perform a show for their Super tour in Paris at L’Olympia on June 5 but announced they have been forced to pull out because they would not be allowed to include a key section of their act.

A statement on the band’s website read: “It is with great regret that Pet Shop Boys have to announce the cancellation of their rescheduled Paris Olympia show on June 5th, 2017, because it has been brought to our attention that, under French law, certain integral parts of the show production, in particular the lasers, cannot be used indoors.

Lasers are a key part of Pet Shop Boys performances (Matt Crossick/PA)

“France is the only country in the world that has this law and no other shows on the Super world tour are affected. Attempts to find a suitable outdoor venue in Paris have been fruitless.

“Full refunds are available from point of purchase. Pet Shop Boys would like to offer their sincere apologies for the great inconvenience caused to their fans.”

The Super tour and Pet Shop Boys’ festival bookings will take in venues in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden and Finland over the summer.

Start Today: The Get Up Kids

by Adrienne Fisher

Who are these guys? The Get Up Kids, originating from Lawrence, Kansas, are a band considered to have a seminal impact on the late 90’s/early 2000’s flavor of emo. Accomplishments and credentials include putting Vagrant Records on the map, touring with rock stalwarts like Green Day and Weezer, and writing some truly undeniable anthems that fall under most people’s perceptions of punk and/or emo, cementing their legacy in that genre. But (as we’ll get into below), they truly had a lot more to offer musically than just a backbone for the modern scene. Not to mention that some of the GUK members have got their hands in plenty of other projects: singer/guitarist Matt Pryor headed up The New Amsterdams as well as two solo LPs and a project writing childrens’ songs by the name of The Terrible Twos, while keyboardist James Dewees may be better recognized as the man behind the circus of Reggie & the Full Effect (or perhaps through his years spent as a touring member of both New Found Glory and My Chemical Romance).

The GUKs wrote and released four full length LPs as well as a litany of other songs on EPs and splits in their active years between 1995 and 2005. The band announced their official breakup with a national farewell tour in 2005, but reformed in 2009 to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Something to Write Home About. They’ve been around sparingly ever since, touring every few years and even releasing a new full length in 2011.

Where to start? The most notable and celebrated of all their records is 1999’s Something to Write Home About, their Vagrant Records debut and one that was instilled in “emo” (whatever the fuck that means) canon early on. It’s widely considered their best release and houses all of “the hits.” (The Wonder Years used to cover “Holiday,” the first song off STWHA, in case you need some contemporary context.) Nervously punky with aching melodies, the record’s an intersection of the angular and the accessible, with just the right dash of unabashed energy. It’s also the first full-length record on which James Dewees plays, and his contributions as the keyboardist truly helped nail down and round out the hunt to “find the band’s sound” on the album. Recommended starting tracks are “Red Letter Day” or “Close to Home” for those who prefer the upbeat and uplifting; “I’ll Catch You” and “Valentine” for those who are wooed by romantic overtures (AKA, the Dashboard Confessional fans).

As for the full timeline:

  • Four Minute Mile (1997): their very first full-length came out on Doghouse records and is a jittery collection of stumbling, wiry songs; this album will be up your alley if your preferences tend to flirt with antique production qualities and the innocence that comes from a young band writing with no one watching. Fun fact: the chorus of “No Love” was re-appropriated years later into the Early November song “Baby Blue”…illegally.
    The Essentials: “Don’t Hate Me,” “Shorty”
    Deeper Recommendations: “No Love,” “Stay Gold, Ponyboy”
  • Something to Write Home About (1999): As written above, this album (and mentioned songs) is without a doubt your starting point. But if you need another recommended track, I heard “Action & Action” for the first time when I was 13, got lyrics from it tattooed on me when I was 20, and threw myself into a sweaty crowd of aging Jersey punks when they played it at the Stone Pony two weeks ago.
  • On a Wire (2002): Every band with any sort of career longevity gets to a point (or more than one point) where they write “the weird record” that veers off the course to which their fans are accustomed. On a Wire is the first GUK iteration of That Record, but after time and the perspective that comes with age, it’s hard to imagine why. Although most of the aggression is left behind on the songwriting for OAW, it’s instead replaced with a graceful maturation into solid melodies and an almost alt-country hue – even though this is the record that they wrote to try and move away from the trope of “emo,” it is definitely the GUK record to be sad to.
    The Essentials: “Walking on a Wire,” “Campfire Kansas”
    Deeper Recommendations: “Stay Gone,” “Hannah Hold On”
  • Guilt Show (2004): The GUK returned to more upbeat songwriting tactics with the songs on Guilt Show, and to date that album is their most polished, cohesive, and accessible record. It doesn’t bear the same “cred” that the earlier work does, because of the silly ways that our scene chews up and spits out bands who have the audacity to greatly evolve their sound, but instead bears its maturity with grace, retrospection, and an excellent grasp on the balance of pop and rock. It’s a fucking shame it doesn’t carry more weight in the canon of this scene.
    The Essentials: “The One You Want,” “How Long Is Too Long”
    Deeper Recommendations: “Sympathy,” “Is There a Way Out”
  • The extras (Woodson & Red Letter Day, Eudora): The Get Up Kids’ Wikipedia page is a hodgepodge of 7“ releases and splits, which can make trying to corral everything they’ve ever released quite the effort. But don’t get bogged down! In short, there are two EPs that were condensed into an LP, as well as Eudora, the rarities collection, that contain a ton of key Get Up Kids songs and really excellent B-sides that are begged for (and sometimes received!) at live shows. Eudora is worth checking out on its own, especially for all of the unexpected covers on that collection (hope you kids have heard of David Bowie), but the necessary extras are as follows:
    Eudora: ”Forgive & Forget,“ ”Central Standard Time“
    Red Letter Day/Woodson EPs: ”Mass Pike,“ ”Anne Arbor"
  • There Are Rules (2011): Remember how I said earlier than a band goes through a few points in their career where they write a really off-the-beaten-path record? There Are Rules is the Get Up Kids completely shirking the expectations laid at their feet for a comeback record; instead, after returning from their 4-year hiatus, they wrote an LP that’s a conglomeration of indie-rock experimentation, at times channeling the style of the electronic 80s or paying homage to the lo-fi fuzz of Neutral Milk Hotel. Unlike the rest of their discography, the songs focus more on the style rather than the heart of the melodies, resulting in a layered record that’s not without its merits – but not a great entry point if you’re just getting into the GUK. Regardless…
    The Essentials: “Rememorable,” “Pararelevant”
    Deeper Recommendations: “When It Dies,” “Regent’s Court”

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KCON to Host Festival in Mexico: Exclusive

KCON, billed as “the world’s largest Korean culture and K-Pop music festival,” will host its first-ever Mexican edition at Mexico City Arena March 17 and 18, Billboard has learned.

This will be KCON’s first Latin American stop; the fest, which launched in 2012, already has editions in the U.S., France, Japan and United Arab Emirates.

Hallyu – Korean culture and entertainment – has become increasingly popular in Latin America, where K-Pop artists are regularly twitter trending topics across multiple countries and where major K-pop tours have already taken place.

KCON in Mexico will feature performances, with boy band MONSTA X already announced. The group, created through the Mnet survival show “No Mercy,” debuted in 2015.

“It was only a matter of time before [KCON] came to Latin America, which has over the years been the home of a building passion for Korean culture,” Angela Killoren, COO, CJ E&M America, said. “Bringing the celebration to Mexico City is the next logical stop for KCON and we are looking forward to connecting fans in Mexico unprecedented access to their K-pop idols and engagement with other young people from the region.”

Such a Tease (Luke Mature One Shot)


“What should we do today?” I ask my boyfriend as we sit in the hotel room.

Luke wraps his arm around my shoulder and pulls me to him. “Absolutely nothing, let’s just hang out and watch movies.”

I nod as Luke picks up the remote to turn the TV on. Luke’s phone on the coffee table however began to vibrate.

I groaned. “Just one day.”

Luke hands me the remote while chuckling and gets up from the couch to answer the phone from what I assumed was management. He walked to the bathroom and shut the door.

I sighed. Even on his day off we didn’t have time to spend together. I turned and the TV begins to search through channels for something to occupy my time since my boyfriend was otherwise occupied. As Luke walks back into the room he takes the remote out of my hands and attempts to mute the TV. 
“What the hell Luke?” I mutter to him.

He glares at me and puts his finger to his lips as he paces in front of me effectively blocking my view of the TV.

I sigh and sprawl out on the couch and watch my boyfriend pace since he apparently wasn’t going to let me have the remote or move.

“Alright, thanks. Yeah I won’t say anything until the statement’s released.” Luke hangs up the phone and tosses it on the couch by my feet. “Why the hell won’t this thing mute?” Luke mutters angrily swinging around towards the TV.

I roll my eyes. “Maybe because you didn’t hit the mute button,” I say sarcastically.

Luke turns around and glares at me playfully. “Okay smart ass thanks for the tip.” Luke flipped the TV off and set the remote on the coffee table.

I turned my head up to the ceiling as I laughed. “Yeah but I’m your smart ass.”

Luke laughs and sits down on the coffee table. “Sadly that is true.”

“So are you going to tell me about the phone call or…” I trail off waiting for him to answer.

Luke quirked his eyebrow, “I can’t. I would if I could but it’s not something I can talk to you about, yet.”

I turn my body so I am facing him and prop my head up with my hand. “Oh really? Why’s that?”

Luke nodded. “Sorry babe I want to tell you but management wants us to keep quiet until they make a statement.”
I narrowed my eyes at him and studied him. I smirked well two can definitely play this game.

I stood up and stretched. “Okay babe I understand.” I say.

Luke look skeptical of my sincerity of letting it go. “Okay? That’s it?”

I nodded and placed a sympathetic hand on his shoulder. “Yes okay. I would hate to put you in that position of doing something against managements wishes.”  I say hoping that my voice and face showed sincerity.

He grabbed me around my waist and rested his head on my stomach. “I want to tell you.”

Looking down at Luke I smirked. “I can wait babe.” I remarked. “You and I both know I will find out eventually so no harm. Any way I’m going to take a shower.”

Luke raised his head and used his strong arms to lift me up and set me on his lap so I was straddling him. “Thanks babe for understanding. You know I could use a shower too…”

I scrunched up my nose. “Yeah you could you kind of smell.”

Luke pulls my black t-shirt up to reveal a lacy blue bra and begins to place kisses on my stomach. “We should share I would really hate to waste water.” He says between kisses. Luke gradually begins to kiss  his way up to my bra.

Luke pulls away from kissing me stomach and peels my shirt off tossing it behind us.

“Conserving the water is always a good idea.” I say as I lean towards him connecting my lips with his neck and lightly nipping below his ear which causes him to moan. I smirk against his neck as I trail kisses down towards his shoulder. 

Smirking I lean away from him. “Sorry babe we can’t.” I say climbing off his lap and heading to the bathroom.

“Why the hell not?” He fumed.

I tried my hardest not to laugh. He was definitely turned on and very confused.  I look behind me five steps to the bathroom. “Because  it’s just not something I can share with you…”  I say darting into the bathroom and laughing.

“You little shit.” Luke growled and crossed to the bathroom.

As I was about to slam the door to deny him access Luke shoved it open and picked me up throwing me over his shoulder. “You really shouldn’t be a tease Y/N,” He growls heading to the bed.

I laugh. “Me a tease?” I say feigning innocence.

Luke growls as he tosses me on the bed.

I laugh and prop myself up on my elbows. “I wasn’t teasing I just momentarily forgot we weren’t sharing anything.” I say smirking.

Luke narrows his eyes at me.  “You can’t tease me and expect us not to ‘share’ anything.” He says tugging his shirt up his back and tossing it to the side. Luke quickly discards of his and my own pants leaving us both in our underwear.

Luke leans down and captured my lips with his. His hand slid up and down my sides giving my goose bumps. He tore his mouth away from mine and began to trail open mouthed kisses from the side of my face down my neck to my sweet spot.   Luke began to nip and suck on my neck as his hands worked their way further down.  “You. Shouldn’t. Tease. Me. And. Not. Expect. Retaliation.” Luke said enunciating each word with either a open mouthed kiss or a bite to my neck making me moan. Luke let one of his hands slip through my lace panties. “My oh my how wet we are.” He says chuckling before removing his hand.

“Stop teasing me Hemmings!” I whimpered at the loss of his touch..

“Not so funny now?” He whispers into my ear. As he trailed a path of kisses from my neck down through the valley of my breast all the  way to my naval stopping as I let out a moan and standing up to his full height.

I glared at him and sat up.

“Awe poor baby…” He says cupping my face and stepping closer to me.

I smirked at him grabbing the nape of his neck and pulling him back down to the bed with me. I passionately kissed him and pulled him down until he was on top of me and as I allowed him to dominate the kiss I flipped us over so I was on top.  Smirking as I pulled away. “Looks like the table have turned,” I say trailing kisses down his chest to his stomach and back.

 Luke growled and flipped us once again he ran his tongue across his lips, examining my body in anticipation. He ripped my panties off and stripped his boxers off.

Within an instant he was inside of me, pressing me back into the pile of pillows at the head of the bed.

I moaned as Luke buried his head in my neck. I closed my eyes in ectasy. After a few thrusts I felt pleasure run ramped through my body, taking hold of my senses.

I met him thrust for thrust. He trailed  kisses down my chest, over my bra, down to my naval. I bit my lip harshly, indulging in the feeling of him sliding into me. I wrapped my fingers around the back of his neck, pulling my body closer to his, our skin rubbing against each other’s.

His breathing was heavy in my ear and he let out a moan, biting his lip attempting to keep himself composed.

“Faster, please baby.” I moaned, digging my nails into his skin.

He nodded, his muscles straining to hold on as he pushed me back against the cool sheets. My arms flew down, gripping the cotton as my whole body filled up with bliss. I cried out, shivers exploding in a burst through me.

Luke  muffled moan as he buried his head in my neck, pressing into me as we both finished. He collapsed down, a few drops of his sweat falling onto me. I calmly ran my fingers across his back, stroking gently with a sigh. “You sure me teasing you wasn’t fun?” I laughed breathlessly.

Luke chuckled. “Definitely was.”

Luke rolled off me and tugged his underwear on and tossed me his t-shirt.

I slipped his shirt on over my bra clothed body. “So since I share are you going to?” I pouted.

Luke chuckled and pecked me on the lips. “Can you keep a secret?” He asked.

I nodded my head. “For you? Always.”

“We’re going back pm tour, well for North America, with One Direction.”

I squealed. “That’s awesome.”
“They’ll announce it in a week or so.”
 I nodded and brought myself to my knees on the bed. “Well maybe we should celebrate?”

Luke smirked at me and walked back up to me. “Round two?”
I nodded and bit my lip. “Oh yes please…” I say pulling into a kiss.

Watch the creation of Disney’s ambitious and immersive Star Wars land
Two years ago Disney announced that it was planning on adding massive Star Wars-themed expansions to its parks in California and Florida, and today at Star Wars Celebration it revealed some new details — including a behind-the-scenes look at the design and construction of the parks. The panel itself kicked off with a brief bit of news: that Disney’s Star Tours attraction was going to be receiving a Last Jedi-themed update later this year. Boom! Star Tours will be getting a trip to that crazy planet from the Last Jedi trailer: Crait. Read more

You are a retired assassin. The only thing you want is to die. Keeping you from this is the fulfillment of your last contract: A celebrated performer paid you to kill him if he ever tried to make a “comeback” as an old man. After years in retirement, the performer announces a world tour.

Making it Work (Requested)


    You sit in the house of O2l, waiting for Kian and the rest of the boys to come home. You are suppose to spend the day with Kian, and you are waiting for him to get back from a meeting.

    You are just watching T.V. when you hear their car park in front. Then all the boys come barging in, screaming and cheering. Going crazy. So, you being curious, ask, “What’s going on!?”

    Then Kian comes and hugs you tightly. You hug him back, still not knowing what’s going on. Then Kian looks at you and says, “We have a big announcement!”

    You now seem excited just because everyone else is. “What is it?”

    “Babe, O2l is going on tour!”

    Excitement and thrill fills your body. This time you hug Kian as you jump on him and wrap your legs around his waist. You celebrate with the boys for a little while longer until everyone else calms down. 

    Now you are sitting with Kian by the pool, with both of your feet in the water. “So,” you say, “Tell me all about this tour!”

    Kian smiles. “Well, the six of us are going all over the U.S. to perform in our own shows. We’re going to have a tour bus and everything.”

    “I’m so happy for you. Um… how long is it going to be for?”

    Kian looks down. “About a month.” You know that Kian knows that you won’t be able to go with him. “I know babe, that you can’t just leave your job to come with me. It’s okay.”

    Your happiness calms down a little bit now that you guys got to this subject you knew you were going to talk about sooner or later. “It’s for a whole month. Yes, I know I can’t just leave my art studio to go, but I want to so bad.”

    Then Kian scoots closer and puts his arm around you as he holds your hand with the other. “No. You are not going to stop your career just for me. I’m gonna go for a month as you continue with what you do here. I know it’s going to be hard, but we can still make this relationship work. I will not go a day without texting, or snapchat, or skype you. I will talk to you as much as I can.”

    That makes you feel warm and calm inside. Kian is so caring and always looks for the best in situations. He never seems to let you down. “It’s not going to be the same.”

    “Yeah, but just imagine that moment when I come back and you see me again.”

    You get butterflies in your stomach just thinking about it. “Okay. So when do you guys leave?”

    “Next month.”

    “Okay. We are going to make this month amazing.” Then you touch your lips to Kian as it’s kind of hard for him because he’s trying to not smile to kiss you back.


    You walk to the back room of your studio to get more paint for a project you are working on. You then walk back to your project. As you are opening the black paint, you hear a beep from your laptop. You set the paint down and wipe your hands. Then you walk over to your laptop to see a skype call icon pop up. You automatically know who it’s from. You turn off your music that’s playing and you answer the call. All you see is an empty hotel room.

    Then, everyone from O2L pops up from the screen and you jump a little. Kian is in the middle and screams, “Hi babe!” The rest of the guys are waving at you.

    You wave back and say, “Hey babe. And Connor. And Ricky. And Jc. And Sam. And Trevor.”

    Then Kian looks back to them and says, “Okay guys. You can go back to your rooms now.” Then they all say goodbye and walk out the door. Now it’s just you and Kian. Then he says, “Did we scare you?”

    As your heart is now beating normal, you say, “Yes! You almost gave me a heart attack!”

    He laughs. “Aww. I’m sorry. I just love you too much.”

    You just talked to Kian yesterday, right before he left on the tour bus. “So where are you right now?”

    “Right now, we are in San Francisco. Our last show before I get to come home to you (Y/N).”

    That makes you smile as wide as you can. “I miss you and your kisses so much right now. It’s killing me.”

    “I miss you too. It’s just for a few more days babe. We can wait.”

    “I don’t know if I can wait that long.” You make a pouty face. 

    He makes one back as he says, “Yes you can. You know why?”

    “Why?” You put your hand on the screen, and Kian does the same. As close as you can get to be touching him right now.

    “Because you are strong and you are patient. Great things come to those who wait.” Then he leans in slowly and kisses the screen, as if kissing you.