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The Colour of Love

Request: Hi! Could you do an imagine where Marauders are speending their first holidays after school and Lily and Reader say they would go ice skating but Sirius is terribe and she helps him and they spend the rest of the day together and she paints his tattoos with colouring pens please???? 💓💕

Since the nice and carefree Hogwarts years comes to an end, you couldn’t spend so much time with your friends than before. Of course it wasn’t so easy just split you apart; even if you all had jobs or further studies and trainings, you still found a way to devote time for each other. The boys shared an apartment and Lily practically lived with James anyway – but you knew it’s just a matter of time now before they will move together.

But even if you met almost every day, you still missed those little moments you had during school, things you could only have if you lived together. Like knowing every little thing about the other, if they had a problem and need a cheer up or a shoulder to cry on – you were there for each other immediately. Or randomly fall asleep at the marauders’ dormitory, knowing they were mocking at you but waking up and seeing there’s a blanket over you. Studying together which always turned into never ending talks, which talks were about everything but your studies. Or, in a lot of cases, them pulling you in one of their pranks.

It wasn’t even a question you’ll spend the holidays together. On Christmas Eve you just eat and drink and talk a lot; it was long past midnight when you finally fell asleep – all of you in the boys’ living room. The first thing you felt your aching neck, as you slept through the night in a half sitting, half lying position, leaning on Sirius’ chest. Your heart leapt when you looked up at the boy who was still sound asleep, with one of his hand lazily around you. Because you spent seven years together and you haven’t realized your feelings for him. You couldn’t tell when it started, you just noticed that incredible amount of happiness you felt when you first saw him after you haven’t seen each other for more than a week. You missed your other friends too, but it was something else, something more; something that made your chest burn and your mind racing, causing you smiling so much you could not stop, flushing and feeling everything’s hot around you, even Sirius’ cold hands as he touched you.

But several months passed and you still had no idea what you should do with these feelings. He was your best friend. One part of you wanted to tell him your feelings, hoping he’d feel the same, but the other part of you were scared to ruin your relationship forever. So you just wait, maybe these feelings will just go away. But in fact, they just became stronger.

It was Boxing Day and you exchanged presents – as always, the guys could surprise you with something that was also useful and funny. You spent the whole morning there, in your pajamas, still talking and eating way too much sweets.

Only after lunch you came up with the idea. – “We should go ice skating.”

“Yes!” – Lily yelled immediately, her eyes sparkled up. – “I haven’t done it in years.”

Both of you stood up quickly, discussing where would be the best place while you disappeared in the bathroom, changing your clothes at last. There was a nice outdoor rink nearby, so you went on foot; the weather wasn’t so cold and it was snowing so you wanted to walk a little. You went between Remus and Peter, Lily and James in front of you with Sirius, but you could tell something wasn’t right with him – he was too quiet. Taking two big steps you reached your hand out, grabbing Sirius’ arm and pulling him a little away from the others, walking behind them.

“What’s up with you?”

He shrugged and looked at you like he didn’t know what you were talking about. “Nothing.”

Closing your eyes, you let out a big sigh. “Listen, you can lie to me if you want, but I know something is bothering you. And you know I won’t stop asking until you tell me, so…”

But he didn’t want to tell you, no matter how nicely you asked or pleaded, until you reached the edge of the rink. The other were already take on their shoes, slowly slipping on the ice.

“Okay, I only ice skated once. I was seven, and the whole thing ended in blood. And tears.”

As he finished, you stopped dead with a pair of skates in your hands, looking at him with raised eyebrows, but then narrowed your eyes. “You’re a whiny baby.” – And before he could’ve respond anything, you continued. – “Take these on.”

Finding a smaller ones for yourself, you plopped down on a bench, and he followed, but just standing in front of you. “What do you mean I’m a whiny baby?” – He asked in a sulky voice.

“I mean you had a bad memory and you refuse to try it again. You’re not seven anymore.” – You stood up, clinging on him. – “Well, sometimes you are.”


“Take them on.” – You cut him off, speaking in a low voice and looking into his eyes. – “I’ll help you.”

He huffed but sat down on a bench, following you on the rink a minute later. Before you stepped on the ice, you grabbed his hand – you had no gloves on and you could feel the same heat again, even if both of your fingers were numbed with the cold. He was constantly looking at his feet, taking baby steps which made you smile.

“Don’t laugh.” – He warned, still staring down.

“I’m not.” – You said with an innocent voice before you turned face to face with him, grabbing his other hand too. Slowly, you started to going backwards, pulling him with yourself. You gave him instructions, how he should move his legs and hold his body until you fastened your pace, and he got some more self-confidence too.

“That’s really not so hard at all. Don’t let me go!” – He added quickly, right before James slipped next to you so hard you lost your balance and fell off to, pulling Sirius with yourself too.

“Sorry!” – Prongs said but jumped up and was in the middle of the rink before you could even move yourself.

Sirius sat up and leaned above you, his face concerned. “Are you okay?”

But you just laughed. “Sure, I had worse.”

He sighed and shook his head. “That’s terrible. Can’t we just use some magic?”

“Sirius, this place full of muggles.” – You stood up and reached out your hand, helping him.  – “See that kid over there?” – You pointed at a little boy who was no more than six, but acted on the ice like a professional. – “He’s pretty good.”

“I hate you.”

“Oh, do you?” – You turned to him again, but now you let go of his hands.

“No, Y/N, come back!” – He shouted but with a muffled voice, hands reached but you weren’t close enough to him. You suffered with him for another half an hour, until both of you fell off too many times and had enough bruises for the rest of the year. But the others still wanted to stay – or maybe just because they wanted you to stay alone for little while.

“At least tell me it wasn’t so bad.” – You grinned, walking throughout a park.

“It was.”

“You just saying that because first time there’s something you can’t do perfectly.”

“So you think I can do anything else perfectly? Thanks, Y/N.” – He said proudly, causing you to roll your eyes; and in the next moment, you found yourself on the ground, snow covering you everywhere with Sirius on top of you, smearing snow all over your face. It tickled and caused you to laugh too hard; your stomach started to hurt but he didn’t stop, until your laugh disappeared and he was scared, so he stopped. – “Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

You covered your face with your hand, acting like you’d start to cry in any moment – before you pushed him down, so suddenly he was completely surprised.

“That wasn’t nice! That was NOT NICE!” – He tried to speak while you do the same with him, laughing even harder than before, until he grasped your wrists, and you collapsed next to him in the snowy ground, still laughing. You still tried to catch your breath when Sirius jumped up and helped you too. “Now come on, or you’ll get cold.”

And he was probably right – the weather was really cold now, wind was blowing, and the melted snow in your clothes and hair just made it worse. You decided to go to your apartment, since it was just around the corner.

Sirius immediately pointed his wand at your fireplace, making the room warmed up instantly. He took off his shirt while you disappeared in your bedroom, changing your wet clothes into dry ones.

“So how is that you could change your clothes and I can’t?” – He asked while you made hot chocolate in the kitchen.

“Well, I have clothes. You don’t. Sorry.” – You grinned but bit your lip, handing a mug to him and sitting down on the fluffy rug in front of the fireplace.

He raised an eyebrow. “I think you just really wanted to see me without shirt.”

You took another sip. “Sure, Sirius. Your naked chest is the center of my world.”

You spent a couple of hours with doing nothing, just talking, until it was completely dark outside and your living room was just dimly lit too. Both of you were tired and a little sleepy; he rested his back against the couch and you pressed your head on his shoulder.

Suddenly, your eyes found a little counter at the top of the desk near to you, full of colouring pencils that you all take out. His eyes were closed, but when you started to colouring the runes on his left arm, he looked down at you, starting to speak slowly “What the hell are you doing?”

“I was bored.” – You said, painting the moon on his skin. He got more tattoos in the last few months, though he already had some when you were still at Hogwarts. He was never thinking much about it; if he liked an idea he decided he needs that on his skin, like the tiny representation of the giant squid behind his left knee or the motorcycling dog on his lower back. But he also had some more meaningful images on him, each portraying his friends some way.

He watched you in silence for long minutes, until he had a really colourful deer on his side. - “You’re worse than a child.” – He mumbled, but you could hear the smile behind his words.

“Shut up.”

Leaning closer, you started to colour a symbol right under his collar bone, wondering what does it mean, but when you raised your head up to ask he was closer than you thought, and you froze, staring into his grey eyes before your gaze slipped down on his lips, and he closed the tiny gap between you.

It was so slow and deep and intense, the pink pencil fell out from your hand and he smiled onto the kiss as your hand lost in his hair at the back of his head. An almost trembling breath escaped your mouth after he pulled away, though there were still just inches between you.

“Good to know you’re a better kisser than an ice-skater.” – You whispered, causing him to growl and pulling you on himself for another kiss.



You, Spencer’s wife, stop in to the BAU office with your son for a quick doting visit, much to the delight of his coworkers!

A\N: the son’s name is Maximilian, meaning “greatest”, because in my opinion of course Spencer would name any offspring of his with high praise in mind.

There’s now a part 2!


It was nearly sunset when you found a parking spot right next to the federal building but the toddler bouncing in the back seat was far from ready for bedtime. You hummed a lively tune and slipped the boy a quick kiss as you got him out of the car and traipsed into the building, diaper bag and juice boxes left strewn in the front seat.

“Mama, go!”

“I know, baby,” you replied with a smile as you steered him toward the front desk, “we’re going!”

You checked in and snapped a visitor badge to the front of your shirt and one to the back of little Max’s and he bid an excited goodbye to the secretary before the both of you headed for the elevator. The pattering of his feet came to a stop as the doors slid shut and he looked up expectantly at you, a look you loved and knew well and that was quite reminiscent of his father.

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thoughts on the Benefactor

This has been messing me up for like two weeks now, and I need to share.

Massive spoilers for the quest “Ryder Family Secrets”.

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Fuckboy!Jimin x reader

Word count: 13K

Angst, smut/ Soulmate AU, Frat boy AU

It was around the time warm layers between summer and fall melted the shades of orange cinnamon and green leaves together, days falling behind and time starts to pack up. School had started, drawing a line of students prepping and studying for future exams, overwhelming majority of the last month of break. A cool, succumbed breeze brushed by when she stepped into his life by a step into a small cafe, welcoming her with a genuine smile from ear to ear as he offered her to sit with him.

Little specks and smears of coffee stain the brown napkins, soaking up the sticky liquid as it absorbs into the thick sheet of tissue from her arm. Apologetic whines and hands caressing her wrist made her throw her head back and laugh at the sincerity of the boy holding the girl. She really thought it was just the smell of coffee draining into her head, blistering her cheeks from her unforgettable smiles and giggles that formed.

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Turn loose the mermaids(Part 11)

So new chapter guys. I hope you’ll like it. I  enjoyed writing it, especially the last scene. But I have a feeling you’ll like the next one more.

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Marinette sighed, her fins twitching anxiously. She got used to the bathtub by now, but she really wished she could move a little. She always needed to move when she was bothered. The captain run out of the cabin last night and didn’t come back. Sighing, she started playing with one of the scales under her waist. They weren’t as moist as they should be, but a little bit of dryness never hurt her.

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CEO!Luke Part 10

Warning: Smut

Luke’s POV:

Soft whimpers next to me wake me up. I flutter my eyes open and see Y/N slightly sweating and whimpering. I think my baby girl is having a wet dream. I smirk to myself as I know how to fix this little situation. I unwrap my arms from her warm naked waist and gently lift the sheets off of her. Last night’s events wash over my mind as I remember how good I made love to her last night. Every thrust, every kiss, every moan was perfect in such a beautiful way. I make my day down to the spot I love pleasuring the most. I spread her legs gently trying to not wake Y/N up. I kiss up her both of her thighs before diving in for my breakfast.

Y/N’s POV:

I feel heat and some sweat forming on my face and lower back as I can’t stand still in the sheets. My mind is dreaming of the lovely man next to me. My breath hitches as I feel a wet tongue flick my clit once then doing it again once more. I moan as my dream is getting steamy. My body is pressed down against my bed making me unable to move. Luke’s tongue pleasures me even more as his strong arms prevent me from closing my legs. “Ugh Luke” I moan slightly waking up. No no no no no please don’t wake up. My eyes open as I see that my dream is a reality. I see Luke in between my thighs going at it as I throw my head back in pleasure. I grip the bars on my bed frame to stabilize myself from pouncing on him. Luke’s tongue dives deeper into my entrance as he keep working. I feel my release coming faster and faster. “Luke please I’m gonna cum” I cry out as he grips my thighs harder. He growls and moans into my entrance bringing me closer to my orgasm. “Ugh yes yes right there” I yell arching my back as Luke sucks hard on my clit. Luke doesn’t say anything as he enters a finger into my entrance and pumps it fast. “Yes!” I scream not caring about my neighbors. “Luke I’m coming!” I cry out gripping the bars on my bed board tightly arching my back all the way. A few seconds later Luke’s head pops up and he has on his casual smirk. He looks me straight in the eye and sucks my juices off his finger. “So what were dreaming about baby” Luke asks crawling over me. “You” I blush taking his face into my hands. Luke ghosts his lips over mine. “Oh yeah? Was it a good dream?” he asks kissing down my neck. “Very but not as good as real life” I say closing my eyes giving him access to my neck. He leaves open mouth kisses down my neck and up again biting my ear. “I would recreate your dream baby but I don’t think we would wanna miss our flight to Vegas” he says kissing my forehead. I shoot up. “Oh shit that’s today?” I ask. “Yes” Luke chuckles. “Shit I need to pack! I have so much stuff to do!” I say panicking. “No you don’t” Luke says calmly getting up and pouring himself a cup of coffee. “What why?” I ask. “Clara already packed your suitcase for you when she snuck in yesterday” he says. “How do you know about that?” I ask getting out of bed. “She told me” he says plainly. “People honestly need to stop doing things behind my back! It’s stupid and I hate not knowing things! Especially you two, you guys are the worst when keeping secrets from me! I mean what’s the point!? Why the fuck am I always the victim!?” I scream as tears swell down my face. “Hey hey hey baby sh calm down” Luke rushes over to me taking my face in his. “I’m sorry for not letting you know about a lot. Now that I think of it, it was so rude of me and I’m so sorry angel” he says peppering my face in kisses. “Please just let me know things and be honest with me. That’s all I ask” I say taking a deep breath. “No more secrets” he says looking in my eyes then placing a sweet kiss to my lips.

My body relaxes as his kiss calms me down. “Are you all packed as well?” I ask sweetly laying my head on his chest. “Yes and I packed myself yesterday after my meeting” he says proud of himself. “Good boy” I say patting his chest before sipping his coffee. “I am a good boy you know?” he grins sitting on my counter. “Whatever you say” I laugh. “When’s our flight?” I ask. “Around 2:30” he says. “Then why am I up at 7 in the morning!?” I shout at him. “Baby you were having a wet dream!” he says putting his hands up. “So who cares!? I wanted it to continue!” I laugh heading to the bathroom. “Aw I’m sorry love let me make it up to you” he says following me. “Do my dishes” I snort entering the bathroom. “Fine I will if you let me shower with you. It saves water!” he says. “Ugh fine” I say accepting his offer. I turn on the shower dipping my hand in to make sure the temperature is just right. “Come on” I smile grabbing his hand. We both step in the shower letting the warm water flow down our bodies. Luke grabs my waist and kisses me. “I forgot to say good morning” he chuckles. “Aw morning babe” I say against his lips. “You called me babe” Luke smiles. “Well yeah I mean you are my boyfriend now” I smile wetting my hair under the water. “That’s right love” he grins rubbing some shampoo in his hair. “I’m so happy you’re my girl now” he kisses me again. “And I’m happy to be your girl” I blush as we switch places. “You ready for Vegas?” Luke asks washing out the shampoo in his hair. “I am! It’s gonna be fun” I smile excitedly. “Me too especially since it’s our first trip together as a couple” he says sweetly. “Aw I know I’m excited to spend some time with you somewhere else besides here” I say. “I know the city can get a bit much but we are going to Vegas for a week it’s gonna be much more hectic” he chuckles. “Ugh I know but we will have fun. It’s a good celebration place for Clara and Michael” I say.

After we finish up our shower, we dry each other exchanging a few kisses here and there. We both get dressed for the plane ride which will be a few hours so I plan on sleeping on the way. Luke makes us some eggs and bacon while I collect all the toiletries I need for the trip. Makeup, check. Toothbrush and toothpaste, check. Hairbrush, check. Hairdryer, I assume the hotel will have one. Mouthwash, check. Advil and Ibuprofen, check. I pack some tampons and pads just in case because you never know. I open my cabinet under the sink to find a box of condoms. I take them out and head to the kitchen. “Luke are you bringing condoms?” I try to ask without blushing or laughing. He looks over at me like I’m a cute little schoolgirl. “I wouldn’t bring those darling” he says. “Why you don’t wanna have sex with me?” I ask frowning. “Of course I do baby it’s just we’re going to Vegas” he says flipping some bacon. “Oh true” I say realizing. “Okay then” I say walking back to the bathroom. I chuck the box back into the cabinet and shut it. I recheck everything I packed to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. I zip up my little bag and head out to find my suitcase. “Luke which one is mine?” I ask looking at the two black suitcases. “Uh the one on the couch I think” he says. I pick up the suitcase from the couch and toss it on my bed. “Breakfast is ready baby” Luke says. “Okay thank you I’ll be over in a second” I say unzipping the bag. I wonder what Clara packed me. I open it up to find a pink sticky note with Clara’s hand writing on it. This bad boy will come in handy tonight ;). I take off the note to find a high neck sleeveless little black dress. Holy shit I think to myself. I was about to hold it up to get a better view but I immediately pulled it back down because I don’t want Luke to see it. I smirk to myself knowing that Luke’s reaction will be wild when he see’s me in this. I neatly fold it and tuck it nicely back into my bag. I get off my bed and grab my shopping bag with all the new lingerie Luke had bought me and secretly pack them as well.

Looking through all the other clothes Clara packed me, I noticed that she packed me a vibrator. Oh my god I’m going to kill her. I snort loudly making Luke notice. “What’s funny?” he asks eating his eggs. “Clara packed me a vibrator!” I laugh loudly falling back on bed. “You won’t be needing that” Luke says sternly at me. “Aw baby I know” I say making my way over to him. “You are all I need don’t worry” I giggle kissing his cheek. I take a piece of bacon from his plate and bite into it also shooting him a wink. Luke chuckles and shakes his head at me. I look over at the clock that read 11:30. “When should we head out?” I ask Luke. “I would say in like an hour” he says. “Okay sounds good” I say heading over to make my bed. My phone begins to ring and Clara’s name pops on my screen. I swipe right to answer. “Thanks for packing my suitcase” I laugh. “Aw you’re so welcome! Did you see my little note?” she asks. “Yes it was very nice of you” I say. “Your gonna look so hot. I bought a matching dress as well to go with yours” she giggles. “You bought the same thing?” I laugh. “No just another black dress” she says. “Oh okay” I say. “So how did last night go?” Clara asks referring to Luke and I’s conversation. “It was good. I get to call him my boyfriend now” I giggle looking over at Luke. “What!? Really!? Aw yay! I told you, you two were cute” she laughs. “I guess we are” I laugh along with her. “But this trip is about you and Michael remember?” I ask. “I know I know but it also is a trip for all of us to enjoy you know?” she says. “Oh yes definitely I can’t wait” I say looking at myself in the mirror. “It’s gonna be amazing” Clara says. “Anyway you two leaving in about an hour?” she asks. “Yeah we will meet you guys there” I say. “Okay great I’ll let you know when we arrive cause Michael lives a little further away from the airport” she says. “Okay sounds good. See you then babe” I say. “Bye babe love you” Clara says hanging up.

This trip is going to be amazing I can just feel it. My best friend is getting married and I have a new boyfriend who brings me so much joy. I smile to myself walking out of the bathroom. “Ready to go princess?” Luke asks with his suitcase by the door. I don’t say anything. I just walk over to him and kiss him hard. Luke stumbles back a little but takes my waist in his hands. I moan into the kiss and pull away a few seconds after. “What was that for?” Luke smiles. “You just make me happy that’s all and I’m just super pumped to be going to Vegas for a whole week” I laugh. “Aw baby you make me happy too” Luke smiles bringing me in for one more kiss. I pull away and grab my suitcase as we both head out to Luke’s car. We put our luggage in the trunk and climb into the car. “Off to the airport we go!” Luke says putting his sunglasses on. I turn up the radio and we both jam out. The ride to the airport was about 25 minutes. I texted Clara saying that we were here and she responded that they were about 5 minutes away. We park and Luke gives his keys to a valet. Luke hands me my suitcase and takes his out as well. He takes my hand and we both walk into the airport lounge. I sit and wait while Luke gets our tickets. I see Clara and Michael walk in and I wave them down. “Hey guys!” I say. “Hey Y/N!” they both say giving me a hug. “Where’s Luke?” Michael asks me. “He’s getting our tickets at the moment” I respond. “Okay I’m gonna go get those okay babe?” Michael says to Clara. “Yeah I’ll be here” she smiles as he walks off. She smiles as we both sit down. “I’m so happy we’re going on this trip together” she says. “Me too! Thanks for inviting me!” I say. “No problem you were the only one who I wanted to bring anyway and I knew Mikey wanted to bring Luke because their best friends and somehow you guys are a couple now which makes everything even more exciting” she laughs. “Aha I know it’s insane” I say looking at Luke with Michael.

“We have to help each other look good tonight because it’s our first night out” Clara says. “Oh yes of course! You definitely have to help me get my dress on. That thing has so many straps on the back” I laugh. “I know but you will look amazing I promise” Clara says. “Alright you two, ready to get our party on?” Michael says. “Absolutely!” Clara says jumping up. I stand up and walk over to Luke. He takes me hand as we head over to security. They check our bags and we were all set to go. We wait a few minutes until we heard our flight being called. We all aboard the plane and find our seats. “Want the window baby?” Luke asks me. “Yes please” I giggle sitting down. Luke takes his spot next to me and gets comfortable as we wait for take off. The plane was about to speed down the runway as Luke takes my hand. “I hate this part” he says looking scared. “Aw Luke it takes a couple of seconds. It’s okay, I’m here” I say taking his hand and kissing it. “Just close your eyes and lay your head back. I’ll let you know when it’s over” I say comforting him. I look over to see Michael. “He has always been scared of this part” he says. I return back to Luke looking at his scared facial expressions. “Close your eyes” I say. Luke closes his eyes and leans his head back. The plane speeds up faster as it rushes down the runway. I lean my body onto his chest hoping it would make him feel better. As the plane calms down into the air, I lift up and kiss his cheek. “You’re all good now Luke, it’s over” I say whispering to him. He opens his eyes and takes a few deep breaths. “Thanks princess” he says taking a sip of water. I kiss his cheek once more as I look out the window admiring the fluffy white clouds. Luke and I order some snacks as our appetites grow. “Here you go” the flight attendant says to us handing us two bags of pretzels. “Thank you” Luke and I both say. I snack on on them while watching a random cooking show on the little TV. My body begins to tire out so I lean my head on Luke’s shoulder. I place my pretzels down and take a sip of my water before I decide to have myself a little nap. I cuddle into Luke’s shoulder and close my eyes drifting off.

“Baby” Luke whispers kissing my forehead a couple times. I flutter my eyes open. “Yeah?” I ask. “We are about to land sweetheart” he says. “Oh okay” I say lifting my head up and looking out the window to see all the pretty buildings Vegas has. We were instructed to put our seatbelts on for the landing. We do as they say as the pilot lands the plane. After that we all gather our things and head off. The flight attendants and the captains all thanking us for flying with them. “Hello Vegas!” Clara yells loudly. We all chuckle at her but adore her excitement. We head over to retrieve our luggage. It didn’t take as long as it usually does which was awesome. “I think a cab is already here to take us to the hotel guys” Michael says looking at his phone. “Sweet, let’s go” Luke smiles taking my hand. We all walk out to see our cab. “I’ll take this for you Miss” a kind gentleman says to me. “Thank you!” I say handing him my suitcase. We all climb into our cab. It’s not one of those gross yellow ones like New York has. This one was very nice. I lean against Luke closing my eyes again still tired from the flight. “Y/N!” Clara shouts. I whip my head up. “What!?” I say. “No time for sleep! It’s party time and it’s only day one!” she says. “I know I’m just gaining back my energy to let it all go later on tonight” I say as Luke takes me in his arms again. Clara chuckles. Driving for about 10 minutes more we finally arrive at our hotel. “We’re here!” Luke says. We all get out and get our luggage walking over to the front desk. “Good evening Mr and Mrs Clifford” the receptionist says to Clara and Michael. “And good evening Mr and Mrs Hemming’s” she smiles at Luke and I. I glance at Luke and he winks at me. “Welcome to Caesar’s Palace, how may I help you?” the lady says nicely.

“We would like to check into our suite please” Michael says to her. “Of course sir, the suite is all set for you. Here are your room keys. Enjoy!” she says. “Thank you very much!” Michael smiles back. “Here Luke” Michael says to him giving him a key. “Thanks man” he says. We all head towards the elevators and ride up to the our floor. “This place is really nice” Clara says. “Ugh I know” I say agreeing with her. As we reach our floor, the elevator makes a ding noise as the golden doors open. We all walk out and head down the hall to our room. Suite 101 is written on a small silver plaque next to two huge elegant doors. Michael swipes the key card and opens the door with both of his hands. My eyes widen with amazement. Michael was right. This place does have everything. “Look familiar Luke?” Michael laughs at Luke. “Haha yes it does” Luke says looking around. “Alright your guy’s bedroom is on the right and Clara and I’s is on the left” Michael says to us. “Let’s go check it out love” Luke says taking my hand. I smile as we both walk to our room. Luke opens our bedroom door and it’s just as amazing. “This is unbelievable” I laugh falling on the bed. Luke gets on the bed and starts jumping. “What are you doing?” I laugh at him. “Making sure it’s stable enough” he says. “For?” I ask. “For when I fuck you hard duh?” he chuckles.  “Oh god” I laugh blushing a little. He stops jumping and lands next to me and grabs my body. “Hello” he chuckles kissing my cheek. “Hi” I giggle as we begin to play wrestle. Luke ends up pinning my hands above my head. “How in the world did I end up on the bottom!?” I laugh. “I got skills baby” he chuckles kissing me. “Okay Christian Grey get off my best friend now, we have to get ready” Clara laughs. “ I am not Christian Grey, Michael is definitely him for sure” Luke responds getting off me. Clara sticks her tongue out grabbing my suitcase. “I’ll see you soon” I laugh kissing him. “Okay love” he says. “Boys do whatever guys do while Y/N and I get ready” Clara smiles. “Yes ma'am” both boys say giving off an army salute.

“Pull out the lingerie Luke bought you” Clara smiles. I pull them out and lay them on the bed. Clara’s eyes widen at the high waist one which didn’t have a matching top. “This will go perfect with your dress!” she smiles. “Because you only want skin showing since you have those straps” she adds. “Oh true” I say smirking. “Sweet what about you? Let me see your dress” I say smiling. “I will be wearing this baby” Clara says pulling out a gorgeous black dress. “Damn babe that screams you” I laugh. “I know right!” she giggles. “What about shoes?” she asks me. I smirk and pull out my favorite red heels. “You bitch!” she yells. I laugh falling on the bed. “What!? It matches!” I protest. “Those are gorgeous!” she says taking them in her hands. “Thank you” I respond. “How about you?” I ask. Clara pulls out sparkly dark green heels. “Dark green is your color Clara and the sparkles match your personality so you’re all good” I say. “Aw you’re the best. We are gonna be the hottest Charlie’s Angels ever tonight” she smirks. I laugh at her as she heads to the bathroom. “Wanna do hair and makeup first?” she asks. “Yes” I say. We both did our makeup and hair. Clara straightens her hair while I add some waves to mine. “Alright time to get dressed!” she smiles. I look at her noticing her not wearing any lipstick. “Wait” I stop her. I go through my makeup bag and pull out some light pink gloss for her to match her makeup. “Close your eyes” I smirk. She does and I apply the gloss on her lips. “Now rub” I say and she does. “Now open” I say. Clara looks in the mirror and frowns. “You are my best friend” she says hugging me. “Aw” I laugh. We both head out to get dressed now. I slip on the lingerie Clara demanded me to wear as well as my dress that fit like a glove. “Damn these straps do look good” I say looking myself in the mirror. “You look amazing Y/N” Clara complements me. “Aw thank you, now time for you!” I smile.

I help Clara put on her dress. “Fits like a glove as well” I say. “Do I look okay?” she asks. “Stunning” I smile. We slip on our heels and smile at each other before opening the door to see the boys. Michael and Luke are sitting on the couch all dressed up for the night. The clicks of our heels must of gotten their attention as both of their heads raise up from the TV. “Damn you two look amazing!” Michael says looking at us. “Aw thank you” I respond. I look over to Luke to see him smirking. “Why are you smirking?” I tease. “Because literally everything you wear makes me hard” he groans. “You look stunning though baby” he says kissing me. “Thank you” I giggle. “Ready to go party?” Clara asks us. “Let’s go!” I say taking her arm as we all walk out. We all gather into the elevator and I click on the ground floor button. “What club are we going to Mikey?” Clara asks him. “Hakkasan” Michael responds. “Oh god” Luke laughs. “What?” I ask him turning around. “Let’s just say things get wild there” Michael smirks. Clara and I both look at each other and make a funny face. The silver doors open as we all get out. The club was about a block down so it wasn’t that bad of a walk even though I almost broke an ankle from my heels. Loud music pounds from inside the club as my heart races excited to have a night out. We got in fairly quick and a waiter guided us to a booth. The club was filled with people dancing and singing along to the music. Once I get a few drinks in me, I will become one of them. A waiter comes over to us and we order a round of shots. I move closer to Luke as he puts his arm around me. The waiter comes back with a tray of tequila shots for us and places it on the table. We all pick one up and raise them in the air. “To Clara and Michael” I smile. “To Clara and Michael” we all repeated as we downed our first shot. We all order separate drinks all well. While we were waiting for them, we all discussed about how happy we are that we aren’t working. “Here you guys go” a waiter says placing all our drinks on the table and we thank him after. About a half an hour into our night out, Clara and I have had a few more drinks than the boys. We all were laughing and just enjoying each others company when Partition by Beyonce blasts through the speakers. “This is my jam!” Clara and I both shout simultaneously looking at each other. “No way let’s go dance!” she shouts at me taking my hand. I accept her hand as we head to the dance floor. We left our heels at the table because we don’t wanna break anything on our first day here. Clara and I mush ourselves in the crowd of people and begin to dance along with them. Alcohol rushes through our veins as we dance and lip sync the song. We laugh and giggle with one another enjoying our girl time.    

Luke’s POV:

Michael and I laugh at how excited the girls got when Beyonce came on. We watch as they went to go dance. “We will let them have some fun tonight” Michael says moving closer to me since the music is so loud. “Oh yeah they deserve it” I say agreeing with him. “You happy you and Y/N are official now?” he asks me. A smile comes across my face just hearing her name. “So happy man so happy” I smile sipping my drink. “Good for you man she’s lovely” Michael says. “I know” I smirk. We both look back to see that Clara and Y/N have vanished off into the crowd of people. “Should we be worried?” I ask Michael. “Nah I’m sure they’re fine” he responds. “Are the rooms soundproof again like last time?” I ask. “Oh yeah they are. I requested it” he grins. “Aha of course you did” I laugh. “Oh shut up, you would too!” he protests. “I would have your right” I laugh. We both sip our drinks and look at the dance floor still seeing no sign of the girls. “Holy shit” Michael says with wide eyes. “What is it? I ask. “Look!” he points laughing.

I look over to see Y/N and Clara on top of a table dancing and singing along as people crowd around them cheering them on. I burst out laughing as to how funny this is but in reality Y/N’s body moving to the music makes me gulp. Her perfect hips swaying back and forth as she gives high fives to those around her. Her hair being whipped back and forth making her look like a goddess. My goddess. “God I’m lucky” I laugh throwing my head back. “We both are” Michael laughs as we clink our drinks together.

Y/N’s POV:

After Clara and I’s little performance we head back to the booth. “Did you see us!?” Clara shouted at the boys. They both laugh and nod. “You guys know how to put on a show!” Luke says accepting me in his arms. I burst out laughing clearly drunk. “You looked so fucking good out there baby” Luke whispered in my ear biting it a little. I giggle at his small actions. “Thanks it was fun” I giggle. It was about midnight when we all decided to head back to the hotel. I carried my heels in my hands because my feet were killing me from dancing. Luke gave me a piggy back ride as we head back to the hotel. “Did you like my dancing Lukey?” I giggle into his ear. “Yes baby I loved it. You looked so sexy out there” Luke responds laughing. “Thank you. Wanna know what else you would love?” I giggle against his shoulder. “What would I love darling?” he asks. “What I’m wearing underneath this dress” I smirk giggling into his shoulder. Luke picks up his speed as we arrived back at the hotel. We all rush to the elevator and Michael presses for our floor button. The doors open as Luke takes my arm sliding his key card making the doors open. He immediately throws me over his shoulder and walks straight to our bedroom. “Have a good night guys! And use protection Mr Pussy Magnet!” Clara yells loudly giggling at her words clearly as drunk as me. Luke shuts our door. “Put me down! Put me down!” I yell hitting his back. He finally does as I gain my balance on the floor. “Take the dress off and get on your hands and knees now” Luke demands. “No!” I pout like a little girl crossing my arms and stomping my foot. “What did you just say to me?” Luke asks. “I said no!” I say to him, not afraid of his dominant side. “You want spankings then?” he asks. “Maybe later but right now no!” I pout. “Fine then what do you want?” Luke asks taking off his shirt. His bare chest making me gulp. My eyes darken and I smirk up at him. His face turns completely innocent. “I wanna climb you like a tree and ride the living the hell outta you” I burst out taking off my dress. “In fact, I’m going to do that” I smirk as my body is revealed to Luke. “Sweet mother of god” Luke says admiring my body and noticing my high waist black lingerie. “You like what you see Lukey?” I smirk walking towards him. “God yes baby you’re so sexy” he says sitting down on the edge of the bed. I straddle him as he cups my ass giving it a squeeze. He spanks me as I gasp. “Baby I don’t want any foreplay do you think you’re wet enough?” he asks. “I’ve been wet” I giggle as he growls and flips me over. “As much as I love seeing you wearing this, it has to go” Luke says taking off my lingerie. “Lukey I’m on top” I whine as I push him so now he’s on the bottom. I straddle him again and fumble with his belt. I eventually take it off and throw it away onto the floor. “Princess you feel how hard I am for you huh?” Luke asks. “Yes Daddy I do” I giggle unzipping his pants. Luke lifts up his hips so I can fully take them off. I slide his boxers and pants down his legs and take off his socks as well throwing those away as well.

Now that we are both naked I admire the man laying desperate for me. I giggle climbing back up to Luke. “Come to Daddy sweetheart” Luke smirks as he opens his arms out for me to take. I gently sit on his hard length and grind our bodies together. “Fuck baby” Luke groans from the instant pleasure. “You like that Lukey?” I giggle as I grind harder onto him. Luke growls as he now grabs my waist. “Hell yeah I do baby” he hisses guiding my hips back and forth. He throws his head back as do I. “Baby girl I can’t wait much longer. I need to be inside you now” Luke groans. I get up from his body and off the bed. I run over to the lights and slowly dim the lights creating a more sexy mood. I skip back to the bed and crawl over to Luke kissing him slowly. I take his cock and slowly enter him inside me making us both moan. “Shit you’re so tight Princess” Luke moans as I continue to kiss him. “Ugh Daddy this feels too good” I moan as I sit up. I start to bounce to get things started as Luke’s hands grab onto my hips to guide me. “Fuck yeah baby just like that. Ugh fuck you’re perfect” Luke moans as my hips bounce on his. We do this for awhile enjoying this position as I begin to get tired. “You getting tired baby?” Luke asks me. “Yes” I whine out. “Come here lay down on my chest” he says. I do as he says and he hooks his arms around me and bucks his hips up into me making me cry out. “Ugh fuck oh god” I cry out as Luke starts to pound me. The only sounds in the room are our skin slapping and our moans. “Shit baby you feel so good around me” Luke moans. We attach our lips as Luke spanks me a couple times. “Shit Luke I can’t hold it much longer” I whine into his chest. “Yes you can Princess, if I am, you can too” he hisses. “But don’t you wanna cum?” I cry out. “God yes I do but I love my view even more” he smirks. I sit up again and start to bounce on his length. His hands land back down on my hips balancing my body. I grab my breasts and tease my nipples gaining more pleasure. “That’s it baby tease yourself” Luke groans. “Daddy I can’t hold it I’m sorry this just feels way too good” I cry out. “Lay on your stomach for me now” Luke demands. I get on my stomach as Luke straddles me from behind. “Ass up a little” he says. I raise my ass so Luke can enter me. “Shit” Luke hisses as he enters me fast. I moan instantly almost cumming at the feeling. “Hold on baby” Luke warns me. I grip as much sheets as I can preparing for Luke’s next move. Luke places his arms on both sides of my body and starts to pound me from behind. “Ugh fuck” I cry out. “You like baby girl? You want more? Tell Daddy you want more” Luke asks. “Yes!” I say. Luke thrusts into me and pounds me repeatedly so fast I’m about to cry. The pleasure I feel in absolutely insane. I scream into the bed as Luke keeps going. “Shit I’m gonna come baby girl I hope you are too” Luke moans loudly. A few more thrusts and I’m screaming. “YES YES YES YES UGH FUCK!” I cry as tears run down my face from the immense pleasure. “FUCK BABY YES UGH FUCK FUCK FUCK!” Luke yells into my back as he cums inside me. “Holy shit!” Luke groans catching his breath as he pulls out. He kisses up my spine to check up on me. “Baby you okay? You’re crying” he says noticing my tears. “Did I hurt you?” he whispers. “No that was just really great” I smile into the sheets. “Aha it was wasn’t it?” he chuckles lifting me up into his arms.

“Ready for bed my love?” he whispers down at me. I nod letting out a yawn. “Me too baby me too” he says covering us with the sheets. We get comfortable in a spooning position as Luke wraps his arms around me bringing me as close as possible to him. “Goodnight beautiful” Luke whispers into my ear. “Night Daddy” I giggle closing my eyes and drifting off into a deep sleep.

Lay - Truthfully Daring

The first day at a new school is never the finest, especially your first day at Elton Grammar. The teachers try to make you feel comfortable without being so attached and clingy; you’re always being called out as ‘the new kid’; everybody tries to suss you out whilst you walk past them in the corridors and through the yard; but nobody really comes to help you find your place. Everyone thinks they are making you feel welcome, but in reality they are just make you feel like the reddest pimple flaring off of a mid-puberty fourteen year old.

The teachers always pair you up with students of the same gender who feel as awkward as you do when hiring you into their social group. You don’t know where to go or who to see without being a burden or feeling clingy as you latched onto the two girls you had been forced to sit with in the first period of Mathematics; Anna and Wendy.

“Girls, do you mind showing ____ around the school and being around her for the day, just until she settles in?” The two girls nodded politely at Mr Lowe who introduced the two of you but you could not help but imagine what was really going through their minds.

“Thank you. Enjoy your day, come see me if you need anything.” You nodded as you took your seat beside Anna, sitting opposite to Wendy. It was already half way through the first period so everybody was working amongst themselves whilst the teacher, Ms Cha who you had just introduced yourself to sat at the front of the room staring at her laptop screen, pattering down on the keyboard.

“So what are you guys doing?” You asked awkwardly feeling so out of place.

“Questions one to eleven on page 238. If you need any help just ask.” Anna answered with a sweet smile. Automatically you felt quite good, the smile was genuine and welcoming. That really was a good sign.

“Okay, thank you.” You opened your math text and picked out a blue pen from your pencil case, preparing yourself to get some work done before a second voice pitched in.

“Come on ____, you can’t simply come here and start doing work without saying a word. Tell us about yourself.” Wendy was speaking, intrigued by you.

“Oh.” You laughed gently, “Well I moved across the state for my parents business. I used to go to a small private school roughly six hours from here but now that we had to move I’ve ended up here.”

The conversation went on about moving schools, houses, missing ‘home’, all the things that lead to your first day at Elton Grammar. You also discussed the timetable of classes you had selected for the next semester and between them you had at least one of them in each other your classes, which made you feeling a little more at ease knowing that you had at least some acquaintance to pass you through the next couple of days.

“We’ll help you out.” They said before turning back to their work. The conversation had taken a bit of pressure off of you and made you forget about the side eyes and suss glances the other students were dishing out to you. Your eyes scanned the room once the eagle eyes of others died away. There seemed to be an over rule of females in this particular class which helped with you being able to reserve your love feelings for some cute boy you had been hoping for.

As you continued to analyse the students naturally, there were the occasional smile in return from other who had been caught having some interest in you, but others would turn away as soon as eye contact was made; you shrugged it off as being shy.

There was one male figure that stood out in particular as you noticed him sitting on the table adjacent to you, staring deeply at you. His face was curved with a jawline as sharp as a shard of glass, his eyes oddly angled and baggy and had a fringe that just managed to come over his eyebrows. You exchanged a glance at first, but once the eye contact was held the two of you continued to stare, intrigued by the others existence. Neither of you smiled or made any other twitching movements for roughly seven seconds until he gave you a small smile forming from the corner of his mouth. You couldn’t help but show one in return before you both looked away at the exact same time.

“What’s his name?” You asked, nudging Anna slightly. Wendy lifted her head in time with Anan and looked over to the table of boys, where you had been checking out. “The one with the black hair and long fringe that almost covers his eyes.”

“That’s Lay.” Anna replies.

“Ooh, ____ has her eye on somebody already.” Wendy suggests flirtatiously.

“No I don’t, we just made eye contact and I just was curious to who he was.”

“He’s a popular one, but very kind and sweet. He gets along with everybody.” Wendy added as she glanced over to look at Lay who still had his head down.

Interrupting the moment, your teacher had waddled over to explain the class and what you were currently working on. You just listened and nodded your head, softly saying a few words occasionally. After a few minutes she was off to go help another student who was slightly stuck on a particular question. Once she was gone, all you could hear inside of your head was the sound of Anna’s voice ringing, Lay.

The period ended quite quickly to your surprise and it was already time for period two; Legal Studies. Ana was in your Legal Studies class whilst Wendy was off to Psychology. You weren’t to see her until break time which was in the next hour.

As you waited outside the classroom with Anna, you were introduced to a few of Wendy and her other friend’s; Tina and Lea. They were both equally as cute and polite to you. This is a dream, these girls are so welcoming.

“Mr Chao will bore you to death. Legal will become your least favourite class, trust me when I say this.” Tina said as she put her books down beside yourself as you entered the classroom. You giggled slightly as the teacher walked in just as she said that.

Tina was right. Legal Studies was the most dreadful class you’d ever walked through. Mr Chao would not shut up; he continued to talk on and on and it slowly became irrelevant to government and laws.

You lifted your head from your notes, trying to avoid fatigue as much as possible because of Mr Chao was so irritable. You scanned the room with your sharp eyes and had noticed that Lay was sitting on the other side of the room with his fist to his head and his pen doodling on the front cover of his workbook. He looked so relaxed as if he were off with the pixies, enjoying himself as his hand swirled across the page soothingly.

“____.” Mr Chao sighed, staring directly at you. You lifted your head attentively as everyone focused in on you. “Not a good first impression when you gazing out across the classroom and staring over at Lay, who isn’t listening to me either.” Lay lifted his head up at looked at the teacher, the both of you turning red for separate reasons.

“Sorry Mr Chao.” Both of you said in sync with one another before looking over at each other vaguely. Lay shines a shy smile, his rosy red cheeks puffing up along with his little eye bags. You give a soft smile back as you bite your lip further and give you attention back to Mr Chao.

“You and Lay, hey, hey.” Tina whispered, nudging you a little.

“No way.” You softly say with a giggle becoming a little more flustered.

“Yeah, you just watch.”

The class continued on further and you had to keep reminding yourself to pay attention to Mr Chao before embarrassing yourself again on your first day. You couldn’t help but steal the slightest glances over at Lay. He was a pretty boy who you couldn’t keep your wide eyes off. You didn’t feel as if you were in love with him yet, but you could feel an abundance of attraction shine down on him.

As class seized up, you followed Tina, Anna and Lea out of the class and towards your lockers to empty out your armful of books and replace them with a sandwich or so. You’re locker had been placed at the end of the room, two columns away from Anna’s which wasn’t too bad.

“I’ll wait for you so you can come sit with us on our bench.”

“Okay.” She said as he locked up her locker and stood beside yours just as you were close to closing yours.

“So I see you were staring at Lay in Legal.” She mentioned with a smile of satisfaction on her face.

“Mr Chao wouldn’t shut up and I was just staring off in the distance and he happened to be the one I was ‘looking’ at.” You tried covering it up but Anna wasn’t stupid, she knew quite well what was going on. You closed up your locker and she led you out of the locker room and over towards the benches where you noticed Lea, Tina and Wendy were already sitting, nibbling and chewing on their food.

“You guys ready for a good solid hour of truth or dare?” Anna asked as she took her seat beside Lea. You took the space beside Tina which was opposite Anna. Truth or dare? Oh no. You questioned to yourself. You hated the game and was certainly not the best game to be playing on your very first day; they could easily all team up and go against you and you’d be called upon defencelessly.

“I’m starting!” Lea promotes herself as everyone turns to her to start. “Wendy, was it true that you made out with Will at that party the other night?” Everyone began to laugh as they picked up on what Lea had missed.

“Lea, that’s not how you play! You have to ask if I want to be truthful or a dare devil. I may have wanted a dare!” Wendy cried as she laughed.

“You never want a dare because you’re a sook. Now come on, answer the question truthfully.” Everyone stopped laughing to listen in to what Wendy had to say.

“No I did not.” That evoked everyone to disagree with her, even though she may have been telling the truth nobody seemed to believe her except for you who didn’t really say anything as you didn’t know who Will was nor did you know what happened the ‘other night’.

“Anyways, it’s my turn! Anna, truth or dare?”


“How many times have you had sex with Jason until now?” It wasn’t until then until you worked out that the Jason Anna had been talking about in Mathematics had been her boyfriend, which made total sense now.

“Hey now, that’s too much.” Anna replied shielding herself as everyone made an “ooh” sound that caused you to laugh. “But three, maybe four times now.”

“Maybe four? What does that mean?” You asked. “Was the fourth a quickie or something?” Everyone burst out into laughter and Anna turned as red as a tomato would. You looked up from Anna and looked around at everyone that was now looking due to the big commotion over at your table. As you scanned around, you noticed Lay was watching you, half of his sandwich in his mouth smiling at your group, the directly at you. You turned back quickly wondering if he heard you say that.

“That was a good one.” Wendy said, reaching across from the other side of the table and slapping your wrists playfully. You laughed gently as everyone tried to settle themselves whilst Anna turned red and wild.

“All right then ____, truth or dare?” You were put on the spot quicker than you thought you’d be. Anna wasn’t upset, she just wanted pure revenge for what you had just said. You sat in silence as everyone looked at you waiting for an answer. You thought for a while, thinking of which option you should go for. If I got for truth, then they’ll think I’m easy and it’ll look like I’m trying to get out of it all. If I go dare, they could make me do something really embarrassing, but it could almost make me come off as fearless and careless.

“Dare.” You committed to with a sharp swallow to follow. Anna looked around, squinting her eyes as he made an ‘hmm…’ sound with her lips pressed.  Her eyes lit up brightly once she figured one grand scheme.

She moved in towards you over the table whispering just loud enough for the table to hear, “I dare you to go up to Lay over there and kiss him passionately.”

“YES! YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DO IT!” Tina shook you whilst Lea and Wendy gasped in surprise.

“DO IT!” They all chanted together. Anna had a grand look of satisfaction cross her face as you fell small and worried.

“I can’t do that.” You said looking at her innocently.

“Yes you can, I just dared you to.”

“You have to do it.” Wendy said smiling brightly. You went quiet for a moment and held your breath until you could feel your lungs swell and become pressurised.

“Fine.” You stood up proudly, not wanting to disappoint them. It was make or break and if kissing Lay meant keeping the friendship you badly wanted to form with these girls, then it was going to be done. They all gasped, turning around to watch the action unfold.

“Get your phone out!” Anna tapped Wendy’s knee. She dug deep into her pocket and pulled out her phone, recording it all before her.

You made your way towards Lay, who stood metres behind from where you had originally been sitting. You were shaking from the inside and you were afraid of what was to come. He’s going to hate me so much after this. You swallowed hard as you were only footsteps from him.

“Lay.” You called shakily standing before him. He looked down at you with a smile, preparing himself to greet you before being forced thoroughly into a kiss. You took him by the collar of his polo shirt and forced your lips against his as if they were made of moist chocolate cake. Lay was bewildered, his eyes wide as his lips were trapped, passionately entwined with yours. You heard your friends giggle and squeal awfully loud and friends of Lay hoot and craze over the moment.

Although it was brief and quick, it felt like it was hours longer than it actually had been. You exhaled hard before saying, “It was a dare.” You could barely bring yourself to look him in the eyes which brought you to try and leave as quickly as you could. Before you knew it, your arm was flung back by the grip on your lip and you were swooped back in the direction of Lay. You didn’t even have enough time to process what was happened before a pair of lips met yours just once again, giving off another squeal from the girls and hoot from the boys. Your eyes were just as wide as Lay’s had been at the kiss you’d given him as you slowly figured out who it was by the feeling of moist chocolate cake.

As you parted, you stumbled back and looked up to see Lay smile cheekily with only a few words to spare.

“And that wasn’t a dare.”

for the weekend

Group/Member: BTS // Hoseok

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 3.326

Prompt: AU w/ Hobi 11
You’re pretending to be my significant other so my mum gets off my case only she’s assuming we’re going to be sleeping in the same bed together oh dear. 

Summary: Hobi agrees to be your fake boyfriend for the weekend…aka I feel like I ramble on for over 3k words and drive you all into the ground with boredom…whoops

Masterlist // AU Prompt List // Dialogue Prompt List // Rules

“I promise that I’ll take full responsibility for it. And I’ll pay you back in full as soon as I possibly can.”

“I thought that you said your friend hit it though.”

“He did, but he doesn’t have insurance and he really can’t afford to get caught in a mess like that.”

Letting out a slow breath you cross your arms and look up at the sky above you. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. It was a perfect blue; the sun was out. It should be against the laws of nature for bad things to happen on days like these. Save it for grey skied days, and rainy days. You shouldn’t be looking at the now dented backside of your car, the paint completely scratched up. Of course, this hadn’t happened this morning. According to your neighbor, Hoseok, it had happened last night when his friend had been leaving, not noticing your car parked so closely to his and hitting into it pretty hard. It could have been worse though, you thought. He could have torn the entire bumper off or put a much larger dent in.

“It’s fine, we’ll figure something out. At least this is the only damage it did,” you said, giving Hoseok a small shrug, translating that there really was nothing more you could do.

“If it makes you feel any better, his got a lot larger of a dent,” he said with a small smile, ultimately making you smile as well.

You and Hoseok had been neighbors for the last year now, and had become pretty good friends. It wasn’t unusual for one of you to invite the other over for a movie or to have dinner. Hoseok was one of those people that was just easy to be around. He didn’t make you feel uncomfortable and feel that you had to worry about developing a crush on him or vice versa. Sure you had thought multiple times that maybe you would be a good pair for one another, who wouldn’t when you spend that much time together with an attractive single guy, but in the end friends worked out perfectly for you.

“That does make me feel better,” you say with a smile. “Jungkook seriously needs to learn how to drive,” you said, making him laugh and nod in agreement. “He’s trying,” Hoseok said as you both made your way back into the building and up the stairs to your respective apartments. Half way up the stairs you felt your phone buzz in your pocket, pulling it out to find a text from your mother.

From: Mom

Hello sweetie!! Can’t wait to see you this weekend.
Hopefully we’ll get to meet a sweet boy?!
Love you!

Letting out a sigh you simply shoved the phone back in your pocket, really not in the mood to have that conversation with you mom again. She had been on your case for months about whether or not you were meeting any guys, and whether you were going on dates, and as much as you loved your mom you weren’t sure how much more you could take. After you’d reached your floor you looked back towards Hoseok was unlocking his door and ready to go in when suddenly the idea hit you.

“Wait Hoseok!”

Immediately he paused, giving you a curious look before stepping back out into the hallway. “I think I may know how you can repay me for my car,” you said taking a few steps forward, hands fiddling together in front of you as you looked at him. Hopefully this didn’t turn out to be the stupidest idea of your life.

“Really? What is it? I’ll do anything,” he said, still feeling extremely guilty for what had happened even though it was his friend who had caused the damage. Giving him a small smile you couldn’t believe that you even knew somebody this nice. “I’m going home this weekend to spend time with my family,” you started, wondering how exactly you should pose this question.

“Oh…do you need me to house sit or something?” he asked, leaning against the wall as he looked at you.

Shaking your head, you took one deep breath and decided to just put it out there. If he said no then it wouldn’t be a problem, you’d just have to deal with your mother nagging you the entire time, and hope that it doesn’t make things awkward between you and Hoseok. “My mom has been…on my case about bringing a guy home, and I know this is a little out there but…would you maybe come with me? Pretend to be my boyfriend for the weekend so that she’ll lay off for a little while?” The last part came out in one long gush you looking away out of fear that Hoseok would be weirded out by the offer, but instead of being greeted with the silence that you had been expecting you instead heard Hoseok’s small laugh.

“Yeah! Sure, that’s no problem at all.” Your head literally snapped back, shocked to see that he was even smiling at you, arms casually crossed across his chest. “I still feel like I owe you some money to help repair for the car, something that can actually go towards fixing it,” still a little shocked that he had agreed to your proposal you simply nodded dumbly at him.

“O-oh, yeah sure if it’ll make you feel better,” you said tucking a strand of hair behind your ear before giving him a small smile. “Thanks Hoseok, I know that this is kind of a strange request, and I don’t want to make you do anything that you aren’t comfortable with.” He simply waved a hand at you, brushing off the notion that it would be awkward. “Please, families love me, it’s no big deal at all. Plus, this is what friends do,” he said, that large smile coming out again. “Just text me about the time and when you want to leave then, and I’ll make sure that I have my stuff packed,” he said with a smile, giving you a small wave before going into his own apartment. Letting out a deep breath you smiled to yourself and pulled your phone out, sending your mom a quick text letting her know that she should be prepared for another visitor besides yourself.

You and Hoseok took off on Friday afternoon, catching the train that you would take you out of the city and to the town you had grown up in. On the way, you filled him in on everything he would need to know about your parents and two younger siblings that still lived at home. You both also decided to say that you had only been dating two months, in case your mother brought up the fact that you had never mentioned him. You’d simply tell her that you both weren’t sure what you wanted, but decided that now would be a great time to introduce him to the family since things were feeling good. In a way, it was kind of fun to make up the story. Just like with all the times that you and Hoseok had hung out with one another, nothing felt awkward. You both laughed and joked, teasing each other for what you were doing, Hoseok at one point asking you if you thought it was too soon to adopt a dog together. By the time the train had pulled up you weren’t even nervous to face your family.

Stepping onto the platform you and Hoseok took a moment to look around, your mother having said that she was going to pick the two of you up. It didn’t take long before you spotted her along with your father waving your way, large smiles on their face. Smiling back, you hurried over, Hoseok taking your bag from you so that you could rush ahead and hug both of them, exchanging your greetings and ‘I miss yous’. “And this must be Hoseok,” your mother finally said as she took a good look at Hoseok who was standing a few steps behind you, politely smiling at your parents.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you both,” he said giving each of your parents a respectful bow, your mother already swooning. “Oh sweetheart that isn’t necessary,” she said patting his shoulder before pulling him into a hug. Ready to intervene, you only stopped when you realized that Hoseok simply hugged her back, letting out a warm laugh. Letting out a sigh, you realized that Hoseok had by far been your best choice when it came to bringing a fake boyfriend. “Now come on, both of you, I’ve got a large dinner waiting for everybody.”

While walking to the car, you went ahead with your mother, glancing over your shoulder to see that your father and Hoseok were comfortable talking, helping one another carry the luggage. “He’s very good looking,” you heard your mother whisper to you, looking over as she gave you a wink, making you chuckle and shake your head. “Don’t embarrass him too much,” you said, knowing your mother well enough. Placing her hand over her chest as if you had insulted her, she gave you a dramatic gasp, “Me? Embarrassing? I feel insulted [Y/N],” you both laughed, your heart feeling light at how happy you really were to be home.

The night went by extremely smoothly to your amazement. Hoseok amazingly had wooed your entire family. Your mother was the easy one, your father was much trickier, but by the time that dinner was finishing, Hoseok had successfully made your father bust a few buttons from how hard he was laughing, his gruff hands slapping Hoseok hard on the back. Even both of your siblings, both teenagers and rather moody at that, were smiling at him and loading him with plenty of questions. Not once did he falter though. Throughout the dinner you two would look up occasionally, flashing each other a knowing smile before turning back to the food and conversation. Hoseok immediately began helping your mother in the kitchen, clearing plates and setting them in the sink for her, making sure that there wasn’t anything he could do before she had literally shoved him out. “Sweetheart you two had a long trip, go rest.”

When everybody was pretty well distracted you’d found Hoseok, giving him a sigh of relief. “You are like a professional I swear,” you said giving him a smile. “Are you sure you don’t do this as like a side job? Pretend to be girl’s parents, woo their family? Get some free home cooked meals?” He laughed at this, shaking his head, though a small blush managed to creep across his cheeks. “Nope, this is my first time actually.”

Smiling back at him you nodded towards his bags. “You may wanna consider making this you’re main come. C’mon, I’ll show you where the guest bedroom is,” you said as you lead him down the hallway and to one of the rooms. Opening the door, you immediately stopped. There was no longer a bed inside, but instead multiple boxes, a desk set up with a computer and a number of other miscellaneous things. “Hey mom?” you called, making your way back down the hall. “What happened to the guest room?” poking her head out from the kitchen she gave you a surprised look. “Oh I didn’t tell you? We’re working on making that a new office for your father.”

“Where will Hoseok be able to stay then?” you asked curiously, your mother only giving you a surprised look. “What do you mean where will he stay? Sweetheart, he can sleep in you room with you…oh don’t give me that look, what do you take me for? Some prude? Sweetheart, you guys are dating, I trust you to be safe,” she said ducking away before she could see your jaw fall open, a little unnerved by what she had just implied to you. Turning back around and to where Hoseok was standing you pointed to the door on the other side of the hall. “Well…looks like we’ll be sharing this room for the night,” you say as you push it open and walk in immediately being hit with your teenage years. “This was your room?” you hear Hoseok ask as he steps in and immediately sets his bags down beginning to look around, a small smile spreading across his face as he sees the number of stuffed animals on your bed. Your parents and surprisingly your siblings, hadn’t touched anything since you’d moved out. Letting out an embarrassed groan you nod your head, realizing that you had quite a few things in here that could be extremely embarrassing. Hoseok only looked back at you though and gave you a smile, “I think this is really cute. I didn’t know that there was this sort of side to you [Y/N],” but of course this only makes you blush more as you try to busy yourself by pulling your own bag onto your bed.

“I hope that you’re okay sharing the room. If you want I can just pull out an air mattress for one of us or something.”

“It really doesn’t both me,” Hoseok said, now looking at all the pictures that you had hanging on your vanity. “You’ve fallen asleep on my shoulder plenty of times while watching movies, so I’m sure this won’t be any different.” There it was again, that magic ability that Hoseok seemed to have, all the awkwardness suddenly evaporating from the moment, you just feeling silly for thinking that it was awkward. “You’re right,” you say, giving him a small smile.

Later that night after spending a few more hours with your family, everybody retreats to their own room, Hoseok using the bathroom to wash up while you change into your pajamas and climb into bed. When Hoseok finally makes his way in you’ve pulled out one of the many photo albums in your room, nostalgically flipping through the pages, looking at old pictures. Climbing onto the bed next to you, he pokes his head in and looks as well, his finger shooting out. “Is that you?” he asks, pointing at a picture from the last formal you had attended in high school, hair elaborately styled while wearing a fancy dress. “It is. Hard to believe, isn’t it?”

“No I didn’t mean it like that,” he said, not wanting to think he had insulted you. “You still look just as beautiful, I just don’t think I’ve ever seen you dressed up like that,” he said, the compliment making you blush. “I haven’t had a lot of reasons to,” you say back before flipping the page, a few childhood pictures on this page. “Oh, look here’s a picture of me and my little sister,” you say pointing to one of you smiling at the camera, two teeth missing while your sister is clearly bawling and in distress next to you. “I had just dared her to eat a worm and after she did I told her that it was going to probably crawl out of her belly button.” Hoseok busts up at this, pushing your shoulder lightly. “That isn’t nice,” he says only making you smile. “Oh and this one,” you say as you flip to another picture. This one was of you when you were about three years old, your hair down, jagged looking bangs laying across your forehead. “I had just given myself a haircut. I think I did a pretty good job,” you say wiggling your eyebrows at Hoseok and making him laugh again.

“You were a pretty cute kid,” he teases again, poking you in the side and making you snort. “What on earth ever happened,” you say as you close the book and get up to put it away. “I really do like your room,” you hear him say as he lays back and admires it. “I can tell that this was a place you loved to be.” He’s completely right with the statement, your room holding lots of dear memories. Slumber parties, sneaking out and then back in, even kissing your first boy here. “Yeah, it really was,” you say, voice soft and content. Hoseok lays where he is, eyes watching you, smiling at the gentle look on your face. Just like you had with him, he also had imagined what it would be like to date you. He was sure that it would be nice, the two of you already getting along so well and feeling comfortable with one another, but there was always the risk of ruining what you both already had as friends. He’d even thought that maybe pretending to be a couple on this trip would give you a little insight on what it would be like to date.

“Oh wait!” he hears you call, snapping him out of his thoughts. “I’ll show you the best part of my room. Lay down on your back and look up at the ceiling,” you say as you go over towards the light switch. “Hopefully they still work,” you say as you flick the switch down. A few seconds later you see the gentle glow, getting slightly brighter as the seconds go, of glow in the dark stars that you had stuck all across your ceiling. “Aha! They do still work,” you say excitedly as you make your way towards the bed and climb in next to him. “These were always my favorite part about falling asleep at night,” you say, you shoulder touching his as you both look up.

“They’re so cool,” Hoseok says, marveling at all the little stars that were shining down on him. “It’s sort of like we’re sleeping outside, expect there’s no annoying bugs,” he says making you laugh. “Right?”

Letting out a sigh you roll onto your side and look at him, Hoseok following your lead and rolling over so that you’re both facing each other. “Thank you again for doing this.”

“It’s no problem. I have to admit I really like your family.”

“They really like you too, I can tell.”

A few moments of silence go by, the two of you just looking at once another, sentences hanging on the both of your tongues, waiting cautiously to see what the other says. “I think I kind of like being your fake boyfriend.” Hoseok finally says, scooting just a little bit closer to you.

“I think I like being your fake girlfriend,” you reply, also scooting a little closer.

“Maybe…you’d like to be my real girlfriend then?” he asks tentatively, holding his breath, hoping that he didn’t just make a mistake.

“I think I’d like to try that,” you say back, glad that the stars weren’t bright enough to reveal the blush on your cheeks. You could however see the large smile that spread across Hoseok’s face, that smile always managing to brighten any place.

“Perfect, then I’ll tell my mom that I have somebody to join me when I go home in a few weeks,” he says making you laugh as you roll over onto your other side and scoot back, allowing your back to press against his chest, his arms wrapping easily around you and holding onto your hand. “Goodnight Hoseok,” you say, smiling as you feel his lips kiss the back of your head.

“Sleep tight [Y/N].”

A Bad Day To Be A Demon

So much Zalgo. So many OC’s…

You might recognize the Midway Bar from another great ficlet.


A Bad Day To Be A Demon

Thomas took a deep breath. This was it. The moment he had been waiting for since he went to college. The start of his career as a demonologist.

It was the second to last day before Christmas break, which would be filled with frantic studying to prepare for their midterms in January. They’d been working on this assignment for months. Picking a demon, designing the proper summoning and binding circles, practising the perfect wording for a small deal…

They had all passed the theoretical part. Time for the practical application.

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The Great Pine Dart Battle

It started at the old Mystery Shack.
Didn’t everything?
The resident demon of Gravity Falls was out and about at the time and, surprisingly, had absolutely nothing to do with the start of this particular war. But in between looming over lazy Susan’s shoulder, about to catch the Tabasco sauce he knew she would drop, and ignoring one of the more mundane summons in favor of watching a group of children flit past in an effort to try and catch one of the many fairies that spent free time in town, something… happened.
Alcor - or, Dipper, as this place knows him - always kept tabs on his little niblings. Ever since the whole fiasco with the Woodsman, and even before that, he kept constant vigilance over them. That being said, he wasn’t all that surprised when he noticed an acute shock that jolted Willow into action, or the feeling of sweet victory radiating from Acacia.
He did, however, take notice when Hank felt the same shock that Willow had not a few minutes before.
Something was up with his niblings.
Something… more than likely entertaining.
And probably chaotic.
He grinned and blipped.
Hank perked up from behind the couch, noticing Dipper appearing behind him. “Hey Uncle Dipper.”
“Hey there, Dog Star. What’s up?”
Hank scowled. It was adorable. “War.”
“War?” Dipper grinned again, showing off multiple sets of shark teeth. “What kind of war?”
Hank frowned, looking around the corner of the couch in case anyone was nearby. Dipper checked in his own way - noticing that his two missing niblings were also hiding behind various pieces of furniture, and getting more fidgety by the second. “Well, Acacia found a Nerf gun and shot Willow while she was doing her project, and then Willow found another gun and shot Acacia, and then they both ganged up on me!” Hank grumbled darkly, glaring at the nearest wall. “So now we’re at war.”
Dipper considered this.
“Hey Dog Star.”
“How would you like to make a deal?”
Hank straightened from his crouch and gave the nastiest grin Dipper had ever seen on his niblings face. “What kind of deal?”
It was almost enough to bring tears to his eyes. “Okay, so…”
Ten minutes later
Acacia screamed. “You dirty cheat!”
Upon request, Dipper had materialized at least thirty Nerf guns and five times as many foam darts in exchange for a guaranteed front row seat to all the action that ensued, and oh god, this has got to be the best deal in existence.
Three minutes in, Acacia and Willow barged downstairs, intent on nailing Hank too many times to count until he retreated and they took up residence in the front room, but were met with a practically semi-automatic dart gun, wielded by a manically grinning Hank. It… it was so beautiful, and Dipper was so, so proud.
Not proud enough to withhold the same deal opportunity from the other two, though.
They returned full force not two minutes later, forcing Hank out of the front room and onto the porch, startling a few gnomes at the edge of the lawn. Dipper floated out a few moments later, corporal for the time being thanks to Willow hastily microwaving some popcorn in exchange for her own gun, and chose to perch on the porch railing as Hank hid out of range of the doorway. Another offer, another deal, and a few more minutes of chaos, and the triplets were tearing into each other out on the lawn with no way of getting back inside.
Dipper was now floating above their heads, watching with glee and munching on popcorn as guns were continuously loaded and fired.
“No one said, no one said!” Willow teased, dodging out of the way of Acacias’ next dart.
Hank stepped back, gun at the ready as the two girls bickered between themselves. “So, we’re locked out?”
Dipper nodded, finishing up a bite. “Until you go spread chaos. Trust me, it’ll be great.”
“Are we going into town then?”
“Looks like!” He popped another few kernels into his mouth. “Want me to blip you guys there?”
Willow looked up, narrowed her eyes, and shot a dart at her uncle.
Acacia looked up, noticed her sisters dart making contact, and fired her own.
Hank smiled at his sisters. “Let’s do it.”
Thirty minutes later
Absolute chaos.
Dipper decided to amend his earlier statement. *This* was the best deal he had ever made.
The entire town - all of Gravity Falls, he realized with a laugh - everyone was going absolutely insane. It only took a little bit of prompting on his part, pointing his sweet Little Fighter in the general direction of an old friend, and…
“Oh my god.” Pacifica had gasped, realizing just who it was that shot her. “Oh my god, you are so going down!”
Dipper, grinning and still munching on his popcorn, casually handed her a gun and a handful of darts.
It all went downhill from there.
Pacifica aimed for Acacia, but with a not-so-natural gust of wind, her dart managed to peg Robbie in the neck, the offending orange pellet falling into his hoodie. He cursed, tried to throw it back, failed, and was rewarded with a gun of his own. He shot at Pacifica, the shot bouncing off her head and onto Candy’s as the girl walked by.
She then plucked the dart from the ground, looked at it, then up at the still corporal Dipper, and proceeded to grin like a maniac.
She was given one of the semi-automatic guns in exchange for the promise to get the entire town involved. If anyone could do it, it was Candy.
And do it she did.
Dipper laughed, watching as Manly Dan pumped dual Nerf shotguns - no Dipper actually *didn’t* give him those, strangely enough - and shot Wendy point-blank, withstanding her return fire before being tackled by one of his other children from behind, then two, then four until he let himself be dragged to the ground and executed by orange darts. Meanwhile, Grenda was shot by Candy, who was then attacked by a mob of children led by Acacia, of course. With a bit of a struggle, Willow and a classmate of hers managed to fill up a few buckets worth of darts, and dumped them all at once on Acacias gathered forces.
And that was when Henry’s car pulled up.
Willow grinned. “Busted.”
“One last ambush?”
Everyone within earshot turned to Dipper, auras lighting with one last spark of childish glee as the triplets below him nodded.
The married couple didn’t know what hit them.
Mabel exacted her revenge not an hour later, with Henry watching and cheering from the front porch of their home, joined by a laughing Stan and Wendy as Dipper tried and failed to escape the combined efforts of his sister and niblings in their quest to shoot him down.
The war lasted three days.
It would go down in the Gravity Falls history books as ‘The Pine Dart Battle’. In actual history books.
All three of the triplets claimed full credit for the battle, much to each other’s feigned irritation.
Every once in a while, the residents of the town would still find stray darts, fading with age as time passed.
Years upon years later, Alcor - known in this place as Dipper - plucked a faded dart out of the dirt it had been buried in and smiled despite himself.

Since I’ve recently came back to tumblr, I decided to make a rec post in celebration, because why the fuck not? The fanfictions below are my all time favorites and they’re mostly very long. Enjoy! 

ps: While I was doing it I realized it would be waaaaaay too long if I had put every ff initially planned so I decided to make a part Il (or even a lll) in the future.

Versus (94521): At age nineteen, Stiles Stilinski was the next big thing, according to The Guardian. It was surreal, not being able to turn on Sky Sports without hearing his name mentioned along with the names of players he grew up idolizing. Stiles couldn’t believe that this was his life.

Enemy Lines (149179): This is the story of werewolf Derek Hale and human Stiles Stilinski: two people who grew up in the same town but completely different worlds, their realities split by the war between men and wolves.Years later when Derek returns to Beacon Hills, he does it as Alpha of a military pack on a mission to capture those responsible for the region’s resistance. With his main objective, Sheriff Stilinski, out of sight, he settles for the next best thing: his son, Stiles.Neither of them suspects they’ll need to trust each other if they want to make it out this alive.

Gravity’s Got Nothing on You (83980): “Three weeks,” Derek says.

“Still don’t want to,” Stiles says.

“I’ll pay you,” Derek says, and that… that has Stiles interested. Alf’s Antique’s may be a great job, but it’s not a high-paying job, and half of Stiles’s tuition is coming from financial aid, so…

“How much,” Stiles asks, “are we talking here? Because I know your family, dude. And it’ll be kind of awkward after.“

“My family thinks you’re some sort of fucking gift to the world,” Derek seethes, like he’s jealous, “they’ll probably be pissed at me when we break it off, so don’t worry about that.Five hundred bucks.”

“A thousand,” Stiles says, because screw ethics. Also, the Hale family is loaded. Derek can deal.

Except What Has Been Forgotten (62662):  In which Stiles wakes up with a shiny new case of amnesia and it’s immediately obvious that his best friend is lying to him - which might have something to do with the (hot) guy who keeps appearing his room. What the hell has he been doing for the past 18 months?

Prince Among Wolves (101000):  Looking for full day/evening sitter. 2 twin boys age 4. Must have exp. w/werewolves. Must be human. No pedophiles. No teenage girls. Pay negotiable.

Important Things (71466):  Stiles learns that even with werewolves, giant lizards and psychopathic hunters on the loose, life can still find other ways to screw with you. Case in point: everyone keeps assuming he and Derek are a couple. What the hell?

Revenge Fake Dating is Totally a Thing (32543): Sheriff Stilinski walks in on Stiles and Derek in a compromising position and assumes they’re in a relationship even though they were just sneaking around to keep the sheriff out of their supernatural shenanigans. Obviously it’s all Derek’s fault for being so damn suspicious - at least that’s Stiles opinion and the reason why he gives Derek a taste of his own medicine when he invites him over for family dinner at his dad’s request.

Only then Derek turns the tables on Stiles and before Stiles knows it, they’re fake dating for reasons of revenge, one-upmanship and the preservation of Stiles’ relationship with his dad.No way this can go wrong, right?


Dancing (With Another Man) (35476):  Derek Hale fell in love with Stiles Stilinski the moment he laid eyes on him. The boy was imperfect, vibrant, and confusing - everything Derek never knew he was missing in his life. The problem, though, is that Derek doesn’t want to ruin his newly formed friendship with the boy. But with each day that passes, Derek finds that his chances start to run thin, until his world turns over completely when Stiles gets a boyfriend.

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The Lost Delinquents Week:   Day 1: Atom

Atom makes his debut in the 1x02 ‘Earth Skills’ when Wells is heading back into camp after burying the two kids that died during the landing. He stops him and asks where he got the clothes from, and after getting an answer he reaches out to grab them, “you know I’ll take it from here. There’s always a market for-” but he doesn’t finish as Wells moves back and tells him that they share based on need, the way they had on the Ark. 

I’d never paid too much attention to the above interaction til Bellamy got involved, but Atom was making a smart move, on his part, by wanting to take the clothes from Wells. It was possible that Atom had plans to, or had already started collecting items that could be useful to him in trading with the other delinquents. A good pair of boots could be a good trade for food or something else if it ever came to it. 

Bellamy comes out of the dropship and tells Wells that the rules on the Ark don’t apply down there, and grabs a shirt from the other. When Wells starts to step towards Bellamy to get it back, Atom steps in between them, holding Wells back, and looking about ready to fight him if Bellamy gives the word. From what we see of Atom later, he doesn’t seem to be someone who would just up and fight someone, so him stepping between Bellamy and Wells is more him being protective of Bellamy than anything. A ‘you have to go through me’ first sort of thing. In Atom’s eyes Bellamy is the leader, and it’s his job to protect him. (I also think he might have been standing post outside the dropship while Bellamy and the ‘satisfied girl’ were inside)

Bellamy is the one who stops him from doing anything further, telling him to “hold up” and if Wells wants the shirt back to “Take it.” Which leaves Wells to throw the rest of the clothes down in frustration and a nearby group of delinquents to descend upon it. 

A few moments later when the fight between Murphy and Wells breaks out, Atom and John Mbege are standing close to Bellamy while the other delinquents are watching from a further off distance. While we see more people as part of Bellamy’s gang of followers/guards, it always seems to be the same three that he keeps closest to him. Atom and the two Johns. 

When Bellamy leaves with the group to go find Jasper he has Murphy come along with him, and tells Atom to stay behind and watch Octavia, “anybody touches her they answer to me.” This is another thing I hadn’t paid entirely too much attention to at first, but now that I think about it, Bellamy telling Atom to watch Octavia shows how much trust he had in him. He takes Murphy with him on the Jasper rescue mission, cause he knows Murphy is probably the best one to help him get the wristband off of Clarke. Bellamy can use his aggression in his favor. When Bellamy had let Octavia go off without him the last time she’d wound up hurt, and now he was the one going off and he couldn’t be there to make sure nothing happened to her. Octavia is the most important person in the world to him, so the responsibility of watching her is a pretty big thing to put on a person. 

Atom is collecting things for the wall when he sees Octavia playing a game with a group of guys, and he interrupts their play by telling them that the “wall’s not going to build itself” prompting them to get up and get to work. “Look your brother wasn’t kidding about that. He’ll hurt them.” Atom isn’t just looking out for Octavia, he’s looking out for the other delinquents. Actually, he’s probably looking out more for their safety than hers in general by keeping them away from her. This is even further explored when he follows Octavia and one of the delinquents inside the dropship and yanks him down off the ladder and tells him to “get out of here.” 

Outside the two had had a small exchange where Octavia called him her brother’s bitch, and when he’d replied he wasn’t, she’d challenged him to prove it. 

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“Nobody’s bitch huh? Maybe one of these days you’ll realize you can’t control me”

“You know that guy you were with? Did you know he was in for murder?” this line would make one think he was trying to keep Octavia safe, which he probably was, but still he continues with, “You want to know something funny? I’m actually protecting him from you.” This part of it can mean two things. One it can mean that he knows that if the guy tried anything Octavia didn’t like, that just from what he’s seen of her so far that she would fight like hell, and do some pretty good damage to the guy, but what’s more likely is that he means that someone being with her, and without Bellamy’s knowledge, would not end well for the person. Like Bellamy said “anyone touches her, they answer to me.” Bellamy is deadly serious when it comes to Octavia and Atom knows this. Atom continues down from the second level of the dropship, closing and latching the door. “Consider yourself controlled.” 

Monty is on that part of the dropship and he and Octavia start to have a conversation about Jasper and the wristbands. There’s a clang and they look over to see Atom has opened the hatch back up and disappeared down, a sign that Octavia can come down now if she wants. This is followed by one of my favorite moments in the entire series, which is prompted by Monty asking the question “How is it someone raised beneath the floor is not a total basket case’

Octavia gives him a sort of joking response of “Who says I’m not?” before heading back down the ladder. Atom is standing nearby, and I kind of wonder if he had been standing there as time passed before he’d opened the hatch back up. Like, even though she was locked up in there, had he been standing guard at the bottom to make sure no one went up? 

Atom answers her question though as she’s descending. “It’s because he loves you. Your brother. You’re not a basket case because you were loved.”

“Yeah, I’m a lucky girl” - now the way that Octavia says this has me believing that she really doesn’t know how lucky she is to have Bellamy in her life, and it seems from what Atom continues with that he doesn’t necessarily believe this either. 

“I’m not saying I had it worse than you, Octavia, because I didn’t. But you had someone who would do anything for you. I envy that.” 

Like with most of the delinquents we don’t see much about their pasts on the Ark, but this small exchange, Atom telling Octavia that he envies her in a way, is kind of heartbreaking. Had Atom come from an abusive home? Had he been hit or neglected or something else? Had Atom never felt loved by his parents? Maybe they hadn’t abused him, but were just distant and cold. So much is said with so little.

A while later Atom brings over a tin of water for Octavia outside, and there’s a few smiles between the two before Atom goes to collect more branches and Octavia runs off after the glowing butterfly. Atom notices she’s missing and runs off to find her. He finds her in the butterfly field, and he sort of tries to keep himself from smiling, like ‘no I am not amused by this’ but he can’t hold it back for long, especially when he sees how much Octavia is smiling. 

He moves closer and gives her a kiss before pulling away, and even taking a step back. He is allowing her to decide if she likes it or not. He’s letting her decide what happens next, and even after they share a more passionate kiss, initiated by Octavia this time, and she pulls away he assures her that it’s okay and “we’ve got nothing but time” They share another kiss for a few more seconds, before the scene is left with them holding hands and Atom kissing her forehead.

Seriously, Atom was a sweet guy and I wonder what would have happened if he’d lived a little longer. Would Bellamy have eventually approved? Would the Lincoln x Octavia relationship have developed in the same manner? Would Atom have been one of the ones killed while out looking for her when she went missing? If so would she have been okay with Bellamy torturing Lincoln for information? So many questions

At the end of ‘Earth Skills’ Bellamy catches Atom and Octavia kissing. He’s already been looking for Atom, cause they have first watch together. Atom follows Bellamy, and we then see him hanging from a tree. Bellamy is there along with Mbege and Murphy. Now, I can believe that between the time we see Bellamy find Atom and Octavia and the scene of Atom hanging from the tree that Bellamy found the other two and told them to meet him with some rope to tie Atom. I can also believe that one of the other two found out about Atom and Octavia or had seen them go off together and told Bellamy about it. So, when Atom started following Bellamy for the first watch the other two were already there waiting. Still another thing we’ll never know.  What we do know is that Atom spent the entire episode protecting the other delinquents from Bellamy only to be the one to receive punishment.

After the opening to 1x03 “Earth Kills” we see that Atom is showing concern for two missing delinquents, Trina and Pascal (who we saw in the cold open were caught in the acid fog) and that people were scared. People, Trina and Pascal, were missing, and they now knew there were people that were hostile outside of camp, and then there was Jasper’s constant moaning and screaming as he lay dying that could be heard throughout the camp. Bellamy assures him though that the morale will get up when they bring back more food, and they’ll continue looking for Trina and Pascal during the hunt. We also have Murphy teasing Atom about his ‘special tree’ much to Atom’s annoyance. 

While he’s sharpening his knife for the upcoming hunt Octavia comes in and starts asking if he wants to take a break and go to the butterfly field. Atom ignores her, though, which she knows is out of character for him, like he’s ignoring to the point of not even looking at her. So, she goes to confront Bellamy about what happened. “Atom had to learn. You disobey me you pay the price. He paid the price. Now we’re good.” Atom had probably been strung up all night, defenseless in a place with panthers and other wild animals, but even more than that with people who had no issue with spearing an innocent kid, and then hanging him up for bait. Atom had already been hanging up. Atom was not going to take his chances again, besides if that was the punishment for obeying Bellamy once, how much worse would it be if he did it again?

The hunt is underway and they have a wild pig in their sights, Bellamy is ready with his axe, and when he hears a noise he turns and embeds it into a tree right near Charlotte . The others continue after the pig, but Atom stays behind with Bellamy. Now in the last episode when Bellamy went off with the others to have Jasper, it’s Atom that he trusts to stay behind at the camp. This time it had been Murphy. His trust in Murphy becomes shaky at the end of this episode when he refers to Octavia as his ‘psycho little sister’ Could it be that Bellamy having Atom with him on this hunting trip is to keep him away from Octavia? Because he’s lost a bit of trust in Atom? or maybe Atom can actually get his knife to stick in a tree, and Murphy can’t, so he’s a better hunter. Who knows?

They continue on with the hunt when the acid fog starts to blanket the area. They all start running towards some caves for cover, and we see Atom trip and fall. He gets up and starts coughing as we see him start to move again, trying to find his way out of he fog. 

Bellamy and Charlotte are at the entrance of a care when we here someone, Atom, shouting “Bellamy” he’s trying to find him, but the air is too thick, and Bellamy takes a step out, but the fog is too much and he starts coughing as heads inside the cave.

Hours pass…and then night comes…and then morning. 

The fog is cleared and Bellamy steps out of the cave shouting if anybody was out there. Jones and two others had made it to a different cave, but when he asks them where Atom is they don’t know. Bellamy’s face falls at this news. I think he realizes here that Atom had been the one calling out his name. 

Charlotte is the one to find Atom’s body and Bellamy comes over to find out what’s causing her to scream. We see Atom laying on the ground. His skin is burned and covered in boils. He can’t move, and when Bellamy gets closer to him we see that from the look of his eyes it has probably blinded him as well. He has been out there like this all night. For a while I had in my head that maybe an hour or two had passed, but no Atom had been out there trying to find shelter, and eventually laying there suffering in pain all night long. 

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As Bellamy kneels beside him he starts to quietly ask him to “Kill me” Charlotte comes over and gives him the knife he had given her earlier, before Bellamy sends her and the others back to camp. Knowing Bellamy is there, Atom turns his head, exposing his neck more before begging with Bellamy to end this pain for him. “Bellamy, please. Bellamy, please” he coughs and begs as loud as he can, which isn’t very loud over and over. 

A nearby Clarke comes over and looks him over quickly, shaking her head at Bellamy. There is no saving him. By this time Atom is in tears as he begs for a release from this agonizing pain. Clarke looks down at him and tells him that she’s going to help him, and she hums to try and comfort him as she inserts the blade into his neck, stroking his hair and continuing to hum as he passes. 

Atom is the first person Clarke mercy kills. He is already in pain and she gives him release from suffering any longer, while she later mercy kills Finn to keep him from having to suffer through any pain. 

It’s Bellamy and Wells who carry Atom back to the dropship camp, before Wells goes to dig his grave. His is the grave Wells had been digging before Charlotte kills him. When Bellamy tries to tell Octavia that he’s sorry and there’s nothing he could do, she doesn’t want to hear it. I think she knows that this really wasn’t his fault, but she needs someone to blame for her losing Atom. 

Atom was one of those characters, like Wells, that I think would have completely changed the course of certain areas of the show had they not died so early in the series. 

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“Meeting the family” part 1 of 3-after zootopia

“Meeting the Family part 1 of 3” After the events of Zootopia-drabble.

Judy was nervous.

She couldn’t stop tapping her foot on the train’s stairs as she waited with baited breath. She felt her friend and partner, Nick Wilde, chuckle at the sight of her. He flicked at her droopy ears making her shoot a sideways glare at him.

“What are you worked up about?” He asked, removing his paw from her ears to the inside of his pants pocket. Not wanting to push his luck on the aggravated bunny. Knowing how hard she can punch. “We’re just visiting your folks right?”

Judy took a breath, forcing her foot to stop. “Yeah, but I’m just thinking of how they’ll react when they see you.”

“Because I’m a fox?”  He asked. It was no surprise that bunnies are naturally afraid of foxes. He knows that from experience.

Except for Judy. She wasn’t frightened by him and he was glad they became close friends. Even now, he would admit that she was the best thing that ever happened to him. But will he say that outloud? Not on the fur on his back.

Judy grabbed his arm from the question.

“No!…well! maybe?” She sighed when he arched a brow. “My parents are super-protective and I know they accepted Gideon to work with them but, you know they still might be a bit… wary.”

“Hey, Carrots, come on.” he smirked, shrugging his shoulders when he took a step back. “It’s me, I’m a loveable guy, your parents are going to love me!” He exclaimed tightening his tie but ignoring his loose and untucked shirt. She turned away and started biting her nails, her foot thumping more rapidly.

Her breath stopped when the train screeched into a halt, immediately the doors open and animals of all species started to spill out.

“Oh we’re here!” Judy turned to Nick placing her paws right over his shirt collar. “Let me just-!” Nick’s eyes widened when he felt her soft fingers lightly touch his fur until she grabbed his tie. He gagged when she yanked his tie. Her harsh pull made his tie slip out from its lazy knot. Nick grabbed his throat, coughing uncontrollably.

“Hey! That hurt!” He was ignored as Judy knocked his paw aside laying out the tie around his collar. Her small paws moved rapidly as she skillfully made a reasonable knot. He choked when she tightened his more presentable tie.

“There!” She gave the tie a pat. Nick’s eyes narrowed giving her a scowl. Not noticing his annoyed look she grabbed her wrist in excitement dragging him off the train as if he was a strayed suitcase.

Judy’s eyes scanned the train station of the Bunny Burrow while Nick took the chance to escape from her death grip. Secretly loosening his tie while she wasn’t looking. Her ears sprang up when she found her parents waiting for her. She gasped, running to them with open arms. Nick calmly stepped out after her, watching as she collided with her parents open arms. Judy nuzzled both of her parents happily. It had been three months since she and Nick solved the missing mammals case. Three whole months of not seeing them that isn’t on the screen of her phone.

“I missed you!” she exclaimed when she pulled away.

“Aw, and we sure missed you too Judy.” Her father, Stu, said with a smile. She laughed when her father placed a paw on her head, giving her a playful noogie. “Always happy to see my little tryer!”

“Dad!” She laughed taking a step back. A soft giggle escaped her lips when she touched her sore head. The sound of an animal clearing their throat made her turn and made her parents gasp out as a fox strolled right up to Judy. Nick stood beside her, holding his signature sleepy gaze and larger than life smirk. “Oh! um mom, dad…This is Nick Wilde.”

Her parents exchanged glances. Judy’s father let out a cough while her mother gave them a polite smile.

“O-oh yes! You didn’t tell us he was coming…” Her mother, Bonnie said softly. Judy opened her mouth to explain until Nick placed a firm paw on her shoulder bringing her towards him.

“She wanted it to be a surprise and also, she would have missed me…” He winked. Judy rolled her eyes and elbowed him playfully. Not noticing her father slowly cringing at how close the two were. Her mother, noticing how uncomfortable he was getting placed her paws in between them.

“W-well, its wonderful to finally meet you…” She forced the two apart, making Judy blushed lightly while Nick slid his paws back into his pockets. “Nick, is it?”

“Yup.” he popped. “Also big fan of your blueberries, so sweet.”

“Oh thank you, maybe you will like to have some when we take you to our home.” Her mother said politely, only for Stu to quickly grab her paw, his lips going to his left ear as he whispered.

“We’re not going to give him the guest room, will we?” He failed to keep his whisper secret as Nick and Judy heard every word.

“Dad!” Judy scolded loudly, making him flinch. Nick’s ears shifted down, he was prepared for it. Her father’s reaction was no surprise but he was glad to have Judy defending a shifty-looking fox like him. Her mother was just as surprise as her, giving her father a good wag of the finger.

“Stu, this is not polite! He is a guest and a friend of your daughter!”

Her father stammered. “B-but what if he takes something from the house, foxes do have quick hands, you know.”


Judy slapped a paw over her face, her face glowing red from her father’s words. “Dad! you’re embarrassing me!” she said, her teeth gritted. Nick scratched his cheek lightly, unsure of how to respond. He was suddenly grabbed by Judy’s paw wrapped around his own. He was forced to follow her as she quickly walked away from the situation. “Let’s just head to the farm!” she yelled. She decided it was best for the two of them to walk ahead of her parents. Making sure they were at least a hundred feet away she let go of Nick’s paw.

“I’m sorry, Nick.” She said gently, staring at the dirt road ahead. “My dad doesn’t know what he is talking about…”

“Hey. Nothing I heard before right?” He said giving her a smile. He wanted to make her feel better but his words didn’t seem to convince her. She huffed, crossing her arms in annoyance.

“But you shouldn’t!”

Nick bit the inside of his cheek. It was quiet between them for a moment. Judy was always the one who spoke out against those who treats animals by only using their stereotypes, especially Nick. Even though he was a certified ZPD officer, not every animal saw him as “respectable” or “trustworthy”. He ignored the low whispers and the loud angry slurs against him. He stuck to his motto, he was never going to let them see that they get to him. It was easy to follow. No matter what he heard, it never really bothered him. But it bothered Judy. She wasn’t shy to reprimand the ignorant animals. Some days he had to force her away from a bad situation.

“He is right you know…” he began, making Judy look up at him in surprise. He chuckled, unsheathing his claws at her. “I do have quick paws! Better be careful!” He swiftly tickled her sides making her laugh loudly before slapping his paws aside.

“Stop! That’s not funny!” She giggled. He chuckled giving her a mischievous grin.

“Looks like some bunny is ticklish!” he dug his fingers into her sides, giving her another tickle. She laughed again, curling her body forward as she tried to escape from his grasp. Nick’s tail wagged as he laughed loudly.

“Stop! stop! Hahaha!” Judy quickly jumped back and gave him a good punch in the arm.

“Ow!” He rubbed his right arm as Judy stuck her tongue out at him playfully.

The corner of his mouth twitched upward. “Sly bunny.”

Her nose wrinkled. “Dumb fox.”

The Bunny Burrow was much larger than what Nick was anticipating. When Judy told him that she had over 300 brothers and sisters, he thought he was pulling her tail. Her home was more like a neighborhood. There were grassy mounds in every direction with cobblestone paths leading to each one. There were purple shaped rabbit doors that led into them with easter colored windows. He guessed that each mound could hold almost 100 hundred bunnies. There was one mound that was much larger than the rest and in front of it was a crowd of bunnies from all ages. Above the large mound, attached to the wooden frame of the door was a white banner with colorful bright letters that read: “Welcome Back, Judy!”

Judy’s ears sprang up from seeing her family, Nick did not prepared himself to what happened next.

“Look it’s Judy!” yelled one of the younger kittens. Suddenly the earth began to shake as a stampede of little bunnies ran towards Judy. Nick’s ears went back as he jumped back away from the little kittens as they collided into Judy’s arms, grabbing and pulling on her arms and legs in excitement, shouting her name and jumping up and down. Nick was surprised by how Judy accepted it as a normal occurance as she answered each one’s frantic questions.

“Did you got us any presents?!”

“Where’s my present Judy?!”

“Yeah Judy!”

“How was Zootopia?!”

They pulled on her arms and legs more impatiently, not giving her one second to respond to each one. “Okay! okay! No pulling guys!” She laughed trying to struggle against fifty tiny paws. “I didn’t bring any presents!” All the ears in the crowd went down in disappointment as a combined ‘aww’ filled the air. Judy bounced slightly when she clapped her paws together. “But I did bring my friend!”

She pointed to Nick who was far behind her and away from the kittens. He flinched when he saw hundreds of big eyes stare right at him. He slowly put up a paw, letting out a strained smile.

“Hey kids…” he waved. His expected them to cower behind Judy for protection against a “mean-looking” fox like him. One child ears sprang up along with a gasp.

“Hey look at his tail! it’s fluffy!” Nick’s brow rose and suddenly saw the rest of their ears sprang up from the new information. One little kitten, a little girl with a peach colored coat and a blue dress stepped forward. Her nose twitching. She looked to be at least three years old. She gasped happily when she locked eyes on Nick’s red tail.

“I want to hug it!” and ran forward. Nick took a small step back, putting his paws out for her.

“N-no, no, no, no touching…” She giggled when she followed him, trying to grab his tail. He twist around in a circle wanting to lose her. Thinking it was a game continued her onslaught. “Okay seriously, you don’t need to-!”

She jumped forward, wrapping her small body around it. “Hugs!” She nuzzled it lovingly, almost as if it was new stuffed toy. Judy placed her paws over her heart, sighing at how cute her little sister looked. Nick cringed, the little kitten wasn’t causing any pain but he noticed that she wasn’t going to let go anytime soon. Judy taking the opportunity, nudged the younger bunnies forward.

“He’s really nice.” She whispered to them, giving them another friendly push. “Why don’t you go and play with him?”

“Can we climb on him?” asked her little brother. Nick’s ears sprang up in alarm when Judy smiled and nodded.

“Sure! He can give you piggyback rides too!”

“Wait-!” Nick put out his paw. This was not going to end well for him. “Carrots!”

“Oh boy!” and the bunnies rushed towards him. He was overwhelmed by fluffballs. They pulled at his arms and latched onto his legs, and he had five climbing over his back and onto his head.

“Wait! wait!” His cries were silenced by how loud the children’s laughter were. He was being used as playground equipment! Judy laughed by how affectionate her little brothers and sisters were being towards him. She was glad that they didn’t care that he was a fox. They were glad to finally had someone tall enough to climb on top of.

Nick fell forward. One of the bunnies pushed him, making him fall flat on his stomach. Before he had time to react he was suddenly grabbed by them and was starting to be dragged off. His front paws clawed forward, his nails digging into the earth in fear.

“Wait! where you taking me?!” he demanded, but only heard more laughter in response. His paw reached out to Judy who was standing there with a smile, not seeing the problem in the situation. “Carrots! Help me!” His nails dug into the dirt again but he was no matched to the combined strength of fifty bunnies. Judy put a paw over her mouth, hiding her laughter as she saw Nick struggle in vain. “Rabbit! you better help me right now or-OW! don’t pull my tail!” His eyes widened as his body was now halfway through the front door and into the dark burrow.

His paw reached out to her one last time, begging for her assistance.


She lifted her paw and gave a little wave before he was taken away. His cries now echoing in the burrow. She shook her head from Nick’s over exaggeration. She knew he will be fine. Her brothers and sisters aren’t naturally rough when playing. The only thing Nick will experience is a makeover and fur-braiding. A favorite in between her rabbit siblings. A set of soft steps made her ears radar towards it. With a turn she saw her parents, who noticed a set of claw marks in the dirt. Her mother sighed heavily.

“Oh dear, they dragged off another one.” She shook her head when Stu snapped his overalls.

“Don’t worry about the kids, dear. They are just being friendly…I just hope that Nick fella doesn’t bite them.”

Judy scowled. “Dad! that’s enough.” She said sternly, crossing her arms at him. “Nick is not violent, he is nicest guy you will ever meet, he wouldn’t even hurt a fly!”

“We know he is Judy.” Her mother began, not liking to see her daughter upset. “ Don’t we, Stu?” She said giving her husband a glare, almost telling him to keep his mouth shut.

“Alright, Alright, I’m sorry…I’m sure he is a swell animal. He does work with you in the force right? I’m I right? He isn’t some random-”

Judy groaned, rolling her eyes. “Yes! Dad please! I told you about him before and I want you to at least try to accept him…” She gave her father a small smile. “Like Gideon, he is helping you guys expand your business isn’t he?”

“Well, I suppose he is.” Stu said, looking at his wife for consolation. She nodded feveriously.

“Oh yes, very helpful!”

“And isn’t he a fox?” Judy pressed. Her father nodded. “Then there you go! If you could like Gideon, than you can at least give Nick a chance. Can you guys do that for me? He’s really important to me.”

Her father opened her mouth, almost to oppose but one look at his daughter’s wide and large eyes made his heart melt in agreement. “Okay Judy, if it will make you happy.”She gave her father a hug making him chuckle.

“Thanks Daddy, just you wait! you two are going to love him!” She pulled away and grabbed each of their paws. Skipping towards her childhood home with them trailing beside her but one look into the home made her parents scream in horror.


Hey! “meeting the parents-after the events of zootopia” is here! this is just a 3 part chapter, and I’m still working on finishing the other, so I hope you enjoy this one. ^-^

The Girl's A Straight-Up Hustler

Description: Dean X Reader. Reader is a hunter, her only partner being a dog… She’s a bit low on cash and obviously the clear thing to do is hustle others out of their money, right?
Words: 1,725
Warnings: None
Author’s Notes: This one amused me! If it gets a good few notes, I might do a part 2, I do have an idea…! Yes, the title is a reference to an all time low song, although the fic isn’t based off of it. Feedback would be fab!

A small bang made your eyes shoot wide open and you sat bolt upright. You looked down to see two large eyes and a gently wagging tail.

“Ugh, for god’s sake Buffy, that was the best sleep I’d had in days.” You grumpily slouched back in the sofa more, giving the dog a tickle behind the ear. Buffy was your big, loveable rescue dog, probably a German Shepherd cross of some sort but you weren’t quite sure. You’d picked her up on a hunt 2 years ago when she was a stray and had bitten a vampire and distracted him from you. It seemed right that you took her along with you and after a bit of training, she’d become invaluable on hunts but equally would be well behaved when you had to leave her behind for safety. You loved the daft dog and seeing as you didn’t have a human partner, she kept you company perfectly.

You looked around the room for a sign of what time it was, looking out the window, it must be about 3:30pm, perfect. You were currently “borrowing” an abandoned house just outside of the small town that you’d just finished a case in. It definitely wasn’t the Ritz, but you’d stayed in worse, you were low on money and couldn’t afford a motel that day so it had been your best option other than the backseat of the car.

Pushing yourself off of the sofa you walked over to your bag and rummaged around for your purse, it appeared you were down to your last $20. Enough to buy a bit of dog food for Buffy but not enough to feed the pair of you for long. Damn it. Free drinks were simple enough if you put on a nice dress, but free food wasn’t so easily secured.

“Looks like we’re going for a walk, pup.” You muttered half to yourself and half to the dog who was calmly laid out beside you.


By 7pm you were at the local bar. You’d done light make up, spruced up your slightly greasy hair with a little talcum powder (a trick you’d picked up on the road), put on a tight dress and sprayed yourself in a feminine perfume. You had Buffy with you who was laid happily at your side whilst you sipped on some tap water. You’d put a pink collar on your dog to further the girly image you were going for.

The plan was simple, put on the charm, lull some guy into playing pool with you whilst you acted giggly and girly then bet money and take the poor guy for all he was worth. It wasn’t an honest way of earning money, but people never suspected the pretty young girl with the cute dog.

It was only about half an hour later that you’d spotted a target. A tall, quite attractive looking man was eyeing the pool table, he didn’t appear to be with anyone which was good, should he get angry when you beat him on the second game, it was easier to just fight off one guy. He did look like he wasn’t unused to fights but then again, neither were you. He was nursing a whiskey but he had a pretty boy face with clear green eyes, it’d be a pity to hustle him, but needs must.

You got up and walked over to the pool table, Buffy laid down and plopped her head on her paws nearby, perfectly giving her best puppy dog eyes, a well practised look.

You sauntered over to the cues and picked the best balanced one that you could find. You felt a presence behind you, perfect.

“Hey sweet heart, looking to play a game?” A low voice rumbled behind you. You turned around putting on your best innocent look.

“I used to play when I was about 14 but I’ve not played in ages, just for fun, then?” You smiled at the man. Part of that was the truth, you did start playing at 14, you just didn’t ever really stop…

“It’s alright, my name’s Dean by the way.” The man nodded towards Buffy who was now intently watching your exchange. “Is the little wolf over there yours?”

“Yeah, she is, her name is Fluffy, cheesy, I know!” You giggled. You always called her Fluffy to people in situations like this, admitting she was called Buffy lead to awkward conversations as to how she got the name. It was close enough that she’d respond at least. “Oh! And my name is Y/N!”

“Well Y/N, game on!”

The first game went painfully slowly. You had to act like you didn’t know what you were doing which was never fun and the man you were playing against kept letting shots go to give you more chances. Pool, at the end of the day, was simply angles and mathematics, all you needed was the right angle combined with the right speed and possibly a spin depending on the shot. You did a few tricky shots for fun, but made sure you missed a few easy ones to make it look like luck. After about 15 minutes of joking and pretending you didn’t notice him staring at your backside, you hit the last ball in the pocket with a triumphant smirk.

“Oh my gosh! I actually won! Beat that Mister!” You added a little jump for extra emphasis on the so called shock of winning.

“Nicely done!” He smiled wide and winked at you. “How about I get us a drink each and we have another game?”

You nodded happily, you wouldn’t be drinking much until after you’d secured your win, but it never hurt to humour people.

By the time he came back with a whiskey for himself, a cocktail for you and a glass of water, you had set up the table for the next game. Men always assumed you’d like cocktails when truthfully you’d probably have preferred a beer, but you took it graciously, wondering why he had the water.

“Drinks for the lovely ladies!” He said, placing the cocktail next to you and the glass of water next to Buffy. You couldn’t help but melt slightly at the gesture for your dog, it was free tap water, sure, but it was kind of him.

“Say, Dean, how about we make this one a bit more, well, interesting?” You giggled and patted your purse.

“Oh really? You think you can beat me? I’ll go easy on you… Maybe!” He winked, putting $50 on the side of the table to which you added your last $20. This was high money for a bar game, he must have been confident.

“Can I break?” You said, twirling a loose strand of hair between your fingers. It killed you to play this much of a flirt, but it would pay well.

“Of course, after you!” Dean said gesturing to the triangle of balls at the ready.

Now was the time you enjoyed, time to drop the act. You proficiently struck the cluster of balls just off centre and sent them spreading across the table. One ball went in straight away giving you you’re targets, so you set to work. You worked your way around the table, expertly potting all but the last ball. You flicked your gaze up and looked to your opponent through thick eyelashes, who was leaning on his cue with a deep frown on his face. You lined yourself up for the last shot but just as you struck the cue ball, Dean dropped his cue in an attempt to distract you. It very nearly worked. The ball sailed off perfectly dropping into the last pocket.

“Nice try, but not enough.” You threw a dirty look at Dean.

“Yeah, maybe I did try, you can’t hustle a hustler sweetheart.” He glared at you.

“Who said I was hustling you? Beginner’s luck!” You retorted, clicking your fingers to alert Buffy.

“As if! I make a living off this! That was my last $50.” He hissed at you.

“So do I, maybe you shouldn’t bets with girls in bars. Now, if you don’t mind, I’ve really got to go. Buffy, come on girl.”

“Buffy? What happened to fluffy!” Dean said confused.

“Long story. Thank you for the game and drink.” You said turning your back and grabbing the handful of cash.

“You could at least leave me with a drink?” He muttered.

You sighed and turned back to him.

“One drink, only because I have nothing better to do and you seem like a half decent bloke.”

“You clearly don’t know me if you think I’m the good guy.” He raised an eyebrow.

“How so? Minus the hustling and possible drinking problem.”

“You wouldn’t understand.”

“Really? I’m Y/N Y/L/N and I just conned you because I have no money and am illegally squatting in an abandoned house between traveling with a dog I only own because of… That’s not even relevant.” You stuttered off, unsure of where your outburst came from. It wasn’t even alcohol fuelled.

“Dean Winchester. I-”

“Wait. You’re a Winchester!?” You interrupted him before he could give his sob story.

“How do you know my… Son of a bitch. You’re not-”

“A hunter?” You finished for him, slumping back against the wall.

“Guess I should have seen that one coming… A hunter with a dog called Buffy. Ironic.” Dean said running a hand across his stubble while suppressing a chuckle.

“I said it was a long story, I just didn’t mention that it involved vampires!” You smirked. “Still wanting that drink?” You said, burying a hand in Buffy’s fur who was at your side and on guard, unsure on how to read the quick changes in emotion.

“Yeah. Why not? Any chance I can have some of my money back so my brother doesn’t kill me?” Dean asked.

“Dream on, I earned that.” You winked and sauntered up to the bar, completely having dropped the highly innocent act now.

The pair of you spent the rest of the evening laughing, comparing hunting stories and sharing tips. There was a flare there, you had to admit, so you exchanged numbers, you know, in case you could ever hunt together or work as a duo for hustling.

Which you most definitely did.


part II here…

"Meeting the parents" after the events of zootopia

Judy was nervous. She couldn’t stop tapping her foot on the train’s stairs as she waited for her stop. She felt her friend and partner, Nick Wilde, chuckle at the sight of her. He flicked at her droopy ears making her shoot a sideways glare at him.

“What are you nervous about?” He asked, removing his paw from her ears to the inside of his pants pocket. He didn’t want to push his luck on the aggravated bunny. He knows how hard she can punch. “We’re just visiting your folks right?”

Judy took a breath, forcing her foot to stop. “Yeah, but I’m just thinking of how they’ll react when they see you.”

“Because I’m a fox?” He asked. It was no surprise that bunnies are naturally afraid of foxes. He knows that from experience. Except for Judy. She wasn’t frightened by him and he was glad that they became close friends. But will he say that outloud? Not on the fur on his back.

Judy grabbed his arm from the question. “No!…well! maybe?” She sighed. “My parents are super-protective and I know they accepted Gideon to work with them but, you know they still might be…a little wary.”

“Hey, Carrots, come on.” he smirked, shrugging his shoulders when he took a step back. “It’s me, I’m a loveable guy, your parents are going to love me!”

She turned away and started biting her nails. Her foot thumping more rapidly. Her breathe stopped when the train screeched into a halt. Her eyes widened when the door slide open, revealing her parents waiting for her. Her ears sprang up and immediately ran to them with open arms. Nick calmly stepped out after her, watching as she collided with her parents open arms. Judy nuzzled both of her parents happily. It had been three months since she solved the missing mammals case with Nick by her side. Three whole months of not seeing them that isn’t on the screen of her phone.

“I missed you!” she exclaimed when she pulled away.

“Aw, and we sure missed you too Judy.” Her father, Stu, said with a smile. She laughed when her father placed a paw on her head, giving her a sweet pat. “Always happy to see my little tryer!”

“Dad!” She laughed taking a step back, escaping from his pats. A soft cough sounded behind her, making her parents gasp out softly. Nick stood beside her, holding his signature sleepy gaze and larger than life smirk. “Oh um, mom…dad…This is Nick Wilde.”

Her parents exchanged looks. Judy’s father let out a cough while her mother softly gave out a laugh.

“O-oh! yes, you didn’t tell us he was coming…” Her mother said softly. Judy opened her mouth to reply only for Nick to place a firm paw on her shoulder bringing her towards him.

“She wanted it to be a surprise and also, she would have missed me…” He winked. Judy rolled her eyes and elbowed him playfully. Not noticing her father slowly cringing at how close the two were. Her mother, noticing how uncomfortable he was getting placed her paws in between them.

“W-well, its wonderful to finally meet you…” She forced the two apart, making Judy blushed lightly while Nick slid his paws back into his pockets. “Nick, is it?”

“Yup.” he popped. “Also big fan of your blueberries, so sweet.”

“Oh thank you, maybe you will like to have some when we take you to our home.” Her mother said politely, only for Stu to quickly grab her paw, his lips going to his left ear as he whispered.

“We’re not going to give him the guest room, will we?” He failed to keep his whisper secret as Nick and Judy heard every word.

“Dad!” Judy scolded loudly, making him flinch. Nick’s ears shifted down, he was prepared for it. Her father’s reaction was no surprise but he was glad to have Judy defending a shifty-looking fox like him. Her mother was just as surprise as her, giving her father a good wag of the finger.

“Stu, this is not polite! He is a guest and a friend of your daughter!”

Her father stammered. “B-but what if he takes something from the house, foxes do have quick hands, you know.”


Judy slapped a paw over her face, her face glowing red from her father’s words. “Dad! you’re embarrassing me!” she said, her teeth gritted. Nick scratched his cheek lightly, unsure of how to respond. He was suddenly grabbed by Judy’s paw wrapped around his own. He was forced to follow her as she quickly walked away from the situation. “Let’s just head to the farm!” she yelled. She decided it was best for the two of them to walk ahead of her parents. Making sure they were at least a hundred feet away she let go of Nick’s paw.

“I’m sorry, Nick.” She said gently, staring at the dirt road ahead. “My dad doesn’t know what he is talking about…”

“Hey. Nothing I heard before right?” He said giving her a smile. He wanted to make her feel better but his words didn’t seem to convince her. She huffed, crossing her arms in annoyance.

“But you shouldn’t!”

Nick bit the inside of his cheek. It was quiet between them for a moment. Judy was always the one who spoke out against those who treats animals by only using their stereotypes, especially Nick. Even though he was a certified ZPD officer, not every animal saw him as “respectable” or “trustworthy”. He ignored the low whispers and the loud angry slurs against him. He stuck to his motto, he was never going to let them see that they get to him. It was easy to follow. No matter what he heard, it never really bothered him. But it bothered Judy. She wasn’t shy to reprimand the ignorant animals. Some days he had to force her away from a bad situation.

“He is right you know…” he began, making Judy look up at him in surprise. He chuckled, unsheathing his claws at her. “I do have quick paws! Better be careful!” He swiftly tickled her sides making her laugh loudly before slapping his paws aside.

“Stop! That’s not funny!” She giggled. He chuckled giving her a mischievous grin.

“Looks like some bunny is ticklish!” he dug his fingers into her sides, giving her another tickle. She laughed again, curling her body forward as she tried to escape from his grasp. Nick’s tail wagged as he laughed loudly.

“Stop! stop! Hahaha!” Judy quickly jumped back and gave him a good punch in the arm.

“Ow!” He rubbed his right arm as Judy stuck her tongue out at him playfully.

The corner of his mouth twitched upward. “Sly bunny.”

Her nose wrinkled. “Dumb fox.”

Okay I don’t know how to reply to replies so I’m gonna have to tag and mention for this one: this is for @audiaphilios and their request about the coaches. Since I know nothing about any sport management, I decided to write a little convo they may have had at one point regarding Bitty’s checking thing. Enjoy!

Eric Bittle sits in the single chair across the desk from his coaches, staring at his lap. He hasn’t said a word since they called him in, and they don’t want to break the silence either.

Eventually, Coach Hall clears his throat. “Bittle. We had you fill out a health form during the first week. Was there anything you neglected to tell us?”

“Anemia? Narcolepsy?” Coach Murray suggests. “Is it the guys themselves? You’ve been getting along alright, so I hear. Has anyone been bothering you about… Anything?”

“No, sir,” Bittle answers, all measured southern charm laced with caution.

“Then Bittle… What the hell happened out there?”

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If These Sheets Were States » Luke Hemmings

Ship: Luke & Y/N

Word Count: 1800+

Rating: NC-17

A/N: requested by anonymous & based off the song if these sheets were states by all time low (listen here) anyway i hadn’t heard the song before but it kind of reminded me of close as strangers and now i’m sad why do these boys do this to me i didn’t mean to make this so smutty idk i wanted it to be cute but then i got carried away i’m sorry it’s kind of crappy also it’s almost 2am and i wrote this in like an hour cos i wanted to get it out to you asap so i hope u like it!!

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