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If I could talk to Viktor

…In chapter 3 of OBSABH, I’d have a few things I’d want to say to that boy grown man. He’s got his head in the clouds and a bit of good Northern straight talking would do him a lot of good. Here goes:

Listen to Yakov. He is wise.

Listen to Chris. He is wise.

“Well he stayed the night and didn’t leave until the morning, that’s something at least”.
Oh just you wait until next time, Viktor…

“Viktor, what were you honestly expecting to come of this?”
Marriage, actually.

“If Yuuri wouldn’t talk to him through words maybe he would listen another way instead”
Well yes, he might, but to be perfectly honest I wouldn’t put money on it.

“This was Yuuri reaching out, offering - if not the hand of friendship - then the hand of good sportsmanship at the least”
About time. I mean, I love that boy but he does behave like a dick sometimes.

”…the little niggling voice in the back of his mind that he usually ignored was screaming at him to think and wonder why exactly Yuuri Katsuki was kissing him in a corridor with no warning or explanation whatsoever.”
Listen to the voice, Viktor. It is wise.

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anonymous asked:

If you don't mind me requesting something could you write a Stoncy soulmate au using that "my soulmate touched me and now my body has splotches of bright color all over it" au please? I'm sorry if you don't know what I'm talking about haha but if you did it would be super duper to see those three nerds all colored up

So I’ve never seen this with the color coming from touching,and I feel like there wasn’t really away to realistically have this work in the series (which is what I like to do) but I have seen where anytime your soulmate gets visibly injured (bruises/cuts/burns/etc.) you get color marks in the same spots, which I feel works super well for these three! So not exactly what you requested, but the same end result with all three of these dorks all colored up, so hopefully it’s okay!

(Inspiration for the colors from these wonderful mood boards by the ever amazing @hawkinsmostunwanted)

There’s a swath of yellow spread out over Nancy’s left cheek. Sitting this close to her, knee to knee as her clever hands carefully bandage the cut on his hand, it’s all Jonathan can look at. It’s somehow easier than thinking about the thin blue stripe that streaks up and then crosses into the cut on his hand. If he concentrates on that jagged field of yellow, he doesn’t have to think about how that blue stripe matches the cut he covered up on Nancy hand, the one overlapping a soft pink line that’s far too pastel to be anything other than a soulmark. That stretch of yellow means Nancy has another soulmate out there.

Maybe he should just stop staring all together, because now that he’s looking all he can see are the edges of the pink underneath all that yellow. All he can see is the shape of that yellow, the yellow that’s smeared across his own face, the yellow that he knows belongs to Steve because he caused it. It sort of feels right that Jonathan would find out who his soulmate is by the two of them trying to kill each other. One of his soulmates, anyway. Because the other is sitting in front of him while they wait to actually try and summon a monster.

“Nancy, I-” he starts, with no idea how he planned on finishing. ‘Nancy, I know we just started talking like a week ago and now we’re waiting to maybe die fighting this thing but looks like you’re my soulmate and I’d really like to kiss you even if it’s a bad time’ or maybe ‘Nancy, I know we have a plan but maybe we should talk about this whole colors thing and maybe find some way to tell your boyfriend in case both of us die tonight because I think we both know he’s our third’ both seem too wordy and too desperate somehow.

“Yeah?” She says, and when she meets his eyes, his breath feels knocked out of him at how intense and blue her eyes are highlighted by all that yellow.

Now that he’s not so angry or heart-broken or terrified, Steve mostly just feels empty. Maybe a little nauseous. Standing out in front of the Byers house, bat resting against his shoulder, nothing that just happened seems real. The whole day hasn’t seemed real. Nothing since seeing Jonathan Byers in Nancy’s room has felt real, and he mostly just wants to go to sleep and wake up and find out everything was a dream. Except, now he has soulmates, and if this is a dream then he never wants to wake up and lose them. 

He knew about Nancy before tonight. He might not be as academic as her, but he’s smart enough to remember where he left hickies on her and notice the little matching blue marks on his own skin. He doesn’t tell her, because the part of him that’s ecstatic about her being his soulmate is overshadowed by the part of him that’s afraid he’s going to end up mis-matched like his dad. It’s a fear that feels all too real when he sees them that night. 

Jonathan Byers comes as a surprise, though. A surprise that leaves him unsteady and completely out of his comfort zone, because he’s talked to Jonathan maybe five times in his entire life and one of those times ended in a fight that left blood running into his mouth and that obnoxious yellow glaring across Jonathan’s face. 

They load into his car, silent except for Nancy’s quiet voice directing him towards the school. Mostly he feels empty. Part of him, though, the part that isn’t exhausted and blank, can’t help feeling relieved. Because he looks at the gauze each of them has wrapped around their hand and the criss-crossing lines of pink and blue on his left hand, and that fear that’s existed for so long finally settles. 

Nancy likes watching them like this, when they think she isn’t looking. Her books are spread out on her desk, and she honestly is studying but the little make-up mirror on her desk just so happens to give her a great view of them without her having to turn and give it away. They just look so sweet like this, Jonathan sitting cross-legged on her bed and Steve laying back with his head on Jonathan’s lap. Both of them honest and hesitant in a way they aren’t when they know she’s watching. 

The lighting makes it a little hard, but she can just make out the blue that fades down over both of their arms, the result of her slowly fading sunburn from an afternoon by Steve’s pool. There’s a decently sized blotch of yellow on Jonathan’s neck, mirroring the bruise Jonathan had been embarrassed about leaving behind despite how delighted Steve had been. 

Steve catches her eye in the mirror, and the light catches enough that she can just make out the fading pink mark on his cheek (Jonathan had fallen asleep on his hand earlier and left the imprint of his knuckles against his skin). He smiles at her, still sleepy and soft, before closing his eyes and letting his head fall more into Jonathan’s hands. 

She turns back to her work, letting them have their moment. Besides, she thinks, looking at the little yellow scrapes on her knuckles as she copies down notes, she has a lifetime of moments left with them. 

Ask and you shall receive I guess. ;)

Lilo future!fic, in which both are single, Liam’s got two kids, and I end up calling Liam’s first-born “James” because the fucker still hasn’t shared his actual baby’s name with us.

Liam was in over his head. He knew it, and it only served to annoy him further. This was stupid. He was a grown-ass man. He had kids for Christ’s sake!

There was absolutely no reason for him to angst over the meaning of a bloody text message.

Especially not one that said, Im not gonna comment until Ive tried it myself.

Louis had added the sunglasses emoji at the end, which was nice but didn’t help Liam figure out whether he was serious or not.

And knowing whether Louis was serious or not felt quite bloody important, considering the message Liam had sent him right before had been: Then she said i was lousy in bed, like, can you believe?!

Liam took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

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Love Letters for the Signs
  • Aries:
  • do you remember that time that we went to the river and everyone was jumping off the edge of the bank and we argued for ten minutes about who was going to go first because you wanted to and i said that i did too well i was actually terrified but i wanted to go first and make sure it was safe for you because you mean everything to me
  • Taurus:
  • i forgot to eat today i forgot to eat today and yesterday and im sitting on my bed wondering why i can't remember to feed myself and i realised it's because you're not here and i miss you and i know that i should learn to take care of myself but im afraid that if i do you'll never need to come back so please come back before i starve
  • Gemini:
  • i used to hate the way that you made me yell down the stairs after i made a loud noise to let you know that i was okay and sometimes i'd yell as soon as I dropped the laptop/desk drawer/picture frame to beat you to the shouting bit but for the last thirty minutes I've been sporadically dropping all of my book down the stairs hoping you'll call up because i want to hear your voice
  • Cancer:
  • there's a sound that you make that i try to avoid at all costs because the first time that I heard it i froze i froze inside of it and i let it's beautiful anguish swaddle me until i was sure that i would drown inside you and that was okay but i swore that if i survived i would never make you sad and i survived so please love me back
  • leo:
  • i've never been able to understand the way that you look at me like you are going to swallow me whole between sips of your coffee so sometimes/always i try to remind you that i'm poisonous and i always try to remind you that i'm defective and you always kiss me hard in the middle of my forehead and i think that's why i'll never stop loving you
  • virgo:
  • let's make a bet that in ten years i'll still be sleeping next to you every night and if you win and i'm not sleeping next to you every night then you get to break into my tastefully large and likely extremely expensive house and curl up beside me because you know i still save the left side of the bed for you and if i win and i'm still sleeping next to you every night then we'll call it even because i already have everything i've ever wanted
  • Libra:
  • every time that you touch me i feel my skin go translucent under your finger tips and i remember what it is like to feel skin against my skin and i know that you can see right through me and i know that you know what I'm thinking but it doesn't really matter because i felt your skin against my skin and i know that nothing will feel real until you touch me again
  • Scorpio:
  • the last time that i saw you was in a dream and for some reason i thought that if i could talk to dream you then maybe dream you could give real you a message from me and i was just wondering if it worked and if it did then why haven't i heard from you so just in case it didn't work i told dream you to tell real you that i haven't forgotten us
  • Sagittarius:
  • have you ever wondered what would have happened if we had never met do you think that we would be okay like do you think that we would find happiness without each other because i was thinking about it and i think that i would still feel like something was missing even if i didn't know that it was my most important something
  • Capricorn:
  • So I'm sitting on the curb nursing another twisted knee and i realise that even though i know that you could leave me broken i will still follow you to the ends of the earth and through every stitched cut and relocated shoulder that would have never been dislocated if we had just stayed on the path like i had suggested i'll remember our first night when you taught me to nurse my wounds and fade old scars and it will be worth it
  • Aquarius:
  • sometimes i wish that i could burrow through your iris to the part of your skull where you feel all of the secrets and regrets slowly spilling into the stomach acid that you pretend you aren't choking on and i'm hoping that you'll find relief if i take some of the pressure but you have to let me in because i promise your demons don't scare me
  • Pisces:
  • you've always made the decisions when it comes to what we are going to eat or who's bed we're going to sleep in and i guess it's because i'm never really sure of anything and sometimes i'm afraid of what might happen if i make the wrong choice but with you i feel safe and i want you to know that even though i'm never really sure of anything i'm completely sure of this so maybe just trust me this time
PVRIS lyrics sentence starters
  • "Take a good look at what I've become."
  • "There's a hole in my chest and I don't think it's leaving room for anyone."
  • "I'm trying my best."
  • "I'm doing everything to bring this body back to life."
  • "No matter how hard I try, I don't think I will make it through the night."
  • "I've been changing, falling, fading."
  • "There's demons at the door patiently waiting."
  • "Please watch over me, and be the light to carry me."
  • "I can feel it, being torn from my, my hands; my innocence."
  • "This change is all so permanent."
  • "Can't you see a change in me?"
  • "This world is a masterpiece."
  • "Shout out to the artist who took his heart and his soul and lost them both in the process."
  • "Please be the saint to save me."
  • "You were spoiled rotten and turned stale." "My tongue's acquired tolerance for tastes I couldn't stand.""You've been stuck in a rut and a wasteland."
  • "So just trust me, you'll be just fine."
  • "I need your trust just for tonight."
  • "Reach out your hands and tell me just what you feel."
  • "This is not just all in your head."
  • "Mind over matter makes these things feel so real."
  • "I can see the doubt in your eyes."
  • "You say there's no such thing as better things in life."
  • "I must confess this is all too new for me."
  • "Keep an open mind, it brings open hearts and open eyes."
  • "I'm hoping you weren't heaven sent, 'cause only hell knows where you've been."
  • "Your built composure's wearing thin."
  • "All your walls are caving in."
  • "I just wanna lift you up."
  • "I'll take all this love I found and I hope that it's enough."
  • "Don't you shut this down, no, don't you give this up."
  • "If we don't bend then this might break."
  • "Dream of me to keep you safe."
  • "Before you came around, I was lost and out of place."
  • "You're the only love I found and I'm hoping that you'll stay."
  • "Please stay."
  • "This isn't violence, this is just a war in my head."
  • "I give it time but it never seems to end."
  • "Don't you try to run right now, 'cause baby I could burn you down."
  • "The second that you walk into a room, I can't help myself from the things that you do."
  • "You're killing me right now."
  • "I think it's time you burn me down."
  • "I love the things we do when it's just me and you."
  • "You're just a ghost of blissful feelings."
  • "I'm losing you to the games in my mind."
  • "I know it's chemicals that make me cling to you."
  • "I need a miracle to get away from you."
  • "I think you're a saint and I think you're an angel."
  • "You give me something to think about that's not the shit in my head."
  • "You're a miracle."
  • "You're a glimpse of bliss, a little taste of heaven."
  • "You give me something to talk about."
  • "I need a miracle to bring me back to you."
  • "I know you're gone now, but I still wait for you."
  • "You walk around like you own the place."
  • "Guess it was all my fault."
  • "I think I let you in."
  • "Never thought that I would feel like this."
  • "Such a mess when I'm in your presence."
  • "It's my soul, it isn't yours anymore."
  • "Darling, you can't stay."
  • "Haven't you heard? I'm not yours anymore."
  • "I think it's time to get out."
  • "You've got it all, but you've got it all wrong."
  • "You're a poor unfortunate soul."
  • "You make it seem that you feel whole so they don't know you're a poor unfortunate soul."
  • "Think you're holy when you're not."
  • "I hate to break it to you baby, but you're simply lost."
  • "Simply calling out sins don't bring you closer to God."
  • "You're just a ghost at most, a set of empty bones."
  • "Searching for anything and everything to make you feel whole."
  • "You're all alone, you poor unfortunate soul."
  • "You just know I'm a poor unfortunate soul."
  • "There's no way that there's weight in the words that you preach."
  • "You contradict your speech."
  • "You're shallow and empty and filled with regret."
  • "Don't think I didn't notice."
  • "You've got it all."
  • "You've got it all wrong."
  • "It's hard to be what you need."
  • "All you ever do is turn me down."
  • "Can you hear me? I'm screaming for you."
  • "Day by day, I'm slowly replaced in your picture frames."
  • "Sick of the lack of signal, sick of the lack of touch."
  • "It's not enough, it's not enough."
  • "Don't blame your death on the shit in your head that you claimed ate you like a virus for days on end."
  • "I watched you decay, watched you waste away."
  • "Who'd you think you'd fool, baby, digging your own grave?"
  • "So go ahead, you just drop dead."
  • "You're trying to fool the whole world."
  • "You can't cheat death when you're digging your own grave."
  • "You're out of line."
  • "Your bridges are burning."
  • "You started a fire and you're burning up."
  • "What you give is what you get and in your case that's nothing but guilt and regret."
  • "I swear I couldn't wait to get you off my chest."
  • "It's hard to find life in something that's already died."
  • "I can't sleep, that's when you're torn away from me."
  • "It's hard to say 'good morning' when it's followed with 'goodbye'."
  • "Just wanted to say 'good night.'"
  • "I'm not ready to say 'good night.'"
  • "Yeah, I need to feel you again."
  • "Here comes the hardest part."
  • "In what world do I go to sleep after you and wake up before you? I don’t even know how it happens."
  • "Well I hope you’re having sweet dreams, and you call me when you wake up."
  • "Darling, don't be so shy."
  • "I'll see you at midnight."
  • "You make my world spin."
  • "I'll wait to see you again."
  • "I know you're dead inside."
  • "I don't feel so lonely."
  • "Darling, don't be so shy, I'll see you at midnight."
  • "In the morning, I hope I see you by my side."
  • "I know you're dead inside, but you make me feel alive."
  • "I'm the one with the ghosts in my bed."
  • "I swear that I'll be fine in the daylight."
  • "It's my head not my heart that's strayed."
  • "I'm sorry I keep pushing you away."
  • "I don't wanna fight."
  • "Why can't you stay?"
  • "I'm up against these things I can't see."
  • "Make me believe."
  • "You struck a match and left me to burn."
  • "I wanna feel something that's not the touch of your breath on my neck."
  • "I wanna feel something that's not the weight of your world in my head."
  • "I shouldn't give in, but I let you win."
  • "I won't let you in."
  • "I know it's warmer where you are and it's safer by your side."
  • "I can't be what you want."
  • "You and I can keep our love alive."
  • "It's cold when we're apart."
  • "I hate to feel this die."
  • "You can't give me what I want."
  • "I can't keep you in these arms so I keep you in my mind."
  • "Can we meet in the middle?"
  • "I've been wondering why you keep feeding me these lines."
  • "You made a fool of me."
  • "You charm me, it's not easy."
  • "You would not believe how the tides have turned."
  • "If I'm gonna play your games, I know there's a price to pay."
  • "I've got the tendency to constantly pay for my mistakes."
  • "I can't pick sides."
  • "You would not believe all the things I've seen."
  • "If I'm gonna lose this game, what's the use in trying to play?"
  • "I shouldn't expect any less but I can't always have my way."
  • "Your doubts of me are constant reminders of why I should stop hoping."
  • "Keep your eyes on me."
  • "I won't let them pull you under."
  • "You'll find what you're looking for."

So, I literally just sent this post…but yeah, I’m not done yet, and your response only motivated me more!

So, first off, Commander Holt on the planet while Matt is gone:

  • Commander Samuel Holt is not happy with staying behind, but Matt was adamant about it, and used the fact that Shiro told him to take care of him, and the Holt siblings are stubborn as hell. Now he is worried sick about his son, so he does what he can to keep from thinking about it.
  • He learns.
  • He starts learning how to write in alien languages, which he manages to catch on to enough to be able to write a bit.
  • He also learns first aid for a lot of the different aliens on various planets throughout the planet’s galaxy. Despite not reaching far beyond their galaxy, they are still leagues ahead of Earth when it comes to interacting with other planets and space travel. If he hadn’t promised to stay, Samuel Holt would have wanted to go explore.
  • Because of the planet’s civilization interacting with others, news travels fast throughout the galaxy. Commander Holt hears about Voltron before Matt does. He hears awe-inspiring and terrifying stories of the Paladins. Some say they are kind, while others say they are ruthless. Their leader is the Black Paladin, some say, while others will argue that their leader is the princess of the long dead Alteans. One general consensus is that you do not mess with the Green Paladin. If the other Paladins catch you, you are screwed, and if they don’t, the Green Paladin is ruthless to their enemies.
    • Naturally he is concerned about whether Matt will be safe if he runs into these Paladins
    • And glad they are against the Galra instead of on their side.
  • Then, a couple of months after Matt left, a small Galra fleet attacks the planet.
  • A leader must rise, and Commander Holt goes from medic and scholar to a commander once more.
  • Under ordinary circumstances, Samuel Holt is a pacifist. But the Galra took him and his son from their family and probably were responsible for the death of a brilliant young man that he cared for a lot. They are not going to take this place on his watch.
  • While Matt’s name does not spread, as he acts like a shadow, throughout the galaxy that Commander Holt is in, the name Holt inspires fear and respect. It eventually travels past that galaxy, along with stories of a fearsome unknown alien who led a planet to victory against the Galra. The stories are exaggerated, but they
  • Matt and Pidge both hear about this after they reunite, and while both of them are proud, Matt is concerned as hell.
  • And by concerned I mean nearly has a heart attack when he hears.

And secondly, reunion. (And Shiro/Matt because I ship it)(I also refuse to use the shipping name I’m sorry but nah).

  • Matt is stopping at a planet and eating, because he still needs to eat darn it, when he hears about one of the Paladins of Voltron being captured without their lion.
  • Naturally, he is super concerned about this, because based on what he heard, a big portion of Voltron’s power is all the Paladins being together (at least, that is as much as he knows) and one being gone might cripple the unit all together.
  • (He doesn’t know they are separated)
  • So, because his existence is basically just a permanent “screw you” to the Galra, and because being a prisoner to the Galra sucks, he decides to go save the Paladin.
  • And it is the single hardest thing he has ever had to do.
  • He prepares for a week beforehand and still struggles.
  • The place the Paladin is being kept in is an important Galra base, and thus has higher security, plus has a Druid on the ship, and Matt know for a fact that they could easily kick his ass. And the presence of a Paladin as a prisoner means their cell will be heavily guarded. And he has to get out with another person who best case scenario will be capable of fighting, but worst case being they are unable to move, and whatever they were captured with off the base without setting off any alarms until it is too late to be stopped.
  • And only one shot to do it.
  • So, it starts off being hell, as he knocks out and disables guards to the Paladins cell, only to find that not only is the Paladin currently in a laboratory awaiting experimentation from a Druid, but Haggar, the leader of the Druids and Zarkon’s right hand, is at the base.
  • So now it is a race against time, and Matt has to get to the lab and get out with someone who might not be able to be any help, then find their things, all before one of the most powerful enemies he could ever face manages to get into that room.
  • Matt refuses to let himself wonder if it is worth it. If he is struggling to get in and out of this hell, imagine being someone imprisoned in it!
  • Using his skills and with a heavy helping of pure unadulterated luck, he manages to get in the place to find…
  • *drum roll*
  • Takashi “Shiro” Shirogane, lying unconscious on a lab table.
  • (I am Shiro/Matt trash. Did you think I wasn’t going to do this?)
  • Matt is shocked, but he is able to keep moving, dragging Shiro out of the lab.
  • I saw a reblog where someone (@captainrandomfandomtrash) mentioned in the tags that he might hum “Do It For Him” as he fights, so he is definitely humming it as he is getting Shiro out of there.
    • You do it for him, and you would do it again.
  • He barely manages to get Shiro’s armor and such before heading to his small ship.
  • He is almost out of the ship when the alarms go off, and he hates what his first thought is.
  • New record.
  • He manages to escape the Galra without too much trouble, and soon decides to land on a nearby friendly planet due to being exhausted as hell.
  • Shiro, who is heavily drugged, is taken to a doctor to make sure he is okay and Matt finds a place to sleep.
  • The next day, Matt is gone for a moment because nature calls when Shiro wakes up.
  • He flips out, especially since his last memory was being strapped to a table, which, keep in mind, has happened at least three times already. Eventually the doctor and some nurses are able to calm him down and explain that he is safe and someone brought him here.
  • Shiro assumes one of the Paladins brought him there and calms down.
  • He is a bit caught off guard when Matt, mask on and everything, enters to find him awake, but smiles and thanks him anyway.
  • Matt freezes at the sight, before pulling off his mask and saying, “I thought you were dead.”
  • It is a tearful and happy reunion.
  • Shiro is given a day to rest and they don’t talk much, just enjoying each other’s company and appreciating the other’s presence before they fly off to where Shiro hid the Black Lion.
  • Shiro ends up piloting after learning that Matt barely knows how to fly and nearly crashes every time he does.
  • “How have you survived this long?”
  • “The universe may never know.”
  • “Matt, this is serious.”
  • “lol idk.”
  • Probably not actually how it goes down but lol idk.
  • When they find the Black Lion, it is being guarded by the other lions and the Castle, and Shiro and Matt nearly get shot before Matt figures out the communication system on the ship, something he has never really needed to do, and Shiro tells them that he is on the ship.
  • They land on the planet with the Black Lion and exit the ship as the other Paladins come up to meet them.
  • Cue Pidge and Matt staring at each other in shock before Pidge practically tackles him.
  • They hug tightly, and both express their joy in seeing the other, before Matt asks what the hell Pidge is doing so far from Earth?
  • They all end up going back to the castle to explain.
  • Matt also finally explains where he was, and Pidge can barely believe that her brother did that. Shiro is worried as hell about that Matt has been putting himself in these kind of situations, but also proud of how he has been doing all this stuff and was improvising the whole time? What?
  • The Paladins are all happy to be back together and Pidge and Matt are reunited and everyone is happy. Allura even agrees that they can head over to the planet Samuel Holt is on so Pidge and Matt can have their dad back again.
  • Basically I don’t want to hurt anymore.
  • lol idk
  • sorry guys

Here you go! Part two!

anonymous asked:

GOM+kagami being scolded by their s/o for doing something dangerous/reckless then telling them that they worry about them a lot and don't want to lose them

Murasakibara: “Baka! Baka, baka baka, BAKA, BAKA!”, you yelled, almost in tears, as your punched his stomach with your tiny fists. “Do you know how bad you could’ve been hurt? What was going through your mind?!” Murasakibara looked at you in surprise, sucking on his maiubo. “Don’t you ever dare do anything like that again! You scared me to death! Next time, I will kill you with my own hands!”

He held you by the wrists, and made you look up at him. “Nee~ ___chin, why are you so upset? I couldn’t leave my snack bag in the middle of the street - it would’ve got ran over by a car, and then I wouldn’t have anything to eat anymore. You understand that, don’t you?”

“You gigantic idiot! What if you got hit by a car just because of a stupid bag full of food? Huh? I- I…” your voice broke down, and your resistance gave in. You leaned your head on his stomach, hiding your face. “Just be more, careful, please” - you said, in a quiet, low, tone. “I couldn’t stand it if anything bad happened to you”. Murasakibara gave you a warm look and put his arm around your shoulder, slightly rubbing your back. “Nee, ___chin ~ don’t cry, ok? I’ll make sure to be more careful from now on.”

Akashi: “I don’t understand why you’re making such a scene. After all, I was completely in control of the situation.” “Bullshit, Seijuro. Kise said those guys were huge, and that they looked shady as fuck. You were really lucky - that’s it. And don’t give all that Emperor’s eye crap again: I don’t care. If I hear you’ve tried to play superhero again, I will cut you up and through you to a river myself. You heard me? I can’t be babysitting you 24/7, and I refuse to live in the fear that you are going to get shot in a dark alley any day just because you decided that there was no need to bother the police. Am I clear?!”

“Kise always exaggerates things, and you know it. But aw, look at you. Come here. You are worried about my well-being, aren’t you?”

You didn’t ‘come here’, but rather turned your back on him. “Yes. Because you act like you were immortal or something. Which, fyi, you are NOT.”

Akashi got up, and hugged you from behind. “I’ll be ok, ___. No need to keep expressing your love and caring in the form of rage anymore - I got the message. I’ll call the cops next time, if that helps you sleep better at night.”

“Unf. Fine. Thank you.”

Kagami: “So… Taiga. I overheard Aomine telling this story the other day - looks like that "guys’ night out” y’all had was kind of wild, huh?“ Kagami cursed to himself. "Well, you know Aomine - he likes to exaggerate.” “Oh, yeah? So he made up the whole thing? Because in such case, he should consider taking up a career in writing: what a wonderful imagination he must have to invent that whole story about you driving out to the country drunk and trying to bullfight while trespassing private property.”

Kagami sighed. “Look, ___…”

“Listen, Taiga: I trust you. But somehow, everytime you and Aomine get drunk together, your life ends up put in danger. Just, try to control yourself. I don’t mind having to drag you home and babysit you - but if neither of you can stay sobber enough to take care of the situation then I don’t think you should do these crazy things together anymore. You know what I felt like when I heard him? What if you’d got in a car crash? Imagine your mom calling me crying from the hospital, waking me up in the middle of the night - you don’t want that, do you?”

Kagami looked very embarrassed. “Yes, I mean, no. Of course I don’t. You’re right: I think I need to start practising moderation. Thanks, ___.”

“Come here, you drunken dork”, you openned your arms for him. “I just care too much for you, Bakagami. Like, a lot more that you do yourself.”

Aomine: You peaked around the corned to look at the groaning mess that a few seconds ago had been saying nasty things about you to Aomine. “What the fuck, Aomine. If I hadn’t stopped you, the guy would be dead by now.” “Yeah. And it would’ve been well-deserved. The bastard.” “Why do you pick a fight with everyone that talks crap about me? It’s inevitable, and you know it - everyone hates me here anyways.” “Well, because they are all clueless idiots - like, c’mon, did you hear that? I don’t understand how you yourself haven’t kicked their asses already”. “No use. It’s just a bunch of stupid lies anyways, and we know it - my friends know it. Who cares? Look, I don’t want you to get in trouble over stupid stuff like this, ok? Just ignore them. I mean, I know you’re strong and everything, but still… What if they come in a group and you decide to beat them all up? Things could get pretty ugly for you. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

”___, you know me better than anyone. If you think I’m gonna stand some douchebag talking shit about my girl, you are wrong. Not if I can stop him.”

“Please” - you looked him directly in the eyes, with a suspicious tear in your voice. “Please, Aomine. Stop it. For me. Please.”

As you broke down. he drew you close to him, and pressed your head against his chest in a tight hug. “Ssh, shh, __… It’s gonna be okay, it’ll be okay…”, he murmured as he slightly rocked you from side to side. But he never promised he’d stop picking up fights with your bullies.

Kise: “This is unbelievable, Ryouta. Unbelievable. You are even dumber than I already knew - Who thought that was possible?”

“Hey, ___cchi, that was mean. And it wasn’t so bad. I didn’t even get a scratch, after all.”

“It wasn’t even that bad?? There was a train coming in two minutes, and you threw yourself at the rails to save a kitten, Ryouta! Is your head full of cotton candy? A train!”

“Well, yes. But the kitten is so cute - I mean, look at him. Isn’t he just adorable?” Kise held the kitten in front of his face for you to see, trying to persuade you.

“Yeah, yeah.But you know who else is cute and can’t get hit by a train? You. So next time, try calling the train company instead of just happily jumping down for the platform with no gurantee that you are gonna make it back up in time to not get smashed.”

“Aaaw, I get it now! ___cchi was so worried I would get hurt she is acting all mad now to make sure I don’t get hurt in the future! ___cchi is so kind and tsundere!” He poked your cheek, and handed you the little kitten. “I am not tsun…”, you started, but you got interrupted by Kise: “what do you think we should name him, ____cchi?”

Kuroko: “I can’t believe you stood up to that guy that was bothering his girlfriend. I mean, it was sweet and noble and everything, but he was so much bigger than you, Tetsu. He could’ve smashed you with his pinky if he’d wanted to.”

"He would’ve never done that. And even if he had, someone had to stop him, or at least try. Men that yell at ladies are the biggest scumbags ever, but luckily, they’re normally huge cowards, like this one.”

“Look, I just don’t want you to get hurt, ok? Just… Give things a second though before you put yourself in danger selflessly like that. Please?”

“Thanks for worrying, ___.” Kuroko reached out and grabbed your hand with one of his, at the same time that he stroked your cheek with the other. “I appreciate it. I promise to be more cautious in the future.”

You were sure he was just trying to put your worries to ease, and would keep acting exactly the same - your didn’t feel relieved at all.

Midorima: “Shintarou, do you realize how much danger you have put yourself in -!” you shook the purple toothbrush just a few centimeters in front of his face. “There was a fucking typhoon warning, for God’s sake!”. You threw it at the floor.

Midorima looked at the tip of his toes, in ashamed silence.

“Shintarou, look at me.” He looked up, and his eyes slightly met yours. “Do you realize the seriousness of this? Have you ever seen a typhoon on TV? Do you know what it is?”

“Y-yes, I’ve seen them… They have almost the destructive power of a tsunami…” - he looked away again.

“Exactly.” “But it was just a block walk to the store…” he protested, not sounding very convinced of his argument himself. 

“Look at me. Do you undertand what you mean to me, Shintarou?” When he looked you in the eyes again, you were almost in tears. “Do you really think a toothbrush is worth throwing all of this away?” - you turned your back to him, trying to hold the sob growing in your throat back. “Throwing us way? Are you conscious of what losing you would do to me?”

Midorima stood there, and watched you as you broke down and fell to your knees. “I am sorry, ___. I-I didn’t know… I just…”

TitleSleeping WIth The Enemy
RatingMature Audiences
CharactersMichonne, Rick Grimes
Word Count: 1,635
SummaryMichonne is a notorious White Collar Criminal that actively pursues a night with Rick Grimes who happens to be a renowned agent with the FBI. An agent completely oblivious about just who it is he has invited into his bed. What was meant to be a simple night of pleasure and blissful irony turns into something Michonne wasn’t prepared for in the slightest. And as feelings for Rick begin to surface, and the realization of his feelings for her become more prominent, her life becomes a steadily complicated balancing act.
PartsChapter 1

Her fingers were splayed across his toned stomach admiring the gentle rise and fall that came with each steady breath. Their legs were intertwined, bodies still entangled, they were a mess of sheets and sex exhausted limbs. Every so often she’d gaze up at him to see if he were awake and each time she was met with eyelids shut fast over his bright blues, face devoid of anything other than tranquility.

He was always so peaceful when he slept, like an earthbound angel, all the stresses of the day seeming to melt away as he slumbered. She found herself enthralled by the sight of him sleeping, so enthralled even that the thought of leaving him was almost painful.

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Number Sixty: Is that all there is... to life, and moving on with it?

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Earlier today I was reading Lipstick Traces by Greil Marcus. I first read it in college in 2001 in a seminar on Marx and Nietzsche. It opened my eyes to a very different kind of scholarship and a very different way of thinking about cultural history. I love that book. But reading it again all these years later I was stunned by how differently I feel about it. The scholarship is still strong, well-argued, and illuminating; but now I can’t help but be overwhelmed by the absurd narcissism of the whole project. This whole book because Greil Marcus felt a need to justify how amazing he felt when he heard the Sex Pistols; he went so far as to ascribe an entire secret and unconscious chain of historical relations and intellectual antecedents to them to give them the profundity they’d earned in his heart. It’s kind of amazing, brilliant, and sad all at once.

I mention this all because at one point in the book, he uses a quote that I love from Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth. “People pay to see others believe in themselves,” she said, “on stage, in the midst of rock ‘n’ roll, many things happen and anything can happen, whether people come as voyeurs or come to submit to the moment.”

That sort of sums up my feelings about Sleep No More, sixty shows and 3.something years later. This is a very complicated recap, because it involves a lot of history, and personal experiences, and opinions. If you’ve read this whole blog and come on this journey with me, a lot of this will make sense. If you don’t like that I “speak with authority” about things, do me the favor and tune out now. If it bothers you that my opinions invalidate your experiences, that’s too damn bad, load your own opinions with more conviction next time around and stop trying to invalidate my experiences with your opinions… about my opinions. 

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anonymous asked:

The whole "I want you to hate me but now I don't think you're capable" friends with benefits imagine was sooo good, & Bc I'm a fan of cheesy happy endings it'd be a nice surprise if you did a part 2? It's perfectly fine if you don't want to, but it doesn't hurt to ask! :)

(You’re so cute :’) here you go babe I hope you like it!!)

Part 1


That’s how many times Michael had tried to contact you.

You knew he didn’t feel the same way but the things that he said to you? The hurtful, venomous words he spat left a pitiful stain on your heart that you couldn’t wipe off as much as you tried.

Love hurt like a bitch. That was a given. But you didn’t think that he would brush it off without so much of a talk that would clear the air and give you some closure.

But you heard nothing from him.

He was back in LA, from the countless tweets you saw on your feed of the boys emerging from a restaurant tonight. You rolled your eyes at the pictures. He looked so, happy? Carefree?

Needless to say you were the exact opposite. You shut your laptop and decided to head to bed, silencing the ever so growing thoughts that erupted in your head. Was he with another girl? Did he even like you anymore forget about love?

You thought he was at least your friend. The late night discussions you two would have sometimes mixed with the breakfast in bed in the mornings, tired smiles combined with the sex hair both of you had always made you smile.

But to Michael I guess it meant nothing.

You heard a pounding on the door, wondering who in the hell was knocking at nearly, you checked your phone, midnight.

Sighing you threw the covers off as you slipped on your slippers and proceeded to yell at the person who decided to disturb your sleep.

Opening the door, an incessant trail of curse words were about to leave your lips until you saw that familiar set of blonde hair and those eyes that could stab you in the heart with one look.

“Mike?” You questioned, surprise lacing your features, undoubtedly as you took in the man you loved.

He looked good. Put together. But the words behind his eyes told you otherwise. He brushed past you as you stood there for a minute, realizing what was happening. You literally just saw him on your computer screen and didn’t think he would ever show up to your place. But he was always full of surprises wasn’t he.

You slowly made your way into the living room, not knowing what the fuck to do at this point. Awkward wouldn’t even describe the situation right now.

“I know I said some pretty shitty things to you the last time we talked.” He started, taking his jacket off as you took in his body. Damn, now’s not the time to think about that Y/N.

You brought your attention back to Michael as he continued to his what looked like prepared speech.

“I’m a fucking idiot I think we all know that.” You cracked a tiny smile at that, sitting on the armrest of the couch as he grinned a little at the uplift in your mood.

“I said that because I didn’t want to be in a relationship that would just hurt you in the end. Why do you think I just fuck and leave huh? So I’m not tied down? Because I don’t want someone that I could come home to at night and just cuddle the shit out of and talk to about literally everything? No. It’s because if I did let myself fall for someone, it was going to end bad. It’s just inevitable.”

You didn’t know he started walking closer to you with each sentence he said, making your heart pound like a hammer.

“But then you came along.” His voice softened instantly when he reached you. “And fucked everything up.”

You let out a strangled chuckle as the tears you didn’t know started forming in your eyes.

“And then I fucking fell for you. You made me want to be that boyfriend who does all that romantic shit for you like buy you flowers, well in your case pizza,” he laughed as he put his arms around you, “and watch those chick flicks with you, but with you it’d probably be horror movies right?”

You nodded as you smiled and embraced him from the torso, looking up at his breathtaking eyes that you could never get enough of.

“All those things I just said, you tend to like the exact opposite which is one of the many reasons why you stole my heart in the first place.” You laughed as you leaned up and pecked his jaw, completely defying the traditional characteristics and likes of a girlfriend.

But that’s what he loved. That’s what he wanted. Because he was different too. But in the best way possible.

“I love you. Have for awhile now. And I really hope you still feel the same way.” He brushed his lips on yours, missing the way you two fit together and moved in sync.

And it might take some time for Michael to properly fit back into your life, but he knew that it was going to be worth it. Because you’re worth it.

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I don't think it's on your list but could you do an imagine of asking Sherlock to watch you as you sleep after he found you having a nightmare?

Thank you for requesting!
I apologize if this is trash, but I am very tired :) Anyways, it’s also kinda long so…. Sorry??? 
-Mrs. Holmes

Words: 1.6K ish
Warnings: Nightmares and I think it says Hell once or twice. 

Living with Sherlock was interesting, to say the least. You certainly didn’t hate it, or the man himself, but his job was… Unusual. 
When you went to the flat originally to find a place to live, you were one of the few people who had no idea who the hell Sherlock Holmes was. 
Sure, you found it odd that as soon as you stepped foot into the door of the complex you were bombarded with questions by the elderly landlady, but you didn’t think anything of it. You thought it was normal for the woman to be curious about possible residents, it was safe after all to question you on where you worked, who you worked for, and what your purposes for visiting the complex were. You did find the questions about whether or not you had a blog or if you were a journalist a bit unusual, but as you said before, you thought nothing of it. 
Meeting the man himself was an even weirder experience than the drilling questions from the landlady. When you had walked into the flat you were instantly greeted by a man of tall stature, wonderful bone structure, model-like curly hair, and a gun in his hand. Your eyes had widened in fear, hands going up in a sign of innocence instinctively. 
They did it in movies all of the time, so you thought why not? This was your first time ever seeing a gun and judging by the way it was pointed to your forehead it could have been the last time you saw anything. 
Your breathing was rapid, fear evident on all of your features and, by the way your hands shook while they were raised. 
“Oh, good. She’s fine, Mrs. Hudson! Completely boring!” The man’s baritone voice rung out through the flat, calling presumably to the woman who had interrogated you. 
“What the f-?” You began, hands lowering as the man shoved the handgun into the pocket of his dress pants. 
“No need for expletives, it was a precaution.” The man remarked with a twinge of annoyance. 
You had furrowed your eyebrows at his tone, he was annoyed? Really? He was the one who was annoyed?
“A precaution against what? Law students?” You exclaimed, the anger setting in at the fact that some stranger just pointed a gun at your face for coming over to look at his flat. 
The man narrowed his eyes at you, looking intrigued. 
Swiftly, he outstretched his hand with the intention of you shaking it.
You simply glared at him, arms crossed aggressively across your chest.
The man sighed, seeming disappointed that you didn’t want to shake his hand. 
“Sherlock Holmes,” He introduced, lowering the hand in defeat as your eyes stared bullets into him. 
“You better explain what the hell just happened or I’m filing a police report,” You told him sternly, teeth gritted in anger at the fact that you were almost murdered and then that same man wanted to shake your hand
This was the beginning of a blooming friendship, despite how much it seems like the beginning of a horror novel. 
You had moved in, against your better judgement and with a lowered fee, to 221B Bakerstreet with the illustrious Sherlock Holmes.
It was frustrating at first, and it was still pretty frustrating, but you had gotten used to his unusual work hours, ridiculous behaviors, odd mood swings, and frequent need for a work partner. 
After you found out what his job actually was, who he was, and what he could do, he often persuaded you to join him for cases. It started with him asking you to bring him dinner while he worked at Bart’s, and then it continued when you looked through the files on the case, and it ended, multiple times, with you either solving the case, being targetted, momentarily kidnapped or all of the above. 
Life with Sherlock was definitely not boring, but it sure was traumatizing. 
You never let it show around him, or at least you tried your best to hide it from him. You enjoyed the work and the distraction his job gave you from your boring day job and university classes, but a normal person can only take so many death threats before they start to feel the effects. 
You felt the affects most nights, waking up in a cold sweat with a silent scream hanging from your lips as your eyes opened wide with terror.
Sure, the nightmares sucked, but Sherlock’s lifestyle was addicting and you weren’t looking to stop anytime soon. You had become pretty close to him over the past year or so, finding that he actually seemed to care about you occasionally. So, you made sure he never found out about the nightmares just in case he decided that you were too unstable to keep going on cases with him, or worse, to keep around in general. 
Hiding the nightmares was pretty easy since you slept on the second floor, far away from his bedroom and far away from anyone else’s room. You were well secluded and safe to have as many terrifying dreams as your brain conjured up. 
However, you made the mistake of falling asleep on the couch. 
You weren’t sure how it happened, one minute you were sitting on the couch watching a movie and the next you were waking up gasping for air. 
You had to slowly regain your vision as you opened your eyes wide, your brain thinking that you were being choked in real life, and not just in your dream. 
When your vision did clear up and you could see more than just randomly placed black spots, you were greeted with the intense green eyes of Sherlock Holmes. 
You swallowed instantly, breathing making your chest move rapidly as you tried to pass off the obvious night terror that you had just experienced. 
“H-Hey Sherlock… When did you get here?” You asked curiously, sitting up straight and running an awkward hand through your hair. 
Sherlock simply tilted his head, eyes narrowing at your actions. 
“When did you start having nightmares?” He asked immediately, eyes digging into you. 
You bit your lip, excuses flowing in your mind as you tried to find one that sounded the least ridiculous. But, as you took in the concern in Sherlock’s eyes you realized you probably weren’t going to get away with this one. 
“A couple of months ago,” You admitted, gaze falling down to your lap as you sensed he was about to give you a stern talking to. 
You waited for his scolding words, expecting him to lecture you on the importance of telling him things or something of that variety. 
But, they never came. Instead, you heard a sigh followed by his comforting voice. 
“Come on, you can sleep in my room.” He informed you, sounding like this wasn’t a negotiable topic. 
You stood with a defeated sigh, watching as Sherlock led the way to his bedroom. 
“Why your room?” You asked curiously, not arguing against the force that was Sherlock Holmes, but merely wanting to know his reasoning. 
“It’s comfortable, I don’t sleep in it anyways.” He told you, opening the door to the room and stepping in first. 
You followed easily, looking around at the black and white theme he had going on. Your eyebrows furrowed at his admittance of never sleeping in his room. To you, that seemed like a more pressing matter than the fact that you had nightmares. 
You approached the bed, not bothered that it was Sherlock’s room. 
“This way if you have another nightmare, I’ll just be in the other room.” He explained, watching as you climbed under the white comforter and settled into the mattress. 
“It is pretty comfortable in here,” You remarked, head just peeking out from under the white sheets and blankets. 
Sherlock hummed in response, nodding his head to you as a gesture of goodbye, before starting to exit the room. 
“Sherlock?” You asked suddenly, making him turn around with surprise and even made yourself feel a bit startled. You hadn’t planned to ask him the idea that popped into your head, but apparently, your lips had plans of their own. 
“This is going to sound ridiculous.” You continued, deciding to just stick with it since you had already dug your own grave at this point. 
“Most things you say are,” Sherlock quipped, however, despite the joke, he stayed to wait to hear what you had to say. 
“Could you… Stay with me? While I sleep?” You asked him sheepishly, expecting him to scoff at the answer, or preferably think you were joking before brushing it off entirely. 
But, just like before, he did the exact opposite of what you expected. 
He walked towards the bed, climbing onto the mattress and lying next to you like it was the most natural thing in the world. 
“If you have another nightmare, I’ll wake you,” He said, lying on his side as his eyes focused on your face.
You nodded, a small smile creeping up to your lips at the gesture. 
You closed your eyes soon after, feeling more relaxed than you have in a while.
After a few moments, you spoke up again, once more surprising yourself and the detective lying next to you. 
“Yes, Y/N?” He asked instantly, tone sounding a bit irritated that you were talking to him, instead of trying to sleep. 
“Thank you,” You whispered. 
He wasn’t expecting you to say that, out of all of the things you could have said, and the way he furrowed his eyebrows showed it.
But, he relaxed soon after, eyes trained on the peaceful expression upon your face. 
As he stared at you, he quickly realized he wouldn’t be opposed to doing this more often. 

Do Kane and Abby Deserve to Survive?

I was doing my Season 2 rewatch and I made a note of a certain parallel regarding Kane/Abby and Cage/Dante that I noticed in 2x06 to write about when I got the chance. I guess this would be my chance. 

In the parallel, Cage is Season 1 Kane and Dante is Season 1 Abby. Allow me to explain. I’ll start by copying two discussions (one between Kane and Abby; one between Cage and Dante).

Scene One (1x01):

Kane: “I choose at every turn, and at every cost, to make sure that the human race stays alive.”

Abby: “That’s the difference between us, Kane. I choose to make sure we deserve to stay alive.”

Scene Two (2x06):

Cage: “Every day you paint the outside and - if Dr. Tsing is right about this - you might be able to see it again, dad.”

Dante: “Listen to me. You need to understand this. If I give the order to harvest those kids I won’t deserve to see it again.” 

In these scenes, Kane and Cage play the same role of doing whatever is necessary to save their people, and Abby and Dante instead play the role of attempting to hold on to the morality that they have left. Dante and Abby’s quotes in particular are incredibly similar. I have bolded the word “deserve” because it unmistakably links them to each other, and the idea of what our characters deserve is another idea that I’m going to talk about later. For now, I’d just like to point out the parallels between these characters, and what they might mean.

First of all, Abby, Kane, Cage, and Dante all find themselves as leaders of societies outside of Earth. All of them have the same problem: the Earth is (as far as they know) unsurvivable and they want more time - for Kane and Abby, that means more oxygen; for Dante and Cage, that means better treatments (which they would get from the 100) so that their people can live longer, more fulfilling lives.

Later in Season 1, Abby and Kane find themselves in opposite positions on the Culling, which would give the Ark the extra oxygen they need to live longer. Dante and Cage oppose each other in terms of whether to harvest the 100 or not, which would help them pursue healthier lives. Kane and Cage want to go through with it, despite both situations being inhumane (and enacted upon innocent people who have no control or say over their fate). Abby and Dante disagree with this, looking for alternative solutions to the issues at hand.

Where Abby tries to prove that the Earth is survivable (so the Culling would be unnecessary), Dante tries to get volunteers among the delinquents. Another parallel between Abby and Dante is that they both manage to inspire people to volunteer to help them. When Abby releases Jake’s video to the Ark, hundreds of people step up to the plate to be part of the Culling. Dante manages to convince Jasper and some of the delinquents to volunteer their blood for the Mountain Men.

I’d like to make the point that, while Dante is not okay with bleeding the delinquents on Cage’s terms, he is perfectly content with doing it if they give their consent. And Abby, while not okay with killing 320 innocent people in their sleep, is also fine with sucking the air out of 320 people’s lungs if those people choose to let it happen.

The point is, after these instances, instead of continuing to look for more solutions to the problem, Abby and Dante instead accept the one solution they already have, even though it is less than ideal - tragic even (especially with the Culling). The illusion that these people want to help (even though they probably don’t want to do it - they feel that they should) is enough to convince themselves that their morality is still intact (which probably isn’t entirely accurate).

If it is their last option, Abby and Dante have proven that they will choose society first

This is also apparent again with Dante when, as the Grounders/Sky People are preparing to take down Mount Weather once and for all, he helps Cage to prevent this from happening, essentially “[giving] the order to harvest those kids”, which is exactly the thing Dante decided would be the thing to ensure he no longer deserved to survive.

Dante didn’t want to harvest the 100 so he looked for volunteers, but harvested them in the end anyway.

Abby tried to stop the Culling and ended up inspiring people to volunteer. She then went through with the Culling anyway.

Meanwhile, Kane and Cage both pushed for the Culling of Sector 17 and the harvesting of the delinquents throughout it all, in the name of the greater good and the survival of their people.

This is where the parallels start leading into speculation territory, which is kind of the whole point of this post.

Dante and Cage are obviously dead now, but it’s not so much that fact that I’m interested in, but the reason why they died. Both of them were murdered because of what they have done. Lincoln killed Cage as an act of revenge for his sins, so to speak. Dante, on the other hand, was killed by Clarke in an attempt to save her people - the same people Dante assisted in putting in danger. In these ways, they have paid for all that they have done.

Kane and Abby, whose decisions parallel those of Cage and Dante, are still very much alive going into Season 4. But will they stay that way? That is the question.

Dante knew that he didn’t deserve to survive after what he did to the delinquents. And I believe that a part of Abby doesn’t believe she deserves to survive after what she did on the Ark, either. Why do I think that? Because of this:

“After all that we’ve done, do we even deserve to survive?” (2x13)

There it is again: that word. Abby has used it before - she said her choice was to ensure that the human race deserved to survive. But, clearly, she does not believe that she has succeeded. It’s implied that Abby doesn’t really think that she deserves to survive after all.

You’re probably wondering why I bring this up now - why events that happened in Season 1 and Season 2 are so important all of a sudden. It’s because of the Season 3 highlight reel that played at SDCC. Jason said that that video (and Clarke’s voiceover in particular) is a teaser into what ideas and themes the writers will be exploring in Season 4.

Abby’s line in 2x13 is incredibly similar to a line that Clarke says in the SDCC highlight reel, which is this: “When all is lost, can hope survive - can we survive - and, after everything we’ve done, do we deserve to?”

The same idea that Abby brought up in 2x13 was brought up again in the very video that Jason said is a hint at what will be explored in Season 4 - so this idea has not been put to rest yet. Abby and Kane’s sins have not been forgotten.

I just think that this idea of people on this show deserving to survive after all the horrible things they’ve done seems to always be linked to Kane and Abby. Both the scenes that Abby talks about it, she is speaking with Kane. And considering Abby and Kane parallel Dante and Cage, what does that mean for the future of these characters? Will they die also, because of the things they’ve done?

The reason I think that this might be a possibility at all is because Jason already said that there won’t be enough “lifeboats” for everyone to survive the next apocalypse in Season 4. He also said that Bellamy doesn’t believe he deserves to survive, but maybe he would decide to live if he believed that he had a purpose again … say, if Kane and Abby were to pass on their legacy and responsibilities to Clarke and Bellamy in the new society (remember this is all speculation).

Do I think that it is in line for Kane and Abby to sacrifice themselves for their people? Absolutely. Would it make sense for them to do so, considering neither of them believe that they deserve to survive in place of other people after what they have done? Yes, it would make perfect sense.

Kane and Abby - but most obviously with Kane - both have tried really hard since 2x13 (and in Season 3, in particular) to redeem themselves for what they have done when they were in power. But I don’t think that either of them really believe that they can ever fully be redeemed for all that they have done - I don’t think that’s how redemption works, especially not on this show. Just because someone changes, it doesn’t mean that the past is erased. So I can see Abby and Kane giving themselves up in a last self-sacrifice to save their people and in an attempt to make up for their past wrongs. 

I believe that The 100 is slowly moving in the direction of the start of a new society, one without the past restrictions and harsh ways of the Ark - a society that was run by Abby and Kane. It would make sense, wouldn’t you say, if there were new leaders to lead that society, versus the ones who were in part responsible for some of the corrupt and cruel things that went on in the old society? I don’t believe that either Kane OR Abby will be in power by the time this series is through.

Instead, I believe the power will be held in the hands of the next generation. All of the lessons Bellamy and Clarke learned? Their character arc’s these past few seasons? It’s them learning the necessary lessons they have to in order to become leaders. The narrative is shaping them into the leaders required in the new society - that’s my belief.

I had a discussion with @forgivenessishardforus @jane-doe07 and @junebugninja about the possibility of Kane and Abby dying in Season 4 and Bellamy and Clarke becoming leaders a little while ago, so I’m tagging them here in case they have anything to add. I’d also like to acknowledge that many of my opinions in the second half of this post were shaped by the discussion I had with these ladies. 

Anyone want to chime in?

Phil’s Liveshow // 9.4.16

He’s wearing his cat pocket shirt

“Publishing that to facey b”

He loves Australian accents and we wanted to pick it up

“Sorry if I met anyone and copied your accent”

He’s bubbling at the bottom of the illness scale

School chat

The school bus was the worst part in his opinion

“Maybe I’ve had a second puberty and didn’t realize”

He got a haircut when he got back 

He gets prawn cocktail pringles, a fizzy beverage, and a new computer game for his after tour chill

He lost his Captain America shirt


The Australian crew was really chill

He froze

He was enamored with the opera house

They saw gigantic bats and a possum

“I frickin love raccoons”

He had a great time in Hong Kong 

They went to the peak of the city and went to a pizza restaurant with a great view 

Hong Kong was wet af

“I’ve never been so moist”

Someone said they were watching at a theme park and he saidd they should take him on a ride

He likes hoovering

Top fans got marsupials 

He thinks he would be a water bender because he’s an aquarius 

Talked about the wildlife park

“It was life changing for me, meeting the koala.”

The koala smelled better than he did

“A fresh, cuddly, cloud bear that smelled of menthol.”

*cough cough*


He hates washing dishes 


Dan is more scared of spiders than he is

He’s mildly disappointed that he didn’t see a terrifying beast

Talked about Tim Tams

Dan bought them some Moon Cakes in Hong Kong

They got burgers the first say in Hong Kong

Dan’s probably playing a video game in the house somewhere

His sleep schedule is almost fixed

Their photoshoot was for documentary adverts so expect to see those

He never knows what to do with his face in pictures

He did some teethy smiles

They watched a lot of Olympics in Australia

His favorite event is pole vaulting

“Attaching a human to a pole”

They stayed in apartments rather than hotels in Australia

Him and Dan stayed in an apartment together so they got to go see the rest of their crew and it was a good time other than having to make their own food

He actually got all of his magnets

“Marriage to everyone”

RIP Dan’s farfetch’d 

Discussed Mr. Mime (whom he doesn’t trust)

“Define what you mean by cute”

“I love you, Phil” “Thank you, Daniel” (this was a message don’t eat me)

Talked about the demonetization drama

Dan’s videos and the gaming videos are fine atm don’t sweat it pals

Discussed the Hong Kong light shows

He attracts mosquitoes 

Dan has loved all of Avatar but it took him a bit to get into

“I’m glowing” Phil is pregnant #confirmed

“What happened next in the life of Dillypops”

Dil will be the next video and then Undertale and another Dan (and slightly Phil) video will come soon

They just set up a new speaker system in their lounge

He thinks their neighbors hate them because their movies are always so loud


He likes cheesecake 

Top fans got more animals 

Salted caramel, mint chocolate chip, and cookie dough are his favorite ice cream flavors 

Photoshopped Dan #conspiracy 

Evan Peter’s red hair 

He watched Zoella’s candle haul and he wanted to order them but they don’t deliver to the UK

“Salted caramel pumpkin. What the hell? That’s what I want.”

*cough* “Can you not?”

He’s burning cappuccino truffle right now 

“We really need to clean that shelf”

He’s wearing fox socks today

“Life is too short to wear matching socks”

He is not naked from the waist down in case you were wondering 

Discussed Cursed Child

He froze again

“How many hands am I holding up? I mean fingers.”

Photoshoot pictures will probably be released within a month

He was sneezy and stuffy on the plane and it was awful

They watched The Night Manager on the plane

*Soundtrack singing*

He FaceTimed his mum today

He’ll probably see his parents this month because they may come to London

His mum hasn’t watched the ditl video yet

His mum is also very excited about her new iPhone

Will Dan ever get over the farfetch’d find out next week on Mackenzie Falls


He appreciates us hanging out with him 

“Goodbye! Boop.”

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anonymous asked:

Snow calls Regina because she's worried after what happened at the town line and she just wants to talk to Regina & well yes, maybe give her a hope speech. So she invites Regina to go shopping with her for baby Neal's clothes &they end up talking about everything &nothing (Snow's hideous clothes choices, Regina remembers when she bought Baby Henry clothes &maybe they talk about Robin I don't know). The prompt is them shopping together after the events of 4x11. The other is how maybe it happened.

Fic:  Baby Steps.

BroTP Snow Queen

Rated T, set Post 4.11.  

Regina doesn’t want to answer her phone.  She doesn’t really want to see anyone.  She just wants to crawl up in a ball in house and just not feel anything.  But she has a son, and a life and responsibilities and if she ever has any hope of … well hope again… she needs to at least get out of bed.

What she doesn’t expect as she’s getting dressed is the door to ring.  Emma had picked up Henry for his riding lessons an hour before, and they were all supposed to meet back at the author’s house to search the library again later that evening.  But for now Regina’s plan for the day had been to not curl up in a ball.  Baby steps.  

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thebestpersonherelovesbucky  asked:

i have so many beckwatney feels so i've come to join the party. A few days after Mark's back on board, Chris calls for him in the middle of the night. So late that it wakes Mark from a dead sleep, but bossy is calling him so Mark goes to see what's wrong or what test he needs to run or whatever. But when he gets there Chris just smiles and says "Oh good. It wasn't a dream. We DID get you back." He tells Mark to "get over here" and they cling to each other. Chris whispers "I got you back."

“You got me back,” Mark whispers back.

Chris wonders if he’ll ever get used to it. To Mark being back, being there with them. With him.

It just feels so surreal, like a beautiful dream replacing the horrible nightmare he’d lived when Mark had been dead, and then alive but doomed, hopelessly trying to survive on a barren planet. Alone. Maybe that’s what the dream is for, to push Chris to try and hopelessly survive too, because at times the pain is too strong to bear.

But the moment he touches Mark, nightmares and dreams fade and what’s left is the exhilarating reality of Mark being there for him to hold, to kiss.

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anonymous asked:

I'm going to be a freshman in the fall and I'm kind of worried. I was wondering if you could give some advice? OR if there was advice you would have wanted to tell your past self, what would it be?

Oh goodness. So, I went to UT Austin and I do indeed have some grand wisdom to hand down. 

Where to begin:

  • BACK EVERYTHING ON YOUR COMPUTER UP EVERYWHERE. Use Google Docs. Use flashdrives. The cloud or whatever. I literally once had my laptop blue screen of death crash the night before an essay was due and I had to start from scratch because I hadn’t saved it anywhere else. Holy crap please back up your files. I got 2 hours of sleep. 
  • Go out of your way to talk to people when you have a little down time. It can be intimidating to make friends in college, but being lonely on a huge campus sucks. 
  • Get your textbooks from Amazon. Used. Always used. And wait until you actually go to class the first day to buy them. You never know, but sometimes professors change the book list at the last moment. (I once bought over a hundred dollars of books I didn’t need. It sucked.) 
  • Ok, this one is REALLY important- learn the signs for alcohol poisoning, and if you are ever at a party and see someone who is not in good shape call a god damn ambulance.Even if you are underage and drunk as hell, CALL THEM. MANY college towns in the US have laws where you can not be arrested for illegal substance use if you have called for medical help. (This goes for any drug use really) This is a worst case thing here, but really, really, really, do not just assume someone can sleep off an overdose.
  • If a professor says that you can’t finish the essay the night before: believe them. 
  • If you are struggling with a class, email your professor and see them during their office hours. Really. They know how to do well in their own class, and just having a face to put with your name goes a long way sometimes. 
  • Find the best cheap hole in the wall place within walking distance of where you sleep and treat yourself. 
  • Even if it seems tempting: Adderall and all nighters are really not the best way to prep for a test. (Spacing studying over several nights with juice / coffee breaks is far more effective at getting the info into long term memory) 
  • Try a new hobby! Hoola hooping, or D&D, or Fire Dancing, or Salsa dancing, or slam poetry. Find out what bizarre and interesting groups meet in campus and go to a few. I played Quidditch for a while and went to Electro concerts in the park. They also played free movies every week on one of the mall lawns. College is full of weird things: embrace them. 
  • No matter how bad your allergies are: NEVER take two Nyquil before a lecture. You will not stay awake. (I did this. Why, oh why did I do this?) 
  • One of the best ways to do a study guide, especially in your big lecture classes, is to create a Google Doc and share it with EVERYONE who is in that class (many colleges have course email lists set up.) Pop the blank study guide into the Google Doc and then EVERYONE (all 300 of you) can contribute to it. Collaborative learning at its best. 
  • Be prepared to have terrible group partners in group projects. Prepare for the worst. Prepare to do everything by yourself. (It is also ok to let the professor know if a group member is just unable or unwilling to help.) 
  • If your campus has an art collection on it/art shows/an art gallery: Go to it at least once. Its more fun than you would expect. You will also feel very mature and cultured and smart. You should feel this way. It is a good feeling.
  • Find your favorite spot on campus. (Mine was the court yard of the old architecture building. It had a reflection pond and ivy on the walls with these purple flowers and it was always so quiet.) Go there to read or study or nap when the weather is nice.
  • Buy about 4 times more pens than you think you need.
  • Sporting events are optional. I never liked them, but some people really dig it.
  • If you are on campus with a handheld video game system, there is a decent chance people will walk up and ask you about Jesus. (I had this happen to me MULTIPLE times while playing Pokemon.) Just…be aware of the possibility.
  • FOOD CARTS ARE YOUR FRIEND. Find tasty food carts.
  • On that note: do not forget to eat.
  • When writing an essay, make sure you understand the formatting your professor wants. APA and MLA are not the same. Also, there are websites that will generate works cited in any format you need for free online. (I used easybib)
  • There will be days when you feel overwhelmed and frustrated and you want to just give up and not do anything ever again because college is made of stress and vodka shots. It’s ok to feel this way. Take a small break. Take a walk. Go to your favorite spot on campus. Eat at your favorite food cart. 
  • Do not drink Four Loco. That shit will literally kill you. (Mixing energy drinks and alcohol, especially if you drink several of them increases your risk of alcohol poisoning because the caffeine will suppress your body’s natural defense to over-drinking: making you go to sleep.) Also they taste like luke warm donkey piss. Do not drink them. 
  • It’s ok to feel homesick. (I did) It’s ok to go home every other weekend for the first two semesters. (I did) It’s ok to call home multiple times a week (I did.) It’s ok to spend a friday night in pajamas, watching netflix, and doodling on your arm in purple ink. (I did.)

This became a very long list. I apologize. I hope at least some of it is useful.  

Always darkest before the dawn

Summary: inspired by that one tumblr post that goes ‘let’s spend our nights eating cereal on the floor when there is a perfectly fine table behind us’

Word count: 1.5k

Notes: thanks to my amazing beta @im2weirdforu for all her support

also you can read this on ao3

You’d think that when one goes to grab a glass of water in the middle of the night, his best friend crouched on the floor is not the sight he expects to be greeted with. And in fact, Phil didn’t. But you’d also think that it would leave him utterly confused, and this wasn’t Phil’s case.

Dan was sitting on the kitchen floor, his back against the wall, his knees pressed to his chest and his head buried in his lap. Surprisingly, the first thing Phil wondered about in that exact moment was not why he was there, but how an adult man over six feet tall could manage to look so small and fragile and breakable.

“I know what you’re going to say” Dan mumbled, his voice muffled by the fabric he was hiding himself behind.

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Hear me out on a few things.

In the world of “Anti’s” and “Terry’s”, I would call myself a loner. I don’t care who KW is with, but I love TG so much that I wish they were together, but I don’t run around completely shading Kerry or her choice of “husband” (even though I cringe when I see anything remotely lovey dovey written about TG and his wife, JM). I just can’t picture that sh*t AT ALL. I really focus on facts of what I see and don’t see. So I’ll lay out some thoughts:

1. I think there are many things off with the whole KW marriage. Many things. There are no photos of them ever together while they were dating or married (until SNL if you want to count that and until the GG).

2. There are some things off with the TG marriage. Considering that he stated that he lives in LA for half of the year, and was living with his father for some time makes me wonder how he ever spends quality time with JM. Some say he hasn’t been with her in over 10 years, but I have no proof of that, plus he has been wearing that wedding ring forever. My only thought would be that they were separated, but not divorced. Even so, something is off. Hell, maybe he stays married to her because she threatened to take most of his money, lol (which would explain why he’s working like a slave on all of these new projects). 

3. We stopped seeing interviews with Olitz since season 3 began filming. Could be because KW wants to take the attention off of people believing they have something going on (now that she’s married and all), or it could be because something actually is going on with her and TG and they felt the need to keep low. 

4. However, during GG week, ALL SORTS OF ODD THINGS HAPPENED. 

-TG article is shown from Good Housekeeping talking about how much in love he is with JM (when clearly those quotes are old or did not come from his mouth), but they had to have some clearance from TG since they notified him that they were doing a spotlight on him, so he had to know about it. Maybe he agreed to it to make people believe he’s not with KW, I dunno. 

-A TG/KW photo emerges 2 days later from a CAA even that they attended. God know’s we were all shocked since they have NEVER been seen together in a photo since press tour for season 3. I wonder if that was done on purpose since we have all been begging for either a Twitter photo of them or some BTS shot of them, to which we always got nothing. They sure go out of their way to not be photographed together. 

-NA suddenly appears from the grave and is spotted at an after party with KW. KW ran with this photo and posted it twice on her Instagram. Once, in a collage that a fan made, and then in her Flipgram post. There were no other photos taken of the two of them, which is odd considering that they are supposedly married and in love. 

5. Supposedly some are saying NA was at the award show, but stayed in the background. If that were the case, why didn’t any fan get a picture of him? Someone got a pic of Tony before the show, why are there no fan photos or celeb photos of NA? My guess is he wasn’t there, but showed up at the after parties, which is odd. Your wife is a nominee, but you don’t go to the show with her. Ok. 

So based off of things that I see and don’t see, I still believe that the marriage is an arrangement of sorts. I think TG lives mostly in NY and LA, but he does occasionally travel to CT for family events involving his daughters. I can not imagine him sleeping in the same bed as JM (call me a hater all you want). I do think TG and KW have messed around and like each other. I don’t know who her baby daddy is, and I don’t know who she really loves, but something about all of this is off. 

Something ain’t right. Kerry and these IDTAMPL charades is getting on my nerves and it’s getting old. Either she comes out and says there is nothing going on with TG (which would stop some of the allegations that they are together) or she actually goes out in public with NA as true couple and occasionally talks about him.