in celebration of the season finale

💖🥚Ostara Tips!🥚💖

Spring is finally upon us! Remember, even if you’re a busy witch, you can do simple things to celebrate today:

• Talk to your plants. Put a favorite little crystal or tumbling stone next to their roots! 🌷
• Take deep breaths while you’re outside. Even if it’s just while walking to your car for work - Visualize the fresh air as the new energy of Spring while you inhale, exhaling the built-up energy from season’s past. 🌬
• Charge your morning tea or coffee with a crystal, letting your beverage absorb its radiance and drinking up its energy. 🍵
• During your meals throughout the day (and try to eat lots of vegetables and fruits), be grateful for your food, that which you have access to from the Earth and its power to grow. If you have time, write a quick love letter to Nature. 🌍
• Celebrate through color! Wear pastel pinks, blues, greens, and creamy whites. ✨


COUPLE PHONE CASES  AND MORE - to celebrate season one finale of Yuri!!! on Ice! Been playing the duet version of Stammi Vicino on loop since yesterday and the pair skating scene delivers \o/ I’m in love with Yuuri’s matching costume with Viktor! 

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Also, Yurio’s Agape phone case here

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I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind)

Summary: You’re nineteen when you get your first recurring acting role in season twelve of Supernatural. There’s an instant attraction between you and Jared, despite the age difference, but he won’t act on it because of Genevieve. When you meet Gen, she gives you the permission to act on your desires.

Words: 5.8k

Married!Jared x Reader

Warnings: smut (like 2.4k of this is porn), consensual infidelity, age difference, lust, teasing, the whole shebang

A/N: this is one of my fics for @loveitsallineed​‘s 1k celebration playlist challenge, this song was Cola by Lana Del Rey. It’s also a lil birthday gift for the beautiful @oriona75​. And finally, it’s part three of my Birthday Smutathon for @laurivcr​‘s birthday! You can find the masterpost here

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Announcing #SanversWeek (!!!!!)


I’m doing the thing.

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By popular request, I’m going to be hosting the first (biannual?) #SanversWeek to celebrate Maggie and Alex and their Super Epic Love.

There will be three components that yall shall suggest and vote on to set this up:

1. Figuring out a date (which shall be after the Season 2 finale!)

2. Suggesting and voting on a theme (to thread together the prompts for each day)

3. Suggesting and voting on seven prompts, one for each day of the week.

On each day during that week, you all can submit or post fan art, fic, music videos, comics, gifs, original songs, playlists – whatever strikes your fancy and is inspired by the theme! – with the tag #sanversweek somewhere in the first first five tags.

Next week, I’ll open suggestions and voting for the dates; about a month before the dates we decide on, I’ll open suggestions and voting for the theme; about two weeks before, I’ll open suggestions and voting for the daily prompts.

For now, since #SanversWeek is a Tiny Baby Gay (much like Alex Danvers), please use the replies to this post to give general suggestions and also, boost the crap out of it!

Because #SanversWeek should become an international holiday, I’m just saying.

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The receding monsoon marks the beginning of the long Indian Festive season. Different gods are worshipped in different festivals. The season begins with the festival of Lord Ganesh, the deeply loved elephant headed god. It is celebrated for ten long days, with the idols being immersed in the sea on the last day. Herewith some of the images I have captured on the recently concluded Ganesh Festivals with my Leica X2.  Each of the frames appears so real that it will open a dialogue with you on the rich Indian culture. The moods & moments are captured in a span of a few hours on the immersion day.