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Sorry to add to the long list of timestamp prompts and i bet someone has already said this one but I gotta say it because it's coming up in real life soooooo...VALENTINE'S DAY 2015. Please tell me John finds the whole thing uncomfortable because feelings

So, anon, this turned into A Thing.


Commercialism, Merit Badges, and Liquid Courage (8180 words) by pocky_slash
Fandom: Hamilton - Miranda
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Alexander Hamilton/John Laurens
Characters: John Laurens, Alexander Hamilton
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Alternate Universe - Ghost Hunters, Graduate School, Established Relationship, Valentine’s Day, feelings are hard

Alex has never celebrated Valentine’s Day and John has no problem with it, so a Valentine’s Day date shouldn’t be such a big deal. And yet….
(AKA Alex plans a date, some Girl Scouts are skeptical, and John is bad at feelings.)

“John is Bad at Feelings” should really be the subtitle for this series, probably.


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Rajigaze Nov 25

(Unexpected Mail) 

Kai: “I play guitar in my school band. My birthday was on November 11, and that day after practice my kohais celebrated for me. The celebration was a surprise, so they were hiding in the small space between the [I didn’t catch lol] and the lockers, and when I walked out they set off firecrackers, and gave me a letter and Pocky (giggles) as a present. I had no idea that they were going to celebrate like that for me, so it was unexpected and made me happy. Have you guys ever been surprised by your friends?”

Uruha: A surprise…

Kai: Mhm…yeah like, by your friends…

Uruha: Friends and like, members?

Kai: Members…have you had that outside of the members? Like, a surprise that really caught you off guard…

Uruha: Hmmmm, no, not really. But if you’re asking about [surprises] between the members there are some funny ones.

Kai: Like what?

Uruha: I don’t know…

(Both giggle)

Uruha: But for members’ birthdays, we’ve decided not to personally give them presents anymore, right? Because it never ends…

(both laugh)

Kai: Well, it’s not about things, you know. It’s the thought that counts.

Uruha: Well….

Kai: Hmmm…surprises eh…..well, there was that…Halloween live a while ago….

Uruha: That was a surprise?

Kai: (laughing) Ahhh, no–

Uruha: Wasn’t it according to plan?

Kai: No no, like, when we were deciding on the setlist and I was asked ‘when do you want us to bring out the cake?’ (*it was Reita who asked him lol) I was like, ‘aww you guys aren’t gonna surprise me!?’ but then I thought about it and I was like, I guess it’s impossible right? Cause like, just the fact that it’s on October 28th…like, that’s my birthday…

(Uruha laughs)

Kai: Right? And you can’t tell me to just not think about it. People were telling me like, ‘just don’t think about it,’ like, how do I not…I think the environment is really important for surprises. Like, if it’s that person’s birthday, they of course are aware it’s their birthday…so it’s not gonna be a surprise.

Uruha: Right.

Kai: Like if someone was like, ‘oh are you free on this day?’ and it’s your birthday, and they’re like, ‘we’re having a party,’ and they invited you, you’re obviously gonna think like ‘oh they’re definitely planning something!’ if they’re like, ‘let’s hang out~’ [on the day of your birthday] you can’t help but expect that you’re gonna get a present or something from them, right? I think the environment is super important for a surprise.

Uruha: So you can’t have anything out of the ordinary happen.

Kai: Yeah, you have to do the surprise when the person isn’t expecting anything. That’s the most important thing, when it comes to surprises.

Uruha: Yeah.

Kai: Yeah…well, we kinda went off topic, but… (laughs)

Uruha: Yeah…well, it’s hard…it’s hard to surprise someone, and we don’t really do it…

Kai: Yes, it’s true…sadly….

Uruha: We don’t, eh?

Kai: Yeah, not anymore…it’s not that we take it for granted though…especially birthdays (laughs)

Uruha: All birthdays mean is we’re getting older…

(both laugh)

Kai: Yeah…

Uruha: But when we were young, everything was a surprise…

Kai: Yes…so…? (laughs)

Uruha: This conversation got kinda pointless huh

Kai: (laughing) We sound like old men

Uruha: We do


Look who did another art trade with the bone friend

Today was also Pepero ‘Pocky’ Day (11/11), you can still grab some pocky to celebrate! <:D
Supposedly there’s a game on this day where you and a partner take a bite on each end of the pocky and eat towards each other (kinda like the chicken game), resulting the make outs

except Sans keeps losing

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