in case you are interested in a better version

Batch Tweet Uploading:

I’m a Twitter novice and have to be away for long periods of time during the day, due to work, etc, so I found something that’s working really well for me and wanted to share, in case anyone else is interested!

There’s an app/site called ‘Hootsuite’ and you can manually schedule tweets for future delivery, but even better- with a 30 day free trial of their pro version, you can upload an Excel/csv file of tweets that can be sent every 5 minutes.

I used it on release day and it worked beautifully, sending a tweet out that should count towards the billboard trending, with the Spotify link and hashtags, etc every 5 minutes from 5:30am to midnight.

There’s a little time/effort on the front end to set up the file with varied wording so they don’t cancel each other out, etc. but I’m putting mine together now and would be happy to share that with anyone interested, so you’d only have to sign up for the trial and upload the file!

I see this as being especially helpful to the billboard trending effort, but could be helpful for other request efforts also.

If anyone’s interested, feel free to drop me a note @damnyoucuriosity and I can get your email and send you the template!

Thanks to @vansandburberry for offering to help me get the word out! ❤️


NEX-5R TV Advert (by SONYUK)

In HD ;)

moogling replied to your photo “thudworm: Potato on a stick was an interesting discovery today. My…”

I had the upgraded version in Seoul: Potatoes on a hotdog on a stick. 

So, I’ve had a french-fry-dog-on-a-stick before at the Minnesota State Fair, but I like this better because you get fried sausage, whereas with the frydog it’s just steamed from within its casing of fried potatoes. :D 

Bucky helped Sam come up with the technique for making these and they are now the favored street food of all bike messengers in Manhattan.