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“How can I say your name without
Also breathing the words
My god, I found you’"

So basically, I’ve been reading CrushingOnSans’s oneshots on AO3, and now ufxut Sans is my otp

Shaladins are probably having a field day right trying to justify their shitty ships, so here’s your local nonbinary’s stance on this.

So even if Keith is 18, there’s still a 7 year age gap between Shiro and Keith. It’s still not okay. There’s still a power imbalance. I did some explaining here. 

I’ll restate what was said: Your prefrontal cortex is not done developing until you’re 25-26. K/L/H/P’s prefrontal cortices are still developing. AKA the thing that controls executive function, decision making, etc. This is why teenagers/young adults tend to base their decisions more on emotion. Their limbic system (controls emotions) is done developing. Shiro’s brain is fully developed. Even if unintentional, he would be taking advantage of Keith or the other paladins. They cannot consent to a relationship in the same way. They are at different mental stages in life.

Also he’s probably turning 18 and is 17 right now? That’s how I interpret this.

Before you say Klance is abusive for Keith (even if he is?) being 18 and Lance being 17: there’s a one year age gap. 

I’d like to end this post with: 


or alternatively: More Cuddles, Less Struggles 2k17

hi i’m Ali and this is me giving in and finally drawing for the ship


└ Caster’s dorkiness + DoS’ adoring glances

Cr: JAL CM Making of 13.05.2017

Be My Captain (Harry Hook x Female Reader)

Thank you @sgarrett49 for requesting. This is my first imagine so I apologize if it is not that great.

You were sitting down at your lunch table. Chad, son of Cinderella and Prince Charming, was eating his lunch. You waited for the perfect moment. Being the daughter of Jack Frost had its perks. With the motion of your finger, your ring began to light up. Chad was stuck to his orange juice. You banged on the table laughing. Unlike your father’s staff, he handed you a ring.

“Still mischevious as your father.” A voice said. You turn around to see Uma behind you. You got up and gave her a hug which she half heartedly returned. You looked around and she caught on.

“Harry couldn’t make it.” She lied. “He had other things to do.”

You looked down at the box you had in your hand. Uma look intruiged as to what it is. You and Uma got so close that you knew what she wanted. You open the box to revealed a rose frozen in frost.

“Periwinkle taught me how to preserve it since father was saving the world.” You smiled proud of your accomplishment. It took so much time and flowers for this. You were still getting used to your powers. You sat down and finished the rest of your sandwhich.

“Right, anyways, I need you to come with me, Frost.” She said. Your eyebrows furrowed at her request.

“Is something happening, today? Did Gil call you shrimpy again? Are we gonna prank someone?” You inquired. Uma shook her head.

“Just follow me Frost.” She said grabbing your arm. You brought the box with me just in case you ran into Harry. You wondered where that boy was. You haven’t seen him in seven days and it began to worry you. It’s the longest he’s been out in the sea. He usually came home in four.

You saw Gil run up to you two in the distance. You ungrasped yourself from Uma’s grip to give him a hug. He then turned to Uma.

“Harry told me to tell you to bring (Y/N) to the docks so that he can pr-” Gil was cut off by Uma. She put her hand on his shoulder and he knew what it meant.

“Gil, we talked about this. We were told to keep this between us three. So shut your clam and lets bring her to the docks. Okay?” Uma said in a threatening tone. Gil just nodded his head furiously. You were confused as to what was going on. Especially since Harry was involved.

Uma and Gil brought you to the docks. There were shells and clams making a pathway. Gil pushed you forward. You being to walk towards Uma’s boat. You held the box tighter as you saw Harry. You stepped on a platform that turned on fairy lights as you walked. The pirate crew was playing a lovely song. The boat had a snowflake and a hook painted on them. You say Harry at the end of the pathway. You ran towards him. You jumped into his arms.

“I thought something terrible happened to you at sea. No one would tell me anything!” You said. He gave a chuckle as his hand cupped your face.

“Darling, it takes something to beat me. Yer not going to see me going down easily.” He said. He tapped the box with his hook.

“Oh right! Happy three year aniversary.” You opened the box and showed him the frosty flower. He took it in his hand and kissed your forehead. “Harry, what is all this though”.

The crew played the music softer. The lights dimmed down. You looked around and saw Gil raising up a flag. Uma came forward and handed Harry a box.

“Be my captain?” You read the flag. You looked at Harry only to see him on one knee. You gasped as you covered your mouth.

“Darling, three years is a long time. All it took was one look to know you were the one. I may not have been the sweetest or most understanding boyfriend, but you stood by and taught me so many things. You taught me how to love. I was gone for so long because I had to find the most perfect pearl for someone as perfect as you.” Harry opened to box to reveal a pearl ring. The ring band was made from broken pieces of seashells. “Would you make me the luckiest pirate ever and become my captain?”

You looked at Harry and then the ring. You sunk to the ground and wrapped your arms around Harry. Tears began to fall as you held him tighter.

“Yes, yes a million times yes!” You exclaimed. The whole crew was cheering. Uma nodded her head as approval. Gil was running around hugging everyone. Harry put the ring on your hand. You gave him a kiss which he returned back. You heard someone clear their throat. You turned and saw that it was Uma.

“As much as I am happy for you, Harry, that paint better be washable.” She said. Harry laughed as he put his hand over her shoulder. Gil came in and made a group hug. Gil then took his sword out and held it in the air.

“To the coolest couple here!” He said. Everyone took their swords and cheered.

I saw a thing and I kinda had to Bokuro it

Patient comes into the clinic on Friday

C/O headache x6 days, not relieved with OTC pain meds.

 I check his vitals. BP is 66/34 I check again, and then one more time just to make sure I’m not losing my marbles. 

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The rest of his vitals are stable but his neuro exam is juuuuust ever so slightly off. Barely unequal grip strength and mild aphasia that I probably wouldn’t have picked up on if I hadn’t talked to this patient several times before. We’re a small clinic. I can give this guy a bolus, but I don’t have IV meds, and it’s 4 o'clock on a Friday so even if I get him in for stat imaging we won’t have results until after clinic hours, which means basically no resources. 

So homeboy gets a free ride to the ER. We’re right across the street so I get him in a wheelchair and push him over so I can give report to the ER nurse. Before I leave the clinic I check his chart with my remote access to the hospital. I’m thinking maybe a bleed from an AVM or something like that. Without imaging we’re basically guessing if his headache is the cause or effect of his low BP.

CT scan shows no bleed, ischemia, or mass effect. What is does show is a “Metal Foreign Body” pretty much exactly where his pain is.

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That’s…….pretty much the last thing any of us expected. Because in case you were wondering, no surgical or traumatic history. So where the fuck did this foreign body come from? 

Suppose I’ll find out on Monday.

ash-is-boss  asked:

Speaking of future husbands, my mom knew right away that my dad was going to be her husband (even though she has a horrible past when it comes to guys). So it makes me feel like YEAH THATS WHATS GONNA HAPPEN TO ME TOO but what if I miss him because I'm assuming I'll know right away? It makes me so anxious. (my mom even said she had a dream about MY future husband but she doesn't really remember anything specific... But I've never had that kind of dream.)

A lot of people I’ve talked to said that when they met their husbands, they KNEW. One of my friend’s friends posted his engagement photo on Facebook with a story that when he first saw his fiancé, God told him that was his wife. There are extraordinary cases like that.

And then there are my parents. Dad was a year younger than Mom and she only agreed to go out with him so he’d stop freaking ASKING omg. He’d come see her at her high school in his middle school uniform and it was so embarrassing wow.

But they kept fighting and breaking up, fighting and breaking up. Then Dad was A Looker, y'know, and all these girls had ideas about him, but my mother was SO PETTY that whenever some other girl started paying attention to him she’d figuratively snap her fingers and Dad would go running back to her.

(Mom was a bad ass. She dated a guy who threatened to beat her and she was like COME HERE AND HIT ME THEN, WHATCHA WAITING FOR?! He never did.)

So Mom and Dad’s little soap opera went on for like twelve years before they finally got married. And then they almost got divorced. But they stuck it out and have been together ever since, and now whenever Mom sees Dad’s old flames on Facebook she laughs at how ugly they are and says she’s gonna flaunt him in their faces.

The point is, there are different kinds of relationships, so you should just pray about it and let God’s plan unfold. ouo;;;