in case you want to make love by moonlight

Torque’s Self-Love Motivation Jar

Another Spoonie-Friendly spell for those who wish to have a little bit more confidence, energy and passion in their daily lives.

Step 1 - Ingredients

  • Pink Himalayan Salt (use food coloring with reg. salt if you want)
  • “Passion” Tazo Tea (rose hips or petals, lemongrass, hibiscus)
  • Pink Glitter (or that of your choice)
  • Piece of Rose Quartz

Step 2 - Piece of Paper for Your Intentions/Goals

The phrases I personally used are as follows -

“I am confident in my abilities.”

“I am passionate about my endeavors.”

“I am motivated to be successful in my goals.”

Step 3 - Knot Work/Sealing Your Intentions

Grab some thread. It doesn’t have to be pink, but I chose to do that to fit the color theme. Cut it to be about three feet long. Wrap the cord around the top a few times and leave some room to work with.

Now, knot the thread where you have just stopped. This knot represents your first statement. Say it out loud or in your head while tying the knot. Leave some space and do the same with the rest of your statements on the paper. Then tie a bow. By this bow, you have sealed your intentions. I made knots on the end of each remaining thread to further seal the intention and statements into the thread.

Leave the jar somewhere where you will see it - a workplace, altar, desk, etc. Make sure the paper inside is visible so that it reminds you of what you want to accomplish. Decorate as you see fit! I did not personally seal the jar with wax in case I want to use it again, but you are free to do what feels right. Charge it under moonlight if you feel it needs a little boost!

- Torque -

johnlockficrecommendations' favorite authors

Hi all! In celebration of reaching 100 followers, I’m compiling a list of some of my favorite authors. They’re all fantastic and I highly recommend reading everything they’ve ever written, shopping lists included, but I’m including some of my favorite works as well and now this has become a fic rec list whoops.


Without a doubt one of the best authors I’ve ever read. Their prose is nothing short of spectacular and the characterizations are perfect. The Paradox Series takes Sherlock’s “high functioning sociopath” label and runs with it in ways that are often touching, sometimes disturbing, and always, always stunning. It’s truly masterful. Their current WIP, All the Best and Brightest Creatures, is a brilliantly constructed AU in which Sherlock sent Moriarty to jail for murdering Carl Powers. Sherlock is asexual in this fic, and his relationship with John is so well done: I particularly love that his asexuality is not ignored or viewed as a problem to be solved. The cases are brilliant, the characterizations are brilliant, everything is brilliant. Just - read everything they’ve ever written.


Chryse is another brilliant author. They’ve written everything from short smutty fics to epic works, and all of it is amazing. My personal favorite is A River Without Banks. I swear, this is one of the best stories I have ever and will ever read. Sherlock lives through multiple versions of his own timestream - some of them heartbreaking, others lighter and happier. I honestly can’t recommend this fic enough. The worldbuilding is intricate, the storytelling masterful, and the writing incredible. It’s angsty, fluffy, heartwarming, heartwrenching, hilarious, tender: everything you’ve ever wanted in a story and then some. Note: this fic has a happy ending, but heed the tags for some portions (warnings are given in advance). Other fantastic fics are The Ground Beneath Your Feet, The Frost Is All Over, and A Waste of Breath.


This author is uniquely brilliant. Their writing is fantastic and the characterizations are nothing short of perfect. I have made it my personal mission in life to recommend White Tulip to everyone. You know those people who hand out bibles on street corners? That’s what I want to do with this fic - print out a thousand copies and tell everyone that they absolutely have to read this. This story is stunning. Told during TSOT, Sherlock is quietly self-destructing while John and Mary plan their wedding. The prose is gorgeous and the metaphors almost bring me to tears. This fic fully embodies Sherlock and John’s voices in a way that very few do. It’s stunning and gorgeous and perfect and, at least to my mind, nothing short of a masterpiece. This story deals with heavy topics - among them drug use, PTSD, and suicidal ideation - so heed the tags carefully. The worst part is that it doesn’t really have a happy ending - it truly is a “wreck-it-more” fic - but if you’re looking for unbelievable angst and perfect characterization with a dash of graphic drug use, this is for you. Seriously, withoutawish is incredibly talented. Other great fics from them are Our Enthusiasms Which Cannot Always Be Explained and The River Variations.


@consultingcaitlin is absolutely one of my favorite authors in fandom. Her characterizations of John and Sherlock are perfect - they’re so human, they always feel real. The fantastic plots and scorchingly hot sex scenes weave together to create brilliant stories. Her WIP and your very flesh shall be a great poem is personally one of my favorite fics - John and Sherlock chase after Mary when she flees to America. I can’t recommend it enough. She also wrote the classic The Moonlight and the Frost, a gorgeous post-season 3 fic where Sherlock and John come together that incorporates angst and love and a fantastic case. And if you say the word, I could stay with you is a wonderful proposal story: so touching and sweet and lovely (it will also make you want coq au vin, which is never a bad thing). The Boundaries of an Event Horizon is one of the best darker fics I’ve ever read. It starkly portrays an all-too-realistic future in which neither John nor Sherlock cope well, but they heal so tenderly (note: this is another one to heed the tags on, abuse is a key plot point). And I could never leave out Somatic Theory, a series in which John and Sherlock’s relationship evolves to incorporate BDSM. So unbelievably hot. I love smut best when it furthers character development or reveals more about the characters, and this definitely does. Seriously, read everything this author has written. Everything.


@earlgreytea68 is a classic Sherlock author for good reason. Nature and Nurture, the most-kudos’d work in the Sherlock fandom, is a fantastic story in which Sherlock is accidentally cloned and John and Sherlock raise the baby together. It’s full of domesticity and wonderful fluffy goodness, and I absolutely adore it. Sherlock’s backstory is heartbreaking but perfect, the baby is wonderful (honestly, he’s exactly what Sherlock would have been like as a child), and there’s even a bit of Mystrade. Speaking of Mystrade, Scotch is a brilliant collection of stories that depict Mycroft and Lestrade’s relationship after Sherlock’s suicide. I never expected to fall in love with the pairing, but this series accomplished that. Saving Sherlock Holmes is my favorite teenlock story - I love John and Sherlock and how they came together, but I also love the portrayal of Mycroft. I’m a huge sucker for protective Mycroft. Other favorites include Keep the Car Running (an Inception crossover), The Adventures of a Single Girl in London (Plus a Consulting Detective) (told from Janine’s POV and wonderfully hilarious, read it!), the Letters series (Sherlock writes letters to John while he’s away), and John Watson’s Twelve Days of Christmas (fake relationship; fantastic). Seriously though, read all of their works!


This author’s writing is astoundingly good, and their stories even better. Ever wondered what fem!Lestrade would be like? Wonder no more, as Lestrade is genderswapped in The Least of All Possible Mistakes (spoiler: she is amazing). It’s an epic Mystrade fic that shows seasons one and two through Lestrade’s eyes, and it’s fantastic. The melodrama of the show is balanced out with the smaller but no less important moments that make up most of our lives, and the humor is perfect - I find myself laughing out loud every time I read this story. I adore it. Honestly, even if Mystrade/genderswap doesn’t sound like your usual thing, this is still one that I highly recommend. They also wrote Homemaking, a wonderful pre-slash story between John and Sherlock as they’re still learning how to fit together. Also, if you’re a fan of other fandoms, check them out - they’ve written for dozens of other fandoms including Harry Potter, Inception, and Stargate Atlantis.


@watsonshoneybee writes such wonderful fics - warm and kind and lovely and real, even when they’re angsty. I first fell in love with her Christmas series a good old-fashioned happy ending, in which Sherlock plans to propose to John during Christmas. It’s indescribably lovely and will absolutely leave a smile on your face. if nobody speaks of remarkable things is heartwrenching - check the tags before reading - but ultimately has a happy ending. It’s AU-ish in that Magnusson doesn’t exist, and deals heavily with the aftermath of miscarriage. It’s angsty at times but with a lot of hurt/comfort, and the relationship between Sherlock and John is lovely. My other favorites are the safety in the spaces of your mouth, all things warm and tender, for all that bitter delights will sour, and carrying up his morning tea but absolutely everything by her is wonderful, so go read it!


This author is unbelievably fantastic at worldbuilding. Their stories are wonderfully detailed and plot-heavy with brilliant cases and spectacular characterizations. The Gilded Cage is a brilliantly constructed, epic 300k A/B/O fic that tackles the often-problematic gender roles in the Omegaverse. It is both a fantastic societal critique and a wonderful case fic. John and Sherlock are both so in character, and there’s great smut without the consent issues typical of the Omegaverse. Another classic is Midnight Blue Serenity, which is a fantastic case fic in which John and Sherlock go undercover at a club to catch a serial killer. The buildup is wonderfully tense and the case is so well done. Even if you don’t love case fics, this is one to try. My heart was stolen by the Cat Among the Pigeons series, which skirts a lovely line between not-quite-platonic and pre-slash. It’s warm and fluffy and lovely, and the premise - Sherlock has a genetic variant in that he resembles a cat - is fascinating. Other wonderful fics: Electric Pink Hand Grenade, Bloody But Unbowed, and The Stars Move Still.

Note: Going through this list again, I find myself so in awe of the fantastic creations that have come out of this fandom. This list encapsulates only a small fraction of that talent, and so I just wanted to say this - if you’ve written a fic, or made fan art, or created anything, you are amazing, and thank you.
Running. Running. Running. (Derek Imagine)

Anon asked for - Hello! I was wondering if you could write my request? :) With Derek Hale <3 Where i am in love with Derek, but don’t think he is in love with me. So when I’m with the pack and workout, I workout to hard because I want to derek to like me. And I felt I wasn’t training so hard, so i went for a jogg, alone. But then I ending get so tired that I pass out in the woods. And Derek starting to notice that I’ve been gone to long and gets worried( because he actually is in love with me too :3)

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