in case you can't tell they're holding hands in the first one

Thunderbirmon and Digitalworldproblems' Guide to Digimon
  • Rule #1: Make friends with everyone, they'll come back later.
  • Rule #1b: Unless you're in the Frontier Digiworld in which case if they come back there's every chance they're going to die.
  • Rule #1c: Or if they're Leomon. Any Leomon.
  • Rule #2: Don't pick favourites, because chances are they will die.
  • Rule #3: Never split up from the group because you'll probably die or have several near-death experiences if you do.
  • Rule #4: Always have optimism, even if you don't, pretend you do. Everything in the Digital World that has a consciousness will feed off negativity. Always act like you are happy or else you are screwed.
  • Rule #5: Bring several pairs of gloves, eventually something will throw poop at you and you better be prepared.
  • Rule #6: Expect to find an evil Digimon that will end up becoming a good Lopmon.
  • Rule #7: If you have goggles, you're probably going to be the most powerful. If you don't have goggles, argue incessantly with whoever does and that works too.
  • Rule #7b: If you do not fit into either category, be prepared to be tossed aside while those two do all of the fighting.
  • Rule #8: Make sure you can swim, someone somewhere will make sure you end up attacked in the water.
  • Rule #9: You must be in perfect physical condition because at many points you will be required to run for your life for extended periods of time.
  • Rule #10: Practice friendship speeches every day, one might just save your life.
  • Rule #11: Have ridiculous hair, have unnaturally coloured eyes and wear ridiculous shoes to fit your giant feet.
  • Rule #12: Have at least one tragic thing in your past to look back on and give you strength to fight further at a pivotal moment.
  • Rule #13: There will always be a missing extra member of your group. Search for this person at all times.
  • Rule #13b: Unless it's Ryo. He'll show up eventually, no point trying to rush it.
  • Rule #14: The small child of your group is actually capable of taking care of themselves, no matter how incompetent they appear to be.
  • Rule #15: Establish a really annoying trait early on so that when you overcome it, it counts as character growth.
  • Rule #16: Know that your Digimon is nothing but a tool for character development.
  • Rule #17: The comedy villain always comes after the storm.
  • Rule #18: Be aware that if you so much as breathe next to another character, people will ship you. It's unavoidable, no matter how much or how little of an age gap there is, whether you are related or not, or whether you are the same species or not.
  • Rule #18b: If you don't want hate mail forever, never get in the way of Tai and Sora. There are people out there who will fuck your shit up.
  • Rule #19: Expect to have your heart broken once your adventure is over.
  • Rule #20: If you want to do something and never have an American or European see it, do it while peeing and nobody will ever hear of it
  • Rule #21: If your partner Digimon has a form that resembles humans, never Google that form's name and look at images, or else you will never be able to see your partner the same way again.
  • Rule #21b: Actually just never Google your partner, nothing is sacred.
  • Rule #21c: Never Google yourself and another character in the same search, the effects will be even worse than googling your partner and looking at images.
  • Rule #21d: Unless you're into that, I guess. We're not judging. (We are. We aaare.)
  • Rule #22: Don't even bother bringing food. You will only need to eat in the first few episodes and then you will never get hungry or thirsty again.
  • Rule #23: Remember - It's never a game. This advice will make most bad humans turn good. And possibly crush their souls.
  • Rule #24: If a Digimon tells you that you can trust them, there is a 99% chance you can't and they will turn on you and probably steal any essential belongings of yours.
  • Rule #25: Falling is only fatal in the human world, anywhere else and something will conspire to catch you.
  • Rule #26: Once you think you have defeated the final enemy, you have not. There will always be one that is stronger, or the same one will return twice more.
  • Rule #26b: Don't worry though, despite being stronger, Digivice ex machina will intervene and save the day.
  • Rule 27: Light is the almighty good but darkness is also good??
  • Rule #27b: If whoever explains this first is themselves a representative of darkness, they're lying and evil. Everyone knows objective evaulations of darkness only come from the almighty light.
  • Rule #28: There will always be an evil Digimon who will attempt to convince you to believe that you are the only sane person in the group and that the evil powers of darkness that you have spent your entire time fighting against will help you rise above the commoners.
  • Rule #29: Sexy is evil. Anyone who thinks they're sexy is therefore evil.
  • Rule #30: Your Digimon is always right yet they will still do whatever you force them to.
  • Rule #31: If they're small but have two legs they're probably Ultimate level or higher.
  • Rule #32: Walk down stairs, do not run.
  • Rule #33: No really we're not kidding. Walk down stairs, do not run.
  • Rule #34: If your Digimon is blue and related to dogs, you will be playing an important role.
  • Rule #34b: Same goes for fire Digimon.
  • Rule #35: You must love eating weird food combinations. It is a custom with Digimon protagonists.
  • Rule #36: No matter how desperate the situation, you always have time to chat, sass, and bicker.
  • Rule #37: When holding up your Digivice to activate something, it is essential that you do some hand movements and turn around a few times before actually activating it.
  • Rule #38: Beware Digimon bearing banquets.
  • Rule #39: When you kill an enemy Digimon, make sure to destroy the body because they will probably come back if you don't.
  • Rule #40: All adults should be assumed to be dangerous idiots until proven otherwise.
  • Rule #40b: Do not accept any direct help from adults because they will probably make everything worse.
  • Rule #40c: Accepting help from Digimon will probably kill them in the long run.
  • Rule #41: Don't feed your Digimon too much food or else they won't be able to move in times of a crisis.
  • Rule #42: There is no moment that doesn't need terrible jokes.
  • Rule #43: At some point, some almighty celestial Digimon will descend and explain everything to you that was supposed to be explained at the start.
  • Rule #44: If something calls itself God it's probably evil.
  • Rule #45: Never trust any digimon named after Satan.
  • Rule #46: The whole Digimon level actually mattering thing will eventually gravitate towards being total bullshit as your adventure continues.
  • Rule #47: Wear clothes relating to your personality.
  • Rule #48: Don't reveal anything in an internal monologue you wouldn't want the world to know.
  • Rule #49: If you always wear headgear, expect everyone to beg you to take it off at some point just so that they can see your hair.
  • Rule #50: Sea Digimon can fly out of water. Legless Digimon can fly. Any Digimon can fly if the plot demands it.
  • Rule #50b: Until suddenly your Digimon becomes aware that it needs wings in order to fly. Then it will no longer be able to fly.
  • Rule #51: Your Digimon can engage in colossal battles in the real world. They will probably destroy buildings while stopping that digimon from destroying buildings, but fuck it, it's in the name of good, right?
  • Rule #52: Despite the name, baby Digimon can take anything up to a building collapsing on them as long as they aren't the target of it.
  • Rule #53: If you're in the Tamers universe, you don't need to wait for a magical bonding moment for your Digimon to evolve. You can just cheat by slashing an evolution card.
  • Rule #54: All prophesies and legends are true, and are probably about you. Especially the ones involving a great darkness.
  • Rule #55: Even if the entire world sees you save both worlds, you won't be treated like a hero. People probably won't even remember the existence of Digimon about 5 seconds after the problem disappears.
  • Rule #56: No matter how much the world is going to end in like five minutes and you've proven yourself competent before, all normal people are going to insist on you doing your chores and homework and staying where it's safe while the world dies.
  • Rule #56b: Even though you're pretty much excused from school, you'll probably still have to do homework. But on the bright side, there is pretty much no bedtime!
  • Rule #57: Always get into petty fights with your Digimon so you can reunite stronger than ever later.
  • Rule #58: Keep your Digimon a secret from your family/friends and if they see it, deny that they saw it. Apparently the giant monsters rampaging through the streets are more normal than a partner Digimon.
fuck it i did another chapter parody
  • (INT: Levi & Ramona are pep talking their respective squads.)
  • Levi: Okay guys, we're here.
  • Levi & Ramona: This is going to be a tough fight.
  • Levi: Our enemies are many in number...
  • Ramona: ...and they are strong.
  • Levi: But if we're going to live free some day...
  • Ramona: ...if we're going to achieve our dream, then we must be prepared...
  • Levi: stain our hands with blood.Because the future we envision...
  • Ramona: ...rests upon this very battle. If we don't fight...
  • Levi: ... we can't win.
  • Levi & Ramona: For the revolution of the world!
  • Squad Levi; *tosses some explosives down the stairs*
  • Ramona: What the fuck- (/actual dialogue)
  • Sasha: *shoots them (the explosives I mean)*
  • Barrels: *BOOM*
  • *dramatic smoke fills there room, along with glitter, sparklers & confetti*
  • Levi & Mikasa: *enter with a series of perfectly coordinated spins & loops, ending in a dramatic flourish of their audibly shiny blades*
  • Ramona: Okay, everyone shoot them while they're posing! NOW!
  • Levi & Mikasa: *dodge 70 bullets at once without breaking a sweat*
  • Ramona: How the hell-
  • Levi: Hey Ramona! Remember when I fucked up your squad a couple days ago? Well, I'm going to fuck it up AGAIN.
  • Mikasa: See, you're holding my brother captive. And as for the *last* people that tried to hold him captive... well, let's just say I bet they're PRETTY DAMN HAPPY they're Titan Shifters.
  • Levi: But enough on that, what did you think of our entrance? Badass, amirite?
  • Mikasa: We *wanted* to set up a strobe light and soundtrack, but there just wasn't enough time.
  • Levi: Also, we're related to your boss, in case you couldn't tell.
  • Ramona: *sigh* (to her squad:) Don't worry, guys. We outnumber them five to one, we have more experience, and these idiots LITERALLY brought knives to a gun fight. We won't have any trouble winning this fi-
  • *five minutes later*
  • Ramona: Okay WHAT THE ACTUAL CRAP?! Who writes this shit?! (to her squad) Okay, everyone RETREAT! And if you so much as breathe a WORD to Kenny about the famed Anti-Human Suppression Squad getting their asses kicked by a bunch of kids barely out of the Training Corps without at LEAST tacking a "Captain Levi" onto it, I will PERSONALLY kick your ass to the other side of Wall Maria. Got that?!
  • Hanji: Hey, you forgot about me.
  • Ramona: *shoots her*
  • Ramona: were saying?
  • Hanji: do you have to exist...
  • Squad Kenny: *retreats*
  • Levi: Okay, Armin, you tend to the other nerd, there might be some official art in the next room. The rest of you follow me.
  • Armin: Levi... you DO realize that EVERY time someone says, "you guys wait here while I go battle my evil dad in the other room", it NEVER works out well, right?
  • Levi: *ignores him*
  • Meanwhile, Rod Reiss is poised to inject Historia:
  • Rod: Let's hurry, Historia. They're getting closer.
  • *five minutes later*
  • Rod: ...So then Frieda ate my little brother and gained the Coordinate power, as well as Titan Shifting and the memories of the outside world. And it was pretty gross, I mean, his guts were EVERYWHERE. But it's a Reiss family tradition, you know, just like how we always open ONE present on Christmas Eve and go boating at the lake every summer. And, you know, boating accidents plus Titan Shifting can get pretty damn amusing. Like, I remember your great-aunt Bertha told me about that one time she went cliff diving. Turns out the water was shallower than she thought and she wound up stubbing her toe pretty badly on the bottom, and then five seconds later: BOOM! She's a Titan. She could see *over* the top of the cliff and she was all like, "why the fuck did I even GO cliff diving in the first place?!" And then there was the time when...
  • Historia: Dad? Didn't you say we had to hurry?
  • Rod: Oh yes. Right. Much hurrying. The Survey Corps will be here ANY SECOND.
  • Eren: (thinking) Wow. This guy's the biggest idiot I've ever met.
  • Kenny: ...Say, Rod, mind if I see that syringe for a second?
  • Rod: (glaring at him) ...Why?
  • Kenny: Oh, um, no reason, I... just want to see if it's working correctly, that's all! Haha. Yeah.
  • Rod: "If it's WORKING CORRECTLY?!"
  • Kenny: Um... yeah?
  • Rod: This is for HISTORIA. NOT YOU. Are we clear?!
  • Kenny: Aww c'mon! You mean I can't become an Ackeroordinatetitanshifter and utterly CURBSTOMP everyone else... I mean, make sure my- OUR plans go as smoothly as possible?
  • Rod: Wait, what did you just say?
  • Kenny: Um... I said I wanted to make sure our plans go as smoothly as possible. :)
  • Rod: No, I mean, before that. The part about the Ackeroordinashdeifobijahdjajios-whatever.
  • Kenny: Um...haha...I didn't say *anything*. Must've been Eren.
  • Eren: Mmph! {Translation: I'M FUCKING GAGGED.]
  • END

anonymous asked:

Hi; so I had this thought at 3am that I can't get rid of: We all know Marcus puts his people's safety first, always. But we also saw that he couldn't bare to lose Abby, which is probably gonna increase once they're aware of their feelings and in a relationship. If he were to decide between saving Abby and saving his people, and he had to chose just one (and there is no other way, no cheating :p) - who would he chose? His people are so important to him, but I can't see him forsaking Abby either.

NONNIE THIS IS WITHOUT DOUBT THE RUDEST MESSAGE I HAVE EVER RECIEVED HOW DARE YOU, THERE HAS TO BE ANOTHER WAY. Seriously though this is like, hugely impossible this is terrible. But I will try and answer it okay let me see.

Season 1 Marcus would have looked at it as purely numbers, one Abby vs hundreds, maybe thousands of his people. That would have made it easier for him, easier for him to decide at least, not easier to live with, but easier to choose. A hard decision, but one that makes logical sense, one that he has to follow-through with because that’s what he does, that’s what he’s made himself into; the man who does things no-one else will, the things no-one else wants to consider, the man who gets his hands filthy and bloody and soiled, the man who bears is so they don’t have to.

Season 2 Marcus and now verging into season 3 and beyond with his feelings increasing for Abby where we’ve seen him being continually protective over her, keeping her out of harm’s way and eventually building up to the kiss however I think depends a lot on circumstances. I suppose that’s a bit of a lazy way of me answering it but I think it if were a case of maybe Abby being injured and he had to leave his people to get her to safety he would do that, transfer leadership over to Bellamy or someone else he trusted and have her tended to he would do that.

If it was a choice between him and her; or between him and his people the choice would be easy, the choice would be him, that’s a sacrifice he’s been fully prepared to make more than once. But this is something harder and crueller and it’s not a choice he can make on his own.

But if it genuinely came down to a choice that he had to make between saving just her or saving all of his people; all of their people well I see it going down a little like this (and you can blame @kane-and-griffin for these thoughts still lingering in my head after yesterday okay, this is as much Claire’s fault as mine I want that known):

If they were going to put Marcus in this hideous, awful position, well certainly if I was going to put him in this hideously awful position I would have it so that Abby knows the stakes too, she knows what he has to decide between and she knows how impossible that will be for him; the woman he loves versus the people he’s dedicated his whole life to serving and protecting.

“Go,” she would tell him, softly, calmly, her voice quiet but her eyes hard and sure, “Do what you have to do.” Because she knows now, because he taught her, that sometimes, there is no other way, sometimes it has to be this, has to come down to a sacrifice, sometimes you can’t save everyone; sometimes salvation comes at a price.

And he would protest, he would tell her that, “No. He can’t just leave her, he can’t just abandon her, there has to be another way.”

She would just smile sadly at that, and shake her head and tell him, “You know there isn’t. You know it has to be like this. You know what you have to do.” And still he would shake his head and mouth in wordless protest because it can’t come down to this but she would take his hand and hold it tight and say, “It’s okay. I’ll be okay. This is my choice, Marcus. It’s okay.”

By now both their voices and their visions would be blurred by tears because by now they are able to see what’s going to happen, they are able to see what has to happen, but still he would fight against it because, “I can’t lose you, Abby. I can’t leave you here to die, I have to save you too or none of this will matter.”

“It will matter,” she would say, “You’ll have saved all of them, you’ll have done what I wanted. I told you, this is my choice, this is what I want.

” And a part of would want it to, even if it’s only a tiny part; for all that she loves him, for all the fight that she has in her that they could never beat out of her, or scare out of her, or wear her down so much that she simply cracked and lost it, now, like this, she could make the decision herself for her fight to finally be over. Everyone she loves will be waiting for her, all the people that they’ve lost, her parents, and Jake, and she can rest at last (while still keeping one eye on the ground, on Marcus and Clarke, because she’ll always take care of them.) 

And she would tell him this too, to make him understand, “I’m doing this for you, for Clarke. Keep her safe for me, look after her, and look after yourself too.”

But he would still be fighting, still protesting, still shaking his head. And by then he would know how she felt all those times she nearly lost him, he would know how she felt on the Ark as it was coming down, as he volunteered to stay behind and she desperately asked for another way, for a way to save him, for a way to keep him safe and by her side. 

He would understand then, at the end, in the cruellest way, at the cruellest possible time as they come full circle; she taking on his role, of sacrifice, of quiet acceptance, of understanding of the harsh realities of this world that sometimes it needs to be this way; him taking on her role, searching for hope where there is none, looking for another way that he knows to be impossible, refusing to give up long after he’s been beaten.

Before he could say anymore though she would just look up into his eyes and say again, more firmly this time, “Go.” And then with the faintest of half-smiles on her lips, “That’s an order, Marcus. Go.”

He swore he would obey her, swore he would do whatever she asked when he made her his Chancellor, swore that he would always stand behind her, would always have her back, would always do whatever she asked of him, no matter how difficult it was. But not this. He can’t do this. He would think that she doesn’t understand because he’s never said it, he’s never had a chance to, and now that it might be his last, he doesn’t think the words will come.

But he would try, he would try and say it for her now, so she knows, so she understands why he can’t follow this order, why he has to disobey her “Abby I l-“

“I know.” Is all she would say, that faint smile back again, nodding quietly, telling him without words that she’s always known, that she does understand, “I know, Marcus.”

And then he’d kiss her. For what he would know, for what they would both know, was the first and last time. And he’d make it last as long as possible, he’d make it last forever if he could, because he would realise in that moment that he should have done this weeks ago, months ago, that he’s wasted so much time and he realises that when they’re down to minutes, where the time he has left with her can be measured in seconds. But he can’t cram all that lost time into those last minutes. And he’d know that too. 

He’d kiss her with his eyes closed, so he could just breathe her in, just hold her close, just savour this as long as possible without the memory being tarnished by the tears in both of their eyes and the fear she tries to hide but that he can always see.

And when the kiss finally ends, when he has to go, and has to go now, or else he’d wrap his arms around her and hold her close and stay there with her until the end of days, he’d go. He’d get up and turn away and he wouldn’t open his eyes until his back was to her and he couldn’t see her anymore, couldn’t be tempted to run back to her, to say it, to say the words that he’d understand she’s not able to hear, to shout them at her, to scream it until his lungs tear themselves to shreds: that he loves her, that he’s in love with her. But he would know why he wasn’t able to do that, would know that it would only hurt her, would know that it would break her resolve now as nothing else could.

And so he would leave, he would save his people, he would save their people. He would whisper goodbye at the door when he’d already closed it on her and only then, only when it was too late, too late to go back, too late to hold her close, too late to kiss her again, too late to tell her all the things he should have told her now, all the things he would know she probably knows but that he needed to say, and he would see her one last time and she would smile and nod her head, and mouth those words to him so that he knows, because she couldn’t do this unless she was sure that he knew, “I love you, too.”

It would be the hardest thing he had ever had to do and he would pray that it’s the hardest thing he’ll ever have to do. But he does it. Because he has to. Because she asked him to. Because it’s what she wanted. Because it was her choice and he had to let her make it; the way she had once let him make his.

And so he saves their people, and leaves the woman he loves behind to do so but he would never let them thank him, he would never let them commend him, he would never let them tell him how brave he was, how much they appreciate his sacrifice, he would always remind them, softly, and calmly, the way she first said to him, that it wasn’t his choice, that he wasn’t brave enough, he wasn’t strong enough to make that decision. But she was. She was. And that’s why he loved her.

So Marcus Kane would save his people and leave Abby. But in a way he would still choose her. Because he wouldn’t choose them, not really. He would choose to do what she wanted. He would choose her. He would take care of their people until the day he died too for her. He would keep Clarke safe most of all for her. He would do everything he had to do, and everything he could do for them for her. He would always try and find another way for her. From that moment on, every choice he made, would be her.

Preference- You Have a Breakdown/Panic Attack and Need Him
  • Louis: Your fingers drum nervously on the seat beside you as the taxicab winds it's way through New York City to the hotel Louis and the boys are currently staying at. He left for tour two months ago, and, after realizing you had an unexpected school break, you decided to fly out and surprise him. Excitement fluttered in your stomach when the driver finally pulls into the parking lot, but it quickly turns to fear at the sight of all the paps and fans out front. You had never been good in crowds, and you typically avoided them unless Louis was with you. Sliding on your sunglasses, you pay the driver and get out, hoping no one will recognize you as you start walking to the entrance. However, that hope is useless, because before you can even take two steps, you are surrounded by cameras, microphones, and teenage girls yelling your name. Your heart thudded in your chest, hands sweating as you try to push past them, but they are relentless. After five minutes of this, you start to get dizzy, and you swear you're about to vomit or pass out soon, so you take out your phone, pressing the first speed dial, and Louis picks up after the first ring. "Hi, love. How're you? Wait, what's all that noise?" You explain it to him, choking words past the lump in your throat, "I-I wanted to surprise you, and I'm outside your hotel, but there's so many people here and I can't get through." "Oh, love. Hold on, okay? I'll be right there." And he is, mere minutes later he's folding you into his arms, whispering in your ear. "(Y/N), babe, I got you, alright? You're fine, deep breaths. Lets go inside, yeah?"
  • Niall: You hurry inside the huge studio building, your heels clacking on the floor as you rush through the door. You had woken up late today on account of forgetting to set your alarm, and now you were close to being late for your internship. Normally, because of your claustrophobia, you would take the stairs, but you just didn't have time for that this morning. You step into the empty lift, chanting to yourself to stay calm. The doors are just closing before a hand sticks out, opening them again. A blonde guy with sparkling blue eyes and a guitar strapped to his back steps inside, nodding at you as the lift begins to rise. All of a sudden, the lift comes to a shuddering stop, the normal lights going out and the emergency ones flashing on. "No, no, no," you mutter, heart racing as the blonde boy looks at you curiously. A few minutes later, you're still stuck, and a crackly voice through the intercom said it might be twenty minutes before you could get out. You slide down to the floor, gripping at your hair as loud gasps leave your mouth. "Hey, are you okay?" The boy asks, crouching down next to you and you shake your head, stammering, "Claus-claustrophobia." The boy takes both of your hands in his, rubbing gentle circles into the backs. "Love, it'll be okay, I promise. I'm Niall, by the way, and you are?" You give him your name, feeling yourself calming down slightly, and he pulls his guitar out of its case and sets it on his lap. "Just don't think about it, (Y/N), alright? What's your favorite song?" Niall soon started playing, and he played song after song until the doors finally opened again twenty-three minutes later. "Can I tell ya something?" Niall asks as you walk out of the small compartment, and you look over at him, nodding your head. "I'm actually, a bit claustrophobic myself." "Really? You acted so calm in there..." You reply, and Niall smiles. "I was just too focused on making sure the beautiful girl next to me was alright, I guess. Would you perhaps wanna go to dinner sometime?"
  • Harry: Your hands shake violently as you pace back and forth in the small bathroom, the minutes passing by agonizingly slow. Finally, the timer dings, and you hesitantly go over to the counter, taking a deep breath before flipping over the pregnancy test. Positive. It slips from your hands, clattering loudly on the tiled floor, making you jump. Your heart raced as a million and one thoughts ran through your head. You couldn't be pregnant; you were only nineteen, and Harry was twenty. You were too young, you knew Harry wouldn't want this baby, and you knew you wouldn't be able to kill it, but the thought of being a single mother terrified you. Plus the fans-- "Love? What's wrong?" Harry cuts off your thoughts, cupping your face in his hands. You shake your head, not being able to talk. "(Y/N)? Please talk to me, you're scaring me," he continues, and you motion to the test lying in on the floor. His mouth drops open, forming a small 'o'. "You're-- you're pregnant?" You nod, not meeting his eyes. "Then-- then what's the problem, love, do you-- do you not want it?" Harry asks in a broken voice, and a sob escapes your mouth. "Harry, we're not-- we're not ready for this, I'm only nineteen, I can't be a mummy yet. You're never here either, I'm going to be a single mum, I haven't even finished school yet, how am I supposed to raise a baby?" You ramble, tears flowing down your cheeks. Harry starts to say something, but you just talk over him. "And--and the fans, God, they're going to hate me, we're not even married and we're going to have a baby, the press is going to tear you apart, Harry, I'm so sorry. I should've been more careful, I'm so, so--" Suddenly, Harry's lips are on yours, gently yet passionately kissing you. When he pulls away, he rests his forehead on yours, locking eyes with you. "Listen to me. The fans, the paps, the media, they don't matter. Their opinions don't matter at all. Are you happy?" You tentatively nod your head, and Harry grins. "Good. I am too. We are young, yes, but I know we are ready for this. I can love you and this baby so much, I know it. I'll tell my managers and whoever else I need to tell, and they'll understand, they'll give me more time off. I won't let you raise this baby alone, okay?"
  • Liam: You hum to yourself as you tap your pen on your desk, concentrating on your work. You worked at a very wealthy bank as an accountant, and you loved it. You even had your own small office. Suddenly, the peaceful work atmosphere is shattered by harsh yelling coming from the main lobby. "Where's the money at?! If you don't tell me, I'll detonate this bomb!" Your eyes grow wide, and you tiptoe over to the door, peeking out to see your worst nightmare coming to life. A large, masked man stands at the front desk, the barrel of a gun pressed to the bank teller's head. You gasp, stumbling over to the desk and grabbing your phone, dialing Liam. "(Y/N)? What's up, babe?" A few tears slip down your face as you whisper into the phone. "Th-there's a man with a gun here, and he's threatening to blow up the place. Liam, I'm so scared." Three loud gunshots ring through the building, cutting Liam off, and you gasp, your breaths coming out in short bursts. "Oh, my god, Liam, he's shooting, if I don't make it, j-just know that I love--" "No. Stop right there. You're going to be fine. There's a window in your office, right?" You stutter out a yes. "Good. Go out the window, and find some bushes, and hide there. Don't try to run, because they probably have people surrounding the place." "O-okay," you tell him, quietly following his orders and slipping out of the window, sitting behind some shrubs and pulling your knees to your chest. "Love, I'm going to hang up now so I can call the police, alright? Don't move." You nod, telling him you love him before the line goes dead. You curl into yourself, burying your head in your knees as you shake violently. You don't know how much time has passed before the wailing of police sirens cuts through the air, followed by loud yells, but you remain still, Liam's words still echoing in your head, "Don't move." You sob, too scared to think straight when you hear footsteps approaching you. You don't look up, and soon a shadow looms over your body, followed by a gentle, familiar touch through your hair. "(Y/N)? It's Liam." You fling yourself into his arms, clutching onto him tightly as you continue to cry. "It's alright, love, it's okay. You're safe, he's gone. Just try to calm down for me, take some deep breaths," he strokes his fingers through your hair, pressing quick kisses to your temple, and before you know it, your breathing returns to normal.
  • Zayn: It's 2:48 in the morning when you get the call from the hospital, the one saying that your dad didn't make through the operation. He had been in a car accident the previous morning, and though you had been warned it was very unlikely for him to survive, it could not of prepared you for the call. It felt like a sack of bricks had hit your chest, knocking all of the breath right of you. You wrap your arms around yourself, just wanting Zayn's comfort, but he's halfway across the world right now. It's so quiet in the bedroom, too quiet, and when you finally get your breath back, you scream, loudly, slamming your fists on the bed sheet. A mixture of screams and sobs escapes your mouth for the next several minutes, and you jus feel so alone right now. "(Y/N)?" A soft voice comes from the doorway, and you snap your head up to see Zayn, dark bags under his eyes and a suitcase in his tattooed arms. You don't even wonder what he's doing there, you spring up from the bed and pull yourself into his arms, sobbing into his chest. "He's gone, Zayn, gone." His gentle hands run up and down your back, his chin resting on the top of your head. "I know, love, I know. Your sister called me yesterday. I'm sorry I wasn't here sooner." You shake your head, whispering, "I didn't even get to tell him goodbye, Zayn." "Let it all out, (Y/N). I've got you. Cry as much as you want, I don't mind at all."