in case you forgot this hat was a thing that existed

Navigating a white space as a PoC

This comes after a 7 hour conversation with the lovely Anna @pukingpastilles. Bear in mind that this is drawn from our specific experiences and may not be universal. We hope it resonates with some of you.

Scrolling past this is an act of white privilege.

A lot of people either see race as irrelevant or that we talk about it too much in our ‘post-racial’ age. However, for us, it is our daily reality. We cannot choose to switch off our race, and thus cannot remove the burdens that accompany it. We do not have the ‘luxury’ of ignoring race. Until then, we’re going to keep talking about it. You may want to ‘skip the drama’ but it is a privilege for you to be able to scroll past this. It is our very lives that you are scrolling past. We are attempting to argue for our right to exist in this space. The topic of race is extremely underdiscussed in fandom discourse. Some people either see race as not relevant to fandom or something that they think they’ve sussed because they’re ‘open’, ‘liberal’ or have a PoC friend or something. That’s very different from actively educating yourself on issues that affect us beyond what you see in the news or from history. That’s good, but there’s more. Just because you’re socially liberal does not excuse you from perpetuating the cycle of racism. We have to fight to validly exist, and that is exhausting. Existing is exhausting.

Being a PoC in a predominantly white space is an act of protest as our very existence is politicised.

It can never be just a story of two people, not when we are so burdened. You are never just yourself, race comes first, and you are never not conscious of this. A PoC would be constantly hyperaware of their race because it informs how society treats them in every way. You are always self-conscious about things like not associating with too many people of your own race in case it comes off as threatening or exclusive or discriminatory. You subconsciously make adjustments to blend into the space as much as possible in fear of offending somebody, such as changing your accent or clothes. You feel a constant sense of double alienation. You occupy a liminal space. You are the hyphen in the Asian-American. We are marginalised, Othered. We are never granted full rights to exist independently of a Eurocentric standard.

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FMA Live Action Movie: Full Summary/Review

Alright, now that I’m home, I’ll try to give a detailed report on the FMA live action movie. All of this information comes from the premiere screening at Anime NYC. The movie has not been released in Japan yet, and there is no information about a publicly available U.S. release yet either. Also keep in mind that I have a bad memory and also wasn’t able to pay 100% attention during the movie because I was extremely uncomfortable the whole time due to the positions I had to sit on in order to see the screen as someone who’s Ed’s height, so there might be things I missed or remembered wrong, and a lot of this is fairly subjective. Anyone else who saw the movie is welcome to share additional comments!


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The Lying Detective: A Summary
  • toby jones as disposable villain who isn't moriarty #5: I am SUPER EVIL
  • sherlock: i'm high and suicidal and apparently that's humorous! come fellow suicidal friend, let's tell my brother to fuck off
  • *later*
  • therapist: how's the baby?
  • john: I HAVE A BABY?? oh wait yeah :(
  • mary apparition: honestly bro u trippin ballz
  • *later*
  • sherlock, also trippin ballz: to quote hamlet, fucking nope?????
  • mrs hudson: *is suddenly james bond, shoves sherlock in the boot, drops him into john's lap* you forgot this
  • john: i don't care
  • sherlock: *drinking from a flower vase* apparently my abusive suicidal drug use is still v humorous at this point!! lmao i'm gonna die in 2 weeks
  • *later*
  • toby jones as disposable villain who isn't moriarty #5: *holds up a bowl of cornflakes* i'm a CEREAL killer! get it?? do you tho???? imagine if my bff the queen murdered people anyway i'm really evil in case u forgot
  • kids in hospital: and spider-man couldn't come visit us because????
  • *later*
  • faith: hi :)
  • sherlock: shit i did the bad decsioning oh well i'll do it more btw i'm STILL suicidal and overdosing
  • john: ...
  • john: you waNNA FKN GO M8???
  • sherlock, bleeding, still suicidal and now bashed by his best friend: this is all my fault and totally portraying a healthy friendship between two people that isn't abusive
  • toby jones as disposable villain who isn't moriarty #5: btw guys i am still over here being EVIL
  • *later*
  • mary: sherlock my guy my pal, if you could lean into your fatal manic abuse of drugs and depression so you can be pals with my husband that'd be tight of u go get wrecked lov u
  • sherlock: i wanna die
  • toby jones as disposable villain who isn't moriarty #5: murdering people IS SO FUN!! I AM CLEARLY SO SO EVIL RN!
  • john: fuk u m8
  • sherlock: omg thanks for coming to save me at the last minute even tho i have been suicidal and overdosing from literally the start of this episode.
  • john: ur a dick
  • mary ghost: lol he should wear the hat
  • *later*
  • sherlock: *apparently still has irene's orgasm as his text alert even tho he apparently never texts her back and it would expose her as still being alive*
  • john: aw thats cute! happy birthday btw speaking of texting i too was texting a hoe
  • sherlock: aw damn :( sucks bro :(
  • john: yeah ikr??? mary's dead but i still wish i'd done more than text my side-hoe i am literally saying that ur relationship with irene adler is the same as this
  • sherlock: *literally does and says nothing*
  • mary apparition: lmao i'm dead!
  • john: basically, life is short so u should text her back anyway i'm gonna cry now
  • sherlock: aw :( life sucks :( let's hug it out while a montage revealing that your bus-hoe and therapist was my secret sister who has literally never existed before now and that my brother gets laid apparently these 2 things are relevant to the montage
  • john: *sobbing* btw i don't think u killed mary
  • sherlock: that's okay! u only beat the living shit out of me for it so badly i had to be hospitalized before!! this is literally gaslighting but whatevs its okay we're hugging i guess
  • toby jones as disposable villain who isn't moriarty #5: lolololololol i am still EVILLLL
  • mary apparition: wear the hat
  • sherlock: kay :p
  • sherlock: btw bestiie it's totally okay that u bashed me and cheated on ur wife like.... me texting the only person i romantically love and u being a cheating asshat are basically the same we r all human and i have been psychologically abused and traumatized to the point where i think that's totally fine :)
  • john: cool! anywho!! i just remembered i have a kid and i've left it with friends even tho one of the main points of this ep was that i have no one so ig2g
  • *later*
  • euros/sherrington/whateverthefuck: bye now time for u to have the death i am another classic case of moffatiss villainizing women, showing their mysogyny and incapability of creating female characters independent of male ones :)
is it just me

or is huntokar sketchy af?

(spoilers for “a story about huntokar” and, below the cut, “all hail”)

- like maybe it’s because i just saw gotg 2, but i do not trust anyone who kicks around the galaxy for a few million years and then goes “yep time to go influence some sapient life”

- “I was, of all of us, the only good one” said no one who was actually good ever

- “Every action that endeavors to improve only causes more suffering and terror.” i wonder if that’s because these improvements include a subway advertised by roaches and creepy-ass children that made people disappear and the 12:37 train to red mesa, which featured, in case you forgot:

  • “Some people wearing deer masks are gathering by the train, distributing roaches to bystanders. The roaches all have phrases printed on them, things like ‘Business in the front, knife in the back’ and ‘#NotAllTrains.’”
  • “The figures in deer masks, looking like the same transit lovers who built the Night Vale subway system three years ago, are in an inverted V formation out in left center field, their shoulders and heads bobbing as if in silent laughter”
  • “She leaned in, insects scuttling across her long brown snout. ‘I am the destroyer. They take our buildings. They put them in crates. Their interests are furthered. I am the destroyer.’”


- “Cecil. Sweet Cecil, who I tried and tried to guide toward the truth.” 

i was like “when have mysterious forces ever interacted with cecil (that wasn’t caused by something we already know about)” and then i was like “oh yeah, the weird stuff from ‘cassette’/‘filings’, you know, WHEN HE DIED” so like. that’s not ominous.

- “I came across a valley, dry, almost lifeless. Save for a few brave people who had worked out how they could be sustained there. And I chose them, I guided and taught them, and gradually a town grew. Night Vale. The one place in the world that was truly mine. I am the Creator.” 

pro tip: calling yourself “the creator,” much less of a place that already existed and supported life, is not so much a white hat move

- “Worship of me started, as they became aware of my kind presence in their lives. Their love gave meaning to the passing of my years and in exchange, I gave them a better and better world. They developed ceremonies devoted to me, wearing soft meat crowns and building what would become known as bloodstone circles.” 

SO MANY ALARM BELLS. who goes “wow, my goddess has such a kind presence! better start worshipping her with BLOOD AND ORGANS”?? 

- also, everyone knows lee marvin is the one who founded the town and demanded worship: ”One of the arrivals, famous screen actor Lee Marvin, who just turned 30 today – Oh, hey! Happy birthday, Mr. Marvin! – said that they were immediately proceeding to found a town. A town they will call Night Vale. A home for themselves, complete with all the things a home needs: secrets, dread, omnipresent government, and areas that are forbidden! He then donned a soft meat crown as the other newcomers bowed to him.” – [Best Of?]

how dare she try to take that away from him? it’s his birthday!

- meanwhile, the underground city that does still remember worshipping huntokar responded to carlos’ incursion with ALL-OUT WAR. night vale, which has about as much self-control as a toddler on a sugar high, managed to avoid all-out war even after they were actively invaded by desert bluffs.

- “What once was tribute is now a series of gestures, as human and meaningless as they were before I came along.” 

so human stuff was meaningless before she came along. that’s a normal thing to say.

- “Night Vale is shattered. But for now it’s still here. Hmm. Time is startlingly persistent in that way.” 

uh time’s not real.

- “The other gods were attracted to the site of my teetering domain, but I was able to arrange truces with them. They did not do anything that would upset the balance by which my world barely hung, and in exchange, they could poke their heads in, look around, maybe take a few versions of my Night Vale to turn into playgrounds for their terror-filled delights.” 

“terror-filled delights,” she said casually. “no big.”

- “But now the five-headed dragons in their grief and anger have pulled all of the other gods into this situation” …says the person who had previously pulled all of the other gods into this situation. i’m not saying this isn’t true, but… we’ve only got her word for it. we haven’t seen proof of it ourselves.

- “I am a storyteller. The story may do you no good. But a story is never for the listener. It is always for the one who tells.” 

meanwhile, in ‘the registry of middle school crushes’: “Before everything, before even humans, there were stories. A creature at a fire conjuring a world with nothing but its voice and a listener’s imagination. And now, me, and thousands like me, in little booths and rooms and mics and screens all over the world, doing the same for a family of listeners, connected as all families are, primarily by the stories we tell each other.” 

huntokar sees stories as furthering her own interests; cecil sees them as connecting humanity.

- at the very least, huntokar is a VERY unreliable narrator and we can’t take her at face value. personally, i think she’s trying to manipulate people (especially cecil, for unknown reasons) into sympathizing with her and doing… what? guess we’ll find out in two weeks.

- bonus spoiler point from “all hail”:

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YASSS FIRST REQ! (hopefully) Can I plz have a relationship headcanon with Bakugou and Todoroki with fem so?


Todoroki is probably an awkward potato when it comes to romantic love tbh.


The word possessive exists solely for Bakugou. As your boyfriend, he thinks you’re supposed to just look at him, and him alone. A rather childish thinking but it’s sort of expected since he’s far from the definition for an adult, really.

He’s as protective as he’s possessive. Whether you have the aspiration to become a hero or not, he’s going to be there at a drop of a hat when he sensed the smallest bit of danger near you. You’re almost guaranteed safe from harm 24/7 so long he doesn’t sweat too much when holding your hand and accidentally set off some explosion (*cough* like that one time on your first date *cough*).

In the case of you having a powerful quirk, he would be absolutely thrilled to spar with you. He would be so high on adrenaline that he forgot he should’ve been protecting you and not inflicting pain on you with his explosions, but once the fighting is over, he’ll curse inwardly at himself and help you with tending to your wounds.

This boy loves loves loves you praising him. Stroking his ego even further does make his head inflate even more, but it doesn’t hurt to throw some treats every now and then. This would usually happen whenever he is in a particularly sulky mood, as he would stick on you like a glue in hope to get some reassurance from you.


Given the environment he grew up in, he is awkward with romantic relationships. He knows the concept of love but he’s rarely exposed to a tender kind of love ever since his mother was separated from him. You’ll have to be the one who lead them at first, teach him what it meant to be a couple and maybe try to make him less dense from other people’s advance in the process because damn his good looks and awesome quirk.

He secretly fears you’d find something wrong or ugly about him someday and leaves him for it, just like how his mother behaved in the past.

Despite all these, he tries really hard to be your prince charming once he kind of gets the hang of how romantic relationships are supposed to go. He’ll remember the things you like, things you hate, your habits, and even important dates if you stress it enough.

Todoroki switches back and forth between being silent and leaving the talking to you, or actively participating in the conversation. It all depends on his mood. He might look stoic, but he loves hearing you talk and sharing his thoughts with you. This shows that he enjoys your presence and wants you to try and understand him more, since he knew he could be unreadable sometimes.

Requested by anonymous

It was funny how so many life changing moments in April Kepner’s life were reduced to text on a piece of paper and slipped inside an envelope. 

Her choice of college, her residency match to Mercy West, well all except her Boards results, that bad news was delivered swiftly by text.

Gotta love modern technology. 

She had always wanted to be a mother, even before she knew she wanted to be a doctor. But then again she also wanted to be a virgin on her wedding night to her husband.

Ever since her return to Seattle she and Jackson couldn’t keep away from each other. April kept attributing it to her own natural weakness for him. It would have been much easier to stop the cycle of what they were doing if he wasn’t her best friend, the person that knew her the best since they met.

And now she was pregnant with her best friend’s baby and everything was a mess.

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Growing Back

Chuuya breaks Dazai out of jail Soukoku fic…

Rating: T
Words: 9,400
Warnings: manga spoilers, torture.

Growing Back

There’s no better way to call how Chuuya feels now than restless. He’s no stranger to the feeling, no stranger to the weird, lulling periods that follow fast-paced action when his organization is put in jeopardy, but it doesn’t mean he has to like it.

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Bree gets drunk and recaps “Dance Moms” Season 1 Episode 1, HOLD ON TO YOUR FUCKING BUTTS

Let’s do this okay so

  • The intro montage is SO. FUCKING. DRAMATIC. Which is funny because this season was so downright tame compared to future seasons.
  • Oh Cathy, what beautiful times we had.
  • Lol remember when it was “the” nationals?
  • I’ve never quite been able to figure out if Holly is 8 feet tall or if everyone else in Pittsburgh is a hobbit.
  • This season was so low-rent in terms of backdrops and stuff, it’s also clear why they provide that wardrobe budget because the moms used to dress SO much more plain.
  • Nia’s outfit is so adorably corporate, girl is gonna be a CEO someday.
  • Abby’s whole “I. Produce. Stars. I produce employable dancers” schtick always sounded like such a snake oil salesman.
  • I wonder if Abby hastily threw together her wall of crooked portraits in Walmart frames for the camera crew, or it they’ve always been there and she’s just a shit decorator. Either way, lol.
  • You can tell things have gotten nuts because Abby seems downright sweet in Season 1.
  • I’m preeeeeetty sure all the red/orangey “You must win or else your parents will abandon you and you will have to sell your liver on the street for food money” signs in the studio were just put there to make Abby seem a lot scarier than she was because honestly she seems so tame at this point.
  • Kelly’s Kate Gosselin haircut :\
  • I miss Normal Holly.
  • Melissa’s facial expressions remind me of a newborn baby learning to make facial expressions for the first time.
  • Everyone’s names are so obnoxiously 21st Century Competitive Dancer.
  • Melissa’s whole “my girls are like little dolls” thing, omg they were so trying to make this show Toddlers and Tiaras.
  • The first season’s interviews were so poorly cobbled together.
  • Melissa is such an odd duck, gleefully admitting that her divorce isn’t final yet but her new boyfriend pays her dance bills.
  • With a huge smile: “IT’S ABOUT THE KIDS!” :D omg so creepy.
  • “Those legs are as straight as Elton John” so clearly put in in post production and a bad attempt at seeming edgy.
  • With the emphasis on Chloe’s titles I sometimes wonder if they could have easily edited Season 1 to make Chloe look like the favourite.
  • Christi’s “but don’t tell my husband” what a shitty scripted line, like okay we won’t tell your husband just tell a TV crew.
  • OMG Nia just chilling on the floor lying down like a corpse while the kids are dancing in the background I can’t stop watching
  • Oh yes the rehearsals from Electricity being disguised as Party Party Party
  • Because we have to establish the whole “Maddie is a perfectionist” storyline in the first episode.
  • The scene where she goes back into the studio is so frighteningly intense.
  • Oh goodness the music for the MT trio just punch me in the fucking boobs how annoying.
  • “I’d rather be the one who makes your child cry in the privacy of my studio in stead of crying in front of 800 people at an open audition.” Okay well have fun making ‘em cry on national TV you daft woman.
  • Aww sweet normal Kelly
  • Brooke and Paige’s intro is so awkward. “Brooke wins everything ever, and also Paige has a lovely personality.” Poor Paige.
  • Paige has gotten so much more comfortable around the camera.
  • NO
  • Normal Holly, we hardly knew ye
  • Has Nia just been trolling us all from Day 1
  • That face
  • Nia
  • I love you.
  • Is it just me or has Vivi, like, not evolved since she was six?
  • THIS KID IS SO FUNNY I forgot how funny she was.
  • “Carrots go hand in hand with bunnies.” The fact that Cathy exists, just, like, has gotten me through so much shit.
  • “I don’t want people to think I’m Vivi’s grandmother.” I mean at first blush it’s hard to tell Cathy’s related to Vivi at all.
  • Cathy is a pretty good actress considering the whole “Hi Abby I do not know you at all” scene was staged as hell. Damn this woman’s brand of crazy is special.
  • Vivi’s shimmies <3
  • omg I forgot about Minister Dawn
  • The timeline of this is really strange because it looks like they’re rehearsing Ups and Downs?
  • Yeah Vivi is wearing the outfit from Episode 3
  • I still don’t really know what to make of this scene
  • I feel like I wanna go to Dawn’s church
  • That would just be
  • metal as fuck
  • FIRE
  • Probably mosh pits
  • Cops look so done with this.
  • I miss the competition montages.
  • Yes Christi no other competition team brings big makeup cases and light-up mirrors.
  • Abby’s rules about no walking through the hotel in flip-flops and bootie shorts make a lot of sense and are a really good thing.
  • If I were competing against them I’d be SO PISSED that they got their own room
  • I remember all the times I’ve had to share a cramped humid CLOSET of a change room with like three other teams. Are you larger than a Lego figurine? THEN STAY THE FUCK HOME (bitch)
  • But seriously who gets a French for their kid before a dance competition?
  • Okay the timeline of Christi and Kelly grabbing a drink is so not portrayed accurately, like Abby actually changes outfits.
  • Oh Kelly you lush you
  • Who wraps up a curling iron when it’s still hot? Kelly. You dolt. I love you though and I think you might actually be my birth mom.
  • Maddie you beautiful soul. Put your underwear on.
  • Abby’s little head cock before her “huh?” is so fucking deranged.
  • Brooke’s little look into the camera though this kid came out of the womb done.
  • The announcer for the competition reminds me of the overly smug way Jian Ghomeshi used to say “well hi there” at the beginning of every Q episode ugh fuck hat guy now I’m mad
  • This number was such a mess.
  • Stop crying Melissa OMG dry your tears on your weird velour top you look like a throw pillow
  • The most awkward part of this dance is that you can occasionally hear the real music ON TOP of the fake music ugh the cognitive dissonance
  • Like I’m sorry but the biggest argument you could have in the first season was about a headpiece
  • This was so lowkey in season 1
  • Abby admits that Christi is human and she is not
  • Abby Lee Miller: reptile?
  • Abby Lee Miller: mole person?
  • Abby Lee Miller: trash can with hair?

straight2space  asked:

Sole revealing themselves in a fitted tux or the red dress looking cute af for their first date?

So I’m going to assume this is a romantic reaction yes? :3 So all of the romance-able characters +Nick +Deacon +X6-88, and no platonic////romantic format obviously. I tried to tone down the emo on MacCready for this one because looking back, I realize how off he seemed in the last post. Oh well.

Cait: Cait would laugh at Sole’s fancy clothes… if they didn’t look so damned sexy in them. “What’cha all dressed up for then? Am I supposed to wear a flashy getup too?” Sole smiles and says it’s neither here nor there. “Yeah, so are ya ready? If we don’t go soon, I won’t be able to keep my hands off ya.” Sole says they wouldn’t mind that, but Cait pushes them out the door. “Oh no ya don’t. You’ve finally convinced me to take you on a date, so we’re gonna do it proper.” Sole laughs and grabs Cait’s hand. Much to Cait’s surprise, she enjoyed the relatively quiet dinner she and Sole shared at Sole’s house. She thought she would be bored to tears; sittin’s not her style. But she guesses with a view like that, anyone would be entertained. Especially when Sole has to bend over to pick up their fork.

Danse: “Ad Victoriam,” Danse mutters under his breath as Sole struts toward him. It wasn’t uniform, but he wasn’t complaining. “Outstanding soldier- I mean um… You look nice.” Danse immediately feels the absence of his power armor, and on some he level feels a little powerless, especially with Sole looking like they could wrap the entirety of the Commonwealth around their pinky finger. Sole greets Danse with a smile and a quick hug which surprises Danse, causing him to stiffen up. He goes to wrap his arms around Sole to reciprocate, but they’re already pulling away and now it’s awkward. “So uh, ready to go? I thought we could walk down by the lake since Sanctuary lacks a bar.” Sole tells Danse a walk sounds perfect, and Danse can feel a little confidence return to him. He can finally relax after Sole kisses him on the cheek halfway through their walk. “Ad Victoriam indeed.”

“Did I just say that out loud?”

Curie: “I wonder where zhey are. I hope zhey did not forget about our dinner togezher.” Curie murmurs quietly to herself. She’s waiting for Sole to pick her up like they promised to do, saying that they wanted tonight to be a surprise. Curie jumps when she hears a knock at the door. “Coming!” She swings open the door to find Sole, dressed to the nines with that impeccable smile on their face. “O-Oh! You look so lovely tonight. Is zhis the surprise?” Curie stutters. Sole chuckles and tells her the date is just getting started. Curie halfway hears them as she has a hard time keeping her eyes off their body, and her hands are curious to know if Sole feels as ethereal as they look. She’s brought back to reality when Sole jokingly waves their hand in front of her face. Curie feels heat rush to her cheeks. “I’m so sorry for staring, but it’s hard not to when you show up looking like zhis.” Sole mentions, with a smile, that they’ll be more considerate next time. “Oh, no. Please, do not worry about it. I quite like you this way actually.” Sole grins and holds out their arm for Curie who gladly takes it.

Deacon: Deacon has been bored for the past couple of hours and has taken to wandering around Sanctuary. He wanders upon Sole’s house and decides to go in and say ‘hi.’ As he meanders down the hallway he sees Sole in their bedroom turning this way and that in front of a mirror. Sole is wearing an outfit Deacon’s never seen them in before, and whew, did it get hotter in here? He lets out a feisty purr as he steps up behind Sole. “Rrrrrrrr! Get ‘em tiger.” Sole “eeps!” and turns to face Deacon, trying to cover themselves with their arms as if they were naked. “What’s up?” He asks. Sole frowns and tells Deacon he ruined the surprise! They were going to reveal the outfit during their outing that evening. Deacon shrugs. “What can I say? It’s comes with the job, beautiful. As a spy, you have to know about things before they even happen.” Sole looks incredulously at him. “Hey now, you’re almost as well dressed as I am, and I can’t allow that. You’ll have to take that off now.” Deacon raises an eyebrow suggestively Sole’s way. Sole says he’ll have to try harder than that. “Challenge accepted.”

Hancock: “Well then, I must still be comin’ off my high because darlin’, you look too good to be true.” Hancock takes in Sole’s new look with admiring eyes. Augh, it was times like these that humbled Hancock. He still couldn’t believe Sole actually wanted to walk around with his sorry looking mug, and then he’s reminded of how thankful he is for Sole. He gently grabs Sole’s hands with his own and looks them in the eyes. “Are you sure you want to walk around with this ugly thing?” He asks. Sole insists that he is not, nor has he ever been a ‘thing,’ and then kisses him with all of their might. When they break apart Hancock says, “Thanks sunshine. Ready to hit the town? I reserved the VIP lounge at The Third Rail for us, or we could just walk around if ya want.” Sole answers that as long as he’s there with them, they could go to a garbage dump and be happy, and Hancock can feel his heart beat just a little bit faster.

Nick: Nick is pouring devoutly over the case notes lying on the desk in front of him, cigarette clenched between his thin lips. Too entrenched in details, he fails to notice Sole lounging against the doorway. Sole smiles, amused, and watches Nick as they patiently wait for him to give his synthetic eyes a break. They had picked the perfect outfit for tonight. It hugged all of the right places for all the wrong reasons, and it was even halfway unstained to boot which is rare find in the Commonwealth. Nick finally breaks contact with his files to blow some smoke. When he sees Sole his mouth opens slightly, the cigarette making a soft plop as it hits the ashtray, and he knows he won’t get that image out of his head for the rest of the night. Nick is quick to grab his hat off the desk and throw on his discarded trench coat, and as he heads out the door he threads an arm around Sole’s waist, pulling them eagerly along. He leans in and whispers, “Sorry I forgot about our date doll, but the surprise was definitely worth it.”

Piper: “Oh wow Blue! Where did you find that outfit?” Sole smiles cheekily and says they got it from her dreams. “Pffft. Way to kill the mood Blue. But man, that really does look good on you. So good in fact, that you’re gonna have to sit really far away from me at dinner tonight so I can admire the way it fits you.” Sole just laughs and crushes her into a hug. “Alright, alright, that’s enough. Let’s get going, I’m about to starve here.” Sole and Piper share the evening at the Noodle Stand, and Piper is still trying to get Sole to tell her where they found the outfit. She insists that a good reporter never stops hounding for the truth, and Sole simply replies that a good lover always maintains a bit of mystery in a relationship. Piper blushes and smacks Sole playfully on the arm. “Wow Blue, just wow.”

MacCready: MacCready lets out a low whistle when Sole walks down the steps of their house. He appreciates how their outfit makes them look like a total knockout, as if they weren’t stunning before. “Hey there angel, might want to be careful what you wear. With an outfit like that, I’ll have a hard time making eye contact.” Sole giggles and allows MacCready to take their hand. True to his word, MacCready lets his eyes linger over Sole’s form. Sole leans into MacCready as they begin to walk around Sanctuary, and his thoughts run wild as their body presses into his side. Seeing the glazed over look in MacCready’s eyes, Sole lets themselves celebrate with a victorious smirk, and maybe a quick pinch to MacCready’s butt cheek. His face cheeks explode with a Nuka Cherry red, and he thinks that there really are no words.

Preston: “Wow General. I didn’t think anything so beautiful could exist in the Commonwealth.” Preston marvels at his date. They wore a sharp get up and Preston couldn’t tear his eyes from them. “Excuse me for starin’, but I just can’t look away.” Preston adored the way they blushed at his compliment, and Sole made a flashy spin to show off the entirety of their outfit. “C’mon love, I know the perfect spot for us to spend the evening. It’s almost as gorgeous as you.” Taking Sole’s hand, Preston leads Sole to Sanctuary’s picnic area down by the lake where he’s set up a table with a simple table cloth and an assortment of snack foods. They both sit together on one side of the picnic table and end up cuddling each other as the sun goes down.

X6-88: X6 isn’t really sure what a date is, but Sole seemed so intent to go on one that he reluctantly agreed. When Sole is finally ready, X6 can’t help but say, “Sir/ma’am, I approve of this outfit.” Without all of that armor on, X6 could see just how well sculpted Sole has become during their time in the wasteland, and he appreciates the efficiency of that well toned body in combat. Sole instantly grins super hard. They didn’t really expect him to make much of a comment on the outfit, even though they were really hoping it would catch his attention. X6 feels accomplished by making Sole smile, so he continues to compliment them throughout the night. When he finds out that holding hands with Sole makes them beam with the light of ten-thousand suns, well, he barely lets them go the rest of the evening.

BrittanaCon Prompt Project - 8a


PROMPT: Brittana watching scary movies.

PROMPTED BY: Tumblr Anon


TITLE: Your Own Worst Enemy



Santana pointedly refuses to meet Brittany’s eyes while replying with a nonchalant, “What?”

Brittany rolls her eyes, “You know what.”

“It’s just a movie, Britt. I’ll be fine!”

“That’s exactly what you said when you decided that you had to see The Conjuring. And then what happened?”

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I’ve been an admin on and off for the past two years now, and I’ve encountered my fair share of OOC issues in roleplays - from players who plain and simple break the rules of your roleplay to players who create drama with others and make the roleplay a hostile environment. Hopefully, this guide will shed some light on how to deal with those things, and if you have any questions or need any specific advice, my ask box is open.

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Hey there, friendos! Come see my family album!

Hi there! My name is Ali, and I’m the creator of the blog @gastersans​!

(Yeah, Ali, present your tryharding picture as you introduce yourself. Great idea). 

Currently, my blog is has a little under 5,000 followers! AND HOLY FUCKING SHIT THAT’S A LOT OF PEOPLE FOR A GOOB LIKE ME IT’S FUCKING AMAZING. (To learn more about Gaster!Sans, please see @borurou, the creator of this au). But, amazing or not, I’ve beginning to notice that I’ve been unable to connect to people as much as I used to–messages get unseen, inboxes unreplied, etc., especially with how busy life has been lately. 

Because of that, well… I decided to come up with “Fam Fridays.” And, as silly as that sounds, it means a lot to me–one of the things that drew me into Undertale (and its fandom) was the amount of pure love and community that grew so astoundingly quicky. So, how does one keep that with so many people involved?

Well… I decided, at least to start, to do a “family album,” of sorts. A way for people to see themselves and others in whatever sense they wanted to portray–ideally, their selfie, but also a picture of a body part, art, etc. that they felt represented them. Somehow, people were generous enough to respond to my wish.

So…If you feel that crazy, heartmelting feeling towards these fellow human beings who love this amazing game, this family album is for you! If you want to be a part of it, click here! For those who wish to see their family, well… Just keep reading below the cut!

Welcome to your family, friends! ♥

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Walking Wounded, Part One (TMNT 2k12, GaVG 'verse)

Summary: Everyone heals differently. 

Note: This is the second major arc in the GaVG ‘verse, after “SlantSlipSlope”. In the internal chronology, it takes place about two weeks after “Interlude: Homecoming” and “Their Hungry Thirsty Roots”.

Many, many thanks to the lovely hotmilkytea for her beta work and for reassuring me that yes, I can actually write this monstrosity <3

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five

TMNT fic masterpost


March 5th. 

Hours and hours stuck in bed means April has plenty of time to imagine her return to the lair. She’d walk in under her own power, slowly but with confidence, and the brothers would cheer and hug her – carefully, because she’d still be healing – and then settle her into her usual spot on the couch. Mikey would sling a careless arm around her shoulders – but not too careless, because he’d somehow manage to avoid hitting the bandage she still has to wear. Then Leo would take his place in front of the TV, in control of the remote, and Raph would grimace and shove a beanbag chair under her legs, ignoring her when she tries to thank him.  

Everything would be the same. Comforting, loud, dim, and warm. 

No, it wouldn’t, she thinks, and puts her phone on the table next to her bed. As hard as she tries to imagine it, Donnie isn’t there in her head. No matter how long she spends constructing the scene, he refuses to appear.

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Jonghyun/Taemin; Fic dump 2014 #1; PG

by number one i mean i only have two fic dump fics this year nd theyre kinda long so im postin them separately to take up space ayy lmao

#1: the one where jonghyun is the cute guy on the bus with the guitar

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Find Me Tomorrow: Rumbelle RSS Gift

Hi @ashadeofpemberley! I’m so excited to finally reveal myself as your Secret Santa and to present your gift.Your prompt ended up being a wonderful title, so thank you so much. I really hope you enjoy this Rumbelle Nutcracker story with a healthy side of Swanfire goodness. Merry Christmas, my dear!

Title: Find Me Tomorrow
Rating: M (PG-13)
Prompt: Nutcracker; Curse; Find me tomorrow.
Summary: Ballet instructor and Nutcracker enthusiast Belle French has a terrible crush on bitter divorcé Christian Gold. If only she could get him to acknowledge her existence. When a mysterious blizzard and power outage strand them in the Storybrooke Community Theatre along with Gold’s son and star ballet student Emma Nolan, Gold and Belle discover that appearances aren’t always what they seem. Will spending the night in a dark theatre lead them to the Christmas miracle everyone’s been searching for?
Word Count: 10,880

Read on AO3

“Pop, come on. It’s time to go now,” Baeden Gold announced, jangling the car keys in front of his father’s nose.

With his dark head bent over his workbench and brow furrowed in concentration, Christian Gold gave no indication that he’d heard a single sound. Working away, he muttered to himself as though he was alone in the shop.

A stranger or casual acquaintance might consider the possibility that Gold really hadn’t heard, but Bae knew better. His father had the sharpest senses of any man he’d ever met. “Pop. Please.” Bae released the thoroughly exasperated sigh of a 16-year-old teenage boy. “I know what you’re doing.”

“Hmmm?” Gold replied absently, refusing to avert his eyes from the antique vase he was restoring. Perhaps if he stubbornly continued working he could avoid going to the dance studio. Avoid seeing her.

“Emma’s counting on me, Pop,” Bae reminded him. “Counting on us. We promised to pick her up from ballet practice and I really want to watch her dance for a few minutes tonight. The ballet is on Friday—only three days away!”

“I just need to finish this,” Gold stalled, but even as the words left his mouth, guilt washed over him. He scowled, hating the knowledge that Bae was right. Damnable conscience. For most of the year he could and would just ignore it, but Christmas was upon them, and even a Scrooge such as he relented in the spirit of the holiday.

In just a few days Emma would be performing in Storybrooke’s rendition of one of Tchaikovsky’s most celebrated compositions, The Nutcracker. Gold hated dancing, hated community activities, hated anything that drew him out of his shop and among other people. But he loved his son and he was fond of Emma Nolan. Baeden was in another stratosphere of excitement for his girlfriend, and that meant that Gold would grit his teeth and suffer in silence.

Refusing to acknowledge the lame excuse, Bae said nothing, just continued to bore holes into the top of his dad’s brown and grey streaked head.

Feeling the weight of that disapproving gaze, Christian groaned inwardly and forced himself to look into his son’s hopeful visage. He placed the half-finished Regency vase carefully on the bench. “All right,” he relented. “I’ll get my coat.”

Relief flooded Bae’s face, the tension melting away into a bright smile. “Thank you, Pop.”

“Yes, yes,” Christian grumbled, sliding into his greatcoat. “Oh! I almost forgot.” Gold walked through the parted curtains separating the back of the shop from the front and snapped open a display case. “Here, I thought you might like to give this to Emma. An early Christmas present or good luck with the ballet. Whatever you like.”

Delighted, Baeden accepted the gift—an incredible hand painted wooden Nutcracker. Festooned in a cheerful red coat, matching hat, blue belt, and shiny black boots, the Nutcracker was the very picture of holiday cheer. Beautiful dark eyes framed his face and his shoulder length hair was dark and soft to the touch. “Wow, thanks, Pop! Did you fix this yourself? It looks brand new. Emma’s going to love it!”

Gold beamed at his son, pride in making his boy happy swelling his chest. Yes, the many hours he had spent restoring the figurine were worth it to see that expression on Bae’s face.

Peering closely at the wooden solider, Bae stroked a finger down the smooth grain of its cheek. He shuddered, then glanced at his father’s face. How strange. The Nutcracker bore his father’s likeness.

“Hey, Pop? This Nutcracker looks a bit like you.”

“Oh?” Gold examined the majestic, brave figurine and snorted before wrapping it in tissue paper and tucking it into a gift bag. Never had he looked so proud and regal. “I think you’re imagining things, son. Come on. You’re going to be late to meet your wee sweetheart.”

“You know,” Bae said casually, casting a sideways glance at his father as they walked to the car, “Miss French will be there.”

So much for his not-terrible mood, Gold thought sourly as he impatiently thumped his cane on the asphalt. “Why should I care? I mean, of course she’ll be there; it’s her studio,” he amended quickly, giving a disinterested sniff for good measure. “Between the ballet school, the library, and the music classes she organizes, that woman is a walking Fine Arts department. I doubt she eats, sleeps, or has any sort of life.”

And that makes her different from you because? The voice in Gold’s head mocked him. Oh, that’s right. You’re nothing but an ornery old cripple who can’t dance. Belle French is a young, beautiful, vibrant, graceful woman adored by the entire community.

“Shut up,” he commanded his brain.

“What?” Bae asked.

“Nothing.” Fantastic. Now he was yammering to himself like a daft lunatic in front of Bae.

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Falling, Yes I Am Falling

Character: Dean x Reader
Warnings: angst and fluff

Three hours. It had been three hours since you had gone to bed and you hadn’t fallen asleep yet. You rolled to your right side, fixing your arm under your pillow and staring at the crack underneath the door. You rolled to your left side, and flipped on to your stomach. You flinched when you heard your door creak a bit. You turned back over, and saw the strong, tall form of Dean Winchester.

“Dean? Are you okay?” You asked him.

His eyes found you in the darkness and he walked towards your bed.

“Yeah, I -” he stopped and crawled next to you underneath your covers.

“I can’t sleep,” he whispered. He slung an arm over your side and pulled you to him.

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Castle Crack!Fic: I Put a Spell on You? [1/?]

What would happen if Castle and Beckett switched bodies? Set late Season 2 (Assuming Demming doesn’t exist).

A/N: This is a Crack!Fic which means its meant to be utterly and completely ridiculous. Please keep that in mind while reading :) Also, I had a little bit too much fun writing this

“So tell me, Detective,” Richard Castle began as he matched pace with his beautiful female cohort on their way down the Manhattan sidewalk. “Does the fact that you are taking us to this magic shop mean that you believe magic could be a factor in the death of our victim?”

Kate Beckett stopped walking abruptly and turned to face her clearly delusional partner. “Absolutely not. Our victim died from blunt force trauma to the head; Lanie confirmed that this morning. You were there,” she reminded him.

“Right…but was it blunt force magical trauma?” he inquired, a certain twinkle in his eye. Beckett rolled her eyes and spun on her heel to continue down the block.

Inward smile on his face, Castle followed. That bright spring Tuesday had begun just like any other, but their latest murder victim brought with him the enticing possibility of a case wrought with mystery and intrigue; Castle’s favorite kind.

The body of Lucas Kennard had been discovered overnight on the sidewalk outside his apartment by a dog walker. As his partner said, their victim had been killed by a blow to the head, but they had not yet discovered the exact object that had caused the trauma. What they had found was that Kennard was killed just a half block from his apartment building. Upon examination of said apartment, their case began to grow a bit…spooky.

Kennard, as it seemed, was extremely interested in magic. This extreme interest was displayed on virtually every surface of his apartment and not through magic wands or top hats with rabbits hidden inside. No, Kennard’s tastes strayed towards darker magical realms.

Sorcery and spell books lined his bookshelves. Grimy raw drawings of macabre scenes adorned the walls. There was even a cabinet that appeared to contain vials of blood (non-human, the CSU tech’s confirmed).

Castle was immediately enthralled to find the previously boring, employed as an IT technical Kennard had a dark side. A very dark side, in fact. As they were having difficulty tracking down next of kin and any friends he may have had, Castle and Beckett decided to begin their investigation at Shadows, a retail shop Kennard evidently frequented given the number of receipts he had crumpled around his desk.

Shadows is, like, the perfect name for a shop that’s going to be spooky as hell. I can come, right?” Castle had asked when his partner first expressed interest in doing an interview there. She agreed (not that he would have let her turn him down) and they set off across town.

“All I’m saying, Beckett,” Castle continued as they approached the shop, now a mere five hundred feet away, “is that you shouldn’t close yourself off to any possibilities—magical or otherwise.”

“Castle!” she snapped at him. “There is no way our victim was killed by magic, because magic isn’t real.”

“Ohh yeah you shouldn’t say that so close to the magic shop,” he cautioned. Then, he hurried around her so he could hold the shop door open for her with a grin. She passed by him with an eye roll.

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