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anonymous asked:

What are some beginner mistakes you often see in beginner cosplays?

Hello there!

I’m going to assume that you’re talking about construction issues here – things that beginner cosplayers may not think about that would improve the overall look of the costume – and not issues of costume choice or people not having fun in the right ways, etc.

One of the major things that I see is people not thinking of their cosplay as a cohesive look on their bodies/brought into real life. Of course, not all beginner cosplayers have the same resources as veteran cosplayers, but things like wigs, makeup (regardless of gender), and shoes that go with the outfit really help bring the look together, and if cosplayers are making their outfits, making sure that the material and color choices make sense together, on that particular outfit, and on their bodies. Thankfully the days of costume satin, crushed velvet, and shiny PVC for /everything/ have largely passed, but even so, thinking about things like whether a fabric makes sense for a particular character/garment type or making sure that the colors and textures of a costume work together (so not using a flat quilting cotton for a princess ballgown, or not using a formalwear fabric for a school uniform, or making sure that the colors have similar undertones as to not clash with each other, or changing a color slightly to be more flattering on the wearer) can really step up the costume so that it looks like a cohesive outfit.

I would say that the second major thing I see with construction is people not hiding the construction of their garments and props. Obviously, things happen and sometimes we don’t have time to finish (start early! don’t procrastinate!), or things break at the con, or whatever else may happen, but paying attention to this from the start can also have a huge impact. Even things as small as hemming garments, clipping loose threads, or pressing seams can greatly improve how something looks, and when dealing with props and armor, making sure that attachments, adhesives, and the texture of the base material are hidden can also really help. These things take time (especially on props and armor!), but even something as simple as facing a cardboard sword with some posterboard before painting to hide the corrugated texture or not using duct tape on the outside (when it can be helped and isn’t an emergency repair) or otherwise taking a little bit of extra time and care to plan things out can really improve the overall look. When making something, it can help to prioritize what needs to be done – even if you don’t have time to line the garment, you should still hem it and pink the seam allowances to prevent fraying, and clip your threads.

Related to the above point is costume fit. This is something that can take a lot of sewing experience to really nail, but making sure that items fit and have the proper structure can go a LONG way in improving construction. Interface collars, waistbands, and other items that require it. Add boning where needed. Make sure that items aren’t overly baggy or overly tight. Make sure that items are proportioned correctly to your body (a lot of beginners tend to make accessories overly large, since they’re thinking in anime or comic proportions and not human proportions), as well.

A few other things, just as general convention tips: eat and drink enough (I bring my own snacks and water which can really help), and eat at least two solid meals a day (don’t live off of Pocky and soda). Take rests. Get enough sleep. Bring makeup for touchups. If possible bring comfortable shoes or clothes to change into. Learn a pose or two for when people ask for your photo. Practice good hygiene. Treat other congoers respectfully (and treat cosplayers like people, not their characters or like celebrities). Look at the con schedule ahead of time and plan out your day. Be sure your phone is charged/you have a backup battery (you may not be able to get to an outlet to use a wall charger). Practice common sense.

Here are a couple of resources I have for beginner to intermediate cosplayers looking to improve their craft: 1 2

A lot of beginner cosplayers are just starting out with garment and prop construction, and many are excited about being able to cosplay for the first time, and that’s great! I’d rather see someone make something that isn’t perfect and be happy about it than see someone stress about their first time cosplaying and trying to make everything 100% perfect and then be unhappy with it. However, a few simple fixes like making sure that you wear makeup and ironing your outfit can really make it that much more enjoyable because you know that you can embody the character better, and these are things that can be done whether you make or buy your costumes.

I hope that helps! :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff


later on Jean finds out Eren secretly told Marco about the ‘pocky game’ and Marco kind of ran with the idea….

both of them got fwumped with pillows

Soooo I did as a ways to celebrate Deb’s birthday! It’s been lovely getting to know you more as the months have gone by, and I hope your day is filled with lots of love and smiles c:


“ I… I don’t really get to celebrate it, so i just… Forgot.

Oh, but i’m a Gemini ! ! “

(( Today (5/6) is Goro day not because it’s his birthday (there’s not an official birthday yet LOOKS AT ATLUS) but because is a word play in japanese (you can search in google about it. for example, cat day and pocky day). 

5 (go) 6 (roku). Goro. It was yesterday in Japan, but… Yeah. It is also gomu day but i won’t….talk…. about it….. ))


It was Valentine’s. Boruto and Sarada weren’t able to spend time together the whole day since Sarada was busy with her paperwork and hokage duties while Boruto was out on a mission. Despite the hindrances, the two still managed to celebrate the special day with each other. 

After his mission, Boruto went straight to the hokage tower to pick up Sarada so he could walk her home. The Uchiha then surprised him with her homemade hamburgers instead of the usual chocolates that girls make for their loved ones. To show his gratitude, Boruto offered Sarada a piggyback ride which the hokage happily accepted. 

This might not be the grandest Valentine’s day celebration but being with the person you like, talking about how each other’s day went, while eating hamburger under the starry night sky is enough for the two.

U P D A T E D ► S T A T U S : C O M P L E T E D ! ◄

Continuation of my “Catching-Up-With-BoruSara-Fandom-Because-I-Went-Hiatus-For-3-Months-Yes-Im-Late-But-IDGAF Project”

Stay tuned~❤


My mom had been looking for “baby Voltrons” so what better day than her birthday to sit down and draw our first five Paladins having something sweet for the occasion? Also, I wanted to try out my new brush pens and they’re so much easier and kinder on my clumsy hands (read: not as much ink smudging as the last one.)

Card is made with gold washi tape layered with decorative tape from Daiso.


ポッキーの日 ~ Pocky Day! (Last part)

I wanted to do a photoshoot to celebrate this day because pockys are delicious and everybody loves pocky xD I choosed an outfit with the colors of a pocky box. Red with white. And Zettai Ryouiki was the pocky itself with brown shoes, brown thigh highs as chocolate and “absolute area” as the cookie. The brown beret was just an accesory to complement.

Model: maysakaali
Photography: fanored

Rajigaze Nov 25

(Unexpected Mail) 

Kai: “I play guitar in my school band. My birthday was on November 11, and that day after practice my kohais celebrated for me. The celebration was a surprise, so they were hiding in the small space between the [I didn’t catch lol] and the lockers, and when I walked out they set off firecrackers, and gave me a letter and Pocky (giggles) as a present. I had no idea that they were going to celebrate like that for me, so it was unexpected and made me happy. Have you guys ever been surprised by your friends?”

Uruha: A surprise…

Kai: Mhm…yeah like, by your friends…

Uruha: Friends and like, members?

Kai: Members…have you had that outside of the members? Like, a surprise that really caught you off guard…

Uruha: Hmmmm, no, not really. But if you’re asking about [surprises] between the members there are some funny ones.

Kai: Like what?

Uruha: I don’t know…

(Both giggle)

Uruha: But for members’ birthdays, we’ve decided not to personally give them presents anymore, right? Because it never ends…

(both laugh)

Kai: Well, it’s not about things, you know. It’s the thought that counts.

Uruha: Well….

Kai: Hmmm…surprises eh…..well, there was that…Halloween live a while ago….

Uruha: That was a surprise?

Kai: (laughing) Ahhh, no–

Uruha: Wasn’t it according to plan?

Kai: No no, like, when we were deciding on the setlist and I was asked ‘when do you want us to bring out the cake?’ (*it was Reita who asked him lol) I was like, ‘aww you guys aren’t gonna surprise me!?’ but then I thought about it and I was like, I guess it’s impossible right? Cause like, just the fact that it’s on October 28th…like, that’s my birthday…

(Uruha laughs)

Kai: Right? And you can’t tell me to just not think about it. People were telling me like, ‘just don’t think about it,’ like, how do I not…I think the environment is really important for surprises. Like, if it’s that person’s birthday, they of course are aware it’s their birthday…so it’s not gonna be a surprise.

Uruha: Right.

Kai: Like if someone was like, ‘oh are you free on this day?’ and it’s your birthday, and they’re like, ‘we’re having a party,’ and they invited you, you’re obviously gonna think like ‘oh they’re definitely planning something!’ if they’re like, ‘let’s hang out~’ [on the day of your birthday] you can’t help but expect that you’re gonna get a present or something from them, right? I think the environment is super important for a surprise.

Uruha: So you can’t have anything out of the ordinary happen.

Kai: Yeah, you have to do the surprise when the person isn’t expecting anything. That’s the most important thing, when it comes to surprises.

Uruha: Yeah.

Kai: Yeah…well, we kinda went off topic, but… (laughs)

Uruha: Yeah…well, it’s hard…it’s hard to surprise someone, and we don’t really do it…

Kai: Yes, it’s true…sadly….

Uruha: We don’t, eh?

Kai: Yeah, not anymore…it’s not that we take it for granted though…especially birthdays (laughs)

Uruha: All birthdays mean is we’re getting older…

(both laugh)

Kai: Yeah…

Uruha: But when we were young, everything was a surprise…

Kai: Yes…so…? (laughs)

Uruha: This conversation got kinda pointless huh

Kai: (laughing) We sound like old men

Uruha: We do


ポッキーの日 ~ Pocky Day!

I wanted to do a photoshoot to celebrate this day because pockys are delicious and everybody loves pocky xD I choosed an outfit with the colors of a pocky box. Red with white. And Zettai Ryouiki was the pocky itself with brown shoes, brown thigh highs as chocolate and “absolute area” as the cookie. The brown beret was just an accesory to complement.

Model: maysakaali
Photography: fanored


Look who did another art trade with the bone friend

Today was also Pepero ‘Pocky’ Day (11/11), you can still grab some pocky to celebrate! <:D
Supposedly there’s a game on this day where you and a partner take a bite on each end of the pocky and eat towards each other (kinda like the chicken game), resulting the make outs

except Sans keeps losing

anonymous asked:

Okay so, I know this isn't on the prompt list, but I would really like to see you write something for Aokaga on Pocky day 🙈 I don't mind if it's only 300 words as well, but I need this in my life right now. Please ☺️

Hey there Emoji Anon! (I hope you’re the same Anon if you aren’t feel free to slap me.) It’s fine to ask me for not-listed prompts hahaha! There aren’t any restrictions~~ Btw, it’s fluffy as shit.

“It’s Pocky Day today.”

“The fuck’s that?” Kagami snorted. Kuroko and he were walking in silent peace to the courts, where there were going to meet up with Aomine for some basketball. Apparently Kise was joining too.

Kuroko frowned. “You don’t know? On the eleventh day of November, we celebrate the existence of pocky, by eating pocky.”

“Can’t you just eat pocky anyway?”

“You’re missing the point.”

“There was one to miss?”

Kuroko rolled his eyes, smiling, when they heard shouting come from the courts. They exchanged a look of concern and ran over to see Aomine and Kise arguing.

“I’m not going to do some fucking pocky game with you!”

“Not me, idiot! With Kagmicchi!” Kise brandished a box of pocky. “I even bought it for you!”

“Why would I-” Aomine broke off when he saw them, sighing in relief. “Oh thank god you’re here. Let’s just start playing, okay?”

“Is Aomine-kun being a wimp?” Kuroko asked Kise, and Aomine glowered.

“I’m not a wimp, I just don’t want-”

“Kagamicchi, how do you feel about playing the pocky game with Aominecchi?” Kise grinned at Kagami.

Kagami furrowed his brows. “Uh…the what?”

Aomine looked panicked. “Wait-”

“It’s a game that Aomine-kun doesn’t want to play because he’s afraid he’ll lose,” Kuroko said in a neutral voice.

“I’m not-”

Kagami’s face lit up. “Seriously? Then I totally wanna play it!” he pointed at Aomine. “I’ll win for sure!!”

Aomine slapped a hand to his forehead as Kise smirked cheekily. “No take backs!”

“Sure!” Kagami grinned. He was pumped.


He was not pumped.

“What is this?” he mumbled around the end of the stick in his mouth.

Aomine glared at him, his face very close. “Fucking told you so.”

“You didn’t tell me jack shit!”

Kise held up a camera. “And…start!”

Well, it didn’t matter. Kagami had no intention of losing.

But neither did Aomine.

They nibbled furiously, getting ever so closer. Kagami’s cheeks were heating up, seeing Aomine up so close… Shit shit I can’t do this!

Just as the thought crossed his mind, he saw a glimmer of triumph in Aomine’s eyes.

Fuck it. I’m doing it.

They met in the middle, and Aomine’s lips were soft and his mouth tasted sweet…really sweet…like chocolate biscuits, and his tongue was scraping against Kagami’s teeth, Kagami’s tongue.

Kagami moaned, feeling hands hold his waist and pull him closer. Navy strands of hair wound around his fingers, and he tilted his head. Ah…where did the pocky go…?

He felt Aomine groan in his mouth and the last thing he could care about was pocky.

It was the rather loud sound of a camera shutter that got them both out of their haze.

“Oh damn it!” Kise hissed. “Why do phones make camera shutter noises anyway? They don’t even have shutters!”

Aomine and Kagami pulled away, staring at each other, and then at the two others who were happily taking photos.

“You didn’t,” Aomine growled. Kagami was still feeling a little light-headed.

Kise held up his pocky box. “There are still about 10 left. And I’d call that one a draw.” He winked. “Don’t you want a deciding match?”

Kagami and Aomine shared a glance, and despite his blush, Kagami smiled. “I’ll win this time!”

Aomine raised a brow, then smirked back. “Oh yeah? You’re on!”


The two idiots started dating the next day, and it came as a surprise to everyone because they thought they had already been dating for months.


ポッキーの日 ~ Pocky Day!

I wanted to do a photoshoot to celebrate this day because pockys are delicious and everybody loves pocky xD I choosed an outfit with the colors of a pocky box. Red with white. And Zettai Ryouiki was the pocky itself with brown shoes, brown thigh highs as chocolate and “absolute area” as the cookie. The brown beret was just an accesory to complement.

Model: maysakaali
Photography: fanored