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pretend girlfriend; m. sana

» pairing: Sana x Reader

» genre: HighSchool!AU, fluff

» author note: So to anyone who doesn´t know what´s going on, this scenario was once posted on a blog which went by this url → k-pop-girl-groups. Before anyone lashes out on me, I was the owner of the blog. Luckily, I had the scenario saved which I´m really thankful for. I really liked the way it turned out and I´m sure that if I re-wrote it, I wouldn´t be 100% satisfied with it. Enjoy!

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» gif not mine, credit belongs to the owner

If there was one thing Sana hated more than being teased for not being in an relationship yet, it was the endless attempts from the football players to get with her. Word ´no´ wasn´t in their vocabulary as they all followed her around the school, firing pick-up lines one after other. Like a bunch of dogs they were all over her, ignoring her tries to get through them. It took Jihyo´s loud voice to get them to voluntarily leave Sana alone. “You need to do something about this. One day they might take it too far.”

Jihyo´s concerned words got stuck in her head, making her wonder what she could do about the situation. She surely wouldn´t have this problem if she was dating someone. But where was she supposed to find a person that would be willing to get into relationship with her. And more importantly; how? In her mind she had already went through rows of possible other halves, none of them good enough to play the role for a time being. None of them, except for one. Y/N L/N.


Sana was standing in the main building of the school, hiding from the sudden rain storm that appeared. Not like it mattered to her anyways, she had something completely different on her mind. She wondered if she really wanted to ask you for such thing. Although you two spoke quite a lot, it was true you were a bit reserved. Sana was afraid this might make you uncomfortable. But then again, she thought of the bulky football players and what they were capable of. It was worth a try, wasn´t it?

Her head turned to the side as she heard footsteps approaching. There you were, re-arranging your notes as you walked towards the exit. You stopped when Sana called out your name, smiling at her. Sana watched you walk towards her with a question in your eyes. “What are you doing here so late?”

“I was waiting for you actually.” Sana admitted, making you raise your eyebrows. “Oh really?”

She nodded, not really sure what to say next. The two of you stood there for a while, slight awkward silence enveloping you. Sana decided to break the silence by pointing out the obvious. “It´s raining pretty heavily, huh?”

“Yeah, I guess it is. So did you want something for me?” You asked curiously, unintentionally making Sana a lot more nervous than she already was. Oh, if only you knew what she was about to ask you. What if you thought she was crazy? That would do no good. She took a deep breath and looked at you, forming sentences in her head at last minute.

“Actually, yes. I´m sure this is going to be a bit shocking and hard to comprehend but you´re the only person who can help me with this. Well, only if you want to.” You gave her a nod, intently listening to what she was saying. “I´m not even going to ask if you know out football players, of course you know them. Basically, they´ve been following me around for a very long time now with not so good intentions and it´s getting a bit uncomfortable. So I´ve been meaning to ask you if you´d be willing to…” Sana trailed off, looking of to the side.

“Sana? Willing to do what?”

“If you´d be willing to pretend to date me.” There. She dropped the bomb on you. Sana watched your expression go from confused, to shocked and then flustered. Your cheeks turned pink as blood rushed into them, Sana´s request really something you didn´t expect. You began evaluating everything in your head, pitying Sana a bit as you imagined those guys not leaving her alone. Thinking there was nothing for you to lose, you reluctantly nodded your head, further assuring yourself that you wanted to help her. Sana´s face lit up, an excited squeal leaving her lips at your agreement. She pulled you into a hug. “You´re the best! Thank you so much!”


Just holding your hand worked like magic. Your presence was almost like a repelent against thirsty mosquitos (or guys in this case). One week into the fake relationship and Sana was finally able to live through her school days in peace. Maybe it was the fact she was now ´taken´, that forced the guys the other way, or the fact that it was a girl she was dating. Either way, Sana couldn´t be happier now, that she finally got left alone as she wished for. You? It was a little different from your view. Not that you minded being in Sana´s presence, god no, that wasn´t the case. It was the attention that came with it. Small whispers as you moved from class to class, students pointing at you in a not so discreet way, some of them chuckling a bit. Good or bad, you couldn´t care less. It was still an attention; something you weren´t very fond of. But then again, Sana´s bubbly personality made up for it in more ways than one.

In just five days you learned so much about her, and you wanted to know more. Until recently, she was just another cheerleader to you. Not that she was mean in anyway, she was breaking the stereotype fantastically and if you had to tell the truth, all her friends did the same. But now that you spent twice as much time with her during the day, you realized she was a human just like everyone else. She had her own pet peeves, her hobbies and even imperfections. All those things made her who she was, making you appreciate her even more. If someone asked you to name all the choices you regretted making, this wouldn´t be one of them.


Six months into the relationship and Sana was beginning to get scared. No matter how hard she tried to force herself to believe she was only imagining things, it didn´t work. Sana tried everything; from meditating to asking her friends for help. No luck in sight. Everything you did suddenly seemed perfect to her. Your laugh was the most beautiful sound she had ever heard in her life, and your smile lit up the room. On days when she couldn´t see you, she became the moodiest one could become. Oh, how scared she was. Infact, Sana was so scared she was no longer in denial of her own feelings. She was in love with you, and there way no way out.

What about you? Were you also scared? The answer was yes; you were terrified. On so many occasions have you considered ´breaking up´ with her, putting an end to the question mark era your relationship was currently in. Yet when she asked you to go to a fair with her, you didn´t find it in you to decline. Just what happened to the rule you set up at the very beginning of the charade? The one that clearly said: ´Only on school grounds.´ You had no idea, and you no longer even wanted to bring it up. When you were with her, you felt so carefree. As if nothing could bring you down. And as months passed, you forgot every single thing you said to yourself that day. Sana found her way into your heart, and you weren´t sure if you wanted her to find a way out.


Twelve months into the relationship and here you were, standing by the front gate with diplomas in your hands. It was post graduation ceremony, meaning an end came to a school year as well as your relationship. Or that´s what you were thinking.

“I guess this is it. We´re breaking up.” Sana chuckled, scratching the back of her neck. You shook your head in disbelief, a laugh also leaving your lips. “It sound so silly when you say that out loud.”

“A whole year passed, I can´t believe this.” Neither could you. Who would´ve thought an act of keeping the guys away would last for so long. However, now that it was about to end, you couldn´t help but feel a twinge of pain in your heart. You weren´t ready to see her go, not yet. And Sana? She wasn´t ready to let you go either. Though she wasn´t in denial of her feelings, they weren´t out. They weren´t before, they aren´t now and if she keeps her mouth shut, they won´t be ever.

No, this time, she would do it. She would tell you how she felt, even if it meant losing a friend. Not that it mattered anymore; when you were about say your goodbyes. If only she knew there was a war going on inside your head too. That you were telling yourself the very same things, building up the courage to say those three, simple words who made things so different. You had nothing left to lose. Just take a deep breath and say it;

“I love you.”

anonymous asked:

hey darling, since I am new to this platform, I cannot tell if plagiarism is frequent (i've seen a lot of cases lately though). Anyhow, what are your experiences with plagiarism and how do you approach the issue in the first place? Also how did you feel when it first happened? I'm really really curious haha.

Welcome to Tumblr, lovely! It has definitely upped in frequency over the past two months, which is very concerning and disappointing. I have been lucky not to be involved in any of those incidents, and the last one to occur was when I was transitioning between sugascript and deerguk around April last year, and I had not broadcasted the url of the new blog (deerguk) I was switching to. I am certain there was a time or two before then where I had been plagiarised, though that one greatly stands out for me because it was after I had deleted my works from sugascript, and this random blog started re-uploading them. There was another blog that did this too, and they even posted a real photo of me that I had uploaded to sugascript and deleted within the same day two months before that incident to “claim” they were really me, which made me sick to my stomach.

Another incident would be when I came up with this whole plot and concept for a Celestial AU with Yoongi. I got so excited about the entire thing that I foolishly shared very in-detail notes on my blog with readers who asked me about it, to the point that the full idea for the story was pretty much laid out for anyone to see, yet I had not literally constructed it into a story yet. Then, one day, I received a message asking me if I had written the idea and posted it to Wattpad first because this user had found a newly posted story called Lustre that was completely identical to everything I had talked about. My idea was about Yoongi being a celestial being (specifically, a star) who was assigned as the wish-granter of the OC, but he gradually found himself falling in love with her, which was forbidden. He was given an ultimatum, to be reassigned to a new human or be stripped of his celestial duties, which ultimately resulted in him being banished from the skies by the Celestial Gods to live a life as a mortal who still attained some of his celestial aspects (silver hair, his skin glows depending on his mood, etc). All of that was made known on my blog, and they copied exactly that into their own story before I could write it, which meant that I could not write out the idea that I spent days planning because that person could have technically called me out on plagiarism if they wanted to.

I remember feeling disgusted, upset and horrified that some people would go ahead and do that just to spite me. Nowadays, it is more severe anger when I see this occur over and over again, wondering how on earth these people think they will get away with slapping their name on somebody else’s hard work. The fact that some of them try to fight back on it is just as ridiculous, saying “it’s just fanfiction” when they clearly do not realise we can spend days upon weeks upon months writing these things to only have somebody else copy and paste it to try and get all the credit. It is beyond disappointing and exhausting.

As for how I go about it, I used to politely, but firmly message the plagiarisers to take the content down whilst also reporting them for plagiarism/copyright infringement. If they did not, I would make things more public. But nowadays, especially with the increased frequency, I have certainly tended to resort straight to public approaches as I seriously do not hold any sympathy towards those who think stealing another person’s work is okay, especially after all of us writings have broadcasted how not okay it is. If they are wanting the attention so bad for something they did not even exert a second into creating, then they are going to get it in the form of my fucking wrath, to put it simply haha.

[Look at that art, so beautiful, so cute… in case you are like “Why the fuck is Emily Blunt there?” that’s my mun FC, pfft. THEY SHOULD BE IN A MOVIE TOGETHER, NO? Thanks to Amaye for the art!!]

Somehow, I’ve tricked 2,100+ of you into following me and I am absolutely fucking astonished???

This blog is a reboot of an old Steve blog I had once upon a time (I dunno if any of you remember ivehadenoughrest, but that was me, I kinda came here… secretly, pfft). I’ve been on this one for about a year, and have been RPing Steve for about 4. Way back when I first started in the RP community, I was playing Coulson because he was pretty much all I thought I could pull off. After the second or third viewing of The Avengers I thought, meh, why not give this spangled guy a try?

Now, this is the longest I’ve ever stuck with one character and if I’m honest, he’s probably consumed my life a little too much. Like, seriously, I live and breathe Steve Rogers. I go about my day wondering if certain things I do would make Steve Rogers proud. STEVE ROGERS ALL THE TIME, 24/7, IT’S SO SAD…

The non-obsessive positive that I’ve gotten out of being on here for soooo long (seriously, I remember when gifs and regular text were the way to go and certain aspects of play didn’t become such a heated debate/contest) is that I feel like because of my writing partners, I’ve really grown as a writer. I’m not nearly the best, never will be no matter how much I agonize over it and get jealous/admire other quality on my dash, but I live with it because IT’S SO MUCH FUN TO BE HERE. You all make me think, stretch my writing fingers, and just… make me feel special, you know?

Now, I’m poor as hell and can’t really afford to do a giveaway with cool swag, not to mention I have ZERO skill with photoshop (seriously, everything I have are commissioned pieces, I’m lazy af plus I feel like I’m helping someone’s cause, you know?), so this is quite simply… an appreciation post. I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t be much of anything if I didn’t have such amazing followers and amazing, supportive writing partners.

I’m going to go against my very core here and make a little bias list (and okay the little turned into A LOT). I’ve always been against myself making these because I know I’ll inevitably leave someone out and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. JUST KNOW I (AND STEVE) LOVE YOU ALL. ALL OF YOU. LIKE A LOT. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’VE CHOSEN ME AND STUCK WITH MY MUSE. FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY LITTLE HEART THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!

And now, to the list!

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everything wrong with official-nhl guy's post

You probably saw it, but it’s here, and it’s stupid. After starting out with a weird bit that everyone already knows about social media (“it’s just like marketing…except that it’s…just like marketing” - real wise words), it gets pretty wacky in a hurry.

As an avid Tumblr user and die-hard fan of the New York Rangers I was already running a relatively successful New York Rangers blog at the time(2012). 

And we were all so impressed. 

It was as though all 30 teams of the NHL had their own chair and were arranged in a circle. What I found was missing was a chair in the middle. The one that encompassed not just all teams but encompassed hockey and the NHL as a whole.

“I looked around and I thought…damn…I could be a chair. Watch the throne, because I’m the damn throne, and you’re sitting on me and using me like whoa.”

I spent a lot of time thinking about how to go about undertaking this. I had no doubt in my mind it would be a success (due to a proprietary trick up my sleeve that I’ll explain later) but to achieve the maximum success it would have to contain the right voice and community from the very beginning. 

Hmm. I wonder how to run a successful blog on tumblr. I wonder what his answer is, to this question. It’s probably the voice. The voice is important. No one followed him for the gifs, but for his stupid fucking voice.

At first it began as I didn’t want to mess with the NHL so I added ‘-highlights’ to the end of it. It gained about 1,000 followers in about a month. That was pretty good for a hockey blog so I contacted the NHL. 

I’m CRYING. Imagine if I got to a thousand followers on Twitter, where all I do is post stupid puns, and was like, “Hey NHL listen… You and me could be pals. Hear me out.”

This disappointed me but the LED lightbulb in my head lit up immediately when something came to my mind, they never said no. They also didn’t say stop. It essentially gave me the go ahead to go full on into a mini-case study for fun.

Turns out that the NHL didn’t have a problem with him throwing his life away in pure and unadulterated devotion to their cause. Crazy, right? 

I began by creating the blog as an entity and changing the name to I wanted to prove to the NHL that there was a market for hockey fans on tumblr and I wanted them to know they missed out big time (Slight bitterness and intrigue all in one). 

The NHL should probably have a tumblr, because maybe then they’d learn how to react to things like Semyon Varlamov and Gary Bettman wouldn’t sound so stupidly tone deaf when he talks about how great the league is. If the league wants to post gifs, it turns out they already have a website to do it. It’s called You may have heard of it.

The only way this was going to work though was if nobody knew it was me.

Did anyone honestly believe this guy was the NHL? Every time I saw the URL on my dashboard, I thought it was a fucking stupid URL for some random person to use. 

Anyway I still don’t know who this guy is, so mission accomplished I guess.

I studied the NHL’s voice and marketing strategy endlessly to ensure it was as realistic as possible. 

It must have been very hard to sound so vanilla.

As are all my side-projects, I included no ads. I was doing this for fun and solely to help the NHL. I didn’t want to use the NHL’s entity to make money. 

I included no ads, because I'm the best marketing major on the face of the planet. Marketing major?? Making money???? Not actually related.

As I said before, I had a proprietary trick up my sleeve. That trick was a method of creating gifs that allowed me to upload highlights nearly 5X faster than any other user on tumblr. 


I drove out nearly all team fandom blogs and I accumulated those followers as well as the hockey fans who weren’t die-hard enough to follow a team blog. In a matter of months (2013) we had 17,000 followers. I wasn’t finished there though.

“Hey, you know that tumblr website, that extraordinarily inclusive website, particularly for women? Well, I did the opposite of that. And No, I’m Not Fucking Done.”

We’d get at least 3 messages a day saying, “Thanks to this blog I now love hockey” or questions like that asking how to get into the sport. We’d also get some saying they just bought their first jersey thanks to the blog.


The blog was featured daily alongside MLB, NBA, BleacherReport, CBS and other ‘real’ tumblr blogs. The gifs created were almost always used by yahoo and other news sites. At the end of the year we had one of the top 10 sports posts of the year selected by Tumblr. Mind you this was all while people still believed I was indeed the NHL.


At the end of this campaign we also reached one of my long-time goals, being the top result on tumblr if you googled ‘NHL tumblr’.

if you google “wheelsofarmageddon tumblr”, mine is the top result. My brand is booming.

It was after this campaign that I decided to reveal myself. The blog had begun to take a toll on me. It was amazing and I loved the community but there were days where I was working on the blog 16+ hours a day and going to school full time.

This is just sad. Dude. Do something else. You literally have no time in your day to enjoy yourself. 16 hours a day is insane. You did this for no money. FOR NO GAIN! I FEEL SO BAD FOR YOU.

A lot went on and I probably left a lot out but I’ll never forget when the NHL was me.

You write like a 4-year old.