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How would Jungkook, V and J-Hope react if you didn't want to go out cause you're just too lazy

J-Hope/ Hoseok: In both cases (not joining him at all or just staying at home) Hoseok would be such a pain… He would beg you to go out with him, jumping around you throwing disgusting aegyo faces at you or using a cute voice on the phone to make you crack up. He would just go on, still smiling, certain that he’d find a way to convince you to get out. But if after all his efforts you would still turn him down, I think he would just find some logical reasons to your attitude to persuade him that it has nothing to do with you getting bored of him. Cause he couldn’t think it was just laziness.

V/ Taehyung: Taehyung would be hurt even if he won’t admit it. He would just act like he don’t care that you turned him down on a date, saying you would see each others another time. The call would be really short as he wouldn’t show you how disappointed he really is. But if it was to spend a date at home, I think he would enjoy it even more. I think Taehyung likes simple things and always manage to turn simple home dates into really fun ones, so it wouldn’t be a problem.

Jungkook : I think Jungkook is the kind of understanding boyfriend. But if you told him that you’re too lazy to go on a date with him he would be really hurt. He wouldn’t spend too much time begging, it wouldn’t be his style, but at least he would try to make you change your mind. If it is just about not going out but still having a date at home, then he wouldn’t mind it at all, as soon as you’re happy with it and that he can spend time with you.

Hope that’s what you expected :) and hope you liked it! Thank you for your request!

- Admin Rime