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Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact she replied with simple sentences that I was able to google translate easily?? I’m so glad Koogi seems to take care of herself. Let’s all spread more positivity towards the author 💕


A monster in my mirror but I did not run away
I did not shed a tear or hide beneath my bed
Though the monster looked at me


In case you don't understand what's so great about Twintelle

ARMS is Nintendo’s FIRST (attempt at a) fighter genre title with competition in mind. No, seriously with how the Directs hyped up this game as this deep and complex competitive fighter, I was kind of put off that we ended up with Stretchy Arm Boxing. But anyway, this is Nintendo’s first attempt to break into the Competitive Fighting genre for real- Smash may count to some, but that series has always been about balancing casual and competitive, with varying results.

And breaking out into the genre, they add, in the year of our Lord 2017, their first playable Black character.

And you know who this character is?

A full-bodied, darkskin Black Woman, who’s basically the Beyoncé of the ARMS universe, whose every move is with purpose and grace and confidence and #BlackGirlMagic.

Nintendo Wins All the Things basically.

Prequel to this

Shuffling nervously from one foot to the other, Liz clutches the little bouquet of flowers to her chest as if it were a lifeline. Her fingers - sweaty and trembling slightly - are playing with the sharp edges of the plastic petals. Meanwhile, her heart is pounding away, racing manically against her rib cage, and her whole body is going from a hot-flushed red to a darkest-winter kind of cold.

She just can’t believe she’s doing this.

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So this is how my morning went *laughs*

[6:30:50 AM] Dragoon Sama: no but like, i keep thinking about what happened when arthur woke up
Dragoon Sama: like he’s just in a panic, realizing he’s not in his own body, completely off kilter due to the differences
Dragoon Sama: and there’s the teens/young people, who can be just as bad as the old crazies but also tend to be more athletic, harder to get away from, and what sort of cult is this, what do they /want/?
Dragoon Sama: where were lewis and vivi and mystery?  were they safe?  if it was just arthur, that was better, but he wanted to know where they were (help him), and he’s trying not to panic
Dragoon Sama: and the mystery inc guys, they don’t /believe/.  they want to know why shaggy’s playing such a silly joke, how far he’s going to take it
Dragoon Sama: and by their acting like arthur/shaggy is the crazy one, only reinforces arthur’s fears that this is their plan somehow, they want him to forget his own life for some reason he can’t figure out.
Dragoon Sama: and it’s scooby who calms things down, who gets both parties to realize that there’s something Wrong here.  because scooby could tell.  shaggy, even if he were inclined to do such a prank, wouldn’t do it without scooby knowing.  he wouldn’t let it go this far, to the point he was in a real panic attack, /scared/ of his friends.
Dragoon Sama: oh hi are you awake
Dragoon Sama: i was just rambling to you offline didn’t realize u would be there
Dragoon Sama: >>

Charlie McCarthey: He smells DIFFERENT too which is what starts it. But instead of getting on edge, Scooby was raised that way-to be aggressive to strangers, especially ones so frightened they can’t peel themselves from a corner.
Charlie McCarthey: HIIIII yes I live

Tumblr is kind of nice in that it puts issues and life experiences of marginalized groups at the forefront, but it’s also kind of terrible in that it takes people who have an ill understanding of the actual mechanisms of privilege and prejudice and pit them in a contest of who has it “the worst,” not understanding that intersectionality doesn’t come with a life-satisfaction rating scale 

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I'm really confused on your answer to the anon mentioning Gal Gadot. Do you have information that says they are incorrect in their accusations? Do you just not care? If the latter is the case, then I don't understand how you could consider yourself an intersectional feminist. I really hope it's something other than you just not giving a shit.

Because serving required time in your military is not enough to make me hate a person. The Israel/Palestinian debate is far, far more complicated than people attempt to make it seem and I’m really tired of seeing it displayed as this black and white issue, often fraught with deep antisemitism.

No one tells me not to watch Batman Begins because Morgan Freeman was in the air force. No one ever told me to avoid watching Star Trek because of Leonard Nemoy. Or Star Wars because of Adam Driver.

When it’s US military somehow things become more grey, despite the atrocities committed continually by US forces abroad.

So if it’s a line you draw, then draw it. But don’t come around telling me what to watch because you decided one matters and the other doesn’t.


A little domestic at the Temple

Wishlist: Supernatural season 11 ep where a case brings Castiel to a Supernatural convention, and he runs into a group of Cas fans.

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Hello! I have a question. How did you do the poses in the laboratory?

Hi there!! :) Sorry for answering so late. ^^;;; I pretty much use tiniermemagazine’s way of using poses. So in case you don’t understand my version of the tutorial, you can use tiniermemagazine’s explanation.

The tutorial’s under the cut so I don’t bother anyone with this. ||D

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Can you please explain cases to me? I don't understand them in English nor in Russian what do they do?

Generally, cases show correlations, i.e. how things connect to each other. In Russian, they often do the job of prepositions.

* Nominative is the case for subjects, the main topic of a sentence.

Example: Я люблю грамматику. I like grammar. It is me, who acts here, so I is in nominative here to show who is the subject. 

* Accusative: usually shows a direct object. No prepositions both in English and in Russian. 

Example: I like grammar. My love to grammar is directed toward grammar. Grammar is a direct object of my passion. So we put it in Accusative: грамматику

Remember, in Russian, word order is flexible, not to say chaotic. Without proper endings, it would be unclear whether it is me who likes grammar, or is it grammar who likes me.

* Genitive helps to show possessive relations. In English the preposition “of” plays this role. 

Example: Я люблю грамматику русского языка. Literally: I like the grammar of the Russian language. (Note: adjectives should agree with nouns in numbers and cases)

Also, Genitive comes with numbers. Шесть падежей. Six (of) cases. Think of it as a part of the whole (total amount of cases in the world). 

* Dative shows the direction of the action, like English preposition ‘to’. 

Example: Он посвятил свою жизнь грамматике. He devoted his life to grammar. 

There are other meanings of Dative, but all of them shows direction of the action in this or that way. Even in the example: Мне нравится грамматика? the literal translation should be Grammar is pleasant to me (though we translate it in the reverse fashion, as 'I like grammar’). 

* Instrumental comes where “by/with” comes in English. Instrumental shows your tools, your means. 

Example: Я объелась грамматикой! I’m fed up with grammar! You way of getting fed up was by grammar, so we put it into instrumental.

* Prepositional. Generally, prepositional equals to 'about’. There are some nuances, but they all could be summarize in the preposition “about”. 

Example: Мы говорили о грамматике. We talked about grammar. 

Some scientists would add another two-three cases, but let me stop here.

I hope, my explanation wasn’t too confusing. The idea is: cases shows how one thing relates to another. 

  • DAY6 as moments in a day
  • Sungjin: It's noon and there are no clouds at all. It's the hottest time of the day, but you look at the sky and you catch a glimpse of the sun. And you felt alive when you did.
  • Jae: It's dawn and you're alone. You're immersed in your thoughts. You take in the solitude and you become aware of everything that there was, is and will be in the world.
  • Young K: It's evening and the atmosphere feels heavy with the city lights, dark sky and the busy roads. But a wisp of wind passed by you then you felt a chill and a sense of relief.
  • Wonpil: It's morning and you go outside and see that the sun's still behind the clouds. But you greet it anyway because it gives you light before it even shows itself.
  • Dowoon: It's late afternoon where nothing's really happening. Things you had to do is already done but your rest hasn't started yet. Still, you're glad enough to appreciate the day.