in case you're wondering yes

Lance used to talk to Hunk about Keith

Hear me out…

After rewatching ep 1 of Voltron for the nth time, I just started to think about something.

So basically I relate a lot to Keith, and one of the things I noticed is that in ep 1, is that Keith tends to stay close to Shiro and/or Lance. I’m assuming because those are the people he is more comfortable with. I mean, If I got stuck in space with a group of random people I would totally stay close to those I know better. Thank you very much.

Point is, I never saw Keith show he knew Hunk. Even during the bike chasing scene he calls Hunk “Big guy”

Which makes me think that Keith doesn’t know (or remember) Hunk.

Now there are two options here.
1) Keith and Lance were in a different class from Hunk’s
2) They were all in the same class

I personally believe more in the second option since in Pidge’s flashbacks, when we see Lance and Hunk at the garrison, they clearly knew each other, and from the “hasta la later, Keith” we know that they both knew Keith. 

Either way, Hunk wasn’t around Keith enough time for him to remember him but
on the other hand, when Keith appears and Lance says “It’s Keith” Hunk immediately replies “Keith? You sure?” while pidge goes “Who’s Keith!”
which leaves you with the idea that Hunk knew exactly who Keith was.

And how did he know that?

Definitely not because he was friends with him because Keith would have remembered him for sure. But because Lance talked to Hunk about Keith.
It’s pretty canon if you ask me.

Just want to note that Lance probably only talked about how he was going to beat Keith’s ass or kept declaring his rivalry. But point is, he certainly talked a lot about Keith, for Hunk to know exactly who Lance was talking about in that split moment.

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Who's cuter: Willy or Latts?

B R U H. I thank you for asking this but also feel bad for you for asking this because I am about to do The Most™.

Latts is cuter. Willy (in all honesty) is more physically attractive, but there’s something about Latts. He’s so Good and Lovely while also being a Thirst Trap, and Tom just seems more like the Hot Douche™

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*wishes i was alzy* gentl

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softe family photo (ofc with a dog)

softe and artsy and good with kids i lov

end me plz

i’m cry

PREPARE TO BE SHOOK (aka examples of thirst trap latta)



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“If you’re not a survivor, don’t...”

I don’t know exactly when or how the discourse around cultural appropriation got expanded to encompass trauma survivors. The logic seems to go like this: we’re all more or less in agreement that it’s wrong to lay claim to the racially specific experiences of marginalised groups to which you don’t belong. Surely the same thing applies to trauma: if you don’t share personally in the experience, you’ve got no right to talk about it. Leave those stories to the people who’ve actually lived them. Stay in your lane.

But here’s the thing: survivorhood is not a stable identity marker in the way that something like race is. ‘Appropriation’ is only a relevant concept when the experience we’re talking about is an exclusive one. It is impossible for, say, a non-Chinese person to ever become ethnically Chinese, or to understand from personal experience what it is like to live as a Chinese person. By contrast it is very, very possible for a non-survivor to become a survivor. That’s … actually kind of the whole point of trauma, you know? The ‘in-group’ is an open and ever-changing roll call that spreads itself out across all demographics. People can and do become members of the group overnight.

Given those circumstances, there’s something very ugly about the idea of trying to claim ownership over the universal human experience of trauma. People who’ve never lived through trauma themselves have a legitimate stake in trauma narratives because they’re aware – assuming they possess normal, adaptive levels of foresight and caution – that it could just as easily happen to them as anybody.

How do you identify a person as a survivor or a non-survivor? Trauma is an inherently subjective experience; a person can suffer catastrophic psychological damage from an incident that a different person, under different circumstances, might completely brush off.  There are people who’ve survived extremely painful and dangerous ordeals but who wouldn’t dream of identifying with any kind of survivor ‘community’. There are people who’ve been legitimately traumatised by an ordeal so small and strange that they feel like impostors if they call it ‘trauma’ at all. There are people with second-hand trauma, people who’ve survived ‘near miss’ incidents, people who’ve lived relatively safe lives but still live in fear of the endless ‘what-ifs’. All of those people have perfectly good reasons to want to talk about trauma, to share stories about it, to create their own narratives about what trauma means and how they should interact with it. They have no moral obligation to defer to any old stranger who comes along claiming superior trauma credentials.

Locking people out of conversations unless they clear some arbitrary bar of ‘traumatised enough’ isn’t just misguided – it’s damaging and offensive. It others people with traumatic personal histories and creates an artificial gulf between ‘survivors’ and ‘non-survivors’. It discourages empathy by treating trauma as something that happens to a distinct group of People Who Aren’t You. It pressures people who’ve lived through trauma to embrace the abuse that’s been inflicted on them as a defining aspect of their identity. It demands that people who are already suffering subject themselves to painful scrutiny over whether their experiences have been bad enough to ‘count’.

And I can’t speak for anyone else, but let me tell you: I have spent an upsetting amount of time in so-called ‘progressive’ circles feeling obliged to carry my pain around like a pass card in my wallet, ready to pull out for inspection whenever someone challenges my right to speak or read or write about trauma. It’s messed up. Trauma is not an axis of marginalisation, it’s not the domain of any one minority, and it’s sure as hell not a debate-hall trump card. We need to do better.

Headcanon that Phoenix has a tendency to massage people when they’re upset. Like, he just puts his hands on some part of their body & starts massaging there, all throughout the conversation. He’s been doing this since childhood & he’s c o m p l e t e l y unaware of it. He even does it to his clients, so long as he can actually stand them.

Maya figures it out pretty quickly. Sometimes she acts upset just so she can get a free shoulder massage from Phoenix. Same with Trucy, except she gets head massages because Phoenix likes the feel of her hair. The first time it happened to Apollo, he flipPED OUT internally because how??? is he supposed to handle this????? But he didn’t say anything to Phoenix b/c Phoenix gives a really good wrist massage like holy bracelet this man has the hands of a god.

Also, Edgeworth has known all along. As soon as he & Phoenix were back on friendly terms with each other, the second Phoenix saw Edgeworth upset over even the slightest thing, he just kinda. grabbed Edgeworth’s hand & started massaging his palm & internally Edgeworth was thinking, “finally, that hand has been cramping up lately.” Edgeworth would charter a private jet for a Phoenix Wright hand massage.

That’s an Aussie.

i’m just sayin’ … 

Here I am watching an American show called The Americans and this guy turns up and I’m like “God, he looks uncannily like this other guy on this Aussie show that I should be watching but have fallen behind on, ahahahah – WAIT IS IT HOLY FUCK IT IS, WHAT THE EVERLOCKING FUCK?!”

Brett Tucker. 

I can’t believe there’s a goddamned Aussie on my fave show and I didn’t even know.


Women of classic rock and their corresponding zodiac signs + elements ~ insp., dates used from here, trait info found here

Aries (March 21-April 19): Diana Ross, Linda Perry, Tracy Chapman, Dusty Springfield, Emmylou Harris, Liz Phair

Traits: Passionate, lively, courageous, arrogant, impulsive, confrontational

Taurus (April 20-May 20): Cher, Kim Gordon, Jane Wiedlin

Traits: Patient, dependable, persistent, stubborn, materialistic, possessive

Gemini (May 21-June 20): Stevie Nicks, Gladys Horton, Siouxsie Sioux, Micki Steele, Michelle Phillips, Ann Wilson

Traits: Versatile, enthusiastic, intellectual, superficial, lack of consistency, anxious

Cancer (June 21-July 22): Cyndi Lauper, Poly Styrene, Carly Simon, Christine McVie, Debbie Harry, Linda Ronstadt

Traits: Creative, spontaneous, faithful, moody, pessimstic, clingy

Leo (July 23-August 22): Betty Davis, Ronnie Spector, Kate Bush, Belinda Carlisle, Suzi Gardner, Jackie DeShannon

Traits: Optimistic, straightforward, loyal, egoistic, dominating, impatient

Virgo (August 23-September 22): Chrissie Hynde, Cass Elliot, Aimee Mann, Lita Ford, Vicki Blue, Joan Jett

Traits: Practical, analytical, trustworthy, overcritical, harsh, judgmental

Libra (September 23-October 22): Mariska Veres, Cynthia Weil, Nona Hendryx, Charlotte Caffey, Laura Nyro

Traits: Tactful, charming, just, detached, lazy, indecisive

Scorpio (October 23-November 21): Ellie Greenwich, Dee Plakas, Grace Slick, Bonnie Raitt, Joni Mitchell, Jan Kuehnemund

Traits: Brave, ambitious, intuitive, jealous, secretive, resentful

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21): Tina Weymouth, Cherie Currie, Tina Turner, Viv Albertine, Big Mama Thornton, Jackie Fox

Traits: Adventurous, philisophical, generous, careless, tactless, impatient

Capricorn (December 22-January 19): Annie Lennox, Joan Baez, Pat Benatar, Janis Joplin, Patti Smith, Susanna Hoffs

Traits: Wise, disciplined, cautious, pessimistic, stubborn, shy

Aquarius (January 20-February 18): Micki Harris, Carole King, Nedra Talley, Sheryl Crow, Georgeanna Tillman, Yoko Ono

Traits: Humanitarian, creative, independent, unpredictable, aloof, extreme

Pisces (February 19-March 20): Buffy Sainte-Marie, Janet Gardner, Mary Wilson, Roxy Petrucci, Nancy Wilson, Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Traits: Imaginative, compassionate, selfless, over-sensitive, pessimistic, lazy

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headcannon prompt: Fitz and Simmons both lead a superhero double life, they're best friends, but don't know that about each other!

Oh my gosh, I am so excited for this one!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

  • So, we’ve got Fitz and Simmons.
  • Mild-mannered scientists/best friends by day.
  • Up-and-coming superheroes by night!!!
  • Jemma has healing powers.
  • Fitz can manipulate electronics and electric pulses.
  • They both create weapons/gadgets in order to enhance their abilities.
  • They both want to be called “The Doctor.”
  • (It gets a little awkward when they realize there’s another superhero who wants their name.)
  • (I mean Jemma actually cures people and stuff.)
  • (But Fitz has better gadgets I mean.)
  • (There is a lot of fan meta online for and against, let’s just say.)
  • People keep trying to call Fitz “Turbo,” but he refuses to acknowledge it.
  • And they’re technically on the same side, but they technically aren’t on the same side, either.
  • Fitz keeps trying to get to the bad guys first so people think that Jemma’s just good at helping the wounded.
  • But, you know, our genius biochemist has created all kinds of chemical compounds with all kinds of uses.
  • And she does her fair share of showing him up.
  • But one day, the bad guy comes out of NOWHERE.
  • And goes straight for Jemma.
  • And Fitz, out of instinct, steps in the way.
  • He fights off the attacker, but he gets his heart literally ripped out of his chest, so it’s not looking good.
  • Luckily for him, Jemma is there to help him grow a new heart.
  • And let me tell you, when Fitz is snatched out of the jaws of death and the first thing he sees is her cowl?
  • And she watches him reclaim the life he gave for her?
  • They are goners, my friend. 
  • Absolutely cuckoo for each other.
  • But the thing is that Jemma Simmon has no idea that The Doctor/Turbo is actually her best friend/lab partner Leopold Fitz.
  • And Fitz has no idea that The Doctor/The Angel of Death is also his best friend/lab partner/inconvenient crush.
  • So when Fitz starts to have similar feelings for two women, it gets very confusing.
  • It gets even more confusing when he sees that Jemma has started doodling his symbol into her notebooks.
  • With hearts around it?
  • And, I mean it IS him.
  • But it’s also not and he’s more than a little hurt by it.
  • I mean, how can you compete with yourself?
  • What can you do when the girl you love doesn’t notice the real you, the guy who’s with her day in and day out?
  • But he tries to respect her feelings and move on.
  • After all, this The Angel of Death is super cute and she’s kind of flirting with him?
  • That’s flirting, right?
  • He has no idea how to flirt, but he tries.
  • Meanwhile, Jemma is falling deeper and deeper for him every minute.
  • She saw his blue eyes look up at her like she was life itself and she just wants to get close enough to see those eyes again.
  • But she doesn’t know why Fitz is suddenly so moody?
  • Or why he spends late nights in the lab when he says he’s visiting his mum?
  • He must be working on something cool.
  • And you know, she’s his lab partner; she has every right to see what he’s working on.
  • But what is Fitz doing with these hi-tech boots?
  • What on Earth does he think he could use them for?
  • It’s so perplexing that she almost forgets that she has a most perfect opportunity to run into Turbo a few days later.
  • But it’s a good thing she remembers and heads out into the night because what is Turbo wearing?
  • Fitz’s boots!!!
  • And he can use them to fly!!!!!
  • She panics for a moment. She is so confused!
  • Turbo is obviously trying to impress her but …
  • Turbo is Fitz?
  • Her Fitz?
  • How does that …?
  • But then, he is loyal.
  • And kind, and brave, and selfless, and absolutely brilliant and …
  • It’s really confusing.
  • She lays low for a while,
  • Maybe she even fights crime somewhere else.
  • (I mean a flying Turbo can do quite a bit of crime fighting on his own.)
  • (But that doesn’t mean he likes it.)
  • Fitz doesn’t understand why the woman who likes him and the woman who didn’t both withdrew from his life.
  • Until one day, he bites off more than he can chew, and he ends up tied to a chair, and it looks like it’s really going to hurt.
  • And then, out of the blue!!
  • The Angel of Death appears!!
  • She releases out a knockout gas that somehow doesn’t affect him or her and SAVES THE DAY! 
  • She unties his rope and faces him.
  • And he stands up.
  • And let me tell, you, he’s already lost her before; he’s not taking any chances.
  • He kisses her.
  • Her hands travel up his neck to his cowl, and he knows what she wants. He takes it off, eyes closed. He hears her cowl fall to the ground.
  • And when he opens his eyes, the woman standing before him is his very best friend in the world.
  • It takes his breath away.
  • And when he finally finds the words, he says:
  • “I hoped it was you!”
  • (They become a superhero duo called The Doctors.)
  • (They live happily ever after.)