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One of my local newspapers got a little creative with celebrating the Pens Stanley Cup win and I’m so in love with it! It’s like a movie poster (feat. the Two Headed Monster) and where they have the production credits on the bottom of poster they WENT OFF, they start off with our fearless director Coach Sully and then they go on listing each player (with their position and playoff points broken down); each team they defeated (how many games were played in each round), and their regular season standings. I’m holding onto this forever. It’s a gem. <3 

Golden Dress [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: Reader is Lin’s date for a pre-Oscars party and decides there’s no better way to celebrate than with a little teasing. 

Word Count: 5,286

Warnings: smut, papi kink,a slow burn??? - it’s long u guys.

Authors’ Notes: 

Mickeyi’m bad at this but ren is good at it & i will love and support her always (also the word vajajaja has been removed 4 more sexy reasons)

Ren: So as you can see I had a little help! This is my first smut you guys so take it easy on us, okay? I really loved writing this fic and Oscar season just got us really inspired! Hope y’all like it <3 

mickey’s masterlist | ren’s materlist | askbox

When Lin hired a whole crew to assist you getting ready for one of the many Oscar’s press parties, you were sure that was too much.

That didn’t stop you from making the best of it, though. A silky blowout, beautiful makeup were done, a gorgeous golden dress with a seductive thigh-high slit was waiting for you on a hanger near your vanity: you were almost red-carpet ready.

“I don’t know how you do it; you’ve got the seduction of Marilyn Monroe with the elegance of Audrey Hepburn!” The compliments from the hired makeup artist made you blush under the contour you didn’t necessarily need, but made you feel like a million bucks.

“Lin messaged me to tell you that he’ll be downstairs in the limo in 15, okay?” You nodded at Lin’s assistant, Sarah, who’d joined you while taking care of the press calls.

“All that’s left is the dress and the shoes, [Y/N]. Slip those on and you’re Oscar-ready!” your stylist beamed.

“Of course, just slip them on quickly.”

“Right, of course - and thanks for the dress, Marc,” you smiled sheepishly, watching him gaze at the gown on the hanger. You were still mind-blown by how amazing the team made you look. Only three people did the job you thought an entire army wouldn’t be able to; you were mesmerized by your reflection in the mirror, to say the least. “You think Lin will like it?”

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Mission: Improbable

There are 4 days left until Avengers Assemble season 4!
To celebrate, here’s some fluffy silly stevetony fake dating <3

“You want me to do what?” Steve was certain he must have misheard.

“Date me,” Tony said with a cheeky grin.

Steve felt his cheeks heating. “Well gosh, Tony-”

“Just for one evening!” Tony interrupted. “I’ve got an important mission, and I need you to pretend to be my date.”

To pretend, Steve thought, with a rush of something that could have been relief. Of course. Why else would Tony be asking him on a date?

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  • Rick: Wanna get ice cream? Celebrate the good father/daughter bond we have?
  • 10 yr o Beth: Hooray!
  • Beth: Wait, is this going to be like that time you promised to take me ice skating, and I got really excited about the ice skating, but then instead of ice skating, you left me at home so you could go to the strip club and then you took the strippers ice skating?
  • Rick: No
  • Beth: ...Then hooray!
Some season 3 predictions

(Note: this is based off the new trailer, teasers at wondercon, and the leaked image of Shiro and Matt. Some may be really obvious but im writing them down anyway. They may be entirely false but hey theyre just predictions)

I’m placing it under the read more link because it got  l o n g

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1. we have like four eps left and we still haven’t seen jamilla, we haven’t seen sana and her family celebrate ramadan, we haven’t gotten an explanation for anything that happened last week e.g. why isak got hit, why elias was fighting w the boy squad, why yousef kissed noora, mikael’s history w even, etc.

2. taking revenge on others is not going to make sana happy and will probably hurt her lovely friendship w isak and isolate her EVEN FURTHER and I bloody don’t want to see her EVEN SADDER.

3. where is this season going i don’t even know. what is the theme???? Carrots??????

4. if noora is dating yousef I QUIT IM OUT

5. also why is the girl squad still so messed up like even if vilde apologises i wouldn’t believe in a million years that she treats sana as a close friend ok bitch please

What about the past turtles?

If you all remember, our turtles, who (whom?) we will call “turtles A,” were taken back in time six months by the Fugitoid (“Fugitoid A”) in the first episode of the season after Splinter and the whole Earth were destroyed in the season 3 finale.

This gave “turtles A” a chance to reverse everything. And they did… but it took them six months to do so. 

Even though they caught up to the date where they left off, they were six months older and more mature than the last time that date occurred. They were six months older than their counterparts they met in Washington Square Park.
Turtles A didn’t quickly fix everything and then have Fugitoid push them forward six months to their original timeline. They got stuck in the past (which makes me wonder if they celebrate Mutation Day on March 29th now). 

Past Fugitoid (“Fugitoid B”) took the past turtles (“turtles B”) on a wondrous space adventure at the end of “Earth’s Last Stand,” so that takes care of having two sets of everyone… or does it?

Turtles A have been living with Splinter B for the last eleven episodes or so. They were never pushed forward to their original timeline, so they never did see Splinter A ever again. 

Now we know that it’s likely there wouldn’t have been a Splinter A to see in their original timeline, anyway. I don’t think “Requiem,” takes place more than six months after “Earth’s Last Stand,” so if Fugitoid B had pushed turtles A forward six months (instead of whisking away turtles B), turtles A would have arrived in their proper time but found that Splinter A had died in a different way.

Will turtles B ever come back to Earth? Would they ever have agreed to leave if they’d known this was the last time they’d ever see their father?


In celebration of the official SERIES CONCLUSION of Samurai Jack premiering next Saturday, here is the original test footage that was shown to the Cartoon Network execs and got licensed to become a show that we now all love and enjoy!

anonymous asked:

Yo! I luuuv your writing, bae! Can I request a scenario when RFA reacts to MC being a former reality show star? Maybe she competed on something like Project Runway or just had something like the Kardashians, it's your choice! Tnx

I thought of doing this crack, but nah… this is a very fun request! Hop you like it! ^^

RFA reacting to MC being a former reality show star

Common: MC used to be the star on “Keeping it Real!” sorry for the completely generic name lolol, a reality show about the daughters and sons of famous socialites. It’s like Real Housewives meets Laguna Beach and Keeping Up with the Kardashians with hints of Jersey Shore lololol. You were featured only on the first two seasons and got out when your father though it was bad for his image having you in something like that.


  • He found out through the press, he read a headline on a gossip website:  “Ex-Keeping it Real star dating famous musical actor? Come find more about ZenxMC!” WTF?
  • He asks you about that and you explain you were on two seasons of that reality show
  • He met reality show celebrities before due to his job, but he never thought you could be one, because you’re so… different and… discreet…
  • You explain you got off the show because your father wasn’t enjoying the attention you were getting… and you probably shouldn’t have said that because now Zen is curious to see what was going on in that show.
  • And he’s S H O O K. Like, on the first 3 episodes, he remembers seeing you in actual clothes, not just a bikini, maybe for… 2 scenes?
  • You refuse to watch yourself, so you watch him watching this and it’s so funny!
  • Because he doesn’t want to admit he’s enjoying the plot, and although he lectures you for letting yourself appear almost nude in front of cameras, you know deep inside he’s loving to see you like this.
  • He asks a few questions, most of them about your fling on the show: “What happened to you two?” “Well, the producers asked us to date for a while, most of it was fake…” He’s so relieved… wait! Most of it? Why not all of it?
  • But he forgets this when you show him one of your last episodes, when you ask your friend for advice on how to interact with this hot actor you’ve been paying attention for a while… and she tells you to just talk to him on Tripter…
  • Cue to Zen scrolling his Tripter mentions to find you… yeah, this will take a few hours…


  • He finds out when someone recognizes you and asks for a picture when you two went out to get some coffee
  • He seems confused and you explain to him
  • He remembers binge-watching this show, but doesn’t remember much of it, he would remember if he ever saw you, then you explain you were only on the first two seasons
  • He feels bad that you got fired, you explain you quit because your father wasn’t enjoying the attention you were getting.
  • He’s not sure if he wants to see it, then… from what he remembers of that weird show, it was kinda of… lame? But maybe with you on it, it was more interesting?
  • So you show him, and he’s a blushing mess through the entire thing. So much half-nudity…
  • And how come you were always on a bikini? A-A-And why are you and this girl fighting? And this girl was in love with that guy, but her mother wants her to date this rich man? And why were you crying? Oh no…
  • He’s so caught up with all the drama, it’s cute to see him so thrilling, and he’s legitimately curious about what happened to you after you left the show, the season finale implied that you were going to find a job to be more independent from your family… did you do it?
  • You try not to laugh, and explain most of it was suggested by the producers. “But… is it not a reality show?” Oh my, do you really want to ruin this guy’s illusions about reality TV?


  • She thought you were kinda familiar… and you’re very surprised she would be able to recognize you, because…well, you never thought she would know a TV show like that…
  • When you tell her, she’s… pretty okay with that. Like… so what?
  • But she is a bit curious… she’s dating a celebrity, sorta… she feels like she should know exactly what you’ve been doing to show she’s totally supportive.
  • You explain why you left the show and now she’s little worried…
  • You tell her to brace herself, and not even that makes her feel less shocked. What is… going on?
  • So much swearing… nobody has clothes on… you and this girl were fighting, and one minute later you’re crying and hugging each other, but in that confession cam, you say you can never forget that backstabbing bitch… WHAT. IS. GOING. ON?
  • It’s not that she’s really interested, she’s just trying to understand… at least that’s what she told you, without looking at you, she can’t take her eyes off of the screen.
  • You swear you saw a tear rolling down when somebody tells a very sad story, and you tease her.
  • “Don’t laugh, MC! He feels really sorry for fighting with you like that! People tell he’s a player, but deep down he has a very soft side only you could see it! Why didn’t you forgive him, MC? Why?”
  • “Because he was a player…” “But… but… he’s so sensitive and… sweet… and look at his eyes, MC.”
  • Watch out, Zen. You’re getting competition for her fangirling.


  • He actually was invited to be featured on it, which was promptly declined. He had no idea what was this about, and he didn’t want to know.
  • Now he regrets it, if he only knew he would have the chance to meet you there…
  • And you’re like… “Oh, do you really regret it?”
  • NO, HE DOESN’T! What is this? What’s happening? How come you are always on a bikini?
  • Wants to invite your father for dinner and shake his hand for dragging you out of this freakshow. What were you thinking?
  • Was it for money? But apparently you were already rich? For the exposure, then? Why you would like to expose yourself… like that?
  • “Well, what can I say? They like rich people being stupid, and we like being loved for doing barely nothing… Reality TV stars can be very relevant! Kim Kardashian turned her own name into a whole empire!”
  • You show him articles about that, how much the Kardashians win for episode and for Instagram posts, he’s very interested in all that, as if this turned into a… business meeting.
  • He picks his phone and calls Jaehee: “Assistant Kang, get me in touch with E! Network, I have an idea for them that features my two beautiful princesses. Of course the other princess is MC…” Please, no.


  • Background check™
  • As soon as he saw you through the CCTV, he held back a shriek, he couldn’t fanboy then…
  • But now he can! Are you kidding? He loves this show! And as a huge fan, he knows it hasn’t been as good since you quit…
  • He already knew the whole thing with your father, it was all over Reddit by then…
  • Absolutely wants to marathon the two first seasons, it’ll be so special having you by his side while he watches one of his favorite shows.
  • You are shocked as he repeats the lines and tells you what’s going to happen next.
  • He also tells you trivia facts, and you’re like: “Yeah, I know… I was there.”
  • Doesn’t stop telling how much of a fan he is, he even shows you past chats with the RFA when he used your catchphrases randomly just to mess with the others, you think it’s kinda cute…
  • Not that cute when he releases a petition trying to convince the producers to bring you back…
  • He refuses to shut it down, so you ask Saeran to do it when it reaches more than 30k signatures.
ZE:A- Park Hyungsik Solo Activities



  • Justin and the knights of Valour-Korean dub of Justin



  • I remember you- as Taesung
  • Dummy Mommy-as Oh Soohyun
  • My Husband got a family- cameo in episode 39


  • Sirius- as young Do Eungchan/ Do Shinwoo
  • Nine: Nine Time Travels- young Park Sunwoo
  • The Heirs- as Jo Myungsoo


  • What’s with this family-as Cha Dalbong
  • Persevere Goo Haera- cameo in episode 1


  • High Society-as Yoo Changsoo
  • She Was pretty- cameo in episode 9


  • Hwarang-as King Jinheung of Silla


  • Strong Woman Do Bongsoo - as An Minhyuk

Reality TV:


  • The Romantic & Idol- with Nam Jihyun


  • M! Countdown (Guest MC)
  • Real Men


  • Law Of the Jungle: Indochina
  • Three Meals a Day- Fishing Village 2: episodes 1,2,3


  • Celebrity Bromance- Season 3 with Ryeowook (Super Junior)
  • 2 Days & 1 Night - Handsome Men Winter Camp Special with Minho (SHINee) and Park Seo joon)


  • Temptation of Wolves- Ban Haewon (2011)
  • Gwanghwamun Love Song - Jiyong (2013)
  • Bonnie & Clyde- Clyde (2013)
  • The Three Musketeers- D’Artagnan (2013-2014)
EXCLUSIVE: 'Outlander' Stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe Play a Whisky-Filled Game of 'Never Have I Ever!'

Bottoms up, Outlander fans!

With the premiere of season three still four months away, we know that the Droughtlander has everyone feeling especially parched these days, so we’ve got something that will make you feel practically drunk with delight.

Entertainment Tonight teamed up with Starz and traveled over to the Outlander set in Scotland to sit down with stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe for a series of exclusive interviews and games.

And since today is World Whisky Day, we thought the best way to celebrate would be with a whisky-filled game of “Never Have I Ever” and Heughan and Balfe spilling salacious secrets along the way!

WATCH: Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe Answer ‘Outlander’ Fan Questions About Season 3!

We’re sure you all know the rules: Following the phrase, “Never have I ever…” someone names a situation, and if anyone playing that game has done it, he/she takes a sip of their drink.

(Full disclosure: we all were feeling a wee-bit tipsy by the time our game was over!)

So has Heughan ever gone skinny-dipping? Has Balfe ever sent an inappropriate text to the wrong person? And have either of them ever danced to a Justin Bieber song? There’s only one way to find out!

Grab a glass, cozy up with Jameson, Johnny, Jack or Jim, and get ready to have some fun because, like Heughan says, “This is a dangerous game.”

Outlander’s third season premieres in September on Starz.

Dying for more goodies from your favorite Outlander stars? Press play on our exclusive video below to find out if the cast prefers cuddles or kisses!

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Writing update 6.11.17

Okay guys, I’m going to try and do a writing update at least every other week, just so anyone who cares has an idea where I’m at.  Though, I don’t think I’m going to post anything until July.  I do hope to post pretty regularly after SDCC at the end of July. :-)

So, three main announcements:

1.       (Don’t) Let Me Go – My new end of Season 5 story, that shows the off-camera progression in Oliver and Felicity’s reunion from 5x20-post 5x23.  

Got the art done…yay:

Also got another edit done in chapter s 1-3.

2.       Best Birthday Ever- so this new story (that I have just the long hand draft of) is an AU off-shoot of chapter 3 of DLMG, an alternative idea Felicity entertained as Oliver’s Birthday Celebration.  It’s a two shot.  A pretty long two-shot.  Pretty close to a PWP (Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot), but with lots of emotions, kind of an alternative reunion, with LOTS of smut.  So far I’m very happy with it and super excited about it.

3.       So, this might seem a little out on left field but, since I’ve now had 2 of my betas request it and they do so much for me, at some point this summer I WILL write a epilogue for Found.  This is my promise to them.  

Most of this feels like I’m super late to the rodeo, since it starts in the last four episodes of the season, but I can’t produce quality stuff like a lot of other writers do that quickly, so I’m just really hoping people will still be interested.  



Here’s a Shokugeki no Souma recipe in celebration of the second season starting!! I was so excited to find these on sale that I took a picture of the cans even before I got home. Souma would approve, right? (~ USD $1 each!) It was literally as if the cans were saying:

Canned Mackerel Burger Set Dinner from Shokugeki no Souma (feeds 2-3)


For burger(s)

  • 2 cans mackerel (120g cans)
  • 1 cup breadcrumbs
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 onion, diced
  • 3 cloves garlic, diced
  • Ponzu, 2-3 tbsp
  • Cornflour or potato starch, 2 tbsp

For Soup

  • Egg
  • Dried squid
  • A slice of ginger (optional)
  • Salt, to taste.


For Soup

  1. Boil water in a pot
  2. Reduce heat and add dried squid (enough to cover bottom of pot) and ginger (optional)
  3. SImmer until squid becomes soft, and starts losing a bit of colour.
  4. Remove squid bits and ginger (you can eat it too but I found that most of the flavour went into the soup)
  5. Beat egg
  6. In a circular motion, pour egg into boiling soup.
  7. Immediately take ladle and move it as if you were drawing a cross in the soup. This is to protect the soup against vampires  a Chinese 蛋花湯 (Egg flower soup) technique from my grandma.
  8. Serve in a dark bowl to bring out the egg!

For Burger

  1. Debone Mackerel and crumble into small pieces. Keep the canned mackerel juices somewhere else.
  2. Mix in the onions, garlic, and breadcrumbs till mixture looks even.
  3. Beat eggs and slowly incorporate into mixture.
  4. By now, the mixture should start sticking together. If not, add more breadcrumbs and keep mixing until it does.
  5. Form mixture into a giant patty (this amount makes 2) while heating up some oil in a pan.
  6. Pan fry until brown on one side and flip over. To ensure thorough heat penetration, you might want to cover the pan while pan frying.
  7. Remove patty(ies) from pan.
  8. Pour canned mackerel juices into the pan and heat till simmering.
  9. Pour in ponzu and stir. (You can add more than 2 tbsp if you like, because its sour taste makes the burger refreshing and removes the ‘fishy’ taste.)
  10. Mix starch with a little bit of water till dissolved.
  11. Turn off heat.
  12. A little at a time, drizzle the starch water in while stirring the juices with your spatula. If it starts to clump up, don’t add anymore and wait for the juices to cool down even more. Add the starch water until the texture becomes viscous, but make sure it’s even and still runny.
  13. Pour sauce over burger and serve with soup and white rice.

Time saving tip: I made the soup before starting on the patty, so that I could crumble the fish while the water was boiling.

(Note: This is the same plate that I served Nikumi’s Roti Beef Don on, so you can imagine how big that patty is.)

Last step: Kiss the person who made it for you!

(And then follow me @onionchoppingninja and check out my Recipe Archive Page here!)

anonymous asked:

I started watching the 100 a couple months ago but stopped after Wells died. Then I came on tumblr and people where celebrating the white villian (Kane) and hating Jaha. I did some reading and watched some scenes and honestly there was nothing I found that warranted the massive amount of hate he gets from this fandom. Especially considering he seems to have a mental illness?? I don't know, like I said I stopped watching after like episode 3

No, you’re right. Kane got a redemption arc sometime in Season 2 and people forgot that he spent most of Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2 as…not a great guy. But yeah…it’s racism. 

Stitchers Season 3!!!

We did it, fam! We got our season 3!!! It really amazes me how passionate this fandom is. 

Maybe I’ll make a new master list of camsten nicknames for season 2 to celebrate this wonderful occasion. I really enjoyed making the first one (mostly because I got to rewatch the show lol), but I couldn’t find the time to do it for season 2. I’ll try to fix that soon. 

But anyway, good job, everybody! We did it! Hats off to everyone who worked really hard to make this happen!

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beingjapanese  asked:

Hello! I wanted to ask you what i have to do to become a character designer like you. It is my dream job! I've been searching college courses for this but nothing would come up. Would you have any advice for getting into that career? Thank you!

Hmm… First of all, thank you for the question- I hope that I can do your query justice! I will answer your question in two parts: highlights in my personal journey to Cali, then a list of advice that may be able help you.

I think I took an atypical route (or maybe not) into animation…


  • I did not go to school for animation. I actually went to school for industrial design with a focus in automotive styling. Yes, automotive styling is a thing, a real thing! See my capstone project! We did pitches for cars, but i’ve never done a pitch for a show or anything like that. I’m constantly amazed at what I’ve seen interns do because I never did that stuff.
  • I went to the University of Cincinnati. You know who else went there who is in animation now? That’s right. NO ONE. Actually, everyone is a little surprised when I tell them that I’m NOT from California, so I don’t know if that tells you something. I will eat my shoe if I ever met someone from in animation who went to the same school as me.
  • I did not initially PLAN to go into animation. I went to UC because it was close, cheap, and convenient; I didn’t start thinking seriously about animation until I started my internships. Animation was never a dream job for me, since growing up, I didn’t know it was an industry. Looking back to my college days, I was lucky. As aimless as I was somtimes, I was fortunate enough to have landed in a major that allowed me to explore my options.
  • I had internships in California. However, none of them were in animation (seems to be a recurring theme!). They were all toy design. But wow, it did help that when I got my job at CN, that I wasn’t completely new to the area (CA). It also helped too because my experiences in toy design allowed me to help out with prop design, not just character design.
  • I posted my work everywhere. And that got me a lot of contacts. Deviantart was my jam!
  • I was hired during college. I had done some freelance for CN for Ben 10 Omniverse during the beginning of my senior year, which was only a month long gig. As it was approaching graduation time, probably about 3-4 months before, I sent everything I had portfolio wise to the line producer of the show. I also reiterated that I was set to graduate in a few months. About a month or two before graduation, I got an offer for a character design position that would begin a month after I graduated.
  • I said goodbye to Ohio. I packed up most of my belongings in my hatchback and drove 2000+ miles to start the next chapter in my life. I found my place on Craigslist, a studio apartment that I currently live in. Doing this is a lot easier if you know that you have a job, especially if the area where you’re moving in far away.
  • Went from CN to Nick in a span of 3 years. Spent almost two years on Ben 10: Omniverse, just celebrated a year at Nick on TMNT. There was a few months between CN and Nick, but I did a few freelance gigs in between. We just got picked up for a fourth season on TMNT, so I estimate that I will be employed until spring or summer of next year. I have only been in-house at two studios, but I’m hoping that with Nick, I can break a two year mark, lol.


There are a multitude of factors that can determine your trajectory into the animation world, but my basic advice is below:

Drawing is not just a visual game, it’s physical and mental. Physically, you practice those hand movements so that over time, it becomes second nature to draw a face correctly, or understand how to pose a character. Mentally, you have to steel yourself for frustrations within yourself and against other people. You’re probably going to have those periods of when you don’t feel too good about your work, but that’s expected, and that’s just part of the process. You have to practice, and sometimes just by practicing, you can really get into a groove! You can begin to create a workflow.

I honestly don’t think that you need to go to college to become proficient artistically. I went because at the time in my life, it was an expected option that turned out to be a fun and fulfilling experience. But just to let you know, any design work that I post on my blog/dA were done outside of my actual major. So what that means is that on top of my regular classes, I took the time outside to work on those designs, etc; I was very committed and dedicated to getting better. But that’s not to say that college didn’t help me, because that’s not true. It did help me, as I met a lot of interesting people, and through that experience, I was able to network relatively well. Again, having two out of three of my internships in California GREATLY helped.

So breaking it all down, here’s what I can offer you, in no particular order. I’m sure there are others, but these were the ones that popped into my head…

  1. Practice your craft.
  2. Advertise your work. You ain’t gettin’ hired if no one sees your work. Tumblr, Blog, dA, online portfolio, webcomic, business cards, conventions, art shows etc…
  3. Network. Being a designer more than likely involves talking to people. REAL people. If someone who potentially can help you get somewhere e-mails you, you e-mail them back within a day.
  4. Prepare to fail. A lot.
  5. Be decent. Don’t be a butthole, guys, don’t do it!
  6. You’re gonna get criticized. It’s inevitable.
  7. Build a thick skin. Your boss and teachers are not going to like everything that you do. And they’re gonna let you know it. LOL It’s how you respond that might make or break a career.
  8. Take opportunities as they come. Let’s say that you’re in school, and suddenly you are offered the dream job. The job starts NOW; what should you do? My advice to you is to just take it. If you’re not gonna take it, there are hundreds of other people who are waiting in line.
  9. Be truthful to yourself and be better. There are always people who comment that they didn’t have time to do something. The truth behind that is that you didn’t make the time. There are extenuating circumstances of course, but at the end of the day, your potential employer is not interested in what you can’t or didn’t do.
  10. Find enjoyment in what you do. I think this is what really helped me. I love DC comics, and I drew a lot of DC stuff in my younger days. Finding something that I loved and that I loved drawing is very important in building up your style.

Whew, lots to tread, but hopefully helpful. Good luck! (and work hard!). The points above are a bit bare boned (and based on my own personal experience), so feel free to add a comment or a photo reply if there is something that you guys would like elaborated on.

Welcome to the Con Part 8

Originally posted by sirenscurses

: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6 Part 7

A/N: I hope to start actually posting on a schedule! New chapters of this will now be on Mondays! Yay! 

Warnings: None!

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“So, I propose that we binge Supernatural in celebration.”

“I’d be stupid to say no”

You and Lauren dig into the pepperoni pizza, while starting season 4.


“Welp. Jensen’s voice got lower.”



“AH! CAS!!! MY CHILD!!!”

Your neighbors must be very grateful for thick walls when Lauren comes over. The combined fangirling is enough to shatter eardrums. You finally look up from the tv 5 episodes later.

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You think branding someone is justified please get help you are clearly sick.

Did you not watch any of the season? I’m not saying it wasn’t messed up, I’m saying that’s fucking karma. Do I think it was healthy what they did? No I don’t but it’s not like Piper pulled Maria’s pigtail on the playground. They didn’t just pull poor little white girl Susie out of her home and brand her for no reason. 

She used her knowledge of systematic racism and white privilege to her advantage and got a woman of color with a young daughter more jail time as well as lowered the quality of life for every single woman of color in the jail because she couldn’t handle competition. And she didn’t care what she was doing, or the consequences, she was only worried about herself. Also she started a white supremacist group and while she said she didn’t support it she did absolutely nothing to dissuade it even though she was its leader. And she literally gets off scott free for most things she does. I never said I was thrilled that they branded her. I wasn’t throwing my hat in the air and having a barbecue to celebrate. But I’m not crying over the decision at all, and I’m not gonna say that she didn’t deserve it. Sorry I wasn’t weeping for your white fav, sweetheart, but that doesn’t make me sick. 

Really wasn’t expecting anyone to come at me for this white girl since her getting the karma that’s been building up for her for the bast 3 seasons was the least shitty thing to happen this season. When there were innocent wocs who got everything they didn’t deserve for 4 years straight. Like honestly miss me with your Piper stanning, for fuck’s sake. 

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#40-50 :)

40. Have you ever been to a psychiatrist/therapist?

Yes, no shame in doing so!

41. Are looks important in a relationship?

I mean, if I love them, I love the way they look.

42. Are you more like your mom or your dad?

I’m an exact mix of them. but recently more like my mom

43. What is your favorite season?


44. Do you have any tattoos?

Yep I’ve got 2

45. Do you have any piercings?


46. How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?

3 boyfriends and 1 girlfriend

47. Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?

Yes! So many

48. Who is your celebrity crush?

Shannon Beveridge 

49. Are you a virgin?


50. Do you get jealous easily?

Yes, but it’s something I’m trying control.