in case

In Case・~といけないから

「〜といけないから」 means “in case,” like “do this in case…” Literally, the と is kind of like if, いけない means “no good,” and から is because.

As for it’s placement, it goes before the suggestion, right after the thing that the suggestion would prevent:

lose your key といけないから you should make a spare。

get lost といけないから take a map.

Use commas accordingly.

雨が降るといけないから、傘を忘れないでね。Ame ga furu to ikenai kara, kasa o wasurenai de ne.
Don’t forget your umbrella in case it rains. (in case it rains, don’t forget umbrella.)

かまれるといけないから、その犬にあまり近づいてはいけません。Kamareru to ikenai kara, sono inu ni amari chikadzuite wa ikemasen.
In case you get bitten, don’t go too near that dog. (in case bitten, don’t get very near that dog.)

バスに乗り遅れるといけないから出かけた方がいいよ。Basu ni nori okureru to ikenai kara dekaketa hou ga ii yo.
You’d better get going in case you miss the bus. (in case miss the bus, it’d be better to go out.)

I know this is a short post, but the phrase is really simple and easy to use! Message me if you have questions!



This is completely in Japanese with no subtitles! Surprisingly, I understood most of it. These are the differences between 場合 (ばあい)、時 (とき)、and 際 (さい).

Main Points

時 is an expression that express time.

際 can only take nouns and verbs.

場合 and 時 take adjectives, nouns, and verbs.

とき is used in 口語, that is the spoken language. It is also used when talking to your friends.

際 is used in 文語、that is the written language such as in the news or in companies. It is also used in work situations or when speaking to a client/customer.

際 is used only for [special] occasions and chance. It cannot be used with negative forms.

場合 and 時 have the same meaning, and you can use both, but 場合 cannot be used with yours or someone else’s personal experiences. Even future experiences.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, I think I remember reading something on your blog saying that the mood was different at cons when Castiel was supposed to be dead for good at cons a few seasons back, do you kind explaining how exactly it was different?

Oh yeah back around the end of Season 6 - beginning of 7 i’ve heard from other people (who were in the fandom back then) that the atmosphere at cons/the cast was very different. Misha was demoted from a series regular in S7 and back then they originally planned to kill off Cas for good.

So you can just imagine how bitter everyone would be back then, and they were. (who can blame anyone for that) They had to bring Misha back around the end of Season 7 to save the show honestly. Considering Misha was on the show for about 3-4 years back in the beginning of Season 7 would make a huge difference to find out his character would be killed off for good (and for j’2!) opposed to now (almost 8-9 years)