in case you can't tell she was joking

Plot point for DA4: the key to the latest earth-shattering crisis lies within dwarven thaigs. Luckily the heroes have Morrigan to bring along because she is also apparently an expert in dwarven lore. She does such a good job they make her the first ever human Paragon. Meanwhile all the dwarf characters that could’ve easily been brought back to naturally fill that role are out of the picture with no explanation. They’re not iconic enough or the writers don’t like them. Wow. 

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I CAN'T TELL IF YOU'RE ACTUALLY UPSET AT ALL THE JOKES or just playing along so just in case have a cute HC: what if when Vivi and Lewis are spooning and Lewis is the big spoon, Vivi has the hand of the arm that's resting under her, rest under her head so she's basically using it as a pillow

okay that’s really adorable

Why Jung Soojung looked so angry during MAMA 2015

Okay so a lot of people were commenting on the fact that Soojungie did not look happy at all during MAMA 2015 and being an insider and all, I will give you guys the scoop!

1. Taeyeon was there too but more importantly Tiffany was also there.
2. She knew she had to sit there for the entirety of the show because they were performing last and you know how she loves to leave ASAP.
3. She told everyone that f(x) x PSB would be da bomb and it was too late to take her word back.
4. Poked too many times by those damn straws.
5. Her heels were killing her.
6. She had no Vic mama to keep her company.
7. Big Bang was there.
8. She misses Jessica and they won’t let her play with her phone.
9. They promised her a buffet but there wasn’t and she had starved herself all day so she was super hungry.
10. She could smell the foul stench of bullshit in the air.