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*whispers* Dad teaching the others to cook,,,,

Dad is a better cook than a baker, terrible at grilling (he always forgets about the food on the grill)

Dad loves cooking meals for everyone, but some people *ahem* Anxiety, don’t come to dinner, so he keeps leftovers just in case.

He likes experimenting with new recipes, but it takes him a few tries to get them right.

He makes sure there is enough food for everyone (Meaning the table is always overflowing with food)

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CONCEPT: you and harry and me and luke all chillin at our(you and me) shared apartment in new york and harry brings chinese and lu brings some movies and we just eat and cuddle w our boyfriends all day (will meg ever not involve herself in a blurb.... tune in next week on DEFINITELY FUCKING NOT)

You don’t know how fucking badly I want this to happen holy shit. This is the ultimate concept and it would be EVERYTHING?!?! We could watch one directions movie and then watch concert videos of Luke ughhh they’d be so cute and embarrassed 😍😍😍

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god you're such an asshole. every boyband has a frontman. the frontman was liam on x factor if you were around you would know. the frontman is now harry. harry is pushed as the frontman which means he gets unnecessary hype from the media etc. etc. this is not news it works like this for every fucking boyband.

see, i can vaguely see this being the case from a marketing perspective, to have a simple focal point for the attention maybe - to let new fans fixate on one person instead of throwing all 5 at them. but it wouldn’t have anything to do with solo harry. and I don’t think it happened.

all these conversations are about what supposedly happened in the media. that harry was pushed in the media. about him getting unnecessary hype from the media. but from what I see, 1D’s own actual marketing does not reveal much interest in making someone a front man, if any. I don’t think Harry was pushed in music videos or commercials or anything. I think there was generally an effort to feature all the boys. In fact, when I became a 1D fan I was struck by how much more equally presented they are than other boy bands, how much less of a front man there is. 

Harry being talked about more in the media is not somehow the same as like… Gary Barlow getting a close up pretty much every time he’s singing in the Back for Good video when he’s the only featured singer in the song. Somehow acting as if the stuff the media puts out about the band is the same as the actual material produced by the band is just absurd. or as if the equitable music videos are the result of the noble boys fighting for equal billing, but the articles that people don’t like because they focus too much on Harry are the work of 1D’s management just because people want an excuse to hate their management. Like that’s all I see happening here. it isn’t based in logic or reality.

I think harry was just more popular and the media responds to that and is lazy. They don’t care about making sure all 4 boys are featured equally in an interview. They want to get Harry to answer questions so they can show it in a teaser clip to advertise the show. And I don’t see why that’s something that needs to be explained away by someone “pushing” it. 


Charizard is officially invited and ready for flowers and new friends! :D

Also guest appearance by the rest of the team that’s probably going to hold down the fort while he’s gone.

To all the hetalia fans out there who are excited about the new Czech Republic and Slovakia characters

Czech and Slovak surnames are gendered, meaning that women’s names end differently than men’s name. For example the daughter of a man with the last name Novák would have the surname Nováková (expect if the masculine form ends in ý, in which case it would just be á)     

5 Things Tag

I was tagged by @random-cluster-misslie (thanks my guy)

5 things you’ll find in my bag

  • Water bottle
  • Pencil case
  • Notebook
  • Headphones (yes as in multiple)
  • Wallet

5 things I want to do with my life

  • Travel
  • Make people happy
  • See my favourite bands live or go to concerts in general tbh
  • Be able to sing every song that I love and know all the lyrics
  • Be happy some day

5 things I’m into

  • Music
  • Bands
  • Video games
  • Exploring new places
  • Talking/hanging out with friends

5 things on my to do list

  • Homework
  • Assignments
  • Get a job/education
  • Practice for a gig
  • Clean my room 

5 things most people don’t know about me

  • I’m not scared of much anything except for two-three things: deep waters, people yelling and men
  • I’ve tried to kill myself eight times (or ten depending on how you look at it but that’s another story) and I’ve been self-harming for +5 years
  • I was never allowed to watch Pokémon as a child
  • I’m fluent in three languages (swedish, finnish and english) and I don’t have a finnish accent when speaking english
  • I know how to play 8 instruments well and then I know how to play atleast another 5 instruments semi-well-ish

I tag: @pyxthetrash @joshallenbae @theodditywriter @platypusplayhere @isleofflightlessblurs and everyone else who wants to do it!

It’s heating up out there, in more ways than one! A little refresher about condom storage can come in handy any time that temperatures are extreme. Remember, the expiration date isn’t the only thing to check before putting on a condom, you want to be sure that it was stored properly, too! 

More questions? Text “TUMBLR” to 57890, and get answers from real sex educators! 


Oh, there she was again. She seemed no worse for wear, an exceeding rarity in this day and age. People were always afraid of demons, usually shouting something about a book at them in the vain hopes it would send them away.

Still, as he said she seemed no worse for wear. Perhaps a check up wouldn’t hurt, see if things were still not involving demons.
“Mukuro.” He knew her name from her wallet. He’d been smart enough to read the I.D. cards in case he ended up having to label a body as well.

I realised today that The Force Awakens has brought something into focus for me that’s been bothering me for a while. Specifically, Hollywood’s - or maybe America’s - treatment of female characters. I feel like they’re trying to sell me something as new and progressive that I literally grew up with - that even my mother grew up with, actually. Main female character! Such a novel concept! Finally! … except, well. It’s not a new concept at all. And the way it’s done these days is rather troubling to me. Rey, or the way she’s presented within the narrative, is a great example. (I don’t mean for this to be anti-Rey, I have no problem with the character herself and I know she’ll probably be a role model for a new generation of little girls. I’m not even getting into the Mary-Sue argument. I just have a few concerns about the whole thing and I think, honestly, she and the fans deserved a lot better.)

Again, spoilers ahead. Don’t read on if you’re still avoiding spoilers!

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